The Morning Report 12/4/23

Good morning, kids. Isn’t it comforting to know that in the face of an abject naked tyranny that has utterly eviscerated every last shred of the rule of law, decency, morality and ethics in the pursuit of absolute power we have . . . the GOP? Hallelujah, we’re saved:

America is in crisis mode. We have an invasion at our southern border, a president in severe mental decline who’s involved in a foreign influence-peddling scheme, skyrocketing inflation, a “rainbow” military, Democrats trying to “trans” children, and a federal government that’s weaponizing the legal system to target conservatives, interfere in elections, and collude with Big Tech to stifle free speech online, just to name a few examples. With all of these major issues at the forefront of U.S. politics, surely congressional Republicans are using every tool at their disposal to confront them, right? Wrong.

Instead of tackling any of the aforementioned crises plaguing the country, House Republicans spent Friday colluding with Democrats to remove one of their GOP allies from Congress. In a 311-114 vote, the GOP-controlled House voted to expel Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., making him “the third member” removed from the lower chamber “since the Civil War.” The Justice Department previously indicted the New York Republican on charges related to identity theft, wire fraud, and other crimes earlier this year, but he has yet to be convicted. . . 

. . . As mind-numbingly moronic as Friday’s vote is, it’s hardly the first time Republicans have gone out of their way to side with Democrats and ignore the priorities of their voters. Not long after Johnson was sworn in as speaker, for example, House Republicans surrendered on a major spending fight that gave Democrats pretty much everything they wanted while GOP voters got squat. . . 

. . . Until conservatives learn to become active in GOP primaries and make them pay the electoral consequences for their failures, establishment Republicans will continue to sell out their voters on every issue that matters, when it matters.

Look, I’m no special pleader for George Santos. In a sane, rational world Santos never would’ve made it as far as he did but the salient point here is we’re no longer in a sane, rational world. Compared to the in-your-face vast criminality, graft, fraud, Jew-hatred and corruption that is the stock in trade of the Democrats and a not insignificant portion of the GOP-e, what George Santos is guilty of, that is what he is only merely accused of, is about as serious as swiping a piece of penny candy from the corner store. He won a shocker election and took a seat from the Democrats on battleground Long Island, which has been trending more and more Republican in recent cycles. That is what he’s really guilty of. That said, given everything that’s going on, so long as George Santos spent his term voting “NO” on every Democrat or even bipartisan law, whatever he did or is accused of makes no difference to me whatsoever.

Sad that that’s the way things are but the world is the way it is, not the way I want it to be. So, thanks GOP for making the narrowest of narrow margins in the House even that much more precarious going into 2024. Santos is right: “To Hell With This Place.”

They’ll go after George Santos but when it comes to being smeared, slimed and blood-libeled it’s crickets all the way down:

Democratic strategist James Carville claimed during an interview late last week that Christian Republicans represented a greater threat to the U.S. than Islamic terrorists. . . 

. . . When asked by host Bill Maher if he was referring to “Christian nationalists,” Carville responded: “Absolutely, this is a bigger threat than al-Qaeda to this country.”

“And let me tell you something: The Speaker of the House, they got probably at least two Supreme Court justices, maybe more, don’t kid yourself,” he continued. “People in the press have no idea who this guy is, how he was formed, what the threat is, and this is a fundamental threat to the United States. It is a fundamental thing. [They] don’t believe in the Constitution. They’ll tell you that. Mike Johnson himself says what is democracy but two wolves and a lamb having lunch? That’s what they really, really, really believe.”“And to say, ‘Oh, come on, man. It’s just some crazy s***.’ No, no. They believe that. And they’re coming and they’ve been doing it forever. They’re funded. They’re funded. They’re relentless and, you know, they probably won’t win for a while but they might. And if they do, the whole country blows a gasket.”

Johnson responded to the remarks in a post on his official government X account, saying that the Democrat Party should condemn Carville’s remarks.

“It’s twisted and shameful that a leading Democrat strategist says millions of Christians in America are a greater threat than foreign terrorists who murdered more than 3,000 Americans,” Johnson said. “The Democratic Party should condemn this. But they won’t.”

