The Morning Report 1/9/24

Good morning, kids. Regardless of where you stand regarding Donald Trump as the likely candidate for next November, and I can argue both sides of the coin regarding his very positive positives and his very negative negatives with ease, I don’t think that that is even the issue anymore. It presupposes that regular order, business as usual and the usual political processes are still in effect when quite clearly they are not. We can bitch and moan about how either he screwed the pooch in his last year of office or that the pooch was already screwed beforehand. Ditto his actions and words on that horrendous January 6th of 2021. 

The fact remains that the repercussions of that day and the now beyond a reasonable doubt stolen election the engendered those events today, in the here and now, are leading us into a potential nightmare scenario. Government sanctioned repression of perceived political enemies by labelling them “insurrectionists” and “terrorists” is the order of the day. And it’s set to get worse by orders of magnitude. 

Americans are increasingly coming to understand the injustice of most Jan. 6 prosecutions. Without question, the events of Jan. 6 were not remotely an insurrection. No one was armed, and even if they were and managed to seize the Capital building, the Republic would never have been in the slightest jeopardy. Indeed, a number of leftist organizations have seized government buildings and suffered nothing for it. Jan. 6 was nothing more than a spontaneous protest that got, briefly, out of hand.

There is no injustice in prosecuting anyone who assaulted a police officer, damaged or stole property or assaulted someone. However, arresting people who were given no notice they were prohibited from entering the building, were welcomed and escorted by the Capital police, never asked to leave and who merely took in the sights and took selfies, is unjust, a political abuse of power.

The D.C. district attorney has already charged more than 1,400 Americans with crimes relating to the protests on Jan. 6. He has also handed down more than 900 convictions, with almost all having prison sentences. On the contrary, Graves admitted that a significant portion of the 2020 George Floyd rioters were not charged at all despite causing destruction and setting cities on fire. 

Thus does Graves, and the Department Of Justice (DOJ) admit their abuse of prosecutorial power, of discretion. A significant part of that abuse is “charge stacking,” an unethical prosecutorial practice designed to punish a defendant beyond the law, and/or to force a defendant to plead to something, even if he’s not guilty, rather than face multiple charges and an out-of-proportion sentence.

Police officers, and prosecutors, have significant discretion. Few professional police officers would arrest anyone for trespassing unless they can prove they intended to trespass and were given notice, verbally or by signage, they were not welcome. Many officers wouldn’t make such an arrest unless the trespasser was told to leave and refused. Ethical prosecutors wouldn’t file a case for the same reasons.

This daily reality across America makes the political nature of the prosecutions of more than 1000 Americans plain. And if that weren’t enough, the DOJ now intends to arrest another thousand and more for merely being present near the Capital building. Not for damaging property, assaulting anyone, not for theft, but merely for standing at some distance from the building for even a second.

The DOJ has imprisoned Jan. 6 defendants without trial for years. Their conviction rate is high because the process is the punishment. Few can afford to travel repeatedly to DC, hiring a lawyer at $300 and more an hour to fight misdemeanor charges, or even charges stacked beyond credibility. To add insult to injury, many DC judges have imposed fines and sentences far in excess of those common and usual for such minor offenses, which further exposes the political nature of Jan. 6 prosecutions.

Considering Joe Biden, at his Valley Forge speech, invoked “insurrectionists” or “insurrection” some 11 times, presaging his campaign strategy, one might be forgiven for thinking the DOJ little more than a Stasi-like arm of his reelection campaign. 

This is why I say, to hell with Trump – meaning his candidacy as an issue or worse the issue going forward. I have my concerns and disappointments with him, and trepidations that perhaps he has not learned his lessons, especially in that last horrendous year of 2020. But, as I elucidated earlier, his candidacy has no bearing on American politics and elections as they once were since those quite obviously no longer exist.

The simultaneous logic and illogic of what Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants’ handlers are putting on his teleprompter is mind-boggling. The rhetoric of comparing Trump to “literally Hitler” and by extension the 73 million of us who voted for him (and probably close to 200 million in total who, if they don’t support him are against Democrat-Leftism) would be laughable until you start to unpack it a bit. 

On the one hand, the Democrats and their propagandists are trying to warn us not to vote for him. Yet, how can they compare him to a potential totalitarian dictator while spending the past three years impeaching and now prosecuting him for fomenting an insurrection while trying to remove him from ballots in all 57 states? If he really is a threat, why not just arrest him now, declare “Our precious democracy is saved!” (vomit) and be done with it? 

I think even they know that that would be “unsubtle,” shall we say. There is a very good chance that all or virtually all of the disgusting, spurious, banana republic, kangaroo court charges brought by this filthy hack Jack Smith (for sure cheered on by if not likely at the behest of Obama and company) will be shot down by SCOTUS. Hopefully 9-0 but that’s not a sure thing, and given the fact that Julia Roberts is loathe to entertain any truly serious cases and at most wants to split the baby so he can maintain his position on the DC cocktail party circuit, it might be a muddle that pisses everyone off. Ironic since Roberts supposedly wants to protect the Court, and either doing the right thing in trashing the case against Trump or something less than that will have the same effect. That is, the courts de-legitimization and ultimate dismantling so it can be “built back better!”

