The Morning Report 11/16/23

Good morning, kids. Evidently some sort of a cease-fire agreement, described as a “truce,” was reached yesterday in which Israel is supposed to halt operations for three days to give non-combatants a chance to flee the area, or some such bullshit like that.

UPDATE: It has not been reached yet but for sure is being pushed. Hard.

Sources say the deal would also involve the release of Palestinians, supposedly women and children, currently held in Israeli prisons, although the numbers that would be involved are currently unclear.

Hamas has already agreed to the deal in principle, although the Israelis have not, and are still negotiating specific terms. 

The Israelis have signaled any truce would be temporary, with war cabinet member Benny Gantz warning on Wednesday: “Even if we are required to pause fighting in order to return our hostages, there will be no stopping the combat and the war until we achieve our goals.”

I’m neither in Israel nor a member of their cabinet, but any pause, any let up that gives this cancer even the slightest chance to regroup is a huge mistake. This is a war. A war that Hamas, the tip of the spear of Islam instigated and has fought as a war of annihilation. Not just since 10/7/23 but for the past 1,500 years. 

The only response from Israel should be a demand for the simultaneous unconditional surrender of every single armed Gazan and immediate release of every Israeli hostage, living and likely dead, and then the arrest and extradition of Hamas leaders Ismael Haniyeh, Khaled Meshaal and Mousa Abu Marzouk for summary execution, on live television broadcast across the globe.

After that, and only after that, there will be a cessation of hostilities, the annexation of Gaza and imposition of martial law similar to the occupation of Germany and Japan at the end of WW2. And the billions of dollars that those three animals fleeced out of suckers in the West – primarily the American taxpayer (what else is new?) – can be confiscated and used to rebuild whatever necessary infrastructure the State of Israel deems vital for its defense from this accursed, diseased parcel of earth.

The fact that Qatar, where the aforementioned rabid Cerberus resides and thrives, is brokering this deal is a joke; one that’s almost as funny as this notion of combatants and non-combatants.

Over and over, one reads that the attack on the Israelis was incredibly sadistic. For example (serious content warning):

In the interest of preserving sanity as well as the contents of your stomachs this early in the morning, I will omit that quote. Continuing:

This is Stone Age barbarism, completely unburdened by the civilizing influences of modernity. It’s also not the stuff of “take your kids to work day”—and yet that’s exactly what Hamas did:

Eran Smilansky, a 28-year-old potato farmer, watched Gazan children go from house to house in his kibbutz on Oct. 7. Hamas terrorists followed. The boys laughed as the gunmen shot or dragged away Israeli families.

“They were like young, young kids,” said Smilansky, who defended his home from terrorists for more than six hours that day. “They were going in front of the terrorists, laughing with their friends and looking very calm. I remember thinking, What the fuck?”

Smilansky was one of a dozen survivors of the Nir Oz massacre who told the Washington Free Beacon they witnessed boys or women from the Gaza Strip looting the kibbutz, helping the armed terrorists, and apparently enjoying themselves. The youngest children were around 10 years old, according to several of the survivors, one of whom provided photographs of some of the women and children he saw. The survivors spoke at a hotel in Eilat, Israel’s Red Sea resort town, where most of them have been temporarily relocated.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Hamas educates its children in hatred from the cradle (often with UN funding paid for by American tax dollars). While your children are lisping about flowers and friendship when they graduate from kindergarten, this is what’s happening amongst the Gazastanians as their parents proudly film them. . . 

. . . To avoid the peace that will deprive these bureaucrats of their sinecures, UNWRA perpetuates hatred. The alleged “educational” materials UNRWA allows in schools in Gaza and the West Bank would have fit nicely in Nazis schools in 1930s Germany. In addition to allowing the antisemitic tyrants in Gaza and the West Bank to provide their own “educational” materials in UNWRA-run schools, UNWRA also provides its own materials that align with the Islamists’ virulent ideology. . . 

. . . Frankly, I don’t know what you do with a generation like this. Can these values be untaught? Maybe for some, but children who will happily laugh and help out as they see women raped to death, babies cooked, and children their own age tortured, murdered, and kidnapped seem pretty unsalvageable…and remember that all of this done with your tax dollars helping to foot the bill.

As a reminder, so-called “citizens” of Gaza followed on and participated in the barbaric butchery of Israelis and then the sacking and pillaging of their homes. To the extent that any of them can or will ever be identified and punished once the shooting stops is questionable. Given the aforementioned, that the IDF should perhaps use caution to avoid killing any of them as the shooting continues is also legitimately questionable, though I’m sure you can guess my own feelings. 

