The Morning Report 1/4/24

Good morning, kids. I’m getting a sense of growing desperation amongst the Anti-Americans (i.e. Democrats, Leftists, RINOs and the Deep State). As the multiple catastrophes and suffering they and they alone have unleashed are collapsing around them, and unfortunately on top of us, even with a virtual lock on the media more and more people across the political/societal spectrum can see that Emperor Joey Lobster-Bib the First (and please God, the Last), so-called not only for his commie red sunburn but mostly for his mental capacity which is that of a crustacean, has no clothes. 

When shriveled, diseased gonad Alejandro Mayorkas can go on television and spout garbage like this with an absolute straight face . . . 

“So, we are seeing the greatest number of displaced people, not only at our southern border, not only in the Western Hemisphere, but across the globe. I am involved in bilateral and multilateral meetings with my counterparts from foreign countries in Europe, in Asia, in the Indo-Pacific, all over the world. And migration, the challenge of displaced people, is a subject that comes up in every single conversation. We have the effects of climate change, poverty, increasing level[s] of authoritarianism. There are very many challenges that are at the root cause of the displacement of people around the world.”

It’s falling on deaf ears, and increasingly wide-open eyes. Oh yes, the climate has indeed changed. We now have a climate of abject chaos and fear, with criminals intentionally unleashed on our streets. Many who are “undocumented immigrants.” Poverty? $34 TRILLION in national debt and climbing, while inflation is through the roof and personal savings are being wiped out along with jobs and growth.

Authoritarianism? Let me count the ways anyone who objects to Mayorkas and his puppet master’s puppet masters in Kalorama feels the Manolo Blahnik high-heeled Sam Brinton jackboots on their neck. As I said, no one is buying this bullshit. And people are starting to get angry. People that the Democrats should be scared shitless about:

“I don’t understand this, this it going to cost 2.6 billion dollars for tax payers,” 50 Cent said in a Wednesday Instagram post. “They don’t even give veterans health insurance. [MSNBC anchor Ari Melber] call my phone now, help me understand this shit. WTF.”

In his post, the rapper also included an image of California Governor Gavin Newsom (D), above a caption that read, “California Becomes First US State to Offer Health Insurance to All Illegal Migrants.”

Mr. Cent (or should I call him 50?) gets it. Whether he’s miffed that Uncle Sugar is throwing over American Blacks for illegal alien invaders strictly because of welfare, or in a more positive, pro-American vein as he hints at in his reference to veterans getting screwed, at this stage makes no difference to me. Traditional Democrat core constituencies are suffering the most, not only because of an erased border where millions of foreigners are usurping all of what’s left of our economy, and as Joe Mannix in yesterday’s Morning Rant noted our freedoms (Do not comment on old threads)

But at least they come bearing not only grifts but gifts! Smallpox, polio, measles, malaria and even leprosy. Funny how the junta destroyed the lives of many military man and woman and other civil servants for refusing a vaccination that at best was useless and at worst killed and maimed untold hundreds or perhaps thousands of people while de facto biological warfare is being unleashed on us from south of the non-existent border as no one is checked. Like we used to do at Ellis Island, but that was of course racist and xenophobic. We’ll never know the real numbers of both because this illegitimate despicable junta will cover it up. But I digress.

50 Cent is perhaps anecdotal or an outlier. But over the past couple years, the anecdotal stories and outliers have been adding up. I think it’s a trend. Will enough blacks stay home next November or even, dare I say it, cross over and vote Trump? He got a not insignificant percentage of black votes in 2016 which increased even more four years later. More than any other GOP candidate probably going back decades. Considering the disaster of the past three years, I should think Trump is on track to get enough of the black vote coupled, with black Democrats merely staying home, to potentially swing the election his way. Of course, the election-rigging and fraud factor notwithstanding. 

