CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 5, Episode 12

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 5, Episode 12

J.J. and CBD discuss: Betsy McCaughey is typical of the useless GOP in how to make things better in NYC and all over the country, the rabid anti-Semitism in higher ed is part and parcel of what the rabid anti-western Marxist professoriate has been for decades, part of I-10 in LA is destroyed by fire from homeless hordes and Newsom cleans up Frisco as a Potemkin Village for his Chi-Com overlords, lamenting the fecklessness of the GOP who couldn’t even unite to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas, that as a bellwether for the uselessness and incompetence of RNC chair Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel, American people of faith as the Jews’ real friends, and much more!

23 comments to “CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 5, Episode 12”
  1. Hey Sefton, I think you should call CBD “Chuck” during these shows… just seems it flows a lot better than sounding out the letters, plus it is, after all, CBs nickname.

  2. OK, did you guys know if someone comments while listen to the show, it stops and goes to the start of the show?

    Follow up question- do you guys know how fucking annoying that is?

  3. Also, did you know that your Tip Jar processor declines completely valid cards? Jesus, I can’t even give you dicks $25 without it being a hassle!

    On a personal note, I am from Smithtown via Queens Village, so it’s nice to hear you guys fucked up accents! HEH!

    Now fix your fucking donation thing!

  4. What, really? That’s what I get when I give you $25? What the fuck, man?

    I bring up 2 VALID questions here and I am reduced to “speaking of annoying”……

    What a pathetic response on your part, and more importantly, what a clear show of disdain for the people that actually support you.

    I know you won’t give a shit but you really have made me think differently about this podcast, and more importantly, AoSHQ….


  5. Anyway, dick, maybe you should expand your horizons and talk to people that… well, have almost the same beliefs as you, but with a different angle……

    Or not, fuck, that’s easy!

  6. Wow…. this puts the attitude you project in the Morning Report in a new, unflattering light, man.

    I know you don’t give a fuck, but I am really so disappointed in your interaction with me here……

    I don’t think I was insulting, or vulgar, or mean……

    But you were you, and I guess that is what matters.

  7. Thanks for the e-mail, JJ,I appreciated it and hope in my reply I was clear in how I felt… now that we are cool, I just want to say no, I did NOT, in fact, see that winky emoji guy, because it was so tiny it looked to me like you were coming on to me, so……


  8. Donald Trump gave a 1-hour interview to a big national radio show recently during which he was asked what his team are doing to prevent in 2024 what happened to them in 2020. He talked in circles about how great he did in 2020 and never really got around to answering the question. I think they’re gonna throw it away again.

  9. My late sister’s husband is a died in the wall liberal. (That’s a voice to text typo but I think I’ll leave it!)

    I had the weirdest interaction with him yesterday on the phone and we have not talked directly in about 3 years or so. The first thing he said was “What about the 5,000 kids that were killed in Gaza?” and this was just out of nowhere… I said ” I think we don’t need to have that conversation. Let’s talk about family news,” but he persisted.

    And at one point in the conversation there was a very strange and revealing moment that showed the mental illness or strong delusion that liberals of all stripes are laboring under.

    He mentioned the young lady who was shown on a video being driven through Gaza in the back of a pickup truck Nearly Naked and with her legs broken in the most horrible way and he said to me in a quizzical tone, “I kept looking at her and thinking that her legs can’t possibly be at those angles; and I even tried to get my own legs at those angles and I just couldn’t figure it out….” and his voice trailed off.

    In other words, his leftism has blinded him so severely that he can look at something like that and his brain Literally cannot process the information. I don’t know what to call this except it’s some kind of socially induced psychosis.

  10. And as far as the Evangelical Christians are concerned, if they really hated you, they would not try to proselytize you because they would just figured you’d be better off in hell.

    If you understand their pre0mises, then even though you disagree with them about Jesus being the Messiah, what they are trying to do when they evangelize is fundamentally a loving Act, not a hateful one.

    And of course Jesus and all of the disciples at the beginning were Jews.

    I am glad you did address the attitudes on the part of many if not most Jews however because there’s a lot of prejudice coming from that direction in regard to this, and really what we all need to do is Stand Together. We can all agree on one thing which is that God is the true God and that Satan is the true buddy.

    Bottom line, Christians want to save your soul whether you agree with them or not, whereas Muslims want to cut you into pieces and g******** your wife and children and send you to hell. Can’t see hesitating between those two options for very long.

    And please let’s leave the the old history outside the door because we can’t afford to re-fight the Hundred Years War or any of the rest of it and Christians nowadays aren’t conducting pograms.

    We have an existential threat to face. As you all know too well.

  11. Google changed “true baddy” to “true buddy.” I swear I think this is possessed, this voice to text thing.

    JJ, I lived in NYC in your old neighborhood: 2 blocks away from that huge Calvin Klein billboard with the corpulent black drag queen…What an eyesore! I made an “aliyah” of my own to go home to the South in 2020, and boy howdy, am I glad to be here!

    Remember how the NYC Branch Covidians would raise their windows EVERY night at 7 and cheer and bang pots and pans for the damn lockdown? How the Wolfpacks ran wild in the streets night after night, with the NYPD choppers overhead? How the Red Guard types marched through the streets chanting for GF?

    I live out in the mountains of East Tennessee now. Thank you, God.

  12. Footnote but an interesting thing I have noticed since October 7th. Google Voice to Text will not show the term “gang-rape” without asterisks.

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