What is required is a massive de-Islamization program aimed specifically at children. The prohibition at a minimum of all the UNWRA poison and the reorganization of the Gaza “school system” to ultimately be controlled by Israeli educators and dare I say it, the editing out of the sections of the Koran and Hadith that is the ultimate source of the brainwashing. Of course, that alone is a complete non-starter but perhaps if even a smidgen of the rest can happen it could go a long way in at least starting the alleviation of the problem.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest:

Hundreds of “violent” anti-Israel protesters clashed with Capitol Police in Washington Wednesday evening during a rally outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters, prompting its evacuation. Video shows dozens of officers in riot gear desperately pushing back the unruly protesters as they charged toward the Canal Street and Ivy Street, SE building.

The demonstrators — many wearing black shirts that read “Cease Fire Now” — were also seen trying to grab hold of metal barricades as the officers rushed in to make arrests. About 150 people were “illegally and violently protesting” outside the office, Capitol Police wrote on X. The department said the protesters deliberately attacked its officers, leaving several injured.

“Tonight 6 officers were treated for injuries – ranging from minor cuts to being pepper sprayed to being punched. One person has been arrested for assault on an officer. We appreciate our officers who kept these illegal & violent protesters back & protected everyone in the area,” Capitol Police said in a follow-up tweet.

One of the groups that organized the demonstration, If Not Now, claimed the protest had been peaceful until law enforcement intervened. “We are linking arms, threatening no one, and begging our politicians to support an end to the killing and the suffering in Gaza. Begging, peacefully, for a ceasefire. And this is the response,” the group posted on X. The massive group gathered at the DNC to light 11,000 candles to mark the reported 11,000 Gaza civilian lives lost since the outbreak of the conflict last month.

Video taken moments before the clash showed the protesters calmly standing at the steps of the DNC with their arms linked together singing “Which side are you on?” Police were then seen trying to yank the protesters off the stairs, though the group attempted to remain chained together. 

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) said he was one of about 100 people — House leaders, lawmakers and Democratic candidates running for the House — attending a reception at party headquarters when they were ushered out of the building. The Capitol Police “came in force” and directed lawmakers into a secure room in the basement, he said. About seven lawmakers were huddled in the basement and loaded into police SUVs. “Was just evacuated from the #DNC after pro-terrorist, anti-#Israel protestors grew violent, pepper spraying police officers and attempting to break into the building. Thankful to the police officers who stopped them and for helping me and my colleagues get out safely,” he wrote on X.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.) said she had her three-month-old baby inside the Capitol officers when the buildings went into lockdown. “Imagine being that unhinged. Nut jobs,” Luna said. Officials sent an alert to congressional staffers telling them no one would be permitted to enter or exit any House office buildings. Police were making arrests, but didn’t say how many people were taken into custody. The Metropolitan Police Department said its officers were also responding to the disturbance.

The clash comes just one day after nearly 300,000 people gathered at the National Mall in DC to defend the Israeli war against Hamas.

Democrat National HQ. Couldn’t have happened at a better location! How much you want to bet that Antifa cadres were leading this or otherwise comprised a significant number of these thugs? And how much you want to bet this was bought and paid for by Soros, one or more Hamas front groups like CAIR or some combination of both? Meh, “If Not Now” is a group of self-gassing JINOs that was founded by a J-Street leader, so that “ANSWERs” that question, pun intended. No doubt the likes of Rancida, Bro-Fo, Titty Caca Cortez and all the other Jew-haters of the (Death) “Squad” are putting the screws to the Jews in the party. 

Don’t hold your breath for any of these “mostly peaceful” rent-a-Stormtroopers to get anything more than a wrist-slap while those in the Garland Archipelago for the J6 set-up are still rotting in prison, or worse. 

Psaki-psircling back to the abject brainwashing of “Palestinian,” and really every Muslim child on the planet almost from the moment they emerge from Fatima’s joy-buzzer-less hoo-hoo, to hate every Jew and infidel to the point of killing them, the same poison is being pumped into our kids brains over here. One of these days, what happened in southern Israel on 10/7 could just as easily have happen at DNC headquarters and likely elsewhere.

It should be common sense that no one gives away $11 billion without expecting something in return. Why, then, are so few questions asked about the rivers of money flowing into American universities from foreign donors? It has become painfully obvious what they are buying: the hearts and minds of young Americans. The spectacle playing out on campuses today has shocked Americans of all political persuasions: antisemitic threats projected onto buildings, Jews huddled in the library to escape a mob, university administrators eager to contextualize terrorism. This is not your garden-variety wokeism, like squabbling over pronouns or safe spaces. This is something else.

But where is it coming from? The answer can be found, as always, by following the money. Since 1986, US universities have received at least $11 billion from Arab states, not to mention billions more from China, and they have largely hidden this funding from the public. There is much to criticize about the university leaders who lap these funds up, but most of us had little faith in them to begin with. More surprising is the lack of scrutiny from the US government, which is bound by law to review and assess these sources of foreign influence. The Higher Education Act of 1965, for one, mandates that schools report twice each year any foreign gifts and contracts of $250,000 or more, yet universities mostly ignore the obligation, and the Department of Education fails to enforce it.

