The Morning Report 1/15/24

Good morning, kids. Today is the official federal holiday commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, which unlike many, for once falls on his actual birthday. For sure, he had his faults and his flaws like any other human being, but his core beliefs and what he fought for, and the ways of nonviolence that he advocated to achieve them stand in stark, absolute contrast with what the Anti-American Left and its co-conspirators in the Democrat Party have done to this nation in the 60 years since Dr. King’s heyday (and really since Burr murdered Hamilton).

Instead of equality of opportunity, and content of character over color of skin, we have been “fundamentally transformed” into a dystopian society where things are just the opposite. I just have to write the name “Claudine Gay” and you can well imagine Dr. King somewhere in the great beyond weeping, if not hurling epithets. It’s bad enough that we have a hierarchy based on the most irrelevant things such as racial, ethnic and sexual characteristics, but the purveyors of this poison have as central tenets the notion of oppressed and oppressors, where the latter are defined with the immutable characteristics of being genetically pre-disposed to being such. That is, an evil that must be eradicated, “by any means necessary.”

Naturally, this is patent nonsense. Then again, so were the rantings and ravings of a certain Viennese housepainter who wrote the book Mein Kampf. Since Dr. King’s assassination (and as an aside, the FBI lurks not far below the surface yet again), far too many individuals have been brainwashed and bamboozled into believing the same kind of poison. And here we are, virtually at each other’s throats. Except it’s more like a big hobnailed Manolo Blank jackboot is on ours. 

The question remains, can we throw it off, because unlike those pressing down on our larynx we do not have the luxury of “any means necessary.” Merely the instrumentalities of a system that has been so corrupted as to make regular order, elections, and even peaceful protest impossible. Friend and Cob CBD touched upon this yesterday in his piece “Is America Dead and We Just Don’t Know It?

Well, maybe not dead but not at all well. Arguably one of the most horrid individuals in this nation, Malig-Nancy Pelosi opened her filthy sewer and belched this out.

During a recent appearance on CNN, Nancy Pelosi made a bizarre declaration that has many scratching their heads as to what she meant.

In the segment, host Phil Mattingly openly wonders why the polls are so close and asks her about it. 

“You lay out what the former president has said he wants to do in terms of repealing Obamacare, in terms of being proud of Roe versus Wade being struck down, in terms of more tax cuts, along the lines of what you saw in 2017, that also polls much better for Democrats than it would for him,” Mattingly began. “And yet this is a neck-in-neck race and no one feels very comfortable in the Democratic side of things that Donald Trump isn’t going to be the next president.”

“Well, I don’t think that nobody feels, I think many of us know that it’s impossible for him to be the president again with what he’s proposing,” Pelosi told him.

Malig-Nancy Pelosi is many things, among them arrogant, corrupt, venal and drunk on power. She’s also loud and in your face, yet of late, mercifully out of the public eye. So for her to suddenly pop up kind of raises the hair on the back of my neck. 

If she were ever in a non-puff-piece interview, she’d fall apart into a mass of gibbering stammers before leaving in a huff. She has zero rhetorical skills except for being able to string pre-digested talking points and slanders which the media gobble up unquestioningly and uncritically. Propagandist Mattingly did ask her how she felt so confident but she merely stated it was because people supposedly overwhelmingly preferred Biden’s “successes” over Trump’s promises of “disaster.”

But obviously there’s more to this beneath the surface. While Pelosi is an octogenarian and for sure slowing down, she’s nowhere near as limited in her mental capacity as Joey. “Many of us know it’s impossible for Trump to be President.” Remember four short (long) years ago, Pelosi guaranteed Donald Trump would not win the 2020 election. She wasn’t confident, she wasn’t wildly optimistic. She guaranteed that there was no way he would win.

Now four years later, with the same “temporary” measures like mail-in ballots, same day registration, ballot harvesting and non-verification, all as a result of the lockdowns still in place, you better believe she just tipped her mitt. Yet, on an optimistic note, if I can be optimistic pace CBD and Buck Throckmorton above, the situation in the nation and with the people is radically different from four years ago.

