The Morning Rant

Well of course…it’s Oregon! But it could have been a bunch of other places that value a society-wide push to elevate the profound psychiatric condition known as transgenderism to a special protected place. A sane society would provide comprehensive mental therapy, exactly how we treat 100 pound teenaged girls who see a fat person in the mirror. Because the conditions are similar. Yet we treat one as the mental illness that it obviously is, and celebrate the other?

And for that matter, we celebrate and elevate homosexuality which, even if one accepts as normal sexual behavior, it is axiomatically contrary to the survival of society.

But the state of Oregon knows better! And rather than permit the adoption of a child into a loving home, they insist upon their radical social engineering and control over religious practice. Imagine the life of a child in the Oregon foster care system compared to one spent in a presumably loving home filled with the laughter of five other children!

“SPEAK THE PRONOUNS” is more important!

Oregon denies adoption after woman refuses to back gender ideology, homosexuality

An Oregon woman filed a federal lawsuit against the state’s Department of Human Services after she was denied the opportunity to adopt a child because she refused to express support for gender ideology and homosexuality.

The woman, Jessica Bates, filed an application to become certified to adopt a child from the Oregon foster care system. However, to obtain the certification, a person must agree to “respect, accept and support the … sexual orientation, gender identity [and] gender expression … of a child or young adult” who is placed in the home, according to the state’s policy.

Although Bates promised to love and treat any child as her own, she told the certification officer that she “would not support their lifestyle or encourage any behavior related to their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression” if it went against her religious beliefs. The certification officer asked whether she would use a child’s preferred pronouns if he or she ever identified as transgender and whether she would assist a child with transitioning his or her gender through hormone therapy. Bates said she would not.

Taking this to its logical conclusion, the state of Oregon should remove children from all such homes, otherwise they are allowing abuse of natural children and protecting only those in the foster care system. That seems like an unequal application of the law.

Perhaps I shouldn’t give them any ideas, because it is ingrained in the post-modern fanatics who seem to congregate in government agencies that what they see as a perfect society is the only society, and they will use their power to force it down our throats.

Oh…wait. Did I say “child?” No, Mrs. Bates wants to save two children from the misery of foster care. What a monster!

The lawsuit states that Bates wants to adopt a pair of siblings who are under the age of 10 because her youngest child is 10 years old. It adds that “she hopes that by adopting two children, each child will be less likely to feel alone or isolated.” The lawsuit also cites verses from the Bible, which call on the faithful to care for orphans.

Unfortunately the federal district court hearing the case found yesterday that there is insufficient evidence for a preliminary injunction. Hopefully the court will return to its senses at trial, but our judiciary has lost its mind, so…

The current state of affairs is profoundly broken. Oregon refuses to recognize traditional concepts of sex, which are grounded in basic biology, not to mention human history as far back as we go. They also believe that the miserable fate of children in their foster care system is preferable to life in a traditional religious home. That is the state choosing one religion (transgenderism) over another (Catholicism). The Constitution speaks clearly about the prohibition against government sanctioned religion, so the first sane court this suit is seen by will have an easy time of it.

One can only hope…