Yes, the fraud exists as we saw in 2020 and I believe to a lesser yet not insignificant extent in the 2022 midterms. The problem is, in order for the steal to work this time around, with the polling numbers for Biden and Democrats cratering primarily because of the border and the economy, they now would have to engineer a steal so large that it would be absolutely obvious. They got away with it four years ago because, even with the insanity of the lockdowns, the nation and the world were not racing headlong into the abyss as it is now. 

For sure, the George Floyd Summer of Love Boogaloo certainly did not do us any good from an electoral standpoint. That said, it’s a long way to November and it’s a pretty safe bet that the next black male choir boy (racist!) who was just turning his life around that gets it from a cop could spark another Summer of Love. Could be apples and oranges here but the departure of Claudine Gay only seems to be eliciting the fake outrage from the usual quarters. I think the average American Black could care fuck all.

Psaki-Psircling back, the bottom line on all of the above is that the Anti-Americans have or are on the cusp of losing control of the narrative. And the more they openly lie to our faces (our in this sense being an all-encompassing word) whether about the “greatest economy ever” or “the border is under complete control” or whatever, the more they look ridiculous and piss everyone off. 

What to do? What else: Slam Trump as an existential threat to “our precious democracy” (vomit) and warn of – wait for it – the specter of white supremacy that Trump is inspiring. Get ready for your heads to explode this weekend.

The [so-called quote-unquote “president’s”] reelection campaign has publicized Trump’s repeating rhetoric used by Adolf Hitler when he suggested that immigrants entering the U.S. illegally are “poisoning the blood of our country,” as well as the former president joking that he’d only seek to serve as a dictator on the first day of his second term.

Biden’s kicking off 2024 by delving into some of the country’s darkest moments rather than an upbeat affirmation of his record is meant to clarify for voters what his team sees as the stakes of November’s election. During both events, he will characterize his predecessor as a serious threat to the nation’s founding principles, arguing that Trump — who has built a commanding early lead in the Republican presidential primary — will seek to undermine U.S. democracy should he win a second term.

“The leading candidate of a major party in the United States is running for president so that he can systematically dismantle and destroy our democracy,” said Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler.

Even if another Republican beats Trump in the GOP primary, Biden’s reelection argues the victor would be similar enough to the former president that the campaign’s themes would change little.

“Anybody who wins the MAGA Republican nomination is going to have done so by hard-tacking to the most extreme positions that we have seen in recent American history,” Tyler said.

A majority of Americans are concerned about the future of democracy in the upcoming election — though they differ along party lines on whom poses the threat.

The future of democracy? I hope it fucking dies, and not in darkness but in broad daylight, because this country is not supposed to be a fucking democracy; it was established as a representative constitutional Republic! What it is now is an expensive but tacky whorehouse of a banana republic. And Jill Biden’s drapery reeks of tobacco, cabbage and crotch sweat from Maizie Hirohito’s aging, lice-infested, scabies-ridden syphilitic, Epstein Island reject comfort women. 

This rotting vegetable of a puppet is going to debase the sacred memory of those who bled and died at Valley Forge, just like he did last year at Independence Hall with that Nuremberg Rally red lights (how appropriate). These people are playing with fire because I’m starting to get the feeling that Trump actually has a shot at overcoming the cheat in the key swing states, and quite possibly a few other states that he might even swipe from Biden. Swipe, in the rhetorical and legal sense.

But what happens if he does indeed pull it off? Now that Biden and the Left have called him Hitler, and that he’ll impose a dictatorship that will destroy democracy forever, they’ve essentially given the green light to restore it “by any means necessary.” If they don’t believe it, then they’ve backed themselves into a corner with the rhetoric because their insane base will force them to take action, if they don’t do that themselves. To not do so means that Biden and company would face a lynch mob of their own supporters.

The sick thing is, I think they really actually believe the bullshit that they’re peddling. They will stop at nothing now to stop Trump. It’s obvious.


