The Morning Report 1/5/24

Good morning, kids. At this point, I think I’m all Gay-ed out. But there was a point that I was trying to get across yesterday that I think is crucial and gets to the crux of the biscuit as to the situation we find ourselves in across a whole spectrum of cultural, political and societal fronts. It’s also a not unimportant factor that has driven this nation to the brink of, to put it mildly, an unpleasant divorce.

What Gay’s excusers, and Gay, are primarily doing, however, is avoiding personal responsibility. That’s the underlying principle of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) and Critical Race Theory (CRT). Accepting no responsibility means no merit, no standards to attain. No need to perform and no need to apologize. Every failure is someone else’s fault. There are two types of people: oppressors and the oppressed, though there are many sub-victim groups within the latter. Oppressors can do no right, only evil. The Oppressed can do no wrong; they are eternally blameless and no standards of performance or character apply to them.  To them, personal responsibility is foreign.

Among the essential lessons one must learn on the way to eventual adulthood is individual responsibility. No one is responsible for our failures, our lies, our excuses and evasions, but us. Refusing to take responsibility forever mires us in childhood and delusion. A nation of self-deluded children contribute to the degredation of America. They apparently also go to Harvard.

Oppressors, primarily white males, are responsible for all evil in the world, and Donald Trump is their Hitlerian leader and inspiration. Only oppressors have the dubious distinction of being personally and collectively responsible for sins, real and imagined. Personally, in that they can be prosecuted for non-crimes. Collectively, in that they’re a class of never-ending political scapegoats for every imaginary wrong the Self-Imagined Elite (SIE) must right, yet never seem to get around to righting. Among those wrongs is hate, and its companion, institutional racism.

Emphasis mine. Do read the whole essay from Mike McDaniel. It’s short but it really touches upon an important aspect of this whole affair that even some of the more estimable commentators have glossed over or missed entirely. The toxic, heinous big lie of “oppressed” and “oppressor” is merely the most current manifestation of the age old strategy of “divide and conquer.” The most hurtful aspect of it is not in its Communist propagation going back a century, but that it was swallowed hook, line and sinker by successive generations of dupes all the way up to the present day. This, despite the fact that since the end of World War 2, “We Have Overcome” both slavery and Jim Crow, not so much by government intervention – without the help of the Democrats since they were the root causes of the problem – but because of gradual, benign societal evolution. 

Compare and contrast this with societies and nations around the world that have much longer histories than a few hundred years. Hell, just look at South Africa where a mere 33 years after the end of apartheid, a supposed glorious new era of peace and reconciliation between black and white was supposed to flourish in harmony. What’s there now? An incompetent, corrupt, racialist junta that’s hell bent on driving out the whites while committing national suicide. Sounds familiar, and I don’t necessarily mean Zimbabwe. And this was the country that had a constitution that Ruth Bader-Meinhoff thought was far superior than our own. The one she allegedly devoted her life and career to supposedly defend. It is to laugh, were it not for the emetic effect of that thought. 

Yes we had overcome. Unfortunately, as my sainted mother of blessed memory would often caution me “Evil never rests.” America for sure was not perfect. But despite the Left’s memes and shibboleths, this nation is not and should not be defined by its problems and injustices. It is and should be defined by how it overcame them. Along with the initial notion of a government where power was intended to be vested in the individual, this too is what has made us exceptional. Or had. 

The record is quite clear: everything wrong with this nation, every crisis, calamity, injustice, all the pain and suffering and dare I say it the source of all the evil is the Leftist-Progressive movement and its political home, the Democrat Party. Yet somehow, they’ve been able to brainwash successive generations into believing not only the opposite, which is bad enough, but that the nation and society itself with which they are supposed to be a part is itself evil and illegitimate. 

Claudine Gay being appointed to head Harvard was not merely checking off boxes to be stylish. Her not being qualified for the position was a revolutionary act against a society and system viewed as racist. I’m not sure if they see the irony in that they’ve so brainwashed black youth into hating education that most view it as “acting white.” And you don’t get much whiter than Harvard, but I digress. 

This is, of course, insanity. But it serves an evil end which is the attainment of absolute power. “Oppressor” and “oppressed.” The other bitter irony is that those who view themselves as the latter are in fact the former. It’s why “cancel culture” has thrived. Why speaking the truth that men cannot be women and vice versa can get you censored, fired or even worse. Why challenging the results of an election gets you labeled as an “insurrectionist” or worse, lands you in jail in some cases for years awaiting trial for merely showing up to a rally. And on and on and on.

