The Morning Report 1/11/24

Good morning, kids. In yesterday’s editorial about the outraged parents of Brooklyn’s Madison HS at Eric Adams’ displacing students in order to house illegal alien invaders in the school’s gym, I had assumed my home town borough was like the rest of the city, with the exception of Staten Island, solidly Democrat. Later in the comments it was pointed out that the southern half of Brooklyn was actually a fairly solid Republican stronghold. So now it makes sense why Adams shipped them there and not Park Slope which is basically San Francisco East. 

That said, while I was going to apologize for going off on that outraged parent “Michelle,” I am reminded that the last three mayoral elections, which despite usually being in off-years, had record low turnouts across the board. Eight straight years of Bill DeBolshevik which turned the city upside down and inside out, and now Eric Adams who’s basically a younger David Dinkins. They turned my hometown, a world capital into a world-class shit-hole. Electoral shenanigans, a Marxist city council and a controversial if not recognizable candidate in Curtis Sliwa aside, the blame for what will be NYC’s demise rests with the Michelles of NYC who did not turn out in force on three separate occasions to vote the bastards out and restore at least a chance for sanity and recovery.

As the “Louder with Crowder” blog notes, “Brooklyn went 74%-25% to Joe Biden, whose policies started the current border crisis. Also, pro-illegal immigration Governor Kathy Hochul won Brooklyn 72% to 28%.”

This is just a stark illustration of a phenomenon affecting the 50 million American K-12 kids still seriously struggling to recover from three years of lockdown learning damage. Just as they’ve gotten back into schools, American kids everywhere are being placed in classrooms with even more illegal migrant kids who don’t speak the language, don’t share our customs, are in high-risk circumstances linked with bad classroom behavior, and whose trafficking into America is swelling the fortunes of evil cartels.

Well, there’s “three years of lockdown learning damage” and 40-60 years of Leftist brainwashing at the hands of these very same schools. Schools that turned out Claudine Gays and Barack Obamas by the hundreds of thousands, but that’s another story. While the lockdowns that the author mentioned did have deleterious effects to a certain extent on America’s children, they were probably better off being home by orders of magnitude by not being exposed not only to the Marxist indoctrination but the diseased tumescent genitals of men posing as women in the girls locker rooms, among other things. Friend and friend of blog Bob Zimmerman says:

“I have no sympathy for the New Yorkers. I strongly suspect they either did not vote, or did nothing to help the Republicans offer viable candidates, or voted Democratic anyway. Democrats still won 75% of the city’s vote. They had a chance and copped out. As they have in NY now for half a century. As I said, I have no sympathy. And it is one reason both you and I are no longer there.”

Very true. My departure was primarily for other reasons, but for sure the writing was on the wall. The salutary effect of getting the hell out of there before (and as!) the whole shit-house went up in flames is right up there. Yet all of that said, I am reticent to curse my erstwhile neighbors to hell. This situation plus the eruption of rabid and violent Jew-hatred, the coming after (and in) America’s children and economic collapse is an absolutely golden opportunity to open eyes, raise consciousness and recruit allies to the cause like never before, because the wolf is truly at everyone’s throat. 

Forget the GOP or even any single candidate. Do not look to them for deliverance. It starts with each of us to get the job done at a personal level. Reach one and teach one, as my old friend “T.C.” would say. And it couldn’t come at a more crucial time because what’s happening at Madison HS is happening all over the country. From that same article:

The Biden [junta] is depositing pockets of “refugees” and fraudulent asylum seekers in flyover cities, making the border problem national. An Afghan “refugee” relocated to Billings, Montana was quickly charged with rape, which some Islamists consider a form of jihad. In Europe, “refugee” influxes have accompanied dramatic increases in rape. The Billings migrants also enter a city with already overcrowded schools.

Sioux City, Iowa schools are majority-minority, a dramatic and quick change. The district pays for services that help translate English into more than 150 languages. Most kids in the district are under the federal poverty level, qualifying them for multiple welfare programs and subsidies.

