The Morning Report 12/28/23

Good morning, kids. Assume for a moment you were the so-called “leader of the free world,” that is the President of the United States of America, and that at least two or three flashpoints, one in particular involving dozens of attacks on American military personnel, had the potential to touch off a major regional war if not World War Three itself. We’ll leave aside the titanic catastrophe of a wide open border and non-functioning immigration system, which in and of themselves are an existential threat to the nation, since I only just swore you in a moment ago. And not on a stack of used Mandate and Inches magazines either.

Whatever your options as commander-in-chief might be, I’d bet this one wouldn’t even be on the list let alone right at the top:

The attack against U.S. troops, claimed by Kataib Hezbollah militants, left three U.S. troops injured — one critically so. [Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants] did, however, post on social media wishing Americans a “Happy Kwanzaa” from both his official and personal social media accounts.Biden then departed for a vacation to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

It is the first time a U.S. service member was critically injured in the spate of attacks against U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Syria by Iran-backed groups since October 17.

The attacks came after the Iran-backed terrorists threatened attacks against U.S. troops if U.S.-ally Israel invaded Gaza in response to Hamas’s terrorist attack against Israel on October 7, which killed more than 1,200 people, many of them civilians.

There have been more than 100 attacks against U.S. troops to date, but Biden has ordered fewer than ten counterstrikes and has opted to hit mostly weapons and ammunition storage facilities.

So, Iranian-backed terrorists are attacking and killing GI’s as well as choking off the Red Sea and by extension the Suez Canal. And our response is lob a few missiles at some empty warehouses and get dragged off by your tacky, low-rent Edith Wilson wannabe handler on yet another vacation. Well, at least your handlers had the decency to have your teleprompter wish everyone “Happy Kwanzaa.”

82 million votes. Biggest win evah! For sure, there were 82 million ballots, with the margin of “victory” cast by around 820 individuals. Elections, or more precisely, overflowing Atlanta toilets have consequences. But I digress. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that the White House declassified information indicating the extent of Iranian regime’s support for the Houthis. The release of this information seems to be an attempt to create a basis for potential military action against the Houthis.

The Iranian regime seeks to present the Houthis as the government of Yemen, but the international community does not recognize the Houthis as such. The Yemeni government, based in Aden, is recognized by the United Nations as the legitimate government of Yemen.

Ali al-Sarawi, media advisor to the Yemeni prime minister, stated in an interview with Al Arabiya that the actions of the Houthis are not separate from Iran’s position. These actions are carried out under the orders of Iran and with Iranian weapons. Those involved are officers of the Revolutionary Guards and Hezb’allah.

Iran’s goal in these operations is to negotiate around its specific interests, using the Houthis to create crises. The Iranian regime wants to enter into a defined deal and gain leverage through these actions. 

The Western powers, however, are not interested in escalating the situation. They attempt to restrain the regime through diplomacy and dialogue, but this policy has failed. The tyrannical regime in Tehran only understands the language of force. The only way to stabilize the region is for the West to abandon appeasement policies. Silence in the face of the Iranian regime’s arson will only expand the scope of the fire. The West can play a strong deterrent role. Targeting the root cause, the Iranian regime, is the most principled policy and the right strategy for peace in the Middle East.

This, of course, should be the aim and would be the aim of a sane, rational Commander-in-Chief with a Secretary of State and Joint Chiefs Chairman backing him all the way. But to say that we do not have that at this time is an understatement of massive proportions. Had we had those, we wouldn’t even be in this predicament in the first place. 

The goal of Prez Fog-Brain and the fools at Foggy Bottom has been to make Iran the dominant power in the Middle East, or at the very least act as a check against the State of Israel, the only liberal, western democracy in the entire region, and until now arguably one of our closest allies in the world. Kneecap, neutralize or even see Israel destroyed so that a dark age theocracy that believes and has as its central foreign policy aim, causing Armageddon as the run-up to eternal Islamic global dominance can be in the driver’s seat.

Happy Kwanzaa, indeed. 

So, Biden (and in point of fact Obama/Rice/Jarrett) are in a bit of a pickle. They’re now forced into a confrontation with the very mullahs they’ve shipped billions of dollars and greased the skids of nuclear breakout for. It is to laugh, or would be if American servicemen’s lives were not about to become cannon fodder or even risk a potential world war that would perhaps draw in the Chi-Coms, and possibly the Russians; at least their nuclear missiles. 

Forget about the Abraham Accords, putting Iran on the ropes, finally taking on the Chi-Coms, along with the greatest domestic economic boom in a century. Trump said “pussy!” and “fight!” And he’s “literally Hitler,” which is kind of funny since quite a few of the younger generations are marching with their “Palestinian” friends (for now) in cheering on the second coming of Hitler to finish off the Jews. Tell them that and watch the aneurysms fly. Inshallah.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, John Fetterman continues to, if not impress, then certainly raise an eyebrow:

Carville has raised concerns about Biden’s chances to secure a reelection victory in 2024 because of the [so-called quote-unquote “president’s] recent polling. Fetterman had an inflammatory response to Carville’s warnings, cursing him out and questioning his relevance in the interview, which was published Wednesday. 

“There’s a whole lifetime in politics between now and next November as well. I’m not worried about that. And I’m very vocal about this, too, while there are Democrats that are being very critical about the president. … I’ll use this [as] another opportunity to tell James Carville to shut the fuck up,” Fetterman told Politico regarding Biden’s polling.

