The Morning Report 1/8/24

Good morning, kids. I suppose a corollary to the old “If a tree falls in the forest” aphorism would be “If the Secretary of Defense whose military he is charged with leading is dangerously unprepared to defend the realm from multiple national security threats that are the most serious since 1941 goes missing, does it really matter?”

When it was first reported on Saturday that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been in the hospital since January 1, it was natural to assume that key figures in the Pentagon and the White House, for whatever reason, chose to keep his hospitalization a secret. What possible motive could there be for doing this? Who knows? It didn’t make a lot of sense, but the Biden [junta] has an extensive record of covering up scandals, so it wasn’t exactly out of character for the Biden [junta] to cover something up.

The truth that has been coming out over the course of the day suggests something far, far worse. According to the latest reports, not even the White House knew about Austin’s hospitalization. 

“Senior Biden administration leaders, top Pentagon officials and members of Congress were unaware for days that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had been hospitalized since Monday, U.S. officials said Saturday, as questions swirled about his condition and the secrecy surrounding it,” the Associated Press reported. “The Pentagon did not inform the White House National Security Council or top adviser Jake Sullivan of Austin’s hospitalization at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, until Thursday, according to two administration officials.”

That’s bad. Really bad. And it gets worse.

A source familiar with the situation told CNN that not even Joe Biden knew.

“National security adviser Jake Sullivan ultimately informed Biden late Thursday afternoon, soon after Sullivan himself learned that Austin had been hospitalized, that source said. Austin was admitted to the hospital on New Year’s Day due to complications from an elective surgery,” CNN reported.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Joe Biden, who is supposed to be the commander in chief, didn’t know for four days that his own defense secretary, a member of his cabinet, was in the hospital. Now, considering what’s going on in the world right now—the Israel-Hamas war, the Houthi attacks on container ships in the Red Sea, and many other things—how is it possible that Biden isn’t talking to his defense secretary daily? Sure, he has time to give speeches about how Donald Trump is a threat to democracy, but he didn’t even know his defense secretary was incapacitated for days?

And does anyone think it’s a coincidence that the Pentagon waited to reveal Austin’s hospitalization on Friday, really, really close to Biden’s big speech? Was someone hoping this wouldn’t get noticed?

Where to even begin to unpack what in normal times would be an unmitigated disaster of a raging clusterfuck of incompetence? While everyone is focused on how someone like Claudine Gay, who is barely competent enough to wipe down a blackboard can become not only a university president but the president of what supposedly is/was America’s leading and most revered institution of higher learning, look who is running the country. 

No, not just the rotting, criminal pervert vegetable acting as Obama’s front (arguably the #1 national security threat to whatever’s left of America) but everyone of their underlings in the most crucial leadership positions running our domestic and foreign policy apparatuses. Then again, you can look at Alejandro Mayorkas and rightly blast him for destroying any notion of border security and sane, rational immigration policy. But is it incompetence or intentional? I’d argue that mere incompetence, while bad enough, is nowhere near as destructive as intentional acts and policies that are ideologically driven. 

And that is exactly what’s going on at every level of the federal government, and every state and local government that has had Democrats and Leftists in control for even a nano-second, let alone the decades-long control in hell-holes like Detroit, to name just one. 

As for Lloyd Austin, he’s every bit the boot-licking lackey that every other apparatchik in this illegitimate criminal junta is. Whatever his record was as a soldier, everything he and the Joint Chiefs who have gone along with the dismantling of our military that started in Obama’s first term to the level of degradation we now can see in his third, is a red pubic hair’s width away from treason. 

Here are the bullet points from his extensive rap sheet at the invaluable Discover the Networks:

* Was promoted to Four-Star General in 2010

* Retired from the Military on April 5, 2016

* Was sworn in as Secretary of Defense on January 22, 2021

* Voiced support for the Iran Nuclear Deal

* Vowed to rid the Military of “racists and extremists”

* Relies on the Southern Poverty Law Center for information
* Announced the establishment of the Countering Extremism Working Group

* Emphasizes “Diversity,” “Equity,” & “White Supremacy”

* Identified the 2020 coronavirus pandemic as America’s greatest national security challenge

* Declared climate change to be an “existential threat”

* Oversaw America’s abandonment of Afghanistan in 2021 

With that, I’ll excerpt two items from their dossier that in particular are most cromulent given some of the current events making headlines:

Austin Orders Hundreds of Trump Appointees in the Pentagon to Resign

By no means was the CEWG the only means by which Lloyd Austin had set out to purge America’s military of any members who held political opinions that differed from his. In his early days as Secretary of Defense, Austin ordered hundreds of former President Trump’s appointees from at least 31 Pentagon advisory boards and panels, to resign.

