The Morning Report 11/3/23

Good morning, kids. So yesterday I went off on the feckless idiots from the GOP that shot down the motion to censure Rashida “Rancida Taliban” Tlaib for her horrendous remarks in support of the worst mass slaying of Jews since the Second World War. Aside from the toxic bilge that flooded out of her filthy sewer, she either led or was highly visible in a loud, raucous and wholly unauthorized (seemingly) anti-Israel and pro-Hamas “protest” inside the Capitol.

Against that backdrop, there was also a vote in the House to remove GOP Rep George Santos from office for the crime of embellishing his résumé in order to get elected, among other things. This, in and of itself, is a joke compared to the half-century-plus career of lies and criminality of just Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants alone. Seriously, if one were to scratch the surface of virtually any Democrat in public office right now, and probably more than a handful of RINOs to be fair, some form of corruption, perversion or other variety of sleazy moral turpitude is bound to ooze out. 

Be that as it may, surprisingly that vote failed since the loudest calls for his removal came from – surprise! – within his own party. So, some have suggested it was a quid pro quo between parties. Even if that were the case of this being a horse trade (whores trade) to leave Santos alone in exchange for Rancida not being censured, to me it’s still a propaganda win for the Left no matter how you slice it. 

“See, the GOP wants liars in their midst!” along with “Even the GOP recognizes Rashida has a right to her opinion, which is not hateful!” That last bit is almost exactly what Thom Massie belched up:

“Free speech isn’t just about protecting the speech that you like, it’s especially about protecting the speech you don’t like,” Massie told “Jesse Watters Primetime guest host Rachel Campos-Duffy. “I think the protest was an expression of speech. Now, the other reason that I voted against this resolution, the language was modeled after a resolution that I voted against two years ago that calls the January 6th protesters insurrectionists. It’s wrong to call the January 6th protesters insurrectionists and I think it’s wrong to call the people that were with Rashida Tlaib insurrectionists. So, those were my two reasons for voting against it.”

Is this schmuck for real? He’s trying to be clever by less than half in terms of attempting rhetorical jiu-jitsu with the concept of “insurrection.” J6 was not an insurrection; it was an FBI-led entrapment sting. What Rancida did was a nod-and-a-wink approved stunt to showboat for the media. The fact that her confederates shrieked the most vile Jew-hatred is gasoline on the fire. Forgetting free speech and the First Amendment, what she either led, organized or otherwise openly participated in has got to be a gross violation of the rules of the House and decorum that no doubt are at a minimum demanding of censure if not expulsion from Congress. 

Meh, what the hell does it all mean anyway? I just wasted about 500 words in pulling what’s left of my hair out over kabuki-bukkake theatrics and useless handwringing, preening and posturing from a politician and a party that’s play-acting for or to the amusement of a Junta that’s laughing in our face. That is after they’ve put their fist in it. Literally.

At Tulane University, Dylan Mann, a Jewish student, took part in a pro-Israeli rally on October 27. A group of pro-Hamas demonstrators looking for trouble arrived in a pickup truck — it has still not been made public if they were students or not — and tried to start a violent confrontation by setting fire to an Israeli flag. The flag was one that either they had brought themselves for that very purpose, or had ripped from the shoulders of a student taking part in the pro-Israel rally. Mann tried to stop them; he was then attacked by two of the pro-Hamas bullyboys, who punched him repeatedly. One smashed a megaphone into Mann’s face, breaking his nose. This level of violence is new on campus. We have already seen around the country demonstrations, including many at universities, by anti-Israel pro-Hamas groups that now routinely include a call for Israel’s disappearance — “From the river to the sea/Palestine will be free” means only one thing, that the single Jewish state should disappear altogether, to be replaced by a twenty-third Arab one.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Tulane campus . . . 

The New Orleans-based Tulane Students for Palestine, which the university does not recognize as an official student group, on Wednesday took to Instagram to defend its use of the slogan, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which calls for the Jewish state’s annihilation. That slogan, the group said, is merely a call for a state in which “all people, including Jews, could live as equals.” The group also dismissed the threat of Palestinian terrorism, arguing that “white supremacy” is a larger threat to the Jewish people than what it called “the struggle for Palestinian liberation.”

“What we have seen for far too long is that it is Israel and the fantasy of Zionism that results in the expulsion and mass killing of Palestinians, not the other way around,” the video says. “The biggest threat to us as Jews is and has always been white supremacy, not the struggle for Palestinian liberation and self-determination. You are hurting Jews and Palestinians when you conflate the freedom struggle with white supremacy.”

Ah yes, nothing like beignets and Bolshie brainwashing to make the Yidlets in the Big Easy strut and preen right into the gas chamber all by themselves while one of their own gets his face pushed in by a real “victim.” With Jews like these, Hamas could spare themselves the trouble and play a little basketball. And it doesn’t even have to be of the Aztec variety either. “Look, ma. No hands! And no heads either!”

