The Morning Report 11/13/23

Good morning, kids. As the IDF’s ground campaign grinds ever onward, the surface-level geopolitics of the “peace process” and “two-state solution” is finally being revealed to even the most clueless as the non-starting myth that it has always been. More crucially, ditto the true nature of Islam as it has been preached and practiced since the 7th century as a totalitarian political movement hell bent on subjugating the world “by any means necessary.” Doesn’t that ring a bell?

The horrific and 100% confirmed reports of Dark Age butchery up to and including the beheading and roasting alive of infants in front of their tortured parents is bad enough. But the orgasmic, foaming-at-the-mouth rabid glee of not just American Muslims but college students celebrating the butchery and even eager to engage in it all over the western world and here in our own country should raise serious alarm bells. 

With the former, it’s understandable since they are bringing with them a hatred and barbarity that, in my most optimistic estimation, some will engage in the same kind of butchery as was seen on 10/7, some will loudly openly cheer it on, some will quietly approve of it and some will be as revolted as the rest of us are. The $64 trillion dollar question is, what’s the actual breakdown percentage wise?

That same question holds true for native-born non-Muslim citizens, particularly students and youth. As we are seeing on campuses as well as in the streets of our cities, some of them traditional havens for Jews, how many silently agree with this insanity and how many remain silent, going along to get along? Pardon the pun but this is not an academic exercise? The anti-Semitic attitude of American youth does not exist in a vacuum and is not merely limited to Israel. Israel is viewed as a microcosm of this nation, that is, illegitimate, racist, colonialist, oppressive and evil to its core. The meaning of “From sea to shining sea” is in the process of being fundamentally transformed into a corollary of “From the river to the sea.” 

In a “Day of Resistance” toolkit, National Students for Justice in Palestine, an organization with hundreds of campus chapters, called the slaughter of Israeli Jews “a historic win for the Palestinian resistance.” The toolkit went on to describe the “heightened stage of the Palestinian struggle” as a “resistance” that will “bring dignity and honor to the Palestinian people.”

In the weeks since, student groups on U.S. campuses have celebrated the atrocity — both in public statements and boisterous campus rallies. . . What is going on? Why are privileged students on elite campuses, tomorrow’s public leaders, cheering evil and blaming the victims of a heinous terrorist attack? Why such cowardice from academic administrators?

. . . today’s “social justice” movements crudely sort individuals into groups based on whether they can be viewed as oppressors or the oppressed. Jews are labeled oppressors by virtue of their political and economic success — even though their suffering, as a people, is unparalleled in modern history.

It also explains why campus activists can fly into an indignant rage over “microaggressions” — literally, an alleged harm that is microscopic — if the “victim” claims a favored group identity while at the same time, blaming Israel when barbaric Hamas terrorists burn Jewish babies to death. The mindset forged on campus migrates with graduates into our schools, the media, and the halls of Congress.

This lazy way of understanding the world — common to postcolonial studies, critical race theory, intersectionality, campus DEI, and a host of far-left intellectual frameworks — has rotted the academy. It teaches adherents to embrace primitive tribalism, one that sees the world exclusively in terms of virtuous victims and evil oppressors. And it teaches students to make simple, uncompromising judgments: Jews are oppressors in Israel. White interests systematically discriminate against minorities in this country.

As a result, students leave campus primed to judge others based on group identity or skin color, not individual character or merit. Thus, critical deliberation is sacrificed to a feverous, anti-intellectual imperative: cheer for the group the Left says is marginalized—and against Western Civilization, which is alleged to be inherently oppressive. This is how the new campus ideologies obliterate students’ capacity for moral judgment. . . 

. . . Antisemitic professors and student groups, even in small numbers, warp the campus conversation. Their presence conveys to students that this one hatred is respectable. Indeed, researchers have established that the presence on campus of faculty who express anti-Zionist views “is associated with a significant increase in…. incidents that target Jewish students for harm, including assault, harassment, destruction of property and suppression of speech.”

The specter of students cheering an evil massacre at elite universities while cowardly administrators convey indifference reveals a profound sickness in the places that are supposed to preserve (and perpetuate) our civilizational inheritance.