The same is true in Chicago, Boston, Denver, Washington D.C., and smaller cities across the American heartland. Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City, Wichita, and St. Louis all dramatically increased in foreign-born residents from 2010 to 2019 by 10 to 50 percent, and given border data since Biden took office, it’s certain that has seen yet another spike.

All these school districts were lower-performing than the rest of their states even before lockdowns and migrant dropoffs. Those two have made things even worse for everyone in town and everyone across the nation funding this national self-destruction. Admitting illegal border crossers to public schools violates American citizen children’s rights, secured in most state constitutions, to an effective education.

It is not the American government’s job to teach every poor kid in the world English, give them breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and provide their housing and health care. It sounds charitable, but it’s really an abdication of the government’s core duty to secure the rights of its own citizens. It is logistically impossible and existentially destructive for American taxpayers and communities to be forced to accept massive numbers of people whom our social institutions radicalize against this country rather than assimilate.

Hammer meet nailhead. There is no “American government.” It’s an illusion that’s as pointless as last night’s “debate” between Haley and DeSantis. What the sentence that I emphasized is, in my view, an indictment for treason against Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants, Barack Obama or whatever cabal is actually running this country with the intention of its destruction and dismantling. 

I do not use the word “treason” lightly. I mean it in its fullest sense when you take in the totality of what has been done to us from behind the scenes the moment Trump and Melania descended the escalator in the summer of 2015, right up until this very moment which is in your face and out in the open.

Ideology, incompetence, and ideologically-driven incompetence has driven us to the very brink of complete societal dissolution here at home and created such dangerous instability abroad that we are closer than ever to either a global conflagration of world war proportions or a bevy of regional wars that will result in the same effect – death, destruction and the emergence of two dominant forces: Red China and global Islam with Iran at the top of that heap. The Davos set will merely be playing Mussolini to Xi’s Hitler. And this time there’ll be no American “arsenal of democracy” to rescue the world and save us from what Churchill deemed on the eve of the Battle of Britain “A new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.”

Look what’s happening right now, not just in the Middle East but elsewhere. Biden’s minders just came in their mouths at what just happened in Poland:

Police entered the Presidential Palace of Poland to arrest politicians of the recently dethroned right-wing government, after a fresh ruling by a court friendly to the new government.

Former Polish Home Affairs Minister Mariusz Kamiński and deputy Maciej Wąsik were arrested by police on Tuesday, apparently part of a push to tie up loose ends by the newly installed globalist-centrist Donald Tusk government. The pair were taken by officers at the Presidential Palace after President Andrej Duda himself had left the building to attend a meeting.

Duda has expressed his outrage at the “brutal” arrest of politicians at the official building, saying “I won’t rest until Minister Mariusz Kamiński and his colleagues are free people again, as they should be, until they are released from prison”. The President says the arrests were illegal.

Poland’s recently unseated Prime Minister Mateusz Morawicki also spoke out against the arrests, praising his country’s post-Cold War achievements of ending political persecution, saying in the 35 years since the end of the Soviet Union “no one was persecuted in our country because of their political views, and no political prisoners were held”. This has now changed, he said, continuing: “For the first time since the dark days of totalitarian rule we have political prisoners in Poland. They are the former Interior Minister Mariusz Kamiński and deputy Maciej Wąsik.

“Both are members of the Polish Parliament. Both fought against communists. Both fought for justice in a free Poland… unfortunately, both are victims of political revenge, targeted by Donald Tusk’s government.”

Morawicki said the arrests were a “flagrant” breach of Polish law and the Constitution and was an abuse of power by the new government. He said: “and this is happening in a major European Union country in the 21st century… this is a source of great shame”.

Minister Mariusz Kamiński, who was an anti-communist activist during the Soviet era and a Parliamentarian since the 1990s was dismissed from government and charged with abuse of power during the last Donald Tusk government in 2010 over the Polish Land scandal that had brought down the previous government. Kamiński and Wąsik denied the charges but were eventually convicted five years later, however the ruling was immediately annulled by President Andrzej Duda, who pardoned the pair and two others.