Good on Mike Johnson, I guess, but why did he allow the vote to expel George Santos in the first place? In any case, let me tell that bald-headed Cajun swamp-gas belching scumbag something. Considering the criminality, degeneracy and destruction you and yours have wrought on America since 1992 and really since the time of Woodrow Wilson, this is one Jew who prays night and day to the good Lord above to make this nation a true Christian nation once again – and consign this wretched bastard and everyone like him to the Infernal Reaches. 

Funny how Carville was radio silent when the transexual psycho terrorist went on a Al Qaeda/Hamas-like killing spree at a Christian school in Tennessee. Or when a black dude rammed the Waukesha Christmas parade two years ago and slaughtered a whole group of “Christian nationalists.” Or how since 10/7 Jews have been targeted and in a couple instances sent to the morgue in “white Christian nationalist” bastions like NYC and LA. 

I hate fucks like Carville with the heat of 10,000,000 suns but what I hate even more is the milquetoast non-response from Republicans to these blood-libels. Until people like him are forced to spit out their teeth like Chiclets whenever they spout crap like this, it’s all of us that are going to continue to get it in the neck. 

Meanwhile, in Dearborn East, aka Gaza, it looks as if the Israelis are telling Biden to get fucked. 

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spent the first 48 hours of renewed fighting by attacking targets throughout Gaza, and fighting deep into southern portions of the Gaza Strip — apparently surprising Hamas, which expected Israel to stay in the north alone.

The U.S. had openly opposed an Israeli invasion of the southern Gaza Strip, saying that Israel had to account for civilians first. Whether Israel defied the U.S, or the U.S. participated in the ruse, Hamas does not appear to have expected the southern push.

Israel also released a map to help civilians avoid fighting, with different areas of the Gaza Strip numbered. The U.S. suggested that the map satisfied its concerns, though the administration has at times offered conflicting signals about Israeli tactics.

Reports on social media suggested that Israel had cut begun to cut a path across the southern Gaza Strip, entering from the east and progressing toward the Mediterranean coast, effectively dividing Gaza into three smaller sections — north, central and south.

Fighting in the south centered around the city of Khan Yunis, where Hamas leadership is thought to have fled — and where many of the remaining 137 Israeli hostages may be imprisoned. Talk among Israeli officials has shifted from negotiating for the release of hostages to the possibility of freeing them by force.

Israel announced the elimination of a senior Hamas commander, Haitham Khuwajari, an alleged leader of the October 7 terror attack on Israel, on Sunday, and the IDF and Israel Security Agency [ISA] released video of the airstrike in which he was killed . . .

. . . Reports on social media suggested that morale among the Palestinian population had begun to collapse, and that Israel might turn the tide against Hamas by appealing directly to the residents of Gaza to rise up against the terrorists that rule the territory.

I don’t claim to be a Middle East expert but that last bit is ridiculous. Regardless of how horribly Hamas treats its own civilians vis a vis as their once-only elected governmental body, which essentially is on par with dog shit, the ugly truth is Hamas or no Hamas, the average resident of Gaza has as much or more hate on for the Jews as the armed animals who carried out the 10/7 slaughter. In fact, many participated in the attacks and thousands of others, courtesy of work permits granted by Israel, spent years mapping out targets for the attack. Nothing is ever going to change their hatred for Israel and Jews. Period. 

And lest we forget that that shit is coming here to America. In fact, it’s already here and has been since Rabbi Meir Kahane was murdered by an Egyptian-born jihadi back in 1990 (who was also involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing).

Las Vegas’ KLAS reported Friday that “Las Vegas police and the FBI thwarted a potential terror plot involving a 16-year-old.” Hey, bravo, FBI! Mighty good of you folks to tear yourselves away from hunting for Jan. 6 “insurrectionists” and “white supremacist terrorists” to investigate an actual terror threat! Sure, you guys are having great fun immersing yourselves in fantasy and heavily politicized propaganda, but it was great to see you take a break from all that and do some actual work!

