“Restorative Practices” Is Another Term For Race-Based Rules: The Rush Back To Segregation Is Picking Up Steam In Portland!

How is this not going to end badly? Minority students will be held to a lower standard of behavior, and white students will be targets for their violence. It’s a guarantee that whatever chance that these minorities had to leave the cycle of poverty and violence is going to shrink to nothing. And the “gender identity” get-out-of-jail-free card is simply an invitation for sexual assault!

It is a guarantee that more white and higher-achieving students will leave the Portland school system…for home schooling, parochial schools, or simply leave Portland entirely.

Portland schools are of course dangerous already, because those wonderful teachers and other staff don’t give a rat’s ass about the students and are in it only for the cushy hours and ample vacation.

Portland Public Schools Must Now Consider Race, Gender Identity When Disciplining Students

The district’s collective bargaining agreement attempts to center school disciplinary procedures on “racial equity and social justice.” In a November 2022 memo, for example, Portland Public Schools’ collective bargaining team argued that “Black, Native American, and other students of color are referred out of class significantly more often,” reflecting the need to instill “Restorative Practices” into the district’s disciplinary process.

Such practices will see the district cut back on “exclusionary discipline,” which refers to student suspensions and expulsions. Prior to the latest Portland Association of Teachers strike, students who threatened or assaulted their classmates were subject to mandatory removal from school. Now, those students can be removed from class and sent to a “self-regulation space” located within the school.

The district’s new agreement also waters down language related to student behavior and discipline. Instead of “handling” a disruptive student, for example, the agreement calls on school officials to “support” that student. The agreement also no longer refers to “unacceptable” student behavior, instead citing “continuous disruptive” behavior. The district used to create a “behavior correction plan” for a misbehaving student—now, school officials craft a “support plan” for such a student.

If America 2.0 ever appears, public schools, to the extent that they exist at all, will be legally bound to teach just basic skills, and will immediately expel any students who exhibit violent tendencies. You know, the way it was for most of our history.

The idea that schools can rehabilitate students whose homes are not conducive to civil behavior is laughable. It is simply a money and power grab by the teachers, administrators, and their unions.

Learn and be civil, or leave. that should be the mantra in every school in America. The pathetic and racist assumption that minority students need to be treated differently flies in the face of the successes of the early 20th century. The Irish and Italians and Jews and Germans and Scandinavians who arrived on our shores during the huge surges of immigration were educated reasonably well without any accommodations made. There were no special rules for their behavior…there were no ESL (English as a second language) teachers or programs. And yet they rapidly entered the work force and American culture.

But the Democrat/Union/Progressive machine has donned the mantle of Kipling’s “White Man’s Burden,” and has decided that the perpetual bondage of poverty, ignorance and prison is just wonderful for minorities, just as long as they vote Democrat.

Schools in the blue inner cities are nothing more than holding pens for future Democrat cattle…otherwise known as voters. The mantra is: “keep ’em dumb and poor, and they’ll keep voting us more money and power.”

What a dismal and pessimistic view of the world, and here I thought they wanted to perfect Man, not make him a slave!