The Morning Report 11/15/23

Good morning, kids. Some good things to celebrate this morning. No, not the fact that the House passed another hideous continuing resolution to fund an at best inept government and at worst a corrupt tyranny hell bent on destroying whatever is left of our freedom. That’s all on the GOP. Regardless of the fact that failure to win any sort of victory against the aforementioned is virtually doomed from the start, the refusal to stand in unison to do so, and worse to stab those who want to try is hateful in the extreme. We get into that discussion in the latest episode of the podcast (here and in the sidebar) and there are a couple of links leading the Politics section that get into this theme, so have at it.

No, what was heartening to see was a massive turnout in D.C. as well as in Paris standing in solidarity with Israel. As noted on the podcast and in yesterday’s MR, the continued action of, of all people, John Fetterman to also stand unequivocally with Israel is to be applauded. Whatever the cynics among us think, insofar as there may be some ulterior political machinations with him and his handlers in doing this, made more difficult I should think given the anti-Semitic trajectory that the Democrat Party as a whole is being steered, is not important. His words and the optics of him attending this rally actually wearing the Israeli flag are exactly what’s needed at this moment for all the world to see. No mention of innocent Gazans or any equivocation. The sincerity appears genuine and that’s what counts at a time like this. That’s more than enough for me to acknowledge this and say thank you to Sen. Fetterman.

It was not so very long ago that every Senator and Congressman, if not draping the Israel flag around his shoulders, would have at least stood in solidarity with one of our staunchest allies and societal kindred spirits. No more now that the chickens of completely unwarranted grievance and raw, naked hatred have come home to roost. Our national and societal “death by suicide” as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently and prophetically warned about almost 200 years ago is now unmistakable.

It’s tragic that this country has become so utterly disunited to the point of being on the verge of tearing itself apart. And yet, here we are. I would be most interested to see what the age breakdown of the rally-goers was. If I were a betting man, I would think that it definitely skewed older. And that is not a good sign for our future given the fact that the past few weeks have seen rallies in the big cities, up to and including New York, a, if not the Jewish capital of the world in terms of population and reputation, with participants calling for the annihilation of Israel and Jews in general. You can bet the age breakdown for those skewed very young. Speaking as a near senior citizen and for those of us in that category, the sands of the hourglass are running down while America’s youth and progeny are only just getting started:

Even as war continues to rage in Gaza, there already is much talk about the “day after,” meaning what happens there when the guns go quiet. The chatter assumes Israel will rout Hamas and that a new entity will fill the governing vacuum.  Finding a solution is a huge challenge and while America will have a big say, there is another “day after” issue also demanding our attention. It involves the shocking explosion of antisemitism on elite college campuses. It, too, must be eliminated because it is morally wrong, and because history leaves no doubt about where it leads. 

Washington has a role to play, but the real action must happen where the problem is — on the campuses. University leaders must lead, or get out of the way.  In some sense, the raw hatred was hiding in plain sight. In recent years, the ringmasters of cancel culture included Israel in their ever-expanding lists of “white supremacists” and “colonizers,” sure signs the Jewish state was becoming a pariah. As with America’s Founders, conservatives, whites and Christians, any defense of Israel often triggered a generation of snowflakes determined to erase it from the canon of acceptable allegiances.  When it comes to Israel, the “E” in DEI stands for exclusion, not equity. Still, despite suspicions and some obvious cases, it was not always certain that the relentless criticism had morphed into a wide hatred of Jews. 

Until now. 

The Oct. 7 slaughter brought the antisemites and their enablers out of the closet. Because you can’t solve a problem you don’t know exists, we now know who they are and the hate they harbor.  We see them in all their arrogance at Harvard, Penn and my alma mater, Columbia. Their banners, slogans and chants of “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” remove any doubt that they are not mere critics of Israel.  They share with Hamas, Iran and antisemites throughout history a pure hatred of Jews. Sizeable numbers of students, faculty and administrators at many other so-called schools of higher education are also guilty of harboring this ancient sickness, including at the City University of New York, especially its radical law school.

In many cases, the Jew-hatred was not clear because the policies of Israel, like the policies of any nation, are fair game for criticism. The right to dissent is intrinsic to Americans’ right of free speech and criticizing Israel is no exception.  But there are also tests for determining whether the criticism is honest, legitimate disagreement, or a smokescreen for antisemitism.  Consider the definition of antisemitism adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance in 2016, and embraced by the United States.  It cites as examples charges that Jews conspire to harm humanity and the use of “sinister stereotypes.”  Another example involves “justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion.”  Others include spreading the “myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.” 