If they really did any, that is. It was the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) that held a press conference Friday to give the details of the investigation. An LVMPD official displayed a message that the teen had posted on a social media platform, which said: “Peace be upon all brothers who see this. I am here to announce that I will be starting lone wolf operations in Las Vegas against the enemies of Allah. I ask you to make Dua [prayers] for victory. I am a supporter of the Islamic State, and I will make sure the Zionists in this city know it.” Along with this message, the post featured an image of the flag of the Islamic State (ISIS).

This message was, the Vegas police explained, the handiwork of a local 16-year-old whom they said was “a recent convert to Islam.” When they arrested this boy, police “found components for building an improvised explosive device along with bomb-making recipes and instructions.” As if that weren’t enough, they also found “terrorism propaganda, a handmade ISIS flag, a headband and patches.” The cops “also found self-portraits of the suspect wearing the material and surrounded by propaganda, self-produced terrorism propaganda and anti-Semitic threats.” The kid clearly liked his regalia, and must have been quite a sight strutting around Sin City dressed like Osama bin Laden. 

He wasn’t, however, just playing dress-up: “Evidence also included ISIS and Al-Qaida propaganda, radicalization materials, and guidance for conducting a terrorist attack.” All this comes against the backdrop of the TikTok craze, which first featured woke millennials praising Osama’s belligerent and antisemitic 2002 letter to America, and then escalated to pink-haired freaks and self-emasculated geeks professing to be reading and studying the Qur’an, and finding its wisdom overwhelmingly compelling. 

It’s ridiculous to see people who would be thrown off the tops of tall buildings if they ventured to Kabul or Tehran lauding the same belief system that would brutalize and kill them if given half a chance, but the laughter catches in one’s throat when one realizes that yesterday’s pink-haired wokester could be tomorrow’s warrior of Allah. In the Las Vegas case, “investigators said there was no indication of a continued threat, calling it ‘isolated.’” Well, maybe it is isolated in terms of the scope of this particular jihad plot, but just wait until Las Vegas officials discover that there’s a global jihad, and that before too very long, they could be dealing with plots comparable to this one on a daily basis. 

After all, conversion to Islam is sweeping our nation’s youth, and what that all too often entails is made abundantly clear in this plot. Where did this teenager get the idea that he should do violence against perceived “enemies of Allah”? We’re constantly told that all Muslims in the United States reject the Islamic State and al-Qaeda and their understanding of Islam, and that only greasy Islamophobes believe otherwise. Where did this teen learn about Islam? Where did he go to mosque? Are investigators in Las Vegas looking into this? You can be about 100% certain that they aren’t, and wouldn’t dare. To do so would be “Islamophobic,” and the Biden regime has just launched a big new campaign against “Islamophobia.” If Vegas police look too closely at how this teen was recruited for jihad, they could be courting professional ruin.

Meanwhile, Ilhan Bro-Fo Omar who lied about her immigration status as well as engaging in incestuous relationships to gain citizenship and Rancida Tlaib who regularly consorts with and gets money from terrorist or terrorist-adjacent organizations roam congress freely as “great Americans.” And with a completely erased border, unvetted hordes of “lone wolves” from all over the Muslim world and elsewhere will destroy us from within sooner rather than later.

George Santos is right. “To hell with this place.”


  • Victor Davis Hanson: “We may be headed for a 1930s nightmare.” Weimar America
  • Jews and Christians have always believed that every human life is unique and precious. In Jeremiah 1:5, God says, “Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee: and before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee.” And in the Didache, or the first century collection of the teaching of Christ’s Apostles, we find the command: “you shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill that which is born.” While the UK judge who ruled against Indi Gregory violated that command, God was waiting to welcome little Indi into the eternal joy of Heaven. Funeral for ‘Beautiful’ Baby Killed by UK Hospital. Father Converts to Christianity



