The Morning Report 11/8/23

Good morning, kids. So the election results are in and while I can’t necessarily say I’m surprised, it is still a bit of a head-scratcher. On the one hand, given the fact that the Dobbs decision reversed the horrendous Roe v. Wade and restored the concept of states rights, if Ohioans want to enshrine legal infanticide in their state constitution, then that should be accepted by everyone. But, since the shoe is firmly planted on the other foot in many other states, the Moloch/Marx Mafia can never accept that. Ditto for every issue under the sun. 

Beyond the fact that abortion all the way into the third trimester when there is absolutely no doubt that it’s not a lump of cells but a fully formed human being is now affirmed in the Ohio state constitution, the fine print of the law as is always the case when Maoists write it is truly alarming vis a vis the implications for parental rights in general. Oh well, it is what it is. 

I’ve been admonished that we can’t stem the tide on this and Scott McKay’s revelation that single women vote D+73 or something crazy like that is truly a cold slap in the face. Destroy the family and make Big Government the parent and/or deity to be obeyed and that’s the playbook. Ohio also voted to legalize choom. To paraphrase Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, “Brain-dead in o-HIGH-o . . . “

Bright spot in MS, disappointment in KY and VA. What this truly means for exactly a year from now is anyone’s guess. Of course, the sitting on the hands if not sabotage by the GOP in these races as well as the influence of Dao-Min Yen cannot and should not be discounted. I mean, that the abject disaster of the past three years had little to no influence on these races makes no sense. One article that broke yesterday was Andy Beshear helping to continue the destruction of the coal industry in KY. Evidently the sneaky bastard approved coal-fired plant closures on election day. Had he done it earlier it probably would’ve been political suicide. QED. We’ll see if the GOP-dominated legislature can, and will, override that madness. That said, there were a few surprise upsets that went our way in some very surprising locations, even in deep dark blue NY, state and city. The rest of the dog’s breakfast of results is above the Politics section. 

Frankly, what the hell is politics as usual given the banana republic nature of the nation, the in-your-face and now violent persecution of unfavored opinions and people both by state-approved terroristic thugs and the state itself in the form of the FBI and DOJ, with the help of a propaganda machine ready to massage the message until it gets its happy ending? On top of that, the world is closer to going up in flames than at any time since the turn of the last century. And it could happen well before November of 2024, so don’t bogart that joint, Buckeye.

Meh, I still get a niggling (is that racist?) feeling about last night, especially when you consider this little revelation:

The Department of Homeland Security was censoring speech before the 2020 election, new emails released by the House Judiciary Committee show. How? Through the favorite weapon of America’s intelligence apparatus, fake claims of disinformation. 

Stanford University’s Election Integrity Partnership was set up at the request of DHS and its Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, says a senior member of one of the EIP’s founding groups, and they were “in weekly comms to debrief about disinfo.” That was in July 2020. It’s beyond clear that this was part of battlespace prep to help Joe Biden win that November.  

The EIP came after a number of other “disinformation” operations had been deployed against then-President Donald Trump. Most notorious was RussiaGate, a scheme in which 100%-false claims that Trump was colluding with the Russian government were laundered through the Justice Department and Congress.  Another was the effort to suppress our reporting around Hunter Biden’s laptop (also 100% correct).

But this was about more than Trump. It was about total control of everybody’sspeech and thought. Per the Judiciary Committee, feds and universities “pressured social media companies to censor true information, jokes, and political opinions.” And guess what? The companies did. Turns out, implicitly threatening an industry whose regulation you oversee works.

Shocking no one, “this pressure was largely directed in a way that benefitted one side of the political aisle: true information posted by Republicans and conservatives was labeled as ‘misinformation’ while false information posted by Democrats and liberals was largely unreported and untouched by the censors,” the committee notes. And the overall purpose of this effort was to “censor Americans engaged in core political speech in the lead up to the 2020 election.” 

You know the rest of the story.  Once in office, Biden kept up the censorship push.  Recall the short-lived Disinformation Governance Board, a literal Ministry of Truth the [junta] attempted to convene in spring 2022 that sank under the weight of its obvious unconstitutionality.  And the Missouri v. Biden lawsuit has revealed that this censorship-via-cutout extended beyond political speech to COVID claims and other key issues.  

Most claims about a “deep state” end up sounding like conspiratorial hogwash. But it’s increasingly hard to deny that high-powered elements of our intelligence and security apparatus were working to oust Trump — and doubled down on violating the rights of all Americans once Biden took over.

Except that there IS a deep state. In fact it’s out in the open. How the schmucks at the NY Posteditorial board can write that it sounds like “conspiratorial hogwash” when they just proved it in this editorial and by the very nature of what happened to them in the wake of breaking the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell almost three years ago to the day is beyond idiotic.