The casting the wider net to “round up the usual suspects,” in this case people who weren’t even in the Capitol building, or even milling about in the immediate vicinity but in many cases just within the DC city limits is either an attempt to maintain this fiction about a Trump-fomented “insurrection” or a preview of what will happen should SCOTUS rule in his favor and nightmare scenario in their eyes, should he overcome the cheat and actually win come next November. As Buck Turgidson said to Merkin Muffley, “We are rapidly approaching a moment of truth, both for ourselves as human beings and for the life of our nation.”

Again, if Trump, the likely candidate wins, a) the Democrats and their minions will, in the most frighteningly laughable reaction ever, claim the election was stolen, march on the Capitol and engage in a real insurrection, and/or b) having been so thoroughly brainwashed into believing that Trump will send them to a death camp engage in civil unrest that will make the 2020 Dresdenization of American cities in the wake of the George Floyd incident look like a church picnic.

Worse, both scenarios might very will include elements of law enforcement and the military actively participating with the BLM/Antifa cadres to seize control of the government in a Kalorama-declared state of emergency. And if that happens, then all bets are well and truly off in terms of what happens to Republican politicians, and of course Trump and his entourage.

Piss and moan all you want about his age, his shooting himself in the foot about COVID lockdowns, his staffing choices and what he supposedly said or didn’t say or do and should’ve said or done on 1/6/21 – it’s not important.

What this illegitimate junta and the corrupt apparatuses of law enforcement, the courts, the military and those who want to maintain power as the current advanced guard of the Socialist Anti-American Revolution in the Democrat Party and their RINO confederates, will do to maintain that power is the central issue of our times. 



  • “The Leftists had been waiting on Jan. 6 for a long, long time, and don’t think for a minute that just because someone didn’t walk the halls, don a buffalo hat, or help themselves to Nancy Pelosi’s phone and mini-bar, they will be exonerated. On the contrary, if someone just happened to be on the Capitol lawn that day, they might want to wait for a knock on their door. Or a battering ram, whichever is more terrifying. ” U.S. District Attorney Announces He Will Target People on the Lawn on Jan. 6
  • “Considering Joe Biden, at his Valley Forge speech, invoked ‘insurrectionists’ or ‘insurrection’ some 11 times, presaging his campaign strategy, one might be forgiven for thinking the DOJ little more than a Stasi-like arm of his reelection campaign.” Jan. 6: the DOJ Plans to Arrest Everybody in the Zip Code
  • Could be a phony false flag to smear conservatives. Yet, if it’s real, I have no sympathy, considering everything being thrown at us – jjs Tanya Chutkan, Judge in Trump’s D.C. Election Case, Latest Swatting Victim
  • “. . . according to [Rep. Clay] Higgins, the evidence suggests that the Capitol riot, which has been used as a pretext to incarcerate Trump supporters without trial and to even prevent Trump from being allowed on the ballot in various states, was a set-up.” Tucker Carlson’s Latest Bombshell About January 6 Might Make You Rethink Everything
  • “With the 2024 election cycle heating up, [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats have ramped up claims former President Donald Trump is a threat to American democracy. Biden himself has accused Trump of parroting the rhetoric of the German Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, though his campaign worries the ridiculousness of the comparison may actually turn off voters.” Dems Prioritise Jan 6 Museum at Capitol if They Win Congress
  • Importantly, Stefanik pointed out the key fact that Democrats are already interfering in the 2024 election through multiple means. “What we’re seeing so far is that Democrats are so desperate they’re trying to remove President Trump from the ballot,” Stefanik continued. “That is a suppression of the American people.” Elise Stefanik Gives Master Class on Refuting Democrats’ “Insurrection” Lies
  • Robert Zimmerman: “For the first time since 2020, when state and federal governments nationwide decided the Constitution and Bill of Rights no longer applied to them and began imposing a whole range of abusive illegal regulations and lockdowns and mandates and blacklisting on Americans everywhere, we are now finally beginning to see some real push back from ordinary people, in ways that leave these tinpot dictators no choice but to back down.” Americans Push Back Against Government Overreach with Some Real Defiance
  • Daniel Greenfield: “The legal tools are there. The authorities choose not to use them.” We Can Stop Hamas and BLM Riots


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  • “. . . when looking at this case, both temporally, and constitutionally, it is the Kentucky Constitution should guide people on the freedom of religion issue, and it just so happens that the state constitution DOES promise protection of religious freedom. BUT, in 2015, the SCOTUS ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges struck down Kentucky’s statutory and constitutional bans on same-sex marriages, and Governor Steve Beshear and Attorney General Jack Conway announced that they would abide by the court’s order.” Judge Imposes Huge New Fees on KY Clerk Who Denied Same-Sex “Marriage Licenses”