  • “The millions of migrants who have crossed into the country in recent years could be bringing the recently resurfaced infectious diseases with them.” Why Isn’t Vaxx Tyrant Joe Biden Worried About Polio, Leprosy, and Measles Seeping Through the Border?
  • “We have become a nation of Madame Defarges — eagerly knitting names of those to be subject to arbitrary justice. . . But what’s chilling is how many support such efforts, including Democratic officeholders from Maine’s secretary of state to dozens of members of Congress . . . Until the court rejects this antidemocratic ploy, activists eager to win elections through the courts will keep using it, and it will metastasize throughout our body politic.” (And then Biden unilaterally removes the 5-6 GOP-appointees from the court by declaring them as “fellow travelers” – jjs) Jonathan Turley Op-Ed: It’s Not Just Trump: Democrats are Moving to Bar Republicans from Ballots Nationwide
  • Aella spent an entire year doing nothing of substance. By her own admission, she didn’t bring new life or art into this world that helped shape humanity for the better. “compared to last year, I seem to have been more ‘productive’ – more work, travel, socializing, and exercise, but less flourishing – less writing, art, and sex,” she posted. The Left celebrates this type of existence because admitting that she’s wasting the best years of her life on masturbation and casual sex would heal the destruction caused by their promotion of selfish culture. (Just like Islam, the Left wants women to be sex slaves. Suffragette becomes suffer, ette – jjs ) A Year in the Life of Aella Reveals Future the Left Wants for Women




  • “Her disabled husband sat horrified and helpless in another room as the incident occurred.” (If the French people, especially French men, don’t do something about this themselves, because their government is complicit, there’s no hope – jjs) African Immigrant Arrested for Rape of 75-year-old French Woman on New Year’s
  • “Having mentioned Hamas, however, Murphy was quick to emphasize the supposed right-wing threat, stressing that ‘of the 25 children arrested in the 12 months to June this year, 14 had extreme right-wing terrorism views compared to nine for Islamist.’” (Refusing to be ass-raped by Muslim animals I guess is “right-wing terrorism” in Blighty these days. England is proper fucked – jjs) 14 Children Arrested in UK for “Right Wing Terrorism”



  • “. . . I think it’s going to hurt the people who are behind it. I think it turns Trump into a kind of, you know, that people know it’s unfair, and it turns him into kind of amplifies it — you know, him as a mythological figure. I think it’s very, very short-sighted and it’s just wrong, it’s un-American.” RFK Jr: Trump Ballot Removal “Makes Us Look Like a Banana Republic”
  • “For at least four months, [Noah] Bookbinder was serving as a political appointee under [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden while CREW funded and provided legal counsel to the petitioners. In fact, when State District Court Judge Sarah B. Wallace ruled against CREW – finding the Office of the President did not fall under the purview of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment – Bookbinder was quoted promising the decision would be appealed, indicating he was playing a direct and active role in the lawsuit.” A Biden Appointee, Recently SCRUBBED From a Gov’t Website, is Behind Efforts to Boot Trump Off the Ballot


  • “The lawsuit against Trump was initiated by Sandra Garza, Sicknick’s girlfriend, who sought damages for wrongful death, conspiracy to violate civil rights, and negligence under D.C’s anti-riot law. In her ruling, U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta wrote that Garza could not claim damages associated under the Wrongful Death Act because she was not legally Sicknick’s spouse or domestic partner.” (Sicknick died of complications from a stroke or heart attack at home, many hours after 1/6 where he was seen on video fit as a fiddle, with nary a mythical fire extinguisher flying at his head in sight – jjs) Jan 6 Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Dismissed by Federal Judge
  • “The court made the announcement after an explosive amicus brief filed by attorneys for former Attorney General Ed Meese arguing that Jack Smith’s appointment as special counsel by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland is unconstitutional and so the court must reject his prosecution against Trump.” Appeals Court to Consider Constitutionality of Jack Smith’s Appointment



