The Morning Rant: Peggy Noonan Is An Idiot


Ah…Peggy Noonan. Remember her? She has been cashing in on her relationship with Ronald Reagan for the last 35 years.

Apparently she has also become quite the military analyst and geopolitical expert. I wonder whether the Israeli military will just make her Chief of Staff and be done with the whole idea that one should understand military tactics and strategy before one pontificates about them.

Or maybe she should just shut the f*ck up and stick to doing what she knows best…sucking up to the Bush wing of the Republican party.

Israel Needs a New Leader

After the morning of 10/7 Israel was a wounded and grieving nation. It had endured a profound and gruesome shock; everyone in the country knew someone among the dead or abducted. In the world, those with a fully developed moral interior suddenly saw Israel differently. In their shock, opponents felt an easing of their coldness, supporters a quickening of their warmth.

In our view what was needed for Israel was an absorbing, a regirding. Sometimes you must wait, build up your strength, broaden your resources, reach out to friends, let opportunities present themselves—everything shifts in life; some shifts are promising. But don’t get sucked into Gaza and spend months providing the world with painful and horrifying pictures of innocent Palestinian babies being carried from the rubble. (“We told them to leave,” isn’t enough. Some people can’t leave, they’re not capable, they’re old people in an apartment somewhere.)

A few weeks of that and the world goes back to its corners.

Every day as things turn more kinetic, more fiery, with more casualties, there is the increased possibility it all spills over into the region, and new fronts are opened, and, as Israel goes deeper, the hostages are killed.

Oh no! There is a chance that Israel’s entirely appropriate response to the most significant, hateful and vile attack on Jews, Israel and Judaism since the Holocaust might involve other countries, so Israel should just…stand down!

The time for Israel to care about world opinion is past, because it is blatantly obvious that most of the world is still furious that the Jews had the temerity to survive Hitler and against all odds create a vibrant country out of the desert that was Judaism’s traditional, historic home.

Just look at the never-ending anti-Semitism that the United Nations belches forth every few months to get some idea of the scale of the Jew-Hate on the world stage. So Peggy, stick to your corporate Republicanisms about vibrant work forces that need replenishing from abroad and how corporate taxes are too high and we should support America’s Big Business!

That’s about the intellectual level you seem to be stuck at. Certainly your understanding of the situation in Israel is moronic and insulting and hopelessly ignorant of reality. Your mushy-headed thinking was pleasing when you wrote speeches for Ronald Reagan, who could read the phone book and energize his audience. But now? Your time is past, and your thoughts on complex issues expose your stupidity, and ignorance of history and geopolitical reality.

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  1. She obviously never understood the courage and resolve of Reagan in staring down and defeating the Russians. Everyone was “in their corners” then as well, but doing right in the face of that matters. America is rife with moral weakness, lack of courage and a total lack of faith in our founding principles.

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