The Morning Report 1/3/24

Good morning, kids. As many of you had rightly pointed out yesterday, Claudine Gay might have resigned her post as president of Harvard, but she’s not going anywhere. Not only is she not going anywhere, but here’s something to make your covfefe come out your nose:

She won’t be leading the Crimson, but green shouldn’t be a problem. Outgoing Harvard President Claudine Gay will still likely earn nearly $900,000 a year despite being forced to resign her position as the school’s top administrator. Political Science professor Gay — who stepped down amid a tempest of allegations she did not do enough to combat antisemitism and academic plagiarism Tuesday — will now return to a position on the Cambridge, Mass., school’s faculty. Prior to being named president just six months ago, Gay earned $879,079 as a Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean in 2021 and $824,068 in 2020, according to records published by the university. Her new position was not specified Tuesday, but she is expected to receive a salary comparable with what she previously received — if not higher. It was also unclear how much of her presidential salary of roughly $1 million Gay would be entitled to after only serving in the post for six months. Her predecessor, Lawrence Bacow, pulled in $1.3 million annually before his departure, according to the Harvard Crimson. Alan M. Garber, who currently serves as provost and chief academic officer, will serve as interim president until the school selects a new chief, officials said Tuesday. 

Insult meet injury. Meanwhile, this Alan Garber has a bit of ‘splainin’ to do too:

Harvard University’s Provost and Interim President Dr. Alan Garber has made millions from sitting on pharmaceutical company boards during his time with the school. Garber made more than $2.7 million from board seats with pharmaceutical firms Exelixis, Inc. and Vertex Pharmaceuticals since becoming Harvard provost in 2011, the Harvard Crimson reported in 2019, citing company filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Both firms confirmed to the outlet Garber received compensation without performing any additional duties beyond his board memberships.

Meh, is that a tempest in a Teapot Dome? For sure, he’s not a diversity hire. He’s a legitimate MD and considering he graduated in the late 70s early 80s timeframe, likely knows his stuff. Then again, Anthony Fauci graduated years before him and set up shop with the government, and arguably guilty of crimes against humanity for helping to both create and unleash the Chinese COVID plague and then covering up his crimes in a bid to save his skin as well as help the globalists lay the groundwork to sabotage the 2020 election. As for Garber, a cursory look at his record and just the fact that he is where he is proves his own leftist-in-good-standing bona fides. No way he could’ve risen up the ladder at Harvard were he not a true believer. 

That said, he is interim for a reason: there is no way that Harvard is going to hire anyone who is not superficially identical to Claudine Gay: Black and female. If they can find one who’s also a crippled, obese, Muslim, transexual lesbian midget, even better. Maybe if they hired Carol Swain, who is black, female and one of the authors Gay shamelessly ripped off, that might make up for it. But, of course, the idea is for Harvard – like Gay and every other Leftist who commits a crime – to circle the wagons and blame the victims.

It’s both a blessing and a curse that she was forced to step aside. Curse in that anyone with eyes to see knows that along with the litany of proof of both her lack of ethics and lack of real-world qualifications to run what was once considered the nation’s premier university (let alone clean the blackboard for Miss Crabtree), the root cause of why she was hired in the first place, mirror universe MLK Jr. that strives for color of skin over content of character, is an abject failure at best and a cancer on society at worst.

It’s a blessing (for them) because every crackpot leftist, racialist, grievance-mongering scumbag is crawling out of the woodwork to denounce those who exposed her as the real racists and bigots. I don’t need to quote any of the Ibram X. Krements and their bilious, spittle-flecked bullshit straight out of Jive Kampf. You can quote that shit in your sleep. Whether the protestations fall on more receptive than deaf ears is the question. 

But I digress, as is my wont to do. On top of all of this, let’s not forget that the exposure of the plagiarism and inventing shit out of whole cloth that constitutes the majority of her work, the volume of which is wafer-thin, only happened after her 100% genuine enthusiasm for the annihilation of the Jews was exposed in Congress. The chutzpocrisy of her, and the other two stooges from U-Penn and MIT, using the First Amendment to declare allowing their universities’ Hamas boosting “Einsatz-groupies” the right to their opinion when conservative non-leftists are hounded, threatened, censored and even fired from their posts, was just astonishing to behold.

That alone was shitcanning-worthy, and while at most it received a yawn, a few billionaire donors to their credit were disgusted enough to take back some very hefty donations. As I had been saying since this whole thing broke, while I find it interesting that so many libs I know were shocked to see the rabid Jew-hate on campuses all over the country seemingly come from out of nowhere, they were completely blind to the aforementioned hounding of non-leftists and conservatives. In fact, they were cheering it. The anti-semitism, horrible as it is, is merely a symptom of the rot that has been creeping slowly, then all at once, through academia and indeed every segment of our society for nigh on six decades and even longer.

Claudine Gay in and of herself isn’t the problem. She’s merely a symptom of a much deeper, darker and deadlier disease that we as a society are dying from:

Claudine Gay is a mediocre scholar—having authored 11 insight-less papers and no books—and hardly a superstar of the Ivy League constellation. But she comes from a privileged background and was elevated for advancing progressive orthodoxy while checking the right intersectional boxes. Her ascent thus epitomizes the illiberal takeover of higher education. She is the apotheosis of an anti-intellectual movement that values DEI, identity, and activism over truth-seeking, merit, and education.

This illiberal takeover goes beyond what conservatives have criticized for decades: hippies invading the faculty lounge at Berkeley. It manifests in the shifting and narrowing of the range of permissible views, such that everyone on campus walks on eggshells and is unable to discuss certain ideas. University officials placate, facilitate, and even foment mobs that can’t be reasoned with, while everyone else keeps their heads down so as not to be caught in the cancellation crossfire.

