The Morning Report 1/16/24

Good morning, kids. Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought there was the possibility of a surprise in Iowa, most likely because of global warming sending temperatures low enough to freeze a penguin’s cloaca shut and keeping caucus goers home or more importantly, latent, unidentified Trump fatigue propelling DeSantis, Ramaswamy or God-forbid Haley. 

But, as I had thought likely, Trump won it running away. Were this anything remotely resembling the good old days, where we were more or less oblivious to the sham of a two-party system and regular order, then I’d caution that the primaries have only just begun. Yet as we all know, 2024 is like no other time before, with the possible exception of 2020, and not just because Trump was the incumbent.

Whether you like him or not, or like it or not, Trump is the de facto leader of a combination resistance movement and a revival movement. Leader is kind of an odd word because in the cold light of day at the granular level, there’s precious little if anything he personally and collectively with hopefully a cadre of loyal cabinet members and other advisers can do to root out the corruption that took him out four years ago and brought us to the brink of disaster (if we haven’t irreversibly crossed over that line already). This assumes of course that he does indeed overcome a cheat that will be in everyone’s face and more to the point, survive an increasing likelihood of being convicted in a kangaroo court and thrown in prison for what would be a life sentence considering his ages and the maximum sentences on each of the dozens of spurious and/or non-crime fake charges.

On a much higher level, what’s being done to him, and more crucially what has resulted in what’s being done to all of us vis a vis a crashing economy, an invasion of illegal aliens, a disastrous foreign policy that threatens a global conflagration, is raising the blood pressure of more and more citizens across ethnic, racial and political divides. More than anything else, and more than Trump, this is what scares the shit out of the Leftists, Democrats and RINO globalist stooges. But given that virtually the entire government and much of society outside of it has been thoroughly corrupted and hijacked by the Left, can a Popular Front for the Liberation of America (that ought to make Lefty heads explode!”) ever have a chance to coalesce let alone achieve a final victory in our lifetimes?

While you ponder that, let’s get back to Iowa and the situation going forward. As I said, even with a full slate of primaries to go, some really unknown event notwithstanding, the nomination is likely Trump’s. Vivek Ramaswamy has already bowed out and endorsed him. So what of DeSantis (I could care fuck-all for Haley. She’s McCain/Romney/Bush with tits that sag even lower than theirs)? The full court press by the Deep State might be his greatest, if not only, advantage.

Shortly after the Iowa caucus concluded, tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy announced that he would suspend his campaign and endorse Trump. That leaves two: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley. The Trump campaign has called on the candidates to drop out and clear the field for Trump. 

There’s still a very real possibility that Trump could be in jail by the time the general election rolls around. (Note what I’m not saying: I’m not saying that Trump should be in prison.) But although Trump is the runaway favorite to win the nomination, the fact remains that he is now engaged in a multi-front war. (Ask Napoleon how that worked out.)

Let’s look at the dates for Trump’s upcoming trials and how they fit with the rest of the primaries, caucuses, and Election Day: Jan. 23: New Hampshire primaryFeb 8: Nevada caucusFeb 24: South Carolina primaryMarch 2: Michigan, Idaho, Missouri, District of Columbia, N. Dakota primaries and caucusMarch 4: Federal election interferenceMarch 5: Super TuesdayMay 20: Mar-a-Lago classified docsMarch 25: Stormy Daniels paymentsJuly 15: GOP conventionAugust 5: Georgia election interference Nov. 5: Election Day

That’s some heavy, heavy ammo aimed at destroying Trump at a time he should be spending his time and money campaigning. Some (or possibly all) of these cases will be delayed for one reason or another, which means that come November, Trump could still be embroiled in legal troubles. There are several possible scenarios: All of the cases have been disposed, and Trump is free to go on with his life (unlikely)Trump loses one or more cases and is sentenced to jail time just in time for the election (possible)Trump is kicked off the ballot in key states (also possible)

If you don’t think the left is working overtime to ensure the first and third options happen, you haven’t been paying attention. 

Is it right? No. But that’s never stopped the Left before. Nor have the rule of law or the Constitution. The Supreme Court may yet step in and stop all this madness, but can we count on John Roberts? How about Amy Coney Barrett? Both have voted with the left wing of the court on some issues. So what happens if a presidential nominee withdraws or dies after the convention but before the election? The political parties choose a replacement candidate. From Teaching History:

Since the time of Andrew Jackson’s run for the presidency in 1828, individual political parties have had the job of filling any vacancy on their national ticket, either that of their presidential or vice-presidential candidate. If one of their candidates vacates the ticket after they are nominated, either because of death or withdrawal, the party selects a replacement. Both the Republican and the Democratic parties have rules in their bylaws governing how to fill the vacancy. The Party Chair calls a meeting of the National Committee, and the Committee members at the meeting vote to fill the vacancy on the ticket. A candidate must receive a majority of the votes to win the party’s nod.