  • “Should the Republican-led committees pass the resolutions to hold Hunter Biden in contempt, a full House vote will be triggered. The lower chamber, which is controlled by a slim Republican majority, could then vote to refer the case to the Department of Justice, which would ultimately decide whether or not to pursue criminal charges against Biden.”Judiciary, Oversight Committees Recommend Hunter Biden Held in Contempt of Congress



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  • Ransome, however, could not provide the tapes when asked, and no such footage has ever been uncovered. Then in 2019, Ransome retracted her claims, according to the New Yorker, which reported that Ransome admitted to having “invented the tapes to draw attention to Epstein’s behavior, and to make him believe that she had ‘evidence that would come out if he harmed me.’” Media Outlets Bury Revelation That Epstein Accuser Retracted Trump Allegations
  • [Braindead hack Tobin] Harshaw notes: “41% of the world’s population is having major elections this year. Yay democracy! Right? Not really.” He argues that because people may exercise their democratic right to vote for “extremist populist parties – mostly right-wing,” that elections are not good for democracy. Bloomberg: Elections Are a Threat to Democracy
  • “The piece is penned by Jill Filipovic, one of the staunchest abortion supporters in existence. Filipovic, when not writing dramatized pieces for Ms. Magazine, writes for Cosmopolitan and CNN, two notoriously [leftist], abortion supporting outlets.” 6 Lies From Ms. Magazine Bullshit Piece on Pro-Life Movement





  • “Last month, a car crashed into Biden’s motorcade just as he was getting ready to step back inside one of the vehicles after he walked out from his campaign office headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, following a dinner that he and the first lady attended.” Driver Taken Into Custody After Vehicle Rams Into White House Gate


  • “The long and short of it is that the country is enduring a nasty flu virus, compounded by RSV and the ‘rona — for the smaller segments of the population at serious risk of RSV and the ‘rona. Welcome to winter; it sucks.” ZOMG You’re Going to Die Three Times From the Tripledemic








  • “The Liberian flagged MV Lila Norfolk was sailing 450 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia when it was boarded last Thursday by about a half dozen hijackers. The vessel had a multinational crew of 15 Indians and 6 Fillipinos, who sheltered in the ship’s safe room and reportedly sustained no injuries. The Indian Navy’s Marine Commandos (sometimes called MARCOS) retook the vessel the following morning – the hijackers appear to have fled during the night, after the Indian Navy arrived.”
Indian Navy Retakes Ship From Hijackers



  • “Inspectors at the company found discrepant bolts and other parts on the plug doors of some of its Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft Monday, according to people familiar with the investigation who spoke to The Air Current. The inspection follows an incident on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 on Friday where the side window panels blew off mid-flight, prompting an emergency landing and causing several injuries.” Major Airline Finds Loose Bolts On Multiple Boeing Planes In Fleet Following Alaska Air Accident
  • Various officials said that the cause of the explosion at the 245-room high rise hotel appeared to be a natural gas leak. “There is a smell of gas here in downtown,” said Craig Trojacek with the Fort Worth Fire Department. “We’re not sure if the smell of gas was caused from the explosion and the fire itself or if that’s what caused the explosion. But that’s what we’re looking at.” Massive Explosion Rocks Fort Worth Hotel, Multiple Injuries Reported


  • “This mission was always an engineering test mission designed to prove out Astrobotic’s landing design, so experiencing a failure was not a surprise. The problem is that this failure occurred so soon after launch that it prevents the company from testing that landing design, at all.” Astrobotic’s Peregrine lunar lander suffers major failure
  • “Because so little data really exists about the atmosphere of Venus, with what is known also uncertain, it is presently impossible to solve this mystery with confidence. The problem is made even more difficult in that scientists understand almost nothing about the chemistry of materials under the conditions seen in Venus’s atmosphere, which is extremely hot (800 degrees Fahrenheit) and very thick and dense (100 times that of Earth).” Scientists: Suspended iron minerals floating in Venus’ atmosphere explain dark UV streaks




  • “As a player, he came up with a completely new style for the defender’s role and was the captain of the West Germany team who won the World Cup in 1974. In 1990, he was the coach of West Germany, leading the nation to another tournament championship, which was more special than usual with it being a moment of symbolism as the country was reuniting with East Germany — the victory came just months after the collapse of the Berlin Wall.” (I remember him from the early days of the NY Cosmos. RIP – jjs) Franz Beckenbauer, a World Cup Winner for Germany as Both Coach and Player, Dead at 78
  • “Overstuffed adventure has its flaws, but its heart (and talent) are in the right place.”Kangaroo Kids Offers Embarrassment of Family-Friendly Riches

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