The system those students and officials have created is designed to prefer political commissars over rigorous scholars, and it took a giant leap forward last year when Harvard picked Gay as its next leader and trumpeted her status as the first African American and second woman to hold the post. Gay now makes history again, this time for serving the shortest tenure—barely half a year—beating out Lawrence Summers, whose time at Harvard’s helm was cut short in 2006 after his “off-the-record” comments about the dearth of women in science and engineering were deemed politically incorrect.

Gay was previously the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, through which she made a name for herself—not for educational initiatives, but for deepening identitarian structures. For example, she shut down the research lab of brilliant young (and black) economist Roland Fryer, now my Manhattan Institute colleague, after he produced empirical work on policing that contradicted the progressive narrative. In 2020, Harvard’s alumni magazine breathlessly reported that Gay had announced “a series of initiatives to address racial and ethnic equality—including faculty appointments and the addition of an associate dean of diversity, inclusion, and belonging” despite Harvard already having an entire office dedicated to “equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.”

Ironically, these efforts at making students feel welcome have backfired. In its most recent rankings, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression named Harvard the worst school in the country for free speech—the only one earning an “abysmal” rating. . . 

. . . It doesn’t take long to destroy reputations built over decades and centuries. The question now is whether Harvard and its peers are willing to “do the work” to restore their tarnished stature. A month ago, celebrated Harvard professor Steven Pinker laid out a five-point plan to accomplish just that. Given the lack of contrition in Gay’s resignation letter and her willingness to blame her situation on a racist witch hunt—both points supported by the Harvard Corporation’s parallel statement—I’m not holding my breath.

Speaking of that letter, after being forced to step aside as a result of mountains of irrefutable evidence of plagiarism what does she do? Hands in a resignation letter that itself she copied from someone else!

At first glance, you might think she’s just flipping the bird to everyone. But is she really that clever? I don’t think it’s clever at all. In fact I don’t think she gives two shits that she plagiarized her own resignation letter because I think she too believes the corrosive, cancerous Big Lie that she’s a victim and therefore she’s actually entitled to do things that are not only wrong but beyond the pale in a civil society. She didn’t Burn-Loot-Murder anyone and then ride the coattails of the ACLU and SPLC mafia and use “victim of an unjust society” defense, like so many of the Trayvons, Gentle Giants and Freddie Grays of this world. That is the Sharptons, Jacksons, and Farrakkkans who use their corpses to beat us into submission.

And that’s because the poison her brain is pickled in, that she swims in and the she was chosen to spread to every student on that campus has as its base element that American society and culture are illegitimate and any non-minority is literally irredeemably and genetically pre-disposed to be racists, bigots and slavemasters intent on keeping her and every other minority in chains. 

This is another aspect of the horrific phrase “by any means necessary.” When you believe the bromide that you are a victim, then anything goes in redressing your supposed oppression; whether it’s robbing someone at gunpoint or faking your qualifications to run a university. 

Beyond that, the hideous nature of affirmative action, now known as D-E-I, is that by giving undeserving individuals college scholarships and other advantages when they are far from prepared, you set them up for failure. So many black youths who leave high school with C’s or even D’s and enter college find themselves dropping out after their first year, if not their first semester. Anyway, that used to be the case. For all we know, thanks to the lowering or even complete abandonment of standards, they get that sheepskin four years later just for showing up. If that. Because these days, if you fail any student who isn’t white, Jewish or Asian, you better have a very good reason, if you as the responsible professor are allowed to have one in the first place.

Psaki-psircling back to that first point about the dropouts, you can imagine what all that false hope and esteem building bullshit does to someone who suddenly can’t cope. You get bitter and then believe the tropes of an unfair, unjust racist society where minorities cannot and will never get ahead. Not in a white man’s world. Lather, rinse, repeat. And it’s all intentional.

Recall the Bakke case from the late 70s. Ultimately Allan Bakke did become a very successful doctor while the black student Patrick Chavis who took his seat . . . 

In 1997 Chavis had his license suspended by the Medical Board of California, who spoke harshly of his “inability to perform some of the most basic duties required of a physician.” As McGowan later wrote, the board condemned Chavis’ “poor impulse control and sensitivity to patients’ pain.” A doctor who had worked with Chavis had given the board’s investigators “a tape recording of patients screaming horrifically, with Chavis responding, ‘Don’t talk to the doctor while he’s working,’ and ‘Liar, liar, pants on fire.’”

Chavis was also found guilty of gross neglect and incompetence in his treatment of three liposuction patients, two who somehow escaped bleeding to death (one had lost 70 percent of her blood) and one who wasn’t as fortunate. Tammaria Cotton, the woman who died, complained during her liposuction of sudden difficulty in breathing, to which Chavis responded, “If you can talk, you can breathe.” Chavis did not stay to administer emergency medical treatment to any of the three. Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby discovered that Chavis’ sole training in liposuction had been “a four-day course at the Liposuction Institute of Beverly Hills — only half of which he completed.”
had his medical license revoked and ultimately wound up shot dead in LA while being carjacked.

LATE ENTRY: Co-blogger and friend KT has this link to Bill Ackman’s reaction about Gay’s resignation.

UPDATE: One final thought. Claudine Gay is not an outlier. It’s a fair bet that an alarmingly large swathe of academia at every level has likely done the same things Gay has to gain their credentials, especially in any field of study that is not the hard sciences, i.e. liberal arts. So long as they are as committed to brainwashing students, then they have nothing to fear, unless their big mouths and social media accounts put them beyond the range of effective wagon-circling.


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