The Morning Report 11/27/23

Good morning, kids. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Well, Israel indeed has knuckled under for a ceasefire as the first groups of hostages have been released by the savages. Funny how the usual suspects paint the latter as noble and wonderful for releasing little children and elderly women while conveniently forgetting that seven weeks ago they were roasting them alive in front of their parents. And now, Bibi is looking to extend the timeouts in order to secure the release of more hostages. The savages will never give up all of them. Certainly not when they know that Netanyahu will do anything to free them. They will drag this out as long as they can until at some point the war ends, the IDF withdraws and the tunnels are all rebuilt.

Seven-plus weeks into what history may eventually consider one of the most sadistic, cruel, and calculated terrorist events in world history, the Free World’s common sense will continue to be in question.  Hamas could not win a straight-up fight with Israel.  It would have been relatively easy to bring down holy hell on Gaza as an example to Iran and its proxies.  But with the added dimension of hostages taken from Israel, Hamas should be credited (if that word can even be used) with one of the most audacious acts of asymmetric warfare we’ve ever witnessed. . . 

. . . The question that must be asked is, to what extent is the apparent delight expressed by the October 7 slaughter widely and joyfully accepted by the majority of Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and across Islam in general?  If widespread happiness at the butchery of Jews is the norm, then there may be few real innocents in Gaza.

The hostage releases, coupled with allowing Hamas to be at least partially resupplied, will have only four inevitable outcomes:

A. It will prolong the war.
B. More people on both sides will die.
C. The likelihood of all or most hostages being released will be diminished.
D. The chances of Israel being able to stay the course against an ever-rising tide of anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian outrage will diminish Israel’s chances of success over time as world attention continues to look at Israel through a different and false lens that sees Gazans as victims and Israel as an oppressor nation. . .

. . . Israel bent to the will of Joseph Biden and the understandable wails of pain and agony of the hostages’ friends and relatives.  It is threading a needle to satisfy those two pressure blocs.  Many, if not most, of the hostages will not come home.  Many are likely dead already, and some who survive will never be the same.  The price we are paying is too high, as we see, once again, politicians making political decisions that make Iran and Hamas believe they will survive the horror they put in motion. 

Two different victories are likely to play out.  The first victory, the military one, Israel will undoubtedly win, albeit with overwhelming world condemnation.  The second and more significant victory, that of what happens to Hamas, Israel has already lost.  Hamas will survive unless Israel is willing to trap and kill every Hamas terrorist in Gaza and wherever they live. 

With the leadership of Hamas already safely ensconced in Qatar, their continuation seems ensured. The world’s overwhelming political bias will guarantee that the Islamic narrative will be widely disseminated and believed.  Inevitably, this means there will be a next time and a next time until they either destroy us or we develop the backbone required to destroy this evil before it blankets the world.

We’ve been looking at the implacable nature of the Dark Age fiends who unleashed this hell, but the flip side of that is Israel’s blind fixation on hostage rescue and saving lives over winning a decisive military and geopolitical victory. Yeah, I get it. It’s easy for me to play the part of “old blood and guts” since none of my loved ones are being held at gunpoint somewhere beneath Gaza. Would it be worse to have said no to any ceasefires, continued to pulverize Gaza and everyone in it, and probably ensured the death of the captives OR free a few dozen and ensure that 10/7 wasn’t a one off but the first in a long line of similar attack?

Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants along with his entire foreign policy rogues gallery and the institution of Foggy Bottom in general hate Israel and hate Jews. The bullshit platitudes and declarations of solidarity are worthless lies. Collectively, the US is behaving more or less in alliance with Hamas and Iran. I cannot understand why the Israelis refuse to see this, or if they do see it, figure out what advantage it is to maintain the relationship. 

I’m relieved and overjoyed for those who have been released. But in allowing this to happen on Hamas’ terms, I fear what comes next.



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  • “Trump was one of the most pro-Israel presidents in American history, and took several unprecedented actions to fight antisemitism, including signing an executive order extending civil rights protections to Jewish students on college campuses.” Crisco Christie Excuses Anti-Semitism as Reaction to Trump


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  • Cotton dismissed fears from weak-kneed politicians who fear escalating militarily against Iran. “What Reagan did when he sank half of Iran’s navy, it didn’t lead to an open, outright war,” he said. “After Donald Trump directed [the] killing of Qasem Soleimani in Iraq, Iran’s terrorist mastermind, Iran pulled in its horns for the rest of Trump’s era.” (But Biden ain’t Trump, Senator – jjs) Senator Cotton: A ‘Massive Retaliation’ Against Iran Directly is Only Way to Stop Attacks on U.S. Forces
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  • The enterprise was international in scope, with over a million dollars in earnings identified, evidence of substantial money transfers to South Korea, and prostitutes trafficked to the United States from Asia. Thus far, only Han Lee and alleged co-conspirators  Junmyung Lee and James Lee have been charged by the Justice Department. The politicians, government officials, and other powerful clients of the alleged pimps, who operated in greater Boston and eastern Virginia, remain unidentified. Prostitution Ring Servicing Politicians, Military Officers, and Gov’t Contractors Kept ‘Impeccable’ Records


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