At this rate, Armageddon can’t come fast enough for me.

Are we entering a period of institutional, social and technological discontinuity where the old progressive saws no longer apply? “This may be the most dangerous time the world has seen in decades,” JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said in a statement that accompanied the bank’s recent earnings release.

The United States is facing its fourth major inflection point in history since the early 20th century, and if world leaders get it wrong, the results could be similar to what occurred during the 1930s and ultimately led to World War II. That’s according to Frederick Kempe, CEO of foreign policy think tank Atlantic Council, and it is a fear he says more CEOs of major corporations are focused on today.

Every political scientist knows the theory that the US goes through a crisis roughly every 80 years or at least periodically. The year 1776 plus “fourscore and seven years” takes us to the civil war.  Eighteen sixty plus 80 takes us to WW2. WW2 plus 80 bring us to today, the current crisis.  There is nothing magic about this number; nor does it apply only to America. It’s just that for some reason that is where its effects are most pronounced. It’s three generations, the span of living memory. Institutions, culture and technological assumptions go out of scope.

If we are living through an inflection point, the likelihood the world is about to enter a discontinuity is high and we know relatively nothing about how it will turn out because our expectations are no longer a reliable guide. It is a maximum entropy moment until we “find” which way it is going to break, toward what attractor, what things now work. A word about maximum entropy.  It describes being in a new situation when you know nothing else about a situation than the possible outcomes, defined as 1/N for all possible N. 

If faced with a new die, the odds of any outcome without experience is 1/6 because the cube has 6 faces. As you get experience the actual bias of the die becomes evident. One die face may be loaded a little. The Bayesian gives you a progressively better estimate of the true distribution; you get comfortable, in control. You start to imagine you can completely predict things. But then one day God gives you a new die — and you are back to maximum entropy. A final note. You can never actually enumerate all N, because there are some possible outcomes of which we are ignorant. That is sometimes called the “unknown unknown”. We are never completely in control. But some people think so. Klaus Schwab or the Davos crowd come to mind. People who grew old thinking they understood it all are astonished to find nothing the same as it was.

The truth is you can’t control the wave, though you can sometimes surf it. In trying to cope the most important attributes are flexibility, information reliability, reaction time and the availability of reserve energy. To paraphrase Wellington: nobody knows what’s on “the other side of the hill”. But something is climbing it. We can hear its heavy footsteps and have to be ready for it. 

Isn’t that a cheery thought? But that said, maybe there are lights that shine in the darkness. 

As violence and hatred toward Jews continues to worsen amid the Middle East war sparked by Hamas’ terrorist attack on an Israeli music festival, one Muslim group is denouncing antisemitism in all its forms and sending a message to their Jewish “brethren.”

“We Muslims have one word for Jews. Shalom,” reads the headline of the message pinned to the top of the social media page of Muslims Against Antisemitism (@MAA_UK on X/Twitter). Posted on Saturday, the message that follows is a reprint of a statement tweeted by MAA when it was formed back in 2018.

When Hamas attacked Israel last month on October 7, the Muslim group immediately began condemning both the attack and those who take joy in it (emphasis added):

“Let’s be very clear. Celebrating the brutal murder of Jews (or Palestinians), is NO cause for celebration. Today, many people have lost their precious lives. Celebrating in cars at this time is horrible & shows utter contempt and antisemitism towards all Jews.” …. “Please watch out for each other at this time. Antisemitism must not be tolerated in communities because of what is taking place in the Middle East. Jews in the U.K. cannot and must not be targeted by those who carry the poison of antisemitism within them.”

In other posts, MAA explains to Muslims that, if Jews feel safe, Muslims will be safe, as well, and that “You can cherish Palestinians, without hating Jews.” . . .”Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” is the English translation of the Bible quote.

Considering the most we have heard from the so-called “moderate Muslim world” has been crickets at best, this is a life preserver in an ocean full of megalodon. Or is it? Is it just another taqqiya sunrise?

Hope against hope that it’s the former.

Have a good weekend.

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  • “Free speech isn’t just about protecting the speech that you like, it’s especially about protecting the speech you don’t like. I think the protest was an expression of speech. Now, the other reason that I voted against this resolution, the language was modelled after a resolution that I voted against two years ago that calls the January 6th protesters insurrectionists. It’s wrong to call the January 6th protesters insurrectionists and I think it’s wrong to call the people that were with Rashida Tlaib insurrectionists. So, those were my two reasons for voting against it.” (Can Massie be so fucking clueless as to not see the difference not just in speech but in intent and circumstances between J6 and Rancida?! – jjs) ‘Somebody’s Got To Stop It’: Thomas Massie Defends Vote To Kill Tlaib Censure


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