Campus pathologies spread. Academic ideologies reshape society as they ripple beyond the university’s walls. That is what they are designed to do.

As I and others have been saying, and like Cassandra will repeat it until, hopefully unlike her it actually sinks in, this crap doesn’t just start in college. It begins all the way down to the pre-K level thanks to an educational system that is designed not to educate, but indoctrinate. To warp and distort our history, heritage and culture to such an extent as to make students hate them all and blame even their own parents and grandparents. When you think about it, the process is similar to what military drill instructors do to green recruits. Except here, it’s at an even more impressionable age, and boot camp starts at the age of five and lasts at a minimum of 12 years. The ramifications are chilling in the extreme. 

It’s why, in spite of everything that’s going on, about the last person in public life that I expected to take a seemingly unequivocal stand is this guy:

Democrats are tearing themselves apart over Israel. Their far left base and members of the squad are clearly anti-Israel while Biden and other Democrats are trying to walk a fine line on the issue.

Meanwhile, Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is showing unwavering support for Israel, and he doesn’t care who knows it. How refreshing. The Hill reports: 

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) appeared to wave an Israeli flag at protestors demanding a cease-fire in the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

“Jackass @JohnFetterman saw veterans getting arrested and laughed,” the veterans against war group About Face posted Thursday on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, alongside a video of what appeared to be the Pennsylvania senator walking by a group of protestors and waving an Israeli flag. “We asked to see @SenGillibrand. We were put in cuffs. We need leaders who listen to veterans demanding a #CeaseFireNow,” the post continued.

The group was arrested for protesting in New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D) office in the Capitol. Fetterman has consistently been a defender of Israel during its conflict with Hamas. He called out some of his Democratic colleagues’ speed to blame Israel for a hospital blast last month. “It’s truly disturbing that Members of Congress rushed to blame Israel for the hospital tragedy in Gaza,” Fetterman said in a post on X. “Who would take the word of a group that just massacred innocent Israeli civilians over our key ally?” he added.

. . . Good for John Fetterman for standing up for what’s right.

Whether Fetterman’s statements and actions, up to and including wallpapering his Senate office with the posters of missing Israelis, are his own or that of his handlers, is irrelevant. In a party that is seemingly tearing itself apart over the open Jew-hatred of a significant and growing segment percentage of its base and representatives, it’s heartening to see this. Fetterman could have simply remained silent or even issued the typical boilerplate communiqué decrying the violence and death of innocent parties on both sides. To my knowledge he hasn’t but for argument’s sake, even if this is political posturing, it’s the right thing to do. Despite my complete opposition to every other political position he likely has, I have to give credit where it is due and say a sincere thank you to him for this stance. 

Where the hell is the rest of that party? Where the hell is the GOP? And dare I say it, considering the surprising response from John Fetterman, where the hell is Donald Trump?

DT: There is no hatred like the Palestinian hatred of Israel and Jewish people. And probably the other way around also, I don’t know. You know, it’s not as obvious, but probably that’s it too. So sometimes you have to let things play out and you have to see where it ends. The sad part is that would have never been an attack on Israel and there would have never been a counter attack on Gaza. Yeah, I mean, Gaza, what’s happening to Gaza? It’s just unbelievable.

EA [Enrique Acevedo]: You’ve seen the images, you’ve heard the stories, you know.

DT: Terrible. It’s horrible on both sides. It would have never happened.

Really, Mr. Trump? I don’t know if this is how he really feels or if he’s trying to split the baby in half. Politically, not like Hamas does literally. Read the whole interview or at least the rambling response in its entirety. To be charitable, Trump is a yammerer. Once he gets going he doesn’t know when to shut up. You’d think by now he’d have learned his lesson in this regard.

If I have to praise Fetterman over Trump on something as basic and in your face as good vs evil, it does not bode well.