Oppressed and oppressor. “Literally Hitler.” Words like this sometimes are uttered without thinking. But make no mistake. There is a direct line from the twisted logic that put Claudine Gay in the Harvard presidency and worse, in her horrendous resignation letter to the phrase “by any means necessary, whether by promoting the incompetent as means of fighting injustices that no longer exist, or using it as the reason to justify violence. We’re in big trouble, folks.

Have a good weekend, and see you on the hobby thread mañana.

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  • “The NAM’s benchmark Cost of Federal Regulations study finds that the total cost of complying with federal regulations in 2022 is an estimated $3.079 trillion (in 2023 dollars), an amount equal to 12% of U.S. GDP and larger than the manufacturing sector’s entire economic output.” Study: DC Mandates Cost Small Biz $50,000 Per Empoyee in 2022
  • “Not since 1860 has the nation faced a presidential election so consequential and so fraught with perils. . . Biden’s speech shouldn’t be fobbed off as just red meat thrown to delusional progressives. His handlers are sending a loud signal that Trump must be denied the presidency. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Trump is the new Hitler, Hillary Clinton has proclaimed. Aren’t any lengths justified stopping this fiend?” The Year of Living Dangerously Has Begun
  • Robert Spencer: “Biden’s campaign ad is a cynical effort to deceive the American people, and a tacit admission that he has nothing positive to run on — all he can do is engage in demagogic fear-mongering and lies. Expect plenty more.” Biden Drops First Campaign Ad, and It’s as Dishonest and Embarrassing as You’d Expect
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  • “People are really angry about the weaponization, about a political opponent, about a really dumb person taking the Justice Department [DOJ] — it’s really easy to figure that out because so many other countries do it, but they’re all third-world countries, and they are banana republics — but people are angry about it.” Donald Trump on Jack Smith: “I Think He Feels Like He’s Losing Politically”
  • She never reported any of her alleged attackers to the police, instead taking to CNN to describe how rape is “sexy”.  Trump Says He’ll Testify in New E Jean Carroll Case
  • “The Emoluments Clause was stated in an absolute categorical terms that the president, and no federal official can take any money of any kind whatsoever an emolument or an office or a present or a title from the prince, king, or foreign government without the explicit consent of Congress. Every other president in our history has scrupulously obeyed that command.” (Umm . . . Joe Biden, and every friggin’ one of his underlings?! The gall of this loathsome petri dish of commie horseshit is through the roof – jjs) Raskin: “No Question” Trump Violated the Foreign Emoluments Clause
  • “It’s beyond parody that Democrats continue their obsession with former President Trump. Former President Trump has legitimate businesses but the Bidens do not. The Bidens and their associates made over $24 million by cashing in on the Biden name in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Romania. No goods or services were provided other than access to Joe Biden and the Biden network,” [Rep James] Comer said in a statement provided to the Daily Caller. Democrat Raskin Releases Trump Corruption Report — With One Big Problem



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  • “An election year cut followed by a rise in inflation and then a new hiking cycle would cement the view that the Fed acted on political motives. Now imagine if Donald Trump wins in November, and the Fed finds itself needing to hike to tamp down inflation. The political firestorm that would result would threaten the Fed’s independence and perhaps even its continued existence.” An Election Year Fed Cut Could Court Political Catastrophe
  • “The politics of this election may be fundamentally different. [The] Biden coalition of Hispanics and working folks and African Americans and young people, that coalition is falling apart because of the affordability crisis.” “This Stuff Is Gonna Haunt Biden”: Larry Kudlow Predicts “Crisis” Will Wreck Support For Biden Among Key Voting Blocs
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  • Daniel Greenfield: “’A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money,’ Sen. Everett Dirksen had observed in 1962. That year the federal budget crossed $100 billion for the first time in history. Today, $100 billion (or more accurately $110 billion) is what the Fed is spending to cover cash losses. No one has really paid much attention because $110 billion is hardly money anymore. The new motto is ‘a trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money.’” Every American Owes $100,000 in the National Debt



  • . . . based on the left-wing rag Mother Jones‘s number of how many mass shootings have taken place, “2.83 percent of mass shooters have been committed by transgender people, which means that transgender people are nearly five times as likely to be mass shooters as non-transgender people.” In reality, it’s probably higher because these calculations assume that we know the “gender identity” of every mass shooter in the incidents cataloged. Hopefully, instead of covering up the truth, we will finally start to address the fact that transgenderism is a mental illness. The Iowa School Shooter Was an LGBTQ+ Activist
  • “It’s kind of normal for us now, which is kind of sad to say. I’m kind of like desensitized to it because it happens so often, but this was kind of like, the last straw. I’m not too sure what to do about it.” Watch: “Street Takeover” Mob Robs, Destroys Compton Mom-and-Pop Bakery
  • “The ultimate lesson: if at all possible, avoid any kind of confrontation, deadly or not.” The Houston Taqueria Shooting: Reason or Emotion?