Austin Emphasizes Leftwing Indoctrination Regarding “Diversity,” “Equity,” & “White Supremacy”

Central to the worldview of the race-obsessed Defense Secretary Austin, is a belief that racism is America’s most salient and enduring feature. That belief animates Austin’s passionate crusade to impose racial “diversity” – by force – upon the military that he oversees. As Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said in May 2021 about Austin: “He’s certainly concerned about the diversity at the senior levels of the department. And this is not just senior enlisted levels, but senior officer levels, admirals, and generals. The numbers [of nonwhites] are not very high.” “[Austin] also believes there’s a sense of urgency here,” added Kirby. “The time is now to start to grow that [nonwhite] talent and develop that talent and provide opportunities for that talent to continue to advance of the ranks.” And for anyone who might wonder whether “diversity” is in fact a worthy goal for an institution whose main purpose is to defend a nation rather than to serve as a social laboratory for leftwing dogmas, Kirby explained that Austin “strongly believes that diversity is a readiness issue because it allows different perspectives, additional context, different lived experiences to inform the way we make decisions in the policies that we craft, the operations that we lead.”

. . . When Austin subsequently stated that “diversity, equity and inclusion is important to this military now, and it will be important in the future,” [Sen Tom] Cotton replied: “This is not about diversity in general, though; this is about a very specific kind of anti-American indoctrination that is seeping into some parts of our military based on the whistleblower complaints we have received.”

Yup. The phantom menaces within the United States of supposed white supremacy, Trump and “climate change,” which even if real would be completely outside the purview of the DoD. Plus the notion that “diversity,” that is prioritizing skin color, sex, sexual orientation and most crucially personal politics, over actual physical and mental qualification, are the keys to our preparedness is insanity writ large.

. . . Lloyd Austin isn’t exactly a standout in his role. Like everyone else in the Biden-Harris regime, he’s been lackluster at best, dreadful at worst. He bears at least partial responsibility for many of the foreign policy and military disasters throughout this dumpster fire of a presidential term.

Austin has issued orders to the military in support of convoluted leftist redefinitions of extremism in an effort to drive Republicans out of the military. Austin implemented mandatory use of untested COVID vaccines and supervised the dismissal of servicemen who refused, even on religious grounds. Austin was in charge of the DoD when it so severely mismanaged the pullout from 2021 Afghanistan, leaving tens of billions of dollars’ worth of sensitive equipment behind, not to mention abandoning thousands of employees and allies to the Taliban. And that’s just the highlight reel of his disastrous tenure. . . 

. . . But all his failures notwithstanding – the Secretary of Defense remains a critical element of the decision process, whenever the United States has to make a quick policy decision.  Even when it’s just being the person to say the cursory “yes, of course, make it so” to an obvious question – still, he is the one to say it, the one who has to say it. And that means both the DoD and the White House have to be able to reach him at a moment’s notice. . . 

. . . What’s most shocking about this story is that it provides a rare look inside the minds of the bureaucrats, the people we often think of as the technocracy, or even the Deep State.

Obviously, someone at the Department of Defense knew Lloyd Austin was in the ICU at Walter Reed.  Someone had to make up the lie that the man was working at home, to cover up the fact that he was suffering complications from some as-yet-unidentified elective surgery (if it was indeed elective, that’s a story in itself, as well). Some staffers, and presumably some undersecretaries, knew the truth of the situation and collaborated to keep both the whereabouts and the potentially life-threatening condition of the Secretary of Defense a secret from both his legislative and executive superiors.


Why did they think they had the right?

That’s the really interesting lesson in this story, isn’t it?

“Interesting” is a word and half. 