Holocaust denial, of course, is a prime example of antisemitism. Those and other clear expressions have all been front and center since Oct. 7. Among the most loathsome are claims that Jews, not Hamas, killed more than 1,000 Israelis that day, most of them unarmed civilians, including scores of infants and children.  Another sickening sight is the emergence of signs that the slaughter never happened, or if it did, it was justified as a form of “resistance.” 

. . . Fortunately, there is a strong and growing outrage against campus antisemitism and it is being led by alumni, many of whom are closing their wallets. Harvard has been a flashpoint because a letter from student groups actually blamed Israel for the Hamas slaughter, and its new president, Claudine Gay, kept issuing blah blah blah statements in an obscene search for neutral ground. When it comes to evil, there is no neutral ground.

Michael Goodwin is dead on in identifying the problem such as it is, as well as the rank hypocrisy of higher ed. Unfortunately, he does not identify the root cause of the problem. Yes, anti-Semitism is now out in the open for all except the blind to see in all its ugliness. Horrible as it is, it is merely a symptom of the greater problem: A nation and a society that has been rotted out from within, primarily via the educational system which graduated three generations of ticking time bomb saboteurs who have destroyed every aspect of our society, top to bottom and inside out. We cannot reconcile with a political philosophy and movement that for all intents and purposes is the equivalent of Hamas. One that seeks our own annihilation and the replacement of America as founded with a Leftist mythical “Palestine” of their own creation. 

“When it comes to evil, there is no neutral ground.”

Absolutely goddam right, Mr. Goodwin. The problem is that if we come out the other end and vanquish the tyranny that took a little over a century to subsume us, do we reinstate the exact same Constitution which our mortal enemy used as a shield to take us down in the first place? Bit of a pickle, that.

Pace Lincoln one more time, we are a house divided. It cannot and will not stand. How it falls insofar as what level of violence we see in the ensuing collapse, is an unknown. When it falls is coming more and more into focus: one year from right now almost to the date.

Let’s venture that next year’s elections are held (yes, you read that right). The results, either way, will inevitably be disputed — and not civilly, not if Democrats manage to lose. Between Trump derangement syndrome and an unending hunger for power and money, Democrats simply can’t lose to Trump and not go bonkers.

Suspending elections sound like something out of a beach read. Maybe so. Never happened in the good old U.S. of A., you say. Check. But the world and country are headed for oversized calamities, they’re on our doorsteps now. Saying next year’s presidential contest is critical has become cliché.

The world is spinning out of control. Look no further than Ukraine, where the possibility of a wider war developing is real, though D.C. lifers are backing off some. Ukrainians have lost the war. The elites shiny new toy is the Middle East. . .

. . . No need to inventory the multiplying troubles here at home. You know them. They stem from dreadful policies and misgovernance compliments Biden’s handlers. Compounding woes, the miserable governance by Democrats of blue states and localities. Mass misery in less than three years. Oh, and vast right-wing conspiracies bubble and brew, say Democrats. Trump poses an existential threat to democracy.

. . . If there’s a presidential election, the betting odds are that the outcome fails to legitimize the winner. Here’s why.

Should Trump lose again — by razor thin margins in battleground states — the pall of cheating will hang in the air far heavier than ‘20. Another election where Trump leads the Democrat by hundreds of thousands of votes in, say, Pennsylvania, only to see that margin vanish overnight will be met with immense skepticism. RFK Jr. and Jill Stein are bound to bleed off a slew of votes from Joe, Gavin, or whoever the elite pick. Reliable runup polls likely show that. If Trump is leading significantly, his losing narrowly in overnight counts in battleground states will smell of rat. . . 

. . . Should Biden or the next-in-line lose, the allegations won’t be cheating, of course, since key battleground states are either bluish or purple bastions. Hillary has teed up the charge, which clues us in to the Democrats’ ’24 battle plan, if needed. She tipped her side’s hand last Wednesday on “The View.” 

. . . Hillary’s signaling to blue America is an inadvertent alarm for red America. She’s providing the raison d’être for — well, let’s say — “An outpouring of anti-fascist fervor.” . . . In light of Hillary’s comments, what does ’24 look like? . . . 