A change is coming that moves beyond mere electoral politics, rigged or not. Maybe this is a harbinger:

. . . I undertook what is, I believe, the first such analysis of the cumulative data from 17 current polls with a subset of Black voters, which revealed a striking, if not historical, shift in Black voting preferences toward the Republican Party, and particularly to Donald Trump. . .

. . . The aggregate of all 17 polls showed that 21.9% of black voters intend to vote for Donald Trump, with many individual polls showing Trump polling above 20%; for example, ActiVote had 34.4% of the black vote going to Trump.

The Trump preference range of individual polls varied from Blacks Yahoo News at 7% to HarrisX at 38%, demonstrating the importance of aggregation for a more comprehensive understanding.

Even if, on election day, it drifts back, I very much doubt it would drift back to the 12% Trump received in 2020. Even, say, 16% + stay-at-homes in the right cities would be a huge game changer. . . 

. . . The potential electoral impact is clear. The concentration of Black voters in pivotal states urban areas like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Detroit switching to Trump by 17% could significantly impact the election outcome. These polls are Biden/Trump head-to-head; the inclusion of Cornel West if he gets on the ballot is a further challenge to Biden. . .

. . . The historic shift in Black voting preferences, as indicated by aggregated polling data, suggests a potential paradigm shift with far-reaching consequences for the Democratic Party. High-profile Black voices, combined with these polling numbers, indicate a notable trend that, if confirmed at the ballot box, could reshape the political landscape. The upcoming election may witness a significant increase in Black support for Trump, with potential repercussions for Democratic electoral strategies.

This has not come out of the blue. I noted indications of shifts among Black men in 2016 and 2020. Change usually does not come in a rush unless massive forces like the Great Depression, which shifted the Black vote nearly en masse from GOP to Democrat. But the shift from John McCain (4%) to Donald Trump (12%) — and now polling at 21% — shows which way the wind is blowing, and if confirmed at the ballot box, a new paradigm will be in place.

Boy oh boy (no racist pun!) do I have a dream today. 

Whatever one thinks of polling especially this far out (or near, since elections are either light years away or right around the corner depending upon one’s perspective!) is an eye-opener. In normal, non-rigged elections, if Dem support from blacks drops below IIRC 93%, that is a major alarm bell for the former. What this aggregate poll shows is a potential disaster. Even if as we can all assume the key swing states which have large urban areas that will be rigged for Biden, the amount of cheating will have to be so massive that it would be even more obvious than what we witnessed four years ago.

Here’s the kicker, though. Unlike four years ago, we now have a significant number of Americans across the board who believe that 2020 was at least compromised and at most outright stolen (I had that poll some time last week, perhaps it was from National Pulse). That significant number via polling and anecdotally now includes blacks who are seething about the economy, transexual/homosexual indoctrination and most of all open borders. Now try stealing 2024, which no doubt the Dems will or have the battle plan to attempt it. 

Be that as it may, as I said, I believe a sea change is coming regardless of elections and all their attendant now kabuki-bukkake crap. For all intents and purposes, and like it or not, Trump is going to be the standard bearer this year. If he does overcome the cheat, what can he do as chief executive with a bureaucracy that is going to essentially mutiny the moment he takes his hand off that Bible?

This of course assumes that said bureaucracy doesn’t physically move against him and take him out. Remember: Trump is now literally Hitler, a tyrant who is going to throw people into concentration camps or worse. He is evil. And by defining him – and never forget by extension all of us as evil – then “any means necessary” can be used to stop him, and with a clear conscience. Dangerous days ahead, my friends.

Of particular note at press time but no time to cover:

Taiwan has rejected the Chi-Com flunky candidates and voted for the pro-independence party, which is sure to piss of Emperor Pooh Xi
While things heat up in the Red Sea, Daniel Greenfield reports about rumors that the Biden Junta is giving advance warning to the Houthis we’re allegedly punishing.