So while Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants was kept in the dark, the raging incompetence at the highest echelons of this government notwithstanding, a crucial command-and-control link between the commander-in-chief and the head of the Defense Department was severed. God forbid, something happened during that time. But, then again, as I stated at the beginning, all things considered, would it have really mattered all that much? On second thought, maybe. Maybe there is still some underling somewhere with the horse sense to do the right thing had the shit hit the fan despite the fools, retards and maniacs at or near the top of the national command authority.

And speaking of which, despite the obvious dementia rotting his preternatural, pre-dementia pea-brain, it’s almost as if it makes him an idiot savant especially when it comes to preserving his power and going after his enemies. Witness his debasing our history and nation by oral defecation at Valley Forge. From Robert Spencer:

Barack Obama said it years ago: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.” On Friday, Old Joe proved his sainted predecessor right yet again in what was supposed to be a stemwinder campaign speech that would get his far-left base all fired up to do whatever it takes to get their favorite dementia-ridden kleptocrat back in the White House for four more years. The man who supposedly won eighty-one million votes after running a non-campaign from his basement called Trump a “loser” and charged that Bad Orange Man speaks “the same exact language used in Nazi Germany.”

What? Trump speaks German now? Is he going to start barking at us with a slushy Austrian accent? Okay, I get it: Old Joe means that Trump’s rhetoric is like Hitler’s. Trump’s going to be a great dictator, grow a funny little mustache, put on a lumpy uniform, and have us all goosestepping into Poland in no time. Sure, Joe. I understand. But to say that he speaks “the same exact language used in Nazi Germany” is as ineptly stated as it is inaccurate.

By any measure, Trump certainly does not echo Hitler’s rhetoric. The National Socialist leader was openly antisemitic; although Trump is charged with this, he was the most pro-Israel president since the founding of the modern state of Israel. Hitler was gleefully racist, another charge Trump has borne, and another that is without foundation. And Hitler was openly contemptuous of republican governments, while Trump insists that he will protect our tottering republic, and that Biden, the Disinformation Governance Board president, is the real threat to “our democracy.”

Biden, however, is making it clear that his entire 2024 campaign will be a noxious mélange of fiction, fantasy and propaganda. He leaned heavily into the “insurrection” Big Lie, claiming that Jan. 6, 2021, was “the day that we nearly lost America.”

Yeah, sure, Joe. Thank you for saving “our democracy” from a guy with Viking horns, Ray Epps, and a bunch of old ladies who were let into the Capitol by police who opened gates for them and then stood by placidly as the “insurrectionists” wandered around snapping selfies. Insurrection is an actual crime. Yet while people languish in prison for trespassing in order to bolster the left’s sagging “insurrection” narrative and propel Biden back into the Oval Office for another four years of open borders, skyrocketing inflation, managed decline, and enforced misery, the worst thing that has happened to this nation since 9/11 and Pearl Harbor and the extinction of the dinosaurs remains an insurrection without any insurrectionists.

Old Joe, of course, didn’t see fit on Friday to make much of the fact that no one, not a single person, has actually been charged with that crime in connection with anything that happened on Jan. 6, 2021. On Saturday, however, Donald Trump Jr. wrote: “Happy Fake Insurrection Day!!! The first ever insurrection with armed tour guides and unarmed participants!” 

Roger Kimball:

According to Joe Biden, January 6 is “a day forever seared in our memory.” Why? “Because that day, we nearly lost America.”  How’s that? Why, because that was the day Donald Trump showed he was willing to “sacrifice democracy” by unleashing a “violent mob” to storm the Capitol and undertake an “insurrection.”

But no one believes this. Why? Because the more footage we see from the events of that day, the clearer it becomes that what happened on January 6, 2021, was not an insurrection.  Moreover, Donald Trump, far from egging on his supporters to violence, went out of his way to urge them to protest peacefully.  “I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful,” he Tweeted that afternoon. “No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!”

The reaction to Joe Biden’s histrionic demonization of Trump has been swift and merciless.  Remember the chap who was photographed carrying a lectern across a room in the Capitol? He now Tweets under the handle “Lectern Leader.” He posted the photo and had this to say about Biden’s speech: “Throwback to the time I brought America to its knees by moving furniture tens of feet and became king.”

. . . As well it might.  Joe Biden’s Valley Forge speech was supposed to inaugurate his 2024 campaign.  I would not be surprised if future historians singled it out as the moment his campaign began its final retreat into senile collapse.

