The Morning Rant


Israel is the target of vicious, coordinated attacks from many players…from the United Nations and its many satellite organizations to a world media that are mostly staffed by post-modern drones mouthing their Marxist professor’s propaganda about the evil of the Zionist occupation.

Of course the current defensive war against Hamas is the proximate cause of these newest attacks, but aside from the built-in anti-Semitism of the left, one the basic motivations is the drive for the destruction of Western culture and philosophy. And Israel is the defender of that culture and philosophy in the un-admitted and unrecognized war with Islam.

Swap “Israel” with “Trump,” “Christianity,” “Traditional Culture,” “Two-Parent Homes,” “Classical Education,” and a host of other things in that headline and nobody would be surprised!

A Coordinated Media Attack on Israel by the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN

All three media analyses relied on “weapons experts and investigators” formerly from the U.S. government, the United Nations, and non-governmental organizations such as Human Rights Watch to detail Israel’s bombing campaign and damage. Not surprisingly, the experts are also known for their animosity to Israel. Some quit their governmental jobs to protest U.S. support for Israel, and one was fired when it was learned he was a collector of Nazi paraphernalia.

In the eyes of the radical left, Israel is a placeholder for traditional society, and the unrelenting attacks on it are not just to satisfy the rabid Jew-hate of the progressives. If Israel is destroyed, then the next target is obviously America…Little Satan first, then Great Satan! That Islam is a fellow traveler of the left is expected…they use whatever tools are available! BLM, Antifa, NGOs funded by our government…all are fair game. That Islam’s precepts are antithetical to most of the left’s goals means nothing. They will ride that tiger with the plan to destroy it or co-opt it in the future. They see it as nothing more than Stalinists vs. Maoists vs. Trotskyites vs…..

But if Islam and the left win this war, then the real battle begins, as Islam attempts to create a world Caliphate on the rubble of the West. Will Marxism prevail?

I doubt it.