All the news I can fit I print!

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  • “Although the Committee’s subpoenas are lawful and remain legally enforceable, as an accommodation to Mr. Biden and at your request, we are prepared to issue subpoenas compelling Mr. Biden’s appearance at a deposition on a new date in the coming weeks,” they wrote. (Pfft – jjs) House Republicans Offer To Accommodate Hunter Biden With New Subpoenas
  • “Biden’s handlers dispatched him to a coffee shop for a photo op, during which time he introduced himself (again) as a senator, even though he hasn’t served in the Senate for decades at this point. . . At the coffee shop, sexual harassment of an underage female patron ensued, right in front of the cameras.” WATCH: The Brandon Entity Moves on Another Child Trapped in Coffee Shop Photo Op


  • Victor Davis Hanson: “Prosecutors are discovering that the more they seek to rush to judgment before the election and gag Trump from speaking publicly about these proceedings, the more he rises in the polls.” (But what happens when rigged juries “find” him guilty? – jjs) Lawfare Against Trump Is Running Out of Gas
  • “The comments were Willis’ first time addressing the allegations publicly — but she neither confirmed nor denied the claims lobbed at her and special prosecutor Nathan Wade, who helped secure an indictment against the former Republican president in an election interference case.” Georgia DA Fani Willis Says Accusations of Affair with Trump Prosecutor are – Wait for It – Racially Motivated
  • “Around the same time that Wade had been preparing to indict the former president for allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 election in the Peach State, a judge in Cobb County, Georgia, ruled he had “willfully” failed to turn over documents about his income. Wade’s wife later said that the income included money he had made during his work on the Trump case. Revelations about him being held in contempt of court come after a lawyer for one of the former president’s co-defendants alleged in a court filing that Wade had an affair with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.” Report: Georgia Prosecutor [and Fani’s Fanny Fanatic] Nathan Wade Held in Contempt of Court Last Year


  • “How can Pelosi say with confidence that it is impossible for Trump to be president again? Is there some sort of scheme she’s concocted or knows about — like in 2020, when Democrat governors nationwide unilaterally and illegally made changes to election laws to give Biden an advantage? Is she counting on efforts to boot Trump off the ballot to come through, or for the absurd criminal charges by the Biden administration against Trump to succeed? In any of those cases, Pelosi can’t justifiably be so confident without knowing something we don’t, right?” Malig-Nancy Pelosi Raises Eyebrows With Ominous Claim About Trump’s Campaign
  • Dennis Prager: “And his obliviousness to his own catastrophic failures.” (He’s oblivious to everything, Dennis. Except is lust for little girls, money and power. Hence, what we see as “failure” is wildly successful for him and his controllers – jjs) Joe Biden’s Scary Speech on Jan. 6
  • “57% of 322 U.S. execs surveyed in November 2023 by the employment law firm Littler said their organizations have expanded their DEI programs over the past year.” Executives Say They’re Still Committed to DEI Policies Despite Rising Backlash
  • “The Marxists in charge never get tired of slapping American citizens around and telling them it’s for their own good.” We Are in an Abusive Relationship with Our Government
  • “The Southern Poverty Law Center is assisting the Biden [junta’s] sham campaign against ‘domestic terrorism.’” DEI’s Attack Dog
  • “Biden has built his entire career on race-baiting and lying about his ‘civil rights record’ in a pathetic attempt to gain credibility with the black community.” Race-Baiting Biden Renews His Favorite Playbook In 2024





  • A report released last week by the independent watchdog said the agency’s initial reporting to — the federal government’s “official public source” of spending information — was “not complete or accurate” because the EPA’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) “did not follow its information technology configuration management procedures.” (Maybe the EPA needs to be shuttered for at least a year, and the top tier apparatchiks fired and arrested for fraud? – jjs) Inspector General Finds EPA Failed to Properly Report Billions of Dollars
  • Commercial fishing groups and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have warned that offshore wind turbines and their transmission lines could disrupt marine ecosystems upon which fisheries and related businesses rely. Nevertheless, the [junta] is pushing a massive offshore wind buildout up and down the East Coast and looking to bring the technology to California’s waters alongside its “ocean justice” strategy, which the White House says is designed to ” improve the well-being of people in communities connected to the ocean.” Commercial Fishers Say Biden Junta’s “Ocean Justice” Initiative Totally Ignores Their Concerns