Whether this pardon was legally permissible has gone back and forth between different courts with different allegiances. A fresh ruling found them guilty again last week and arrest warrants were issued, yet even that was quickly followed by another court finding stripping the Parliamentarians of their protections was unlawful. The second ruling, and another finding the first court doesn’t have the power to overturn Presidential pardons anyway, seem to have been ignored.

Coincidentally, that ruling for arrest came the same day in December 2023 as Polish police entered the Warsaw television studio of TVP and the channel went off the air, one of the more remarkable events of the new Tusk government so far.

I can just imagine cancer hostage-taker Jamie Raskin belching out something like what’s going on in Poland is what “Trump and his army of extreme-MAGA white supremacist insurrectionists” were planning on doing on 1/6/21. In point of fact, I bet this is precisely a potential move that the DC Junta will make some time around this coming November when it looks as if Trump will beat the cheat or if indeed he does.

As an aside, given what Davos, the EU and the WEF have done to western Europe and are attempting to do to Hungary, I am shocked at how Poland ditched Duda and voted in the globalists. Then again, considering what happened here in 2020 and how Brexit was sabotaged, “voted in” may not be quite accurate, if you follow my meaning. Per commenter “Thomas Paine”:

Tusk didn’t win the election, he formed a coalition to take power, and then immediately shut down the television stations and began arresting his opponents. Just like we will see in 12 months.

Points well taken. Psaki-Psircling back to our non-existent border which is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of catastrophes (“You got your foreign policy fuck up in my domestic policy disaster!” “Wait a minute, you got your domestic policy disaster in my foreign policy fuck up!”) Look at what’s happening in sleepy Ecuador:

Ecuador appears to be falling to the drug cartels in another sad chapter in that country’s long history of coups and revolutions — and the videos might disturb you.

President Daniel Noboa declared an “internal armed conflict” on Tuesday after one criminal group took over a TV station in the country’s largest city, Guayaquil, during a live newscast. “Internal armed conflict” is just another way of saying “civil war.” Noboa also ordered the cartels to be “neutralized,” but for now, the cartels might be winning.

The TV station takeover was part of “a wider wave of violence that has engulfed Ecuador as the national government attempts to clamp down on drug-related violence,” according to Forbes.

National Police General Commander César Zapata claimed his forces were able to arrest all 13 gunmen and free the hostages without any losses, but TC Television anchor Jorge Rendon described an “extremely violent attack” in which one person was shot and another injured by the cartel terrorists. . . 

. . . Other victims of the cartel violence sweeping the nation weren’t so lucky as those the police rescued at TC Television. In this video shared Tuesday by Chuck Callesto, masked men appear to be executing hostages.

The black masks, the sociopathic eagerness to do violence… it’s impossible to say for sure where these apparent executions took place. The killer could be a cartel thug, Hamas, or Antifa. It’s the kind of semi-random violence that has become the stock-in-trade of drug cartels and terror groups alike.

The effective political reach of the drug cartels is much closer than Ecuador.

At this time last year, officials and residents of Yuma, Ariz., warned that Mexican cartels already controlled that part of the map that used to be our southern border. “This is not a political discussion, this is a national security issue,” Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines told Fox News last January. “Unless this situation changes and we take back control from the cartels, for the trafficking coming across our border, it will only get worse.”

If you want to know what “worse” looks like, look no further than the videos embedded in this column.

Since Lines issued his warning, record illegal crossings have only increased. December broke yet another record with an estimated 250,000 crossings in that month alone. Presidentish Joe Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, faces an impeachment inquiry today in Congress “over allegations he has encouraged illegal immigration with overly lax policies.”

Now take a look at the other links in the FOREIGN AFFAIRS section. The Norks are literally threatening war against the ROK, while Taiwan faces an imminent invasion which might be hastened depending upon the outcome of its elections this weekend.

No, Mayorkas and Biden – and quite probably hundreds of other apparatchiks in DC and elsewhere – shouldn’t be facing impeachment. They should be facing a freaking hangman for what they are doing to us. I mean that quite literally. 