2020 happens again, that’s what, though worse. Antifa and BLM will stoke riots and bloodshed in cities, maybe accusing Jews of dastardly acts against Palestinians. Maybe it’s time to spread mayhem to the ‘burbs? Maybe Democrats commit trademark infringement again, staging Kristallnacht II, sans inauguration day crowds. Then Biden is trotted out. He delivers a national address declaring martial law to quell insurrection. . . 

. . . James Woods and a fellow called “2024” had this exchange at X the other day:

Opined “2024”:

Next November will be chaotic. The losing side will cry foul and there will be blood in the streets. We are headed into troubling times like we’ve never seen before. And it is all due to a lack of confidence in our election process. God help us.

Replied Woods:

Once confidence in elections is dead, once the border no longer exists, once a dithering stooge sits in the White House… …you no longer have a country. You are right on the money, sir. I only pray you are armed and well-stocked.

I tend to agree. If Trump miraculously overcomes the now built-in legalized election fraud that the GOP refuses to either acknowledge as a problem or is prepared to deal with insofar as fielding an equal or greater army of ballot harvesters (for starters), let alone overcoming the kangaroo court prosecutions with their predetermined guilty-on-all-counts verdicts, the Democrat-Left goes to war with the ultimate H-bomb level chutzpocrisy of “Stolen Election!” echoing until the end of time.

If Trump likely gets robbed – yet again – the odds of the average American going on a Sherman’s March rampage and burning DC to the ground, and every Democrat state capital (and dare I say it deserved and long overdue) are virtually non-existent. 

Just to be clear, I am not and do not condone any act of premeditated violence of any kind. Self defense on the other hand is an entirely different matter and I will leave it to you as individuals to decide what constitutes that or likely will constitute that when the shit hits the fan. 

Dangerous days ahead. You best gird your loins, pilgrim.


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* * * * *

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  • Naomi Biden isn’t the only one getting special treatment when it comes to firearms, however. Her dad, Hunter Biden allegedly lied about his drug use on a federal form to purchase a revolver in 2018 — a bombshell the public didn’t learn about until a few months after his father was safely installed in the White House in 2021. Later, Joe Biden’s DOJ struck a sweetheart plea deal with Hunter, which posited that if the Biden son pled guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges, he would get broad immunity for other crimes, including no prosecution for his illegal possession of a firearm. Luckily, that deal fell apart thanks to an astute federal judge. The Gun Joe Biden Doesn’t Want You To Have Just Protected His Own Granddaughter





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  • The report states that a large number of the gangs are led by Afghani nationals, which has made it easy for the Haqqani network, one of the Taliban’s most militant factions, to assume control of their operations and “use the enormous income coming from human trafficking as its own revenue, even to finance terrorism.” The Hungarian government highlights how the Taliban’s extensive international networks enable its fighters to secure passports and travel to Serbia via Tajikistan and Russia, where they assist in up to 1,200 illegal border crossings every evening at a cost of €1000 ($1,070) per person. LEAKED INTEL: Taliban Controlling EU Border Migrant Gangs

* * * * *


  • Glenn Reynolds: “In recent years our military has shown itself more interested in social issues than in its actual job, which is to deter, defeat and destroy America’s enemies.That’s not the fault of the troops — it’s the fault of the leaders. But who wants to sign up to be led by people who don’t want to do their jobs? Politicized militaries don’t win wars, and they don’t attract fighting soldiers. Changing that starts at the top, not with TV ads.”
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  • Macy’s presently has two “gender non-conforming” performers in the lineup. Non-binary singer Justin David Sullivan will be there to represent his new role as May in the Broadway production of “&Juliet.” Another Broadway star, Alex Newell, who goes by he/she/they, is supposedly also going to be featured during the parade. The petition by One Million Moms (OMM), a conservative advocacy group created by the American Family Association, encourages people to say “NO” to the parade and the involvement by these two individuals, Daily Mail reported. Macy’s Thanksgiving Gay Parade Is All About Trannies This Year
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  • “What in your life is worth burning everything down for?” (I give it a B/B-minus. Way too much voice over dialogue which is a clue that the writer had trouble adapting the book into a screenplay – jjs) The Killer: A Taut, Philosophical Thriller

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