  • “Between 2020 and 2022, Americans an estimated 60 million firearms. Compared to two decades ago, gun sales in the US have nearly doubled. The recent spike in sales appears to be fueled by concerns [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats would work to put new restrictions on gun purchases and ownership through gun-control legislation. Additionally, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement’s demand local governments abolish police departments have lead some Americans to to invest in personal protection and firearm self-defense training.” Gun Ownership Up, Homicides Down
  • John Lott: “People in most states don’t think twice about concealed carry, but the data shows how out of sync California is with the rest of the country.” California’s New Unconstitutional Concealed-Carry Ban Hurts Black People and Women Most





  • “So, look, we have some very good people—the same people you know,” Trump said. “They’re good people. We have some people that would like me to run with certain others. Maybe I can’t do that because you have to go with what your gut tells you. Winning is very important. Look, if we don’t win this, I think this country is finished. I actually do.” Donald Trump: Who Gets Vice Presidential Nod “Has Never Made a Difference” in Election Outcome (Palin potentially could have bucked that were it not for McCain’s sabotaging himself – jjs)
  • “While the Teamsters have endorsed Republican presidential candidates in the past – notably Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush – relations between the union and Republicans have cooled since the mid-1990s. During the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, union leaders overwhelmingly backed Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, respectively. Rank-and-file union members however, shifted to the political right in both election cycles – drawn to Donald Trump’s opposition to free trade and mass immigration, as well as his support for re-shoring American jobs and restoring the country’s manufacturing sector.” Trump Meets With Teamsters Boss Sean O’Brien Ahead of Rank-and-File Member Event
  • Ben Shapiro: “. . . Biden is going to have to actually succeed in order to win. The only thing that might save him would be… you know, good things happening in America. But his own policies prevent just that.” In 2024, Trump Has the Advantage
  • David Marcus: “This desire to extend the era of Obama, explains more than anything else why the Democrats will not sanction any challenge to Biden, despite his obvious electoral deficiencies. . . So long as Joe Biden is the nominee, then win or lose, the Democrats remain the party of Obama, at least in the short term.” Why the “Party of Obama” is Stuck with Bumbling Biden
  • “Republican Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri has announced his retirement from the House of Representatives. The House Republican Conference’s majority will have decreased by three seats after Bill Johnson of Ohio’s resignation on Jan. 21, which was preceded by that of Kevin McCarthy of California and the expulsion of George Santos of New York.” (I smell GOPe sabotage – jjs) Another GOP Congressman Announces His Retirement
  • “All that spending may not be enough to overcome these unforced errors that Haley is making. She continues to engage in the most unfortunate self-sabotage imaginable.” Nikki Haley Managed to Insult All of Iowa’s GOP Voters With 1 Weird Trick


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  • “British defense company BAE Systems announced Thursday it would restart production lines for the main structure of the weapon for the U.S. Army at a preliminary contract of $50 million and hopes to begin producing full weapons. The new parts, set to be delivered by 2025, will primarily be used to refurbish existing M777s [Howitzers] operating in Ukraine, the WSJ reported, citing a person familiar with the matter.” (See CBD’s rant yesterday on our complete lack of arms production capability – jjs) US Revives Production of Iconic Weapon After Seeing Its Performance in Ukraine



  • “This data proves there is weather on such alien planets, even if that weather is so alien we really don’t understand it in the slightest based on the available data on hand.” Hubble Detects Changes in Atmosphere of Exoplanet
  • “Nils Fossae is a region on Mars where orbital data has suggested the existence of lots of minerals. In fact, it is considered one of several areas on Mars with the highest concentrations of minerals, thus making it of great value to future colonists.” (Vietnamese-Navajo chieftain sez “bad ju-ju, white man!” – jjs) The Mining Potential of Mars




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