  • “Biden’s kicking off 2024 by delving into some of the country’s darkest moments rather than an upbeat affirmation of his record is meant to clarify for voters what his team sees as the stakes of November’s election. During both events, he will characterize his predecessor as a serious threat to the nation’s founding principles, arguing that Trump — who has built a commanding early lead in the Republican presidential primary — will seek to undermine U.S. democracy should he win a second term.” Biden’s Kicking Off 2024 by Delving Into Some of the Country’s Darkest Moments (ALL of this nation’s darkest moments were caused by him, his party and the Left – jjs)
  • [So-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden plans to observe the January 6 protest with a speech near the Revolutionary War site of Valley Forge, Biden campaign top aides revealed Wednesday. The scheduled speech highlights the president’s strategy to use January 6 as a foil to distract from his policy failures: Record-high invasion on the southern border, Soaring cost of living, Growing instability in Ukraine and the Middle East, Draconian pandemic mandates, Deadly Afghanistan withdrawal.” Biden to Observe January 6 with Speech at Valley Forge
  • “Direct democracy not only represents a threat to freedom, but it is a political order that rejects hierarchies both natural and spiritual.” Leftists Want Direct Democracy Because It’s Easy to Manipulate the Masses
  • “Swatting has emerged as an issue for several other public figures recently. Both Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Brandon Williams (R-NY) stated that they were victims of swatting on Christmas Day.” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton the Latest Victim of Swatting
  • “Officials working in the state capitols of Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, Connecticut, Michigan and Montana were evacuated from their buildings or went into lockdown after receiving bomb threats, The Hill reported. Authorities have not immediately found explosives or other incendiary devices at any of the respective locations.” (Muslim “peaceniks” with the real think or more FBI false flag ops? – jjs) State Capitols Around The Country Evacuated Over Bomb Threats
  • Scott McKay: “Joe Biden’s own numbers show he is unelectable.” (McKay essentially warns that there is no way Joey’s puppet masters will accept defeat if the cheat is beat – jjs)Beware the Wounded Animal in 2024




  • “By completely prohibiting the installation of natural gas piping within newly constructed buildings, the City of Berkeley has waded into a domain preempted by Congress,” Patrick Bumatay, a circuit judge on the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and member of the panel, wrote in his opinion. “The Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA), 42 U.S.C. § 6297(c), expressly preempts State and local regulations concerning the energy use of many natural gas appliances, including those used in household and restaurant kitchens. Instead of directly banning those appliances in new buildings, Berkeley took a more circuitous route to the same result.” (Let’s hope this becomes precedent when it inevitably goes to SCOTUS – jjs_ Federal Court Deals Knockout Punch To Blue City’s Biden-Backed Effort To Ban Gas Stoves
  • “Politicians may try to resuscitate it, but this extends offshore wind’s losing streak, which is quite impressive. Even with Biden’s Green New Deal slathering cash all over these things, they can’t seem to grease the skids  enough to make these things work.” Developers Cancel Huge Offshore Wind Contract In Latest Blow To Biden’s Climate Agenda
  • “EV Fire News: Two of Detroit’s Big Three automakers have had EV-related factory fires in recent months.” Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Burns in Cargo Ship’s Hold for Days Off Alaskan Coast
  • Inevitability, you see, is when government spends money we don’t have and passes laws that won’t work to bribe or force people into buying cars they don’t want. Easy-peasey! Or as [Paris] Marx put it for Business Insider in one of several dumbfoundingly unself-aware lines, “The transition to an all-EV future seemed like a slam dunk.” Yes, and a Rube Goldberg drawing is a model of elegant simplicity. We Need to Talk About That “Inevitable” Switch to Electric Vehicles
  • Richard Fernandez: “As the London School of Economics observed, ‘poorly designed climate policy can hurt development and worsen the livelihoods of poor people.’ Yet we continue to treat economic growth as destructive despite the fact that resulting poverty can cause states to fail and dams to collapse. When things run down, time runs out. It ran out for Derna.” Destroying the Dams of Derna
  • “Proponents of the levy misunderstand the energy economy and the nature of innovation.”The Carbon Tax Cliff