But Trump said “pussy.” At least the adults are once again in charge – when they’re not AWOL under the knife or under the Caribbean sun or taking a nap in the Oval Office. Prepare to get your hair seriously mussed.


  • “Trump’s electoral mandate is to put Democrat subverters, infiltrators, oppressors and miscreants behind bars – no matter what it takes. It begins with the man at the top. Biden and his entire family have done little to hide their criminal activities. Because of their years at the top of government, they have been brazen in their corrupt acts. All means must be exhausted to make an example of Biden, and then watch the dominos fall, as justice is returned to the Republic through Trump’s righteous hands of vengeance.” (it presupposes an incorruptible justice system that does not exist – jjs) Trump’s “Retribution” is Morally and Legally Necessary
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  • Miranda Devine: “Legally, well, Abbe Lowell, Hunter’s high-priced attorney, went along with the stunt, so he must have thought it was worth the risk, despite his furrowed brow. . . But politically, Wednesday’s stunt was a disaster for the [so-called quote-unquote “president”], whose reelection pitch is to portray himself as the defender of ‘democracy’ and the rule of law, in contrast to the ‘insurrectionist’ Donald Trump. . . Worse than the bad optics is that the White House has let slip that Joe had advance notice of his son’s little speech to reporters on Dec. 13 when Hunter first thumbed his nose at Congress’ subpoena, prompting Republicans to question the president’s role in ‘Hunter’s obstruction of Congress.’”  Hunter Biden’s Crashing of Congress, Cracked Reality is Making His Family Look Like a Circus



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  • “The problem was never just about three people or even three universities. Their attempt to contextualize genocide of Jews was merely a symptom of decades of moral decay, intellectual laziness and dangerous radical groupthink at elite institutions across society. Replacing the wallpaper is not enough when there is deep rot within the walls. To remove that rot, we first need to keep exploring how deep it goes.” Elise Stefanik Op-Ed: Penn, Harvard Firings Just the Start — House Will Expose ALL the Higher-Ed Rot






  • “No one wants to lose a war, but history happens. If bigger nations won’t join the Ukrainian War (and let’s pray they don’t, because world wars are the pits), then the world owes it to them to negotiate an end to the bloodshed. Eastern Ukraine has been part of Russia before, and Russia will no doubt continue to entrench itself and “normalize” its conquered lands to date. Maybe it’s time to call it a draw and cut everyone’s losses. Let’s call on both sides to stop the damned fighting. An uneasy Russia-Ukraine fault line is nothing new.” Ukraine to Be ‘De Facto Partitioned’ in 2024, Says Top Prognosticator
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  • In October, 2021, a letter was sent to Zelensky personally by Reps. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) and Jerry Nadler (D-NY), expressing “concern” about “desecration” of the Jewish cemetery, “in violation of existing cultural heritage protection agreements,” emphasizing that “[the] cemetery and other important historical and culturally significant sites are provided with legal protection under the 1994 bilateral agreement between the United States and Ukraine on Protecting and Preserving Cultural Heritage.” (When even the Democrat self-gassers raise a stink . . . Fuck Ukraine to hell for all time; basically borscht-eating Islamists – jjs)Ukraine Seeks Billions From U.S. as It Desecrates Jewish Cemetery to Build Condo


* * * * *



  • “I don’t have to explain to you why a wealth tax is such a supremely stupid idea that it takes a Bay Area socialist to champion it because even Lee’s brother and sister Democrats are having none of it. Brendan Richards, Deputy Comms Director for Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, almost immediately took to Twitter/X to insist that ‘a wealth tax is not part of the conversation – wealth tax proposals are going nowhere in California.'” . . . Lee might not get his wealth tax in 2024 or even in 2025 — but unless his party’s trajectory changes, he’ll get it by 2030 or so. You don’t start running for office at 25 or 26 years old unless you’re on a mission and, whatever their faults are policy-wise, the country’s democratic socialists are committed.” California’s Next Suicidal Idea Will Shock You — Unless It Doesn’t




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