Maybe. But lest we forget that all the instrumentalities of government, as well as a rigged voting system and laws that grease the wheels of Democrat fraud and muscle in the form of a corrupt judiciary and black-clad Antifa/BLM brownshirts, the situation remains in doubt until no more phony ballots can be found to overcome a potential Trump victory.

Miranda Devine notes:

Joe Biden let slip a telling boast after his latest Dark Brandon speech.  “I understand power,” he whispered into the microphone as the first lady wrangled him off stage to stop him impersonating a Roomba.

While ostensibly a self-deprecating cliché about wives’ control over men, “I understand power” also was a statement of unwavering confidence in his own mastery of today’s political landscape. It’s hard to admit, given Biden’s manifest frailties and incompetence, but he’s right. The [spurious] president does know how to use power to transform the country. 

By being willing to lie and cheat and break every political norm, by siccing his Department of Justice onto his main rival and ignoring cries of foul, by hysterically overhyping the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, by hatefully demonizing conservatives as domestic terrorists and white supremacists, by dividing the country when he promised to unite us, he achieves his political ends. 

By dismantling border protections, for instance, he has allowed 8 million — and counting — illegal aliens to upend demographics and refresh Democratic voter rolls in the future. That is his legacy of change.  As well, his corrosive “equity” agenda has entrenched in the psyche of a growing number of Americans a gnawing racial grievance and entitlement that knows no end.

What did Donald Trump achieve of any lasting value in the four years he had power? Clearly, he was a better president on every important measure: the economy, the border, foreign affairs, energy policy.  But every achievement of Trump’s was undone on day one by Biden, and many of his aspirations were foiled by Biden’s Deep State allies.  Power is all Biden has ever cared about. In his dismal first speech of the election season near Valley Forge in Pennsylvania on Friday, Biden used the word 13 times. He said “insurrection” or “insurrectionists” 11 times, because that is how he intends to hang on to power, by fashioning his entire campaign pitch around Jan. 6 and Trump’s threat to “democracy.”

“Democracy” came up 30 times in Biden’s speech, too. Apparently it’s “on the ballot.”  “The alternative to democracy is dictatorship,” he thundered. It’s a bizarre statement for the president of a nation that was founded deliberately, not as a democracy, but as a constitutional republic, precisely to avoid the “tyranny of the majority,” which James Madison warned about. That’s why we have an electoral college, and not a presidential election determined by popular vote, where New York would overrule Iowa. . . 

. . . [Biden’s] polls have stagnated at around 40%, a sore point he reportedly scolded his staff about last November. But the marvel is that they’re not worse.

In the past 50 years, Trump, both Bushes, Carter and Nixon have all suffered from lower approval ratings. It’s too easy to dismiss him as a corrupt decrepit old fool. He likes to be underestimated. He plays the fool to that effect. But he became president despite the naysayers, and Democrats keep winning elections despite his record of ruin.

If Trump does end up as the Republican nominee, as the polls suggest and the pundits insist, the ferocity of the attacks will be unprecedented. The 91 felony counts, the criminal trials, the efforts to throw him off the ballot, the media vilification, the doomsday rhetoric, all will accelerate. They are softening him up, like picadors poking at the bull, to drive him mad and sap him of energy so that by the time the broken down old matador enters the ring he is already half-dead.

You may understand that the various legal prosecutions against Trump are bogus, and that Biden has weaponized the justice system in a deliberately explosive way. But there are a lot of independents in the country who don’t keep up with the news and still believe that you don’t get indicted on 91 felonies, and you certainly don’t get convicted, unless you did something wrong. Some may even still believe in “Honest Joe.” You may rail against their ignorance and naivete, but they will decide the election.

Maybe, Miranda. My guess is the factor that will decide this election is if enough people across the political spectrum have had enough of getting kicked in the teeth and the wallet while the world is set to go up in flames, to show up in enough numbers to beat the cheat, especially in the swing states. And with no border, no military and no law and order, it’s going to get hotter than hell here too. With what’s going on all around us, I don’t think there are any more independents in any significant numbers.


