CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 5, Episode 13

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 5, Episode 13

CBD and J.J discuss: Censoring TikTok and the question of First Amendment rights, The educational rot that makes TikTok even more effective, Starbucks’ and Anheuser Busch’s corporate “woke” malfeasance as a barometer of our societal decline, Buck Throckmorton’s great rant against NOAA lying about the climate, NYC, double-edged sword in a judge upholding the Second Amendment rights of a convicted felon, and more!

3 comments to “CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 5, Episode 13”
  1. Something makes me think the 2nd Amendment rule judge is a Leftist rubbing the 2nd Amendment in our nose?
    Good episode guys

  2. I, for one, am slowly depleting my Bud Light stock on those occasions when grilling brats and peppers and onions.
    Bud Light used to be my go-to golf course beer. Sad what they’ve done to themselves.
    But now I drink good beer, so there’s an upside.

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