In any case, look what the American Axis of Evil, Democrat-controlled government, media and academia, is doing in the wake of Steven Crowder releasing the manifesto of the transexual mass murdering terrorist. 

YouTube censored a video containing several pages of the Christian Covenant School shooter’s manifesto that he first leaked on Monday, the company confirmed on Tuesday.

The now-deceased Audrey Hale killed six individuals with a gun inside the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, in March, and authorities verified they found her manifesto allegedly planning the attack. YouTube says it took down conservative political commentator’s Steven Crowder’s video because it included a link to Hale’s writings, but the company does not appear to have a specific rule about manifestos and other videos containing them are still on the platform. . . 

. . . “Our Community Guidelines prohibit linking to content containing manifestos from individuals who have committed violent attacks, including the tragic event that took place in Nashville Tennessee in February of 2023,” a YouTube spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “This is consistent with how we’ve enforced our Community Guidelines in the past.”

YouTube’s “violent extremist or criminal organizations policy” does not mention the term “manifesto,” but the company cited the policy in a screenshot Crowder posted regarding the video takedown. The policy prohibits “content that glorifies or promotes violent tragedies, such as school shootings” as well as “raw and unmodified reuploads of content created by terrorist, criminal, or extremist organizations.”

YouTube also enforces the policy on external links, according to its community guidelines. Yet a video about now-deceased California mass shooter Elliot Rodger titled, “Elliot Rodger: His Biographical Manifesto” is still on the platform. Moreover, a video about now-deceased Virginia Tech mass shooter Seung-Hui Cho titled “Virginia Tech Shooting Confession Video” is also on the platform.

Both videos have been up for over nine years and have large view counts. The former has almost 500,000 views and the latter has over 3.5 million.

There’s a reason that YouTube doesn’t want this shown. Because even the brief snippets of the terrorist’s blather show that she/he/it is regurgitating the exact same poison that is taught in classrooms from pre-K through post-grad all over the country. The same garbage that “white supremacists” pose an existential threat to “our precious democracy” (vomit) that Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants spews on national television, when he’s not fondling teeny-boppers or wandering off aimlessly or falling up and down AF-1 staircases. 

When the claim that transexuals face actual, literal genocide is made time and again in the media and from government flacks, what this monster in Nashville did makes perfect sense because in her eyes it’s self-defense. Ditto the firebombing of churches and pregnancy crisis centers. Talk about your inconvenient truths. No wonder the hack lefty mayor of Nashville is doing everything in his power to find and crucify the individual or individuals who leaked the manifesto. Meh. No wonder it was sealed in the first place.

Of course, what the propagandists cannot cover up, they mangle and distort with extreme prejudice:

Corporate media banded together on Tuesday to cover for Hamas apologists after a 69-year-old Jewish man was killed due to injuries he sustained at an anti-Israel demonstration in California over the weekend.

Videos show emergency responders in Thousand Oaks, California loading Paul Kessler, who reportedly carried an Israeli flag at the protest, into an ambulance while the anti-Israel crowd chanted and waved Palestinian flags near a pool of his blood on the ground. At least one police officer was seen trying to discourage a man yelling in a megaphone from disturbing the scene.

The pro-Palestine demonstrator who allegedly interacted with Kessler has not been publicly identified or arrested but Sheriff James Fryhoff did confirm during a press conference on Tuesday that the 50-year-old’s house is being searched. 

“These witnesses provided conflicting statements about what the altercation and who the aggressor was,” Sheriff James Fryhoff said. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, which might investigate the incident as a hate crime, said witness accounts suggest that “Kessler fell backwards and struck his head on the ground.”

. . . The Ventura County medical examiner, however, almost immediately ruled the manner of death a homicide by blunt force head injury. “When a manner of death of homicide is made, it’s simply stating that the death occurred at the hands of another person or the actions of another person contributed to the death of a person,” Medical Examiner Dr. Christopher Young said during the press conference. . . 

. . . Even after learning that Kessler suffered some sort of severe contusion, abrasion, laceration, and/or fracture that likely constituted murder, media outlets scrambled to imply the brutal killing was a self-imposed accident.

A web archive snapshot of NBC News’s article about the tragedy asserts that Kessler died merely after “hitting [his] head.”

NBC News stealthily edited the headline on Monday night to reflect that Kessler was “killed in [an] altercation at dueling pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian rallies.” No correction notice was affixed to the article, and the excerpt under the headline still failed to mention that Kessler’s death was ruled a homicide. . . 

. . . Other outlets like Time, The New York Times, The Guardian, and ABC 7 Chicago refused to specify in their headlines that foul play was suspected in Kessler’s death. . . 

