The Morning Rant


Well, well, well! Reliably leftist trained parrots suddenly realize that their livelihood is in jeopardy because of their Jewishness! Remember…one drop of Jewish blood makes you a white colonizer and part of the problem. Even if you look Like this! Or this!

It’s hard to feel sorry for these Hollywood leftist drones. They have agitated for years for exactly the policies that have finally arrived with a vengeance. Gone are the days when Jewish actors could wear the mantle of progressive man-of-the-people while raking in millions as part of the Hollywood elite. The hard left has infiltrated Hollywood and has pushed it even further left…toward the true nature of the communists of the 1950s who were “blacklisted.” Now of course they are celebrated. The October 7th pogrom in Israel tore off the mask of their Jew-hate, and the muted response from the real power in Hollywood should have tipped off these people that they were targets, and no longer fellow travelers.

Jewish Stars Blast Oscar’s Diversity Rules for Leaving Them Out

Except one group has been left out of that diversity shuffle, and now they’re speaking out. Several stars, including “The Morning Show’s” Juliana Margulies, Debra Messing, “Frozen’s” Josh Gad, Mayim Bialik, David Schwimmer, Michael Rapaport and Tiffany Haddish, signed an open letter demanding Jewish inclusion in the new diversity standards.

Demanding to be considered minorities? Demanded inclusion in the victim-hood sweepstakes?

Luckily there is at least one actor with a modicum of intelligence. Reliably left-wing Richard Dreyfuss, whose politics are about as left as they go in polite company, actually noticed the profound, malign effect this policy will have on the rapidly decaying “art” of film.

Richard Dreyfuss On New Diversity Rules For Oscars: “They Make Me Vomit”

And they should!

The rules set by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will take effect in 2024. When posing the question to Dreyfuss, Firing Line host Margaret Hoover said, “Starting in 2024, films will be required to meet new inclusion standards to be eligible for the Academy Awards for Best Picture. They’ll have to have a certain percentage of actors or crew from under-represented racial or ethnic groups.”

How is that going to work? If I make a movie about the Holocaust, set in a concentration camp, must I use black actors to satisfy the quota? How about if I make a movie about the West African slave trade? Do I have to use Asian or Hispanic actors?

This is a natural progression of a society so mired in equity and inclusion and affirmative action and a dozen other buzzwords that mean nothing other than a complete rejection of the concept of a color-blind society. But it is in some ways a blessing, because it will hasten the collapse of the movie industry by mandating every insane racial/ethnic/sexual group except quality.

That’s fine with me. Hollywood and the movies they make have been a caustic influence on America for a very long time. It is long past the time that America recognizes that fact and punishes the industry by simply not going to their crappy post-modern, multi-culti indoctrination sessions masquerading as movies.

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  1. Of course they’re demanding to be considered minorities. What did you expect? The online magazines, like Forward and Tablet made it clear from the start that Jews are not “white” and therefore excluded from the list of oppressors who could be squashed. Garland’s kid actually markets this material, and plenty of groups loved all this and vocally supported this ” anti-white supremacy” campaign…right up until October 7th.

    Margulies was the one who made the silly comment about brainwashing, and stated that we Jews were the only ones supporting MLK and the Civil Rights movement. This is of course an ignorant statement and the prominent presence of Walter Reuther, the NCOC and other Christain groups in addition to Jews can be easily found in the most basic search. The Kennedy brothers, love them or hate them, also played a role. I suspect that old Julianna is more ignorant than malignant, but I’ve been wrong before.

    The “abolish whiteness” concept should have been condemned as its own form of racism, not cheered as a great idea, by anyone.

    I feel we Jews are fortunate to have Christian groups who still stand with us. Sadly too many, like Margulies and those who still seek preferences, were totally cool with this agenda until it worked against them. I’m not sure if she’s one of the people stating that only Jews should play Jews (there was an outcry over Oppenheimer and Mrs Maisel casting), but if Jews were excluded from most of Shakespeare, Ibsen, O’Neill, and not allowed to play roles that were not expressly Jewish, they’d be even more incensed. Preferences are a double edged sword.

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