  • “This is a job for the Chairman James Comer of the Congressional Oversight and Accountability Committee, who should review the Statement of Facts of this case and subpoena the FBI Director Christopher Wray and his subordinates to answer the question: How many other Brogan Welshes are still out there committing crimes, while the FBI conducts manhunts relating to Jan. 6?” How Many Perverts Did the FBI Ignore While It Chased Trump Supporters?
  • “As the narrative of the [Chinese] Covid era settles, it looks as if we are intent on forgetting what actually happened and who was responsible.” Mass Madness at Three
  • “The whole ideologies of Bolshevism and Maoism rested on a condemnation of the masses and their old world and identities to convert them into the ‘new man’ of socialism.” How The ‘Brutal Minds’ Staffing Our Universities Brainwash The Next Generation
  • Victor Davis Hanson: “It’s past time for Americans to reject all racial stereotyping.” (Meh, it’s time for Americans to neutralize the anti-American smear merchants – jjs) The Damage of the ‘White Privilege’ Smear


* * * * *






  • “Corporate news outlets have definitely chosen sides in the Israel-Hamas war. Some journalists have signed a letter siding with Hamas and the ‘Palestinians’. The ‘Palestinians’ have been known for their fake reporting, crisis actors, and for goading the mainstream media into reporting fake news, such as the ‘Israeli strike’ on a hospital that wasn’t from an Israeli munition at all. ” Media in Panic Mode Over Questions About Whether They Knew in Advance About Hamas Attack on Israel

* * * * *






  • Miranda Devine: “Presumably, the [DOJ] hiring spree is in anticipation of a surge in [Chinese] COVID vaccine lawsuits, as people who were forced by government mandates to take the jab, and suffered serious side effects as a result, try to extract compensation from a system that is stacked against them. . . The recruitment drive comes on the heels of a little-noticed lawsuit filed in Louisiana last month by six vaccine-injured plaintiffs against the federal government.  A [Chinese] COVID-19 Vaccine Reckoning is Coming for the DOJ Over Federal Gov’t Mandates


  • “Teachers in New York City successfully sued the city over their failure to pass a basic literacy exam, arguing the disparity in pass rates between Black, Latino and White test-takers proves a bias. A judge found that the test violated the Civil Rights Act, because it did not show a meaningful correlation between a teacher’s performance on the test and their performance in the classroom.” NJ Teachers Union Calls For Ending Basic Skills Test Requirement





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  • “The highlight, if there can be said to have been one, was Vivek Ramaswamy calling out Nikki Haley on her brazen corruption as she warmongered, once again, on the stage without disclosing that she stands to benefit personally from further military entanglement overseas — and, in fact, got herself out of poverty by getting into bed with war profiteers. He also indicted GOP leadership and the corporate state media, both of which deserve scorn as well.” Vivek’s ‘No Neocon’ Pledge Hits at the Heart of the War Machine
  • “Rebuilding efforts must heed Machiavelli’s exhortation to distrust the ‘banished.’” Haiti, the Zombie Republic




  • “Though there are a lot of rumors that Fish and Wildlife is about to approve the launch, which will allow the FAA to issue the actual launch license, this extension suggests SpaceX is covering its bets in case the approvals are further delayed, or if they are approved in November weather issues force a delay into December.” FCC extends SpaceX’s communications license for Starship/Superheavy launch
  • “American private enterprise now leads China 95 to 51 in successful launches, and the entire world combined 95 to 80. SpaceX by itself is now leads the rest of the world (excluding American companies) 83 to 80.” SpaceX successfully launches two communications satellites


  • “[Colin] Allred, a three-term Congressman from Dallas who represents a suburb of that city, announced in May that he would challenge Republican Ted Cruz for Texas’ junior Senate seat. Throughout his political career, Allred has been closely affiliated with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a group that has advocated on a variety of pro-transgender issues, according to campaign finance records and videos of his past appearances with the group.” Dem Senate Candidate Linked To Pro-Transgender Group That Supports Rescinding Parental Rights
  • “A new book provides parents of gender-dysphoric children with a much-needed lifeline of insight and practical wisdom.” Leaning In with Love, Not Ideology



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  1. I welcome the news of US priests trending conservative, but far too many dioceses utilize non native priests – my grandchildren are in one – and they are infected with the Jesuit pan-absolution bent. This is of course similar to Francis saying transgenders can be offered the sacraments. Without the context of “go and sin no more”,it’s yet another (intentional) misstep by this “Pope”.

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