The Morning Report 12/29/23

Good morning, kids. The final Morning Report for this accursed year of 2023 kicks off with yet another jackbooted stomp to our head, as the criminals running the state of Maine have joined Colorado in naked, partisan, banana republic election interference.

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows held a hearing on three challenges related to the nomination petition of Trump, according to a copy of the decision. The petitions were separately filed by Mary Ann Royal, Kimberly Rosen and Thomas Saviello and Ethan Strimling, who challenged Trump’s qualification under the “insurrectionist ban” of the 14th Amendment.

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment states no person should hold elected office if they “have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”

“For the reasons set forth below, I conclude that Mr. Trump’s primary petition is invalid,” Bellows wrote. “Specifically, I find that the declaration on his candidate consent form if false because he is not qualified to hold the office of the President under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

Whatever one thinks about the 2020 election and the events of 1/6/21, aside from the fact that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment has zero bearing on today, the reasoning of this filthy shit-whore apparatchik is complete and utter horseshit for one reason and one reason alone: Donald Trump has neither been tried nor convicted of leading or fomenting an insurrection.

Obviously, this doesn’t matter in the least to these wretched bastards. This decision actually comes on the heels of the Colorado removal being stayed and Trump being kept on the ballot temporarily until SCOTUS gets the opportunity to review it. They knew this would happen and I’m sure the Maine GOP will do the same and be granted a stay as well. All this is is an attempt to slime Trump even further and more to the point, entangle him in so many legal battles as to drain away his financial and other resources.

As for SCOTUS, I’d like to think that they’d reject this 9-0, if for no other reason than for the sake of the nation since if it goes along party lines, the Left will condemn the court as illegitimate. For sure, if the court rules that removing Trump from the ballot is kosher, then if the nation isn’t dead already, this would be taking a dump on its grave. That said, whatever the outcome of the 2024 election vis a vis who is either legitimately elected or like 2020 is “selected,” one side is not going to accept the results. 

Hold that thought for a moment while I regale you with the most chutzpocritical statement I’ve found this morning.

[Democrat Maine Rep. Jared] Golden took to Twitter to post his response to Secretary of State Shenna Bellows’ decision to remove the former president from Maine’s ballot . . .

. . . “I voted to impeach Donald Trump for his role in the January 6th insurrection. I do not believe he should be re-elected as President of the United States. However, we are a nation of laws, therefore until he is actually found guilty of the crime of insurrection, he should be allowed on the ballot,” Golden posted.

Following the Jan. 6 capitol riot, Golden supported impeaching Trump from office in January 2021, co-sponsoring the article of impeachment introduced by Democrat Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline, according to News Center Maine. The Maine Democrat formerly stated he supported the impeachment “without reservation,” as he had “no question or doubt about the president’s conduct and responsibility for last week’s assault upon the United States Capitol and the United States Congress,” the outlet reported.

Golden further expressed his discontent with the former president’s actions during the Jan. 6 events, claiming Trump had “incited” the insurrection against the U.S. Capitol.

Wait a second; Golden voted to impeach him “without reservation” because he believes that he did lead an insurrection on 1/6 but that we need to “follow the rule of law” and leave him on the ballot ” until he is actually found guilty of the crime of insurrection.” Notice that he didn’t say UNLESS, he said UNTIL. Either it’s wishful thinking or, like every other thing in our whorehouse of a criminal justice system, he knows in advance what the outcome is going to be.

In any case, I understand that impeachment and removal from office is a purely political process and not a criminal proceeding. Regardless, this miserable worm knew full well that what happened on 1/6 was about as close to an “insurrection” as David “Little Shitler” Hogg is to being Mr. Universe (at least in the formerly non-woke, non-soy, relatively sane world of yore). But that said, if he truly believes that Trump led an insurrection, isn’t what the Secs of State in CO and in ME did completely Constitutional? Why not come out and say that? Or more to the point, why not come out and declare the opposite?

Because he knows full well that to do so would be a clear admission that what is being done to Trump is pure, unmitigated persecution of the kind usually found in the worst dictatorships and totalitarian regimes. And, at least in my non-expert estimation, that would put what’s being done to him by Jack Smith in a rather unflattering light to say the least. Perhaps to the point of collapsing that case entirely. Meh, with Judges like Tanya Shitcan, Amy Berman Jackson, Beryl Howell and Emmett “Freisler” Sullivan and a 12-0 to convict guaranteed from a DC jury pool . . . 

That brings us back to the Supreme Court. And considering the gravity of the situation, it’s going to be a case that John Judas Roberts will not be able to avoid before the 2024 Election. Oh boy.

“I think it’s really important Pete, for every single American who is seeing this news alert pop up to recognize how dangerous this is,” [Tulsi] Gabbard told “Hannity” guest host Pete Hegseth. “You have a secretary of state who is a known partisan, who is known to be against Trump, she supported the impeachment of Trump, single-handedly making this decision to say the former president cannot be on the ballot, taking away our right as voters in this country to decide who we want to serve as our next president and commander in chief.”

. . . “This is the M.O. of the Democrat elite. They will stop at nothing to try to maintain their power, even if it means taking away the right to vote of Americans. They have no issue taking Trump off the ballot, they have no issue pursuing him and persecuting him through a weaponized and politicized Department of Justice. They have no qualms doing whatever they feel is necessary to hold on to power. It is ridiculous that we are having this conversation in the United States of America.”

Ridiculous indeed, but nevertheless it’s reality. And I highlighted that sentence from Tulsi Gabbard because if she’s saying it, then she must understand the implications.

To be absolutely clear, I’m talking about physically taking out Donald Trump if all of these efforts fail. 

Remember how Chuck Schemer threatened Trump? “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you.” And remember his gossamer-thin threats of physical violence against Justices Gorsuch and Alito to make them think twice about overturning Roe?

As an aside, Tulsi is no longer a Democrat and, regardless of who else is in the VP pool, she might be a dark horse (no pun). For sure she’s a damn sight better by far than dusky duplicitous Nikki Haley. But I digress.

Psaki-psircling back to Golden boy, his motive for opposing the removal is purely political in that every time a new charge or new insane accusation is hurled at Trump, his poll numbers go up. And with Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants’ numbers cratering simultaneously as everything he touches turns to shit, it does not bode well for the Dems next November. 

Beyond even the elections, there is just no way in hell that the Left in this country is going to give up their hold on power. Regardless of the fact that the real power, the Bureaucracy, is likely there forever, the nation itself has been cleaved in half. As events around the world become more and more out of control, and the situation devolves here with equal speed, the temptation for those who have dragged our nation, culture, and society down to a level that was inconceivable even just a few years ago have nothing to lose in doing the unthinkable. They have nothing to lose because they have everything to lose: the 100-plus year anti-American Revolution that they are this close to completing.

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As this is the last Morning Report for the year, I want to thank Ace, my co-bloggers and all of you for being here, commenting and all your support for making this the best place to be on the interwebz.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful new year ahead. See you next year.




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