“Tell James Carville to shut the fuck up.” Preach it, brother Fetterman!!! Of course, the reason he said it is something I don’t support. But then again, considering the disaster of the past three years embodied in the nearly-embalmed Biden, which has supposedly cratered him in the polls across virtually every key must-have demographic, maybe this is Fetterman’s version of a sort of “Operation Chaos?” 

Look, I truly appreciate Fetterman’s sincere and unequivocal support of Israel and condemnation of Hamas, much to the wetting of pants of the Maoist wing of the party, but I’m under no illusions that he is anything but at best a very extreme liberal. His protestations of not being a “progressive” I think are a political calculus on his part. It would be nice to believe that even he is moderating his stances, but I would caution against this unless and until he talks about abortion, the 2A and all the other issues in the same way he talks about Israel. We shall wait and see.

And speaking of Operation Chaos, Carville and Biden, is this a help or a hindrance?

Until 2023, Hillary’s career had been on one long downward slide. After she ran out of biographies to sell, she tried writing a children’s book, “Grandma’s Gardens” (which contrary to expectations was not about Vince Foster’s corpse turning up in Fort Marcy Park), then getting in on Chelsea’s racket of putting her name on collections of stories about feminist heroines (Greta Thunberg, Bella Abzug) and that failed, and then she tried to get in on Bill’s racket of putting his name on fictional thrillers about thinly disguised versions of himself with “State of Terror”.

In a career low, Hillary was reduced to marketing fanfic in which she’s struggling with “a Republican president nicknamed ‘President Dumb’ who pulls out of the Iran Deal and then goes to Florida to play golf” and still couldn’t get anyone to pick up a copy. That and trying to get people to buy memberships to Masterclass to listen to her talk about the “power of resilience” put her only a step above peddling Cameo clips side by side with George Santos.

Pause: Seriously, I take umbrage at this. Considering the Marianas Trench-depth of corruption, perversion, venality and will-to-power of 99% of everyone in government, George Santos is a paragon of virtue by comparison. And to put Hillary Clinton of all people (alleged) above him really is a cheap shot to say the least. Back to the action . . . 

But 2024 looks like Hillary’s year.

When Argentina’s President Javier Milei arrived in New York City, he found Hillary Clinton there waiting for him. Instead of meeting with Biden or Secretary of State Blinken, the newly elected head of state met with a former secretary of state to discuss his country’s finances. A few weeks later, Hillary met with the families of Israeli hostages and blasted Netanyahu, claiming that he just cares about “politics and personal political survival” and told them to pressure the Israeli government to cut a deal. It was a return to form for Hillary, who hates the Israeli prime minister and boasted of being the “designated yeller” at him under Obama. 

But the real question is why did anyone care what Hillary Clinton thought about anything? The answer, as usual, is power. It’s been quite a few years since Hillary had anything resembling power, but that’s no longer the case thanks to a former enemy: Joe Biden.

In 2015, Hillary had convinced Obama to sideline Biden in favor of her. Biden’s agreement not to run came after months of backbiting in which he spent entire meetings ranting about her. The only thing that could have changed his mind about her is his unpopularity inside his own party.

What has Biden worried most of all is not the general election, which will be fought on familiar ground, but the more serious threat that the Democrats might push him off the ticket. Unlike the Clintons and the Obamas, Biden never built a huge army of loyal operatives to protect him, and the closest thing that he has to a base is the Congressional Black Caucus. His allies managed to rig the DNC primaries, but that was before the polls showed he could lose in 2024.

Barack Obama despises Biden, didn’t back him in 2020 and has been undermining him now. David Axelrod, Obama’s consigliere, recently popped up to suggest that Biden may want to consider dropping out. So Biden knows better than to think that Obama will bail him out.

And that just leaves the Clintons. . . 

. . . Biden may have once hated Hillary, but he has started turning into her. He’s a deeply unpopular and disliked establishment candidate whose main theme is that his opponent is Hitler. After watching multiple policy proposals crash and burn, his only path to the nomination is using the party’s machinery to intimidate or crush any opponents who might want to challenge him. This is Hillary territory. 

The biggest problem with Joe Biden is that he wants money and people to pay attention to him, but he doesn’t actually stand for anything beyond some retail politicking. He turned over his first administration to Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Jim Clyburn to secure the support of the Left and the Congressional Black Caucus in the 2020 primaries. Now he’s mortgaging any possible future administration to the Clintons in the hopes of clinging to the ticket with the last shreds of his senility. Biden just wants to be out front, he doesn’t care who’s really running things.

And now the willing puppet has found someone else to pull his decaying strings. . . 

. . . Biden’s odds of winning a normal election are poor, but between multiple indictments and trials, the odds are that this won’t be a normal election anyway. And Hillary may have something to add beyond the 2020 election legal battles. Some brainstorming hatched the idea of tying Trump to Russia. Who knows what malicious schemes may even now be brewing in her brain?

Hillary is a dangerous ally to have around and she may want something more than a piece of the action. If Democrats boot Biden, they have to decide who will replace him. Hillary was brought in to threaten existing candidates and those in waiting, like Gov. Gavin Newsom, but has she ever given up on the impossible dream of taking another shot at the White House?

This is very interesting speculation on the part of Daniel Greenfield and considering much of our government is populated by geriatric cases with one foot in the grave who refuse to give up power even unto death, and given Hillary’s venality, bitterness and craven lust for absolute power, her throwing her soiled Depends into the ring is certainly within the realm of possibility.

It also sets up a battle royale between her and the Kalorama crowd. Hopefully, we don’t get caught in that “Crossfire Hurricane.”


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* * * * *

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* * * * *


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