  • “They have a very pro-criminal stance in California, and they have for years, all of the laws. Newsom’s goal is to close as many prisons as he can, to not prosecute and to not sentence anyone to state prison. They blame law enforcement. They blame society. So, there’s never a personal responsibility on someone’s criminal behavior. It’s always someone else’s fault. And there is this agenda that is extremely pro-criminal in Sacramento.” California Sheriff: Gov. Newsom Targets the Law-Abiding While Giving Criminals a Pass
  • “Some Church leaders seek to protect the pocketbook of the Archdiocese instead of its children.” Archdiocese Challenges Child Abuse Victims Act
  • “Academic historians avoid talking frankly about the twentieth century’s urban crime wave—and the one going on now.” Crime and History
  • “We shouldn’t let partisans distract from the success of ‘tough on crime’ policies.” (You also have to end the last 60 years of Leftist social policies that destroyed the family and morality – jjs) A Sure Shot at Fixing Crime



  • “When state legislatures and local officials can strip people of their rights and force them to go through expensive and lengthy lawsuits to get those rights back, then freedom is at risk for everyone.” Illinois’ Ethically Challenged Court







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  • “Despite Kyiv’s much-vaunted ‘Spring counteroffensive’ failing to recapture any significant territory occupied by the heavily entrenched Russian forces last year, Zelensky’s government has maintained that it will not even consider entering into negotiations with the Kremlin until Russia withdraws and Ukraine’s 1991 borders are restored, meaning that Russia would have to retreat from its heavily entrenched positions in the Donbas as well as Crimea, which Vladimir Putin annexed and has controlled since 2014.” Ukraine Rejects Ceasefire with Russia at Davos ‘Peace’ Summit Ahead of World Economic Forum Meeting


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  • “The total spending number agreed to by House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is about 20% higher than 2019, the last full year of government spending prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several House conservatives voiced opposition to the deal for failing to cut spending enough and ensure funding for conservative border policies. “(When do we get to de-fund the government? – jjs) Congressional Leaders Reach Agreement To Fund Government Until March



  • “Musk emphasized that they must be able to fly these tests frequently to get Starship/Superheavy functioning, not just for SpaceX but for NASA’s Artemis program. As he said, ‘Time is the one true currency.’” Elon Musk’s employee update released January 12th
  • “It seems this is an entirely worthwhile project, since Oumuamua continues to baffle scientists as to its nature. While most belief it is a natural but very unusual interstellar asteroid, none can dismiss the possibility that it instead an alien spacecraft.” (“Rendez-Vous with Rama” anyone? – jjs) A new plan to send a probe to interstellar object Oumuamua



  • Christian Toto: “High Score follows a ‘burgeoning’ racist radicalized by Trump, far-Right sites.” Anti-Racism Short Casts Ben Shapiro Clone as White Supremacist
  • We already knew men were taking over women’s sports. Turns out, that’s happening in more ways than one. As part of the online ad for its upcoming princess-themed marathon and half-marathon events, Walt Disney World featured a picture of two large grown men in princess attire. Because nothing says “run like a girl” quite like being a dude. Disney Promotes Kid-Friendly Princess Marathon With Dudes Dressed In Drag
  • “The Disney that produced Nightmare [Before Christmas] no longer exists. Decent parents know this, and that’s why normal people stay far away from Disney products aimed at kids. Soul might be a great movie, but normal people will never know because Disney has lost our trust and goodwill. Disney is a threat to our children. Disney is evil. Pixar’s Soul Ranks as Disney’s Latest Box Office Humiliation


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