Is America Dead, And We Just Don’t Know It?

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Looting (Valencia)
Carlos Saenz de Tejada

We have been invaded by what can only be described as Visigoths, sacking us like they sacked Rome in 410. Illegals are pouring across our undefended borders and taking whatever they can grab…welfare benefits, free cell phones, flights and bus rides to their preferred looting opportunities, food, clothing, education! Yes…even their kids are being sent to our schools.

But they take more than just the progressive handouts that are the lifeblood of the grand socialist experiment in 21st century America. Many are also criminals, in addition of course to their lawbreaking the second they stepped onto American soil. They rob and steal and kill each other and us. They bring a third-world esthetic to our shores that has no concept of our grand experiment in self-rule; that has no sense of history or responsibility or sense of pride in country and civilization and the common goal of our culture.

And even worse, if that is possible, a fair number of these invaders are single men of military age, very possibly dispatched by our enemies in preparation for violent action. Whether of the lone-wolf variety or a concerted effort to destroy infrastructure and technological capacity, or even along the lines of Israel’s October 7th Pogrom remains to be seen.

And all of this is at our expense. We pay for those benefits, we suffer the additional crime, we suffer the degradation of our society. And all of this emanates from the first crime…illegally entering our country.

Yet America has done so very little to combat this existential issue. We have allowed the ratcheting down of our cultural expectations of immigrants. We have allowed the change in vernacular that used to differentiate between the welcomed legal immigrant and the gate-crashing, law-breaking illegal alien. And we have allowed our governments to extend every bit of the welfare state — and more — to people who just a few generations ago would have been incarcerated and then deported. And they have created an entire subculture that is completely independent of traditional America, unlike the immigrant neighborhoods of the 19th and early 20th centuries that were steppingstones to integration into the larger American society.

And for what? Cheaper labor at the very bottom of the pay scale? Reliable Democrat voting bases in the inner cities? The destruction of traditional American culture even in the heartland? Massive shifts in spending away from taxpaying Americans?

That sounds like a country that has given up. That sounds like a country that has abandoned its traditions, its Judeo-Christian core, its unified cultural norms that have endured for centuries.

That sounds like a country that is dying…or already dead. And the armies crashing across our borders are simply looting the corpse.

PS. Yes, this is a dark and pessimistic view. I asked Buck Throckmorton to read this essay as a check on my dour and disheartened tone. His comment is more upbeat.

My sentiment is that this country is not yet dead, but our ruling class (who actively dislike the country they rule) has invited the invaders for the specific purpose of killing our country off as an outpost of western civilization.

I hope my supposition is incorrect, and America will come roaring back from the abyss. There are many wonderful things about this country that have provided the strength to overcome some significant challenges throughout our history. Can we draw strength from them and push back against the internal enemies that desire our destruction? That would mean that many more of us must take off the blinders and see the existential threat. That has happened recently, but it must become the default, rather than a local response to a particular issue.

Even if I am wrong, the country seems to be approaching a time when we will not have a choice to remain willfully unaware!

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  1. Sadly, you’re right. And many, too many, have bought into the language of the left. A friend, now former, from my old synagogue, announced that people who do not agree with open borders are racists and on par with Hitler. This from a person who was shocked and angered by 10/7 and justifiably denounced the left’s response. Seems any and every want is comparable to running for your life.

  2. We are also no longer a nation of laws. Yeah, the barbarians loot…but all of Epstein’s clients remain unprosecuted, and Gates (either Jeff’s boss or Jeff’s client) still tells us that we will be excluded from society if we don’t follow his orders.
    There are no honest men in DC

  3. Yet America has done so very little to combat this existential issue…

    DaFuq? America has not done anything to combat it, biden has actively supported it! Not only will the Federal government NOT stop the invasion, they are taking legal action against the states that try to protect their own borders! So, that is where I stopped reading this bullshit.

  4. Nolan Parker: Nikki Haley favors this and Rush didn’t call Lindsey “Grahamnesty” because he was against migration. Also look at what Lankford came up with! The GOP is complicit and working against the country.

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