  • “Just recently, a video began circulating on the internet that could easily encapsulate the definition of Clown World’ in less than a minute. . . Redden literally leaps over the judge’s desk in an almost cartoonish fashion, and you almost expect a big cloud of dust with fists and legs popping out at random intervals to follow next. . . where the definition of ‘Clown World’ really comes in is how such a video even exists in the first place.” Our “Clown World” in One Video



  • “With a heavy heart and deep concern for the safety of our students, teachers, and staff, we must regretfully announce the postponement of the DragFest event scheduled for January 7,” the Instagram post noted. The group added that the decision “has been driven by the alarming threats made by known violent and hate-driven organizations.” (Or a Jussie Smollet type. Either way, if it kills this degeneracy, good – jjs) Oregon High School Postpones ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Show Amid Threats


  • [Governor Sarah Huckabee] Sanders indicated that Patterson’s resignation came “after the U.S. Department of Defense issued a policy that ‘had disregarded his service and abandoned his most fundamental constitutional rights in favor of more fashionable political and social experiments,’”  Air Guard Commander Resigns Over Biden’s Pro-Abortion Policy


  • “I don’t want to read too much into this victory, but it doesn’t bode favorably for Georgia DA Fani Willis’ convoluted legal attack on Donald Trump and everyone else who dared question the integrity of the 2020 Election in Georgia. And going forward, Americans can aggressively push to clean up their states’ voter rolls — something that could be a major blow to the left’s ballot harvesting machinery — with less fear of being attacked by the left’s flying lawyer-monkeys.” (TTV needs to do a full court press on all the swing states. Maybe they are right now – jjs) True the Vote Scores Huge Win for Election Integrity
  • In October 2022, Torres was charged by then-Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office with two counts related to illegal ballot harvesting. According to the indictment, Torres “knowingly collected [seven] voted or unvoted early ballots” from a third party for the state’s August 2020 primaries. Under Arizona law, “only a family member, someone from their household or a caregiver of the voter can return an early ballot for them.” This Arizona City Just Appointed a Democrat Ballot Harvester as Its Vice Mayor


  • “Clinton’s name has been mentioned as many as 50 times in the newly released documents. In response, a spokesperson for the former president told CNN that he knew nothing of Epstein’s ‘terrible crimes’ when they met, asserting that it has ‘been nearly 20 years since Clinton last had contact with Epstein.’” Victim Claims Epstein Told Her Bill Clinton “Likes Them Young”
  • “The Pritzker family is worth a combined $32.5 billion, Forbes estimated in 2020, and the family is one of the most powerful in Democrat politics.” (Extremely well-heeled scum. And dangerous – jjs) Tom Pritzker Named In Newly Released Epstein Docs


  • “At the moment, an aggressive move to play in these states makes sense.” Can Trump Paint Blue States Red?
  • If they use the same Lens Riefenstahl lighting this weekend in Valley Forge that they did at the first Independence Hall Nuremberg Rally, he’ll look demonic. Perfect – jjs Biden Sports “Lobster-Red” Sunburn, Sparking Health Concerns
  • “The exponential growth in Haley’s fundraising is surely impressive, but it still pales compared to the fundraising efforts of Donald Trump. While the Trump campaign has not yet released its fourth quarter fundraising numbers, it raised a staggering $45.5 million during the third quarter of 2023, and finished September 2023 with $37.5 million in its coffers.” (And Trump’s money comes from tens of thousands of individuals. Haley’s from a relative handful – jjs) Globalist Stooge Nikki Haley Campaign Hauls Whopping $24 Million in Q4 2023
  • “Average Americans are awakening from their long, comfort-induced stupor, rubbing their eyes and asking in the colloquialism of the day: WTF.” Five Signs of Hope in 2024


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