. . . The “passion” possessing antisemites all across our nation is looking more and more like the “mostly peaceful protests” CNN’s Omar Jimenez claimed to see in the flaming dystopian hellscape that was Kenosha, Wisconsin in August 2020. Kessler and the more than two dozen people who died as a result of the 2020 riots are dead because the left’s latest political pet projects have been far from “peaceful.”

What Jordan Boyd leaves out in her otherwise outstanding article is how the propagandists portray actual peaceful or quite literally “mostly peaceful” protests and protesters, to wit those persecuted and even still languishing in the Garland Archipelago as a result of the J-6 entrapment sting, men and women of the cloth who oppose baby-killing in the womb, parents who get a little bit heated at school board meetings and on and on and on up to and including Donald Trump who ironically with every new phony charge gains 10 points in the polls. 

Funny how the media kind of missed this incident immediately after the late Mr. Kessler was mostly peacefully bludgeoned to death with an Al Sharpton souvenir bullhorn:

This video shows that after the bloody assault, the protest didn’t end. The pro-Hamas protesters kept chanting with bullhorns, and then they mocked Kessler’s blood on the sidewalk. “This is the kind of respect these Palestinian protesters are giving,” said the disgusted person taking the video. A pro-Hamas protester who seemed to come to Kessler’s aid placed a sign underneath his head. Afterwards she was seen laughing while looking towards the bloody sign. Absolutely monstrous.

The sheriff’s office is still trying to determine whether this was a hate crime. 

Let me channel my inner Orwell and suggest that this was a LOVE CRIME! The pro-Hamas thug loved Paul Kessler — mostly to death.

With a media like this, who needs ballot-harvesters? Then again, who needs the Black Panthers with truncheons at the polls to, er, get your mind right, shall we say, when you have this charming piece of shit in Virginia?

Yup. Not a smidgen of rigging or shenanigans yesterday. A totally free and fair election, I have no doubt in my mind that the people have spoken.



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  • “Beshear, a Democrat who has hesitated to embrace the hardline green energy policies favored by an increasing share of his party, is competing against Republican Kentucky Attorney General David Cameron, who has made protecting Kentucky’s coal industry a key point of his campaign, in Tuesday’s election for the state’s top executive position.” Panel Appointed by Dem Incumbent Approves Coal Plant Closures on Election Eve
  • “. . . at a time of economic uncertainty, a bailout would have the effect of raising both taxes and – in the longer term – energy prices, and at a time comparable in many ways to 2008. It would risk kicking the political hornets nest once again, with unpredictable consequences. Only a foolish, short-sighted White House would even consider this plan. So expect them to do it.” “Renewable” Energy: Too Big to Fail
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  • “Critics of the ballot amendment urgently warned leading up the election that the measure is about much more than abortion and could be used to decimate parental rights, lead to abortion throughout pregnancy, gruesome partial-birth abortions, and even allow minors to pursue sex-change procedures. Some constitutional scholars, as well as Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R), pointed to the amendment’s broad language — specifically the use of the term ‘individual’ — to argue that the amendment could be used to allow minors to obtain abortions without parental consent.” Ohioans Pass Issue 1, Codify “Right” to Abortion in State Constitution


  • According to a Monday press release, the DOJ is dispatching federal observers from its Civil Rights Division to “monitor for compliance with the federal voting rights laws” in numerous jurisdictions throughout the country. Among those listed are Union County, New Jersey; Pawtucket and Woonsocket, Rhode Island; Madison County and Panola County, Mississippi; and Prince William County, Virginia. Biden DOJ Dispatches Feds to Polling Places to Interfere in an Election Near You








  • “Essentially the deal is intended to keep Ariane-6 afloat, as its high cost has made it difficult to attract customers. At the same time, the contract demands those costs be reduced, and adds pressure to that demand by noting that future and additional launches will be awarded on a purely competitive bidding process.” Three European nations sign deal with Arianegroup for use of Ariane-6
  • “Such background galaxies are always seen [in] Hubble images, which starkly tell us that the universe is far vaster than we can imaging, with more stars than we can conceive.”Galaxies within galaxies within galaxies



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  1. Yours is the very best encapsulation of current events. Thank you for the efforts you make to keep those of us with neither time, resources nor inclination so informed of the weightiest matters in the pithiest of ways. You are my go-to source for WTF is really going on.

  2. Abortion is the sacrament of a significant majority of white women voters, especially the young. As it also serves the purposes of racist Democrats, it’s a tough hill for conservatives. You can’t soften the message to reverse elections because it inevitably leads to devaluing all life and you get the culture of death we have today. All that being said, Republican voters have to stop being lazy and turn out.

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