A new Network Contagion Research Institute report finds that at least 200 American colleges and universities illegally withheld information on approximately $13 billion in undisclosed contributions from foreign regimes, many of which are antisemitic or authoritarian. In 2020, the Trump administration forced the DoE to investigate these funds. The final report noted countries hostile to the United States “are targeting their investments” to “project soft power, steal sensitive and proprietary research, and spread propaganda.” It concluded, “There is very real reason for concern that foreign money buys influence or control over teaching and research.” Indeed, the latest research shows universities that accept money from Middle Eastern donors have, on average, 300% more antisemitic incidents than those that do not. Whatever concern the government had about this under Donald Trump seems to have vanished under [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden. 

Yet understanding and mitigating this influence is the government’s responsibility by law and not just at the DoE. The Department of Justice is also legally bound to “promote transparency with respect to foreign influence” on “American public opinion, policy, and laws” under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. That law requires those acting as agents of foreign entities to register publicly so the American public can properly scrutinize their words and actions. It’s time to apply FARA to the American universities under the influence of foreign cash.  

FARA dates back to 1938, when the government sought to counter Nazi propaganda. Imagine if that propaganda had wormed its way into the minds of America’s youth, who formed the bulk of our fighting force. It would have crippled our war effort. Under FARA, the government required proliferators of that propaganda to register as foreign agents. Today, universities accepting foreign funds should register too — and not just in relation to anti-Israel influence. China is also infiltrating our top schools with the purpose of stealing technology and cutting-edge research and limiting what American students learn about the Chinese Communist Party.

The dangers are not hard to imagine. Republicans and Democrats agree that China is the greatest military threat to the United States this century. Unlike the Chinese and the antisemites, American universities are not known for playing the long game. They’ll take the money today without asking what it means for tomorrow. Now we are staring the consequences in the face, and they are ugly indeed. Washington must not trust the universities to hold themselves accountable. It should require them to report foreign funding sources and register under FARA if they are unduly influenced.

Americans have a right to know which countries are buying the next generation’s support — and which universities are selling it.

The author is correct in as far is it goes. But this notion that “American universities are not known for playing the long game” is a total crock. Going back to Horace Mann, John Dewey, Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno and others, academia at every level has indeed been playing a long game and playing it to win. And if it isn’t checkmate already, we’re about one or two moves away from it.

Yesterday, I wrote:

. . . anti-Semitism is now out in the open for all except the blind to see in all its ugliness. Horrible as it is, it is merely a symptom of the greater problem: A nation and a society that has been rotted out from within, primarily via the educational system which graduated three generations of ticking time bomb saboteurs who have destroyed every aspect of our society, top to bottom and inside out. We cannot reconcile with a political philosophy and movement that for all intents and purposes is the equivalent of Hamas. One that seeks our own annihilation and the replacement of America as founded with a Leftist mythical “Palestine” of their own creation. 

As shocking, even in some respects for me, to witness the raging Jew-hate exploding all over the country and in places that I once believed the safest on earth of Jews, it is encouraging to see the reactions to it and for the calls to quell it and cut off the funding for it. As a Jew, I naturally approve of it. But as an American, it ignores the fact that anti-Semitism is merely one aspect of the rot coming from our schools. America’s children have in effect been Shanghaied (pun totally intended) and trained to be the front line soldiers in our subjugation and extinction. The above article hints at this but this is the problem.

If we are to take back our schools, it can only be done after we take back a hijacked government. If we do that, then to root out the anti-American cancer that is the professoriate, we would have to trample on their individual First Amendment rights. In other words, do we preserve the Constitution without destroying it in essence in the cause of self-preservation? 


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* * * * *

* * * * *

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  • Jia Bei Zhu, 62, allegedly served as a “corporate officer” within Chinese “military-civil fusion organizations,” according to materials shared by the Select Committee on the CCP. Zhu was arrested in October for “manufacturing and distributing misbranded medical devices in violation of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) and for making false statements to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).” (Xi-Xi, you funny little good for nothing . . . – jjs) Owner of California Biolab Tied to Chinese Government and Military, House Report Finds
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  • The program, called “Outlet” and sponsored by Adolescent Counseling Services, an LGBT public school therapy contractor which works with several public schools and youth centers in the Bay Area, offers 10-year-olds the opportunity to discuss highly sexualized topics with 18-year-olds in a “LGBTQIA+ youth group” as well as a “Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color” group for people between 14 and 25. California Counseling Service Wants Kids to Come Talk About Being Trans



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