  • Victor Davis Hanson: “American civilization has been turned upside down, and we have a rendezvous soon with the once unthinkable and unimaginable.” A Culture in Collapse
  • “Essentially a kind of Hegelian synthesis of what appear to be dialectical opposites: the combination of oppressive government power against the innocent and the law-abiding and, simultaneously, a grotesque paralysis of the ability or the will to use that power to carry out basic public duties such as protection or public safety. And, it is characteristic of anarcho-tyranny that it not only fails to punish criminals and enforce legitimate order but also criminalizes the innocent.” Anarcho-Tyranny, Perfected
  • “He suspects it is in part because the town is more than 90 percent white, a factor that makes it hard to secure federal aid under a little-known federal initiative established in one of Biden’s first executive orders. The program, Justice40, which the White House describes as a “whole of government effort,” decreed that 40 percent of the beneficiaries of federal climate and environmental programs must come from “underserved communities.” (And yet Johnson and Schemer just concluded a budget deal. Feh – jjs) How the Biden Junta Put Race at the Center of Government Spending
  • “This spring, the Supreme Court will review the federal government’s alleged efforts to pressure social media companies to censor protected speech.” A “Coordinated Campaign”


  • Roger Kimball: “I would not be surprised if future historians singled out Joe Biden’s Valley Forge speech as the moment his campaign began its final retreat into senile collapse.” From Insurrection to Satire: Biden’s Valley Forge Speech Fails to Cement the Trump-Dictator Narrative
  • Robert Spencer: “This authoritarian administration, the first in American history to bring criminal charges against its chief opponent, has a long and ever-lengthening record of being intolerant of dissent. Besides the Disinformation Governance Board that would have policed speech that dissented from the leftist establishment’s perspective, it sicced the FBI on angry parents protesting at school board meetings, worked with Twitter and other social media giants to silence and deplatform people with opposing views, and even sent spies into Catholic churches. But yeah, Joe, the threat to the republic (it’s still not a democracy, no matter how many times you assume that it is) is not you, it’s Donald Trump. You’re competent, capable, and articulate, too. As long as we’re piling on the fantasies, might as well go all out. Biden: Trump Speaks “The Same Exact Language Used in Nazi Germany”
  • Miranda Devine: “’I understand power,’ he whispered into the microphone as the first lady wrangled him off stage to stop him impersonating a Roomba. While ostensibly a self-deprecating cliché about wives’ control over men, ‘I understand power’ also was a statement of unwavering confidence in his own mastery of today’s political landscape. It’s hard to admit, given Biden’s manifest frailties and incompetence, but he’s right.” Joe Biden Certainly Knows How to Wield His “Power” – To Transform the Country for the Worse
  • “Commemorating January 6 with breathless bombast has become an annual tradition for the left, but Biden’s Valley Forge rant was his most aggressive and audacious performance yet.”Biden’s Valley Forge Stunt Shows the Real Threat to Democracy
  • “He talks about democracy being on the ballot but the ballot isn’t very democratic, his own party is trying to strip ballots of Donald Trump’s name to prevent people who want to vote for what appears to be the leading candidate for the presidency from doing that.” ‘He Lost Me’: Jonathan Turley Rebuts Biden’s ‘Assault On Democracy’ Speech In Less Than 60 Seconds
  • “Joe Biden has lied his whole life for this moment. The next eleven months are where he intends for that to pay off.” Truth-Loose and Policy-Free: Biden’s Valley Forge Speech and His Campaign Plan
  • “. . . he doesn’t want to talk about the border, or inflation, or Afghanistan, or all the chaos he has caused throughout the world. The only reason Biden is at Valley Forge abusing George Washington’s legacy to slander 75 million Americans is that he knows he can’t show his face at the Southwest Border, or in East Palestine, Ohio, or at the autoworkers’ factories in Michigan where he is destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs.” WATCH: Trump Blasts Joe’s Valley Forge Speech as “Pathetic Fearmongering”

* * * * *


* * * * *



  • “Praises Hamas leaders, tours terror tunnels, opposes a Jewish state, and supports BDS.” (Be a real shame if she wound up dead from a botched mugging – jjs) NYC Lawyer Kathleen Peratis’ Romance with Hamas
  • “Whitewashing Islamic Jew-hate.” (When do we get to see the video locked away in a safe at the L.A. Times of Obama spouting Jew hate at this turd’s farewell dinner? – jjs) Rashid Khalidi’s Happy Dhimmi Jews