  • “Armand Rajabpour-Miyandoab, 26, the suspected ‘Allahu Akbar’ knifeman behind the latest terror attack in France on Saturday, has been linked to other Islamist terrorists, including Abdoullakh Anzorov, who beheaded schoolteacher Samuel Paty in 2020 over a class on blasphemy that featured a caricature of the Muslim prophet Muhammed.” Paris Terrorist Had Contact With Multiple Islamist Killers Before Attack, Was on Extremism Watchlist
  • Robert Spencer: “. . . there will be many more young people like this 16-year-old, deciding that killing the enemies of Allah is a more rewarding way to live than dying their hair pink and trying to “transition” into the opposite sex. If only America’s churches hadn’t also decided to chase woke fantasies instead of providing a viable alternative to them; then young people would have somewhere less dangerous to turn, and we might not be in this fix.” Las Vegas Teen Converts to Islam, Plots ‘Lone Wolf Operations Against Enemies of Allah’
  • Security measures have been heightened in response to the explosion, particularly in the south and around the nation’s capital, Manila. According to Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro, the pursuit of the perpetrators will “continue unabated.” Amid the continued investigations, classes at the Mindanao State University have been suspended until further notice. Security at ports and police checkpoints has been bolstered to counter any potential subsequent incidents. ‘Islamic State’ Murders Christians in Terror Attack, Killing Four
  • “Ibrahim Dremali stated in 2021 interview that Hamas was planning a ‘strong surprise.’” Did a South Carolina Imam Know the October 7 Attack Was Coming?
  • “Stymied under the belief that Islam is a ‘religion of peace.’” Heavily Shackled Humanity




  • According to Loudermilk, because Rep. Thompson and House Democrats aired portions of the video depositions during the January 6 Committee hearings, House Rules required the Committee to preserve the tapes. Undeterred, Rep. Loudermilk says he still believes the complete video of witness depositions “exists somewhere.” The Jan 6 Committee Depositions Have Been Destroyed, Reveals Congressman



* * * * *


  • “There is no science out there, or no scenario out there, that says the phase-out of fossil fuel is what’s going to achieve 1.5,” Al Jaber told Robinson, referencing the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold for increase in global average temperatures that many scientists and activists point to as critical to stay below, according to The Guardian. President Of UN Climate Confab Says There’s ‘No Science’ Behind Push To Phase Out Fossil Fuels
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  • “How is this all not recognized as a slow but inexorable genocide? Answer: it is recognized by the early adopters on the marketing curve, to speak their crude jargon, and that means a titanic disaster for Big Agriculture and Big Pharma.” Food Fight
  • “Globalist environmental activism never bothers to calculate the costs, direct or indirect, and doesn’t require success. Rather than progress, it beguiles tax payers with costly feel-good fantasies. And all of it just in time for Inslee to announce that he will not be running for a third term. How very globalist — the intentions make them good people, not the outcome.” Electric Ferries and Other Fairytales
  • “Think about the insanity of this.” Save the Salmon, Kill the Humans?




  • Lt. Macie has since vented his frustration about the DOD’s lack of willingness to directly address the data and has even taken aim at Congress’ response, calling it “abysmal.” “They’re more interested in going after woke things in the DoD, which as we all know is low hanging [sic] fruit that’s of relatively low consequence compared to the death and injury over the illegal shot mandate,” he argued. WATCH: DOD Whistleblower Says Pilot Heart-Failure Spiked 1,000% After Vax Mandate



  • “While the pro-life community has much to celebrate, the pro-death crowd continues to find methods of killing as many human beings as possible. The prayers and work involved in exposing the evil behind the Abortion Cartel is more important than ever!” Newman added.REJOICE! 137 ‘Abortion Clinics’ Closed in Just 2 Years




  • The United States, the European Union (E.U.), the United Kingdom (U.K.) and other Western allies have taken several steps to undermine public opinion in Moscow and throttle Russia’s economy following the country’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. However, Russia’s economy is recovering – despite forced isolation from the West – and Moscow appears to have retained the trust of its citizens as the war against Ukraine continues, according to a review of several sources. Biden’s Efforts To Wreak Havoc On Russia Appear To Have Failed Miserably (He succeeded wildly in wreaking havoc on America – jjs) 


  • “A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters, said the attack began about 10 a.m. in Sanaa, Yemen, and had been going on for as much as five hours. There was no immediate comment from the Houthis. However, a Houthi terrorist spokesman earlier said an “important” statement would be released shortly, the AP report said.” Pentagon: U.S. Warship, Multiple Commercial Vessels Attacked in Red Sea

* * * * *


  • “Reining in an out-of-control military establishment is as worthy a cause now as it was when the senator’s stand began.” Tuberville Should Not Back Down







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