The Morning Rant

Ah…gun control! What can’t it do? Just take a look at the catastrophe that is Israeli gun control for a glimpse into the reality of disarming a law-abiding people. Instead of arming its citizens, Israel decided that the armed forces and the police could defend the country from external threats.

They couldn’t, and perhaps hundreds of innocents are dead because they were not armed. It’s simple…an armed citizenry is the first defense against everything: crime…terrorism…foreign invaders…and tyrants!

Tyranny…maybe that’s the real issue that terrifies those in power! Could it be as simple as that/ The extraordinarily unlikely possibility that an armed citizenry would depose an totalitarian government is enough for those in power to deprive us of our natural, God-given right to self defense?

Because I can’t think of another explanation, other than our “elites” are actively seeking the chaos of uncontrolled crime and the breakdown of civil society.

An America Without Gun Rights Would Look Like Mexico, Not Australia

If there were a successful effort to ban the majority of firearms in the U.S., it would eventually turn us into Mexico. Only criminals, the wealthy, the politically connected, and the bodyguards who protect them would own firearms. Well-armed criminals would operate with impunity, and inevitably corruption would encroach on every law enforcement agency in the country and then into the courts.

Like Mexico, our rate of murders and violent incidents would rise, not fall, as a result of gun bans. The reason cartels flood the U.S. with people and fentanyl and not guns is because there is no money in smuggling weapons — until we ban them, and then Mexican cartels would become the unofficial supplier of firearms to America. Times change, human nature does not.

That first paragraph is a disturbingly accurate description of what already seems to be happening in our cities. Which may actually be the plan. Our elites care not a whit about our lives…they desire one thing, and that is hegemony over us. And while we are armed they cannot have that.

This is hill upon which our Republic will live or die. From the right of self defense against tryanny comes all other rights. We must be able to force those who would control us to respect the law, and ultimately there is only one way to do that.

Free speech without the power to protect it is a hollow right…merely a privilege granted at the whim of those in power. And that can be extended to all other rights, including safe and secure borders. Texas is taking the lead there, using force to defend its land against the invaders from the south, and is defending itself aggressively in court against the leviathan in Washington that wishes it to accept the terms of surrender to the hordes pouring across our borders.

Is it too far fetched to imagine a large group of cartel gunmen invading McAllan Texas with a motorized column? What would Washington do other than send off a sternly worded letter to the Mexican ambassador?

The more important question is what would the good people of Texas do?