* * * * *



  • “A short briefing on the issues in question in Trump’s legal cases.” The Twists and Turns of Trump’s Legal Journey
  • “Fortenberry’s trial took place in a state where no charged crime was committed, and before a jury drawn from the vicinage of the federal agencies that investigated the defendant,” U.S. District Judge James Donato wrote in his ruling. “The Constitution does not permit this. Fortenberry’s convictions are reversed so that he may be retried, if at all, in a proper venue.” Biden Junta Improperly Tried Ex-Congressman, Conviction Tossed




  • “Vivek comes prepared for his media inquisitors, who are mostly clueless.” Ramaswamy is Absolutely Schooling Woke, Inc.
  • Hasan has recently come under fire for his takes on the Israel-Hamas war and has frequently blamed Israel for the rise of Hamas. Back in 2009 Hasan called non-Muslims “animals” and compared homosexuals to “pedophiles” and “sexual deviants.” Just recently Hasan tried to diminish the magnitude of 9/11 terrorist attacks by needlessly equating the overthrow of the Chilean government in 1973 to the deadly attacks, garnering backlash. (Jeez, you’d think all that would be résumé enhancers for MSNSDAP – jjs) Mehdi Hasan Out at MSNSDAP
  • “Now @JohnFetterman is telling everyone how he’s not a progressive, he rejects us and is now calling Harvard ‘pinko.’ What the f***? This is why people lose hope, because of frauds like Fetterman. You work hard to get a progressive elected and they turn into Republicans instantly,” Uygur posted on Friday. “Young [Jerks] Turks” Host Lashes Out At Fetterman, Calls Him “Fraud” and Says He’s Turned Into a Republican
  • Thad McCotter: “The societal dimension of hardwiring youth to become hypersensitive to ‘social feedback’—i.e., ‘peer pressure’—within their network will have an immense and deleterious impact upon a free society.” “High on Likes”: Driving Under the Influence of Social Media at the Crossroad of Freedom and Serfdom
  • “The SpaceX lawsuit is interesting in that it challenges the very legal structure that has established the NLRB, stating that its actions are illegal because that structure forbids the [so-called quote-unquote “president”] from having full control over its actions, as required by article II of the Constitution.” SpaceX sues to have NLRB complaint dismissed
  • “Wreaking havoc.” Smartphones, Dumb Kids




  • U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney issued a preliminary injunction against the “sensitive places” law on December 20, 2023, noting that it is “openly defiant to the Supreme Court.” But Carney’s injunction was put on hold via an administrative stay on December 30, 2023, opening the door for the expanded gun-free zones to take effect January 1, 2024. That hold has now been lifted and portions of SB2 that create a new slate of gun-free zones for licensed concealed carriers is blocked. Blocked: CA Expansion of Gun-Free Zones for Concealed Carriers
  • “We have no interest in criminalizing constitutionally protected behavior. We took an oath to uphold our Constitution and will work to protect the rights of our citizens. This issue is far from being resolved and we are hopeful the courts will rule in favor of our constitution. We will continue to keep our community informed on this important issue,” Sutter County Sheriff Brandon Barnes and Sutter County District Attorney Jennifer Dupré said in a joint statement Wednesday. CA Sheriff Offers Big “No” to Newsom on Gun Law
  • “The Lone Star State’s commitment to securing its citizens’ Second Amendment rights led to the grand jury’s decision clearing the taqueria hero.” The Houston Grand Jury That Cleared Taqueria Hero Knows Good Guys With Guns Stop Crime



  • Democrats have made abortion central to campaigns across the countries since the Dobbsdecision, painting the issue as one of freedom rather than one of life and death. In June, Biden’s former White House chief of staff Ron Klain predicted to Politico that abortion is “going to be a major theme in the 2024 campaign.” (When everything else is collapsing, the Left goes to it’s strength: Infanticide – jjs) Biden Campaign: Restoring Roe Top Priority on Day 1 of Fourth Obama Term



  • The memo was written soon after New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan (R) announced that the state would have its primary election on January 23, thus “undermining Democrats’ efforts to hold the party’s first primary in South Carolina on February 3,” according to Fox News. DNC Calls New Hampshire Primary Process “Detrimental”
  • Andrew “Out the Ying” Yang: “Look I vastly prefer Biden and would never vote for Trump. But saying you’re defending democracy while suppressing a primary in your own party is ridiculous. Joe Biden referenced George Washington several times in his Valley Forge speech yesterday. More than anything, George Washington knew when to step aside.” Former Dem Presidential Candidate Blasts Biden For Claiming To Defend Democracy While ‘Suppressing’ Party Primary
  • “So, six months after Obama first advised Biden on his reelection, things haven’t gotten any better for Biden. And, spoiler alert, it’s not likely that anything will change.” Barack Obama Hits Panic Button on Biden Campaign, and I’m Laughing Hysterically
  • “The Biden [junta’s] status Obama presidential term three is confirmed by Biden’s appointment of enormous number of Obamaites.” How Obama Pulls Biden’s Strings
  • “Republicans, Conservatives, Magadonians, Populists – whatever they’re called – need to take a page out of the Democrat playbook before it’s too late. The Democrat machine puts everything aside to get to their goals, and it’s time we learned to do the same.” (Except the GOP is a sham opposition party in league with the Dems. Take it over or destroy it – jjs) It’s Like the Right is Trying to Lose
  • ” What exactly are we doing here?” Punishing Chick-fil-A and the Politics of Trolling
  • “In a further irony, this person who condescends to her own husband about the name ‘William’ is the same individual originally named Nimarata Randhawa before she developed an abiding admiration of Hillary Clinton, rebranded herself a Republican, and declared herself a candidate for high office.” Nikki Haley Forcibly Renamed Her Husband



  • “The Pentagon revealed Friday night that Austin was admitted to Walter Reed hospital on Monday following unspecified complications that arose from an elective medical procedure. He was recovering on Saturday when White House National Security Council (NSC) officials said they were not notified of Austin’s hospitalization until Thursday, while Congress and most of the Department of Defense (DOD) leadership did not know until Friday.” “Could Have Done a Better Job”: Lloyd Austin Addresses Lack of Transparency Surrounding Hospitalization 
  • “Failed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin should be fired immediately for improper professional conduct and dereliction of duty, He has been missing for one week, and nobody, including his boss, Crooked Joe Biden, had a clue as to where he was, or might be. He has performed poorly, and should have been dismissed long ago, along with ‘General’ Mark Milley, for many reasons, but in particular the catastrophic surrender in Afghanistan, perhaps the most embarrassing moment in the history of our Country!” Trump Tells Biden to Fire Lloyd Austin for “Improper Professional Conduct”
  • “I am glad to hear Secretary Austin is in improved condition and I wish him a speedy recovery. However, the fact remains that the Department of Defense deliberately withheld the Secretary of Defense’s medical condition for days. That is unacceptable. We are learning more every hour about the Department’s shocking defiance of the law.” Sen. Roger Wicker Calls for a Briefing from the Pentagon After It Hid Austin’s Hospitalization
  • “Let’s think about this for a minute. Joe Biden, who is supposed to be the commander in chief, didn’t know for four days that his own defense secretary, a member of his cabinet, was in the hospital. Now, considering what’s going on in the world right now—the Israel-Hamas war, the Houthi attacks on container ships in the Red Sea, and many other things—how is it possible that Biden isn’t talking to his defense secretary daily? Sure, he has time to give speeches about how Donald Trump is a threat to democracy, but he didn’t even know his defense secretary was incapacitated for days?” Defense Secretary Austin Scandal Is Even Worse Than We Thought
  • “The Deep State who kept this secret even from the [spurious fraud] President of the United States has shown its arrogance.” Lloyd Austin at the ICU: A Symptom of a More Serious Malady





  • In training videos obtained by the Daily Wire, physicians at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital openly discussed ways to keep parents from finding out that their child was being treated for gender dysphoria, including keeping parents of gender-confused girls from finding out their underage daughter was being given medication to stop her period. (In a sane world, any doctor who does this should be defrocked and sent to prison for 50 years to life – jjs)Cincinnati Children’s Trains Doctors On How to Hide Kids’ ‘Transition’ Treatment From Parents



  • “How did college football become indistinguishable from professional sports? Gradually, and then suddenly.” Moneyball

FINALLY . . . 

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