Just what we need: Ronna McDaniels choosing the GOP candidate. Of course, the same thing could happen to Biden. He’s not getting any younger and can barely spit out a coherent sentence these days. But we’re concerned with Republicans here because losing to the Democrats in 2024 may very well be the last nail in the Republic’s coffin. 

So what happens if Democrats get their way and throw Trump in the slammer before the convention? That would depend on the delegates. Most Republican delegates are bound to vote for the nominee(s) chosen by their states on the first ballot at the convention, although there is some disagreement on whether or not that can be enforced. If bound delegates go rogue in the event that Trump is jailed, it’s anyone’s guess what the RNC would do. 

These are all hypotheticals, but knowing what we know about Democrats, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Trump could be in jail on Election Day. The damage Joe Biden (or whoever’s running him) could do to this nation in four years is breathtaking.  We may not survive it. That’s why we need a Plan B in the form of a backup nominee. 

Meh. This is Paula Bolyard, whose assertions that she doesn’t want Trump to be imprisoned should be taken with a large grain of salt. She’s not a fan and I don’t think ever was. Besides, this is PJ Media which is now part of Salem Media which also owns Townhall and Hot Air. QED. But that said, her observations about what lies ahead for Trump are spot on. Haley is a RINO stooge. She’s an absolute non-starter. There is no one else besides DeSantis that has anywhere near the anti-establishment/anti-Leftist bona fides that Trump does, their day-to-day missteps and misstatements notwithstanding. Ramaswamy threw a lot of red meat but he’s bowed out. 

That bit about Ronna Romney McDaniel choosing the candidate would be the bitter end. It would no doubt be Haley. Meh, I can see her trotting out Uncle Pee-Air Defecto to come in and save the day! Of course, and this point has been argued here and no doubt will be as soon as I post the column, Trump himself endorsed her as RNC chair or at least gave a thumbs up. Was Harmeet Dhillon a better choice? Who knows, but for sure Ronna McDaniel was and is horrendous. Remember that big red wave of 2022?

It’s all moot now. So what do we do? There’s not much, I guess, except go out and vote for him or DeSantis in your state’s primary. Even then, all of the persecutions and prosecutions are going to ramp up if not come to a head. Then again, they don’t have to since as we all know the process is the punishment, although you best believe they want him behind bars. Or six feet under if they can’t get that. 

I know that a lot of you as well as Ace and some of the cobs are to be charitable less than enthused with Trump. That puts it mildly for them, but for me it’s not sarcasm. I support Trump yet he nevertheless gets under my skin when he says and does things that at times are head-scratchers if not “WTF!?”-inducing. At other times he hits the friggin’ nail right on the head when it comes to the issues and what needs to get done. If, as the tea leaves show, he is unstoppable in the primaries, then we best get behind him, warts and all. Doesn’t mean hold back on criticism when it’s warranted. That’s what the propagandists do when Democrats rape children, steal billions, and persecute the innocent. 

But, if you’ve read this column for any length of time, you know that I have my reservations about elections, even if we overcome the fraud. About the only thing they can do is slow down to a greater or lesser extent the inevitable, depending upon who wins them. In some or even most cases (*cough!* Dubya! *cough!*) the people we vote for do as bad or even worse structural damage than the Democrats we seemingly thwarted.

It’s going to take things that go way beyond elections to prevent the inevitable, or to mitigate the pain and suffering once it hits, if that is even possible.


  • “In addition to scare-mongering, attendees will continue to push the message, ‘You will own nothing and be happy.’” Disease X is on the World Economic Forum’s Agenda for Davos Conference
  • Michael Walsh: “Despite the media-driven odds against us, we’ve made remarkable progress in the past four years: the idea of ‘peak oil’ has been debunked, the Covid hoax has been thoroughly exposed, and the Chicken Little Church of Climate Catastrophe is on the run as people are finally seeing it for the money-extracting elitist fraud that it is.” (Congrats to Buck Throckmorton for his new gig with Pipeline! – jjs) “Welcome Back to the Fight”
  • “Reigning in the unchecked powers federal regulators now wield would begin to restore a government of limited powers the Founders envisioned.” (That’s why it will be fought tooth and nail by the tyrants – jjs) Is This the Beginning of the End of the $2 Trillion Administrative State?
  • “Incompetence resulting from DEI policies may sour your shopping experience at Lululemon, but it won’t cost you your life.” DEI, Airplane Crashes, and Bad Medicine


  • “Ahmed Zidat, 25, and Mahmoud Zidat, 44, neither of whom had a permit to work in Israel, had been caught in Israel several times and had served time in prison for illegal entry.” Two “Palestinian” Terrorists Murder Elderly Woman, Launch Ramming Attacks Injuring 18 Other People, Including Children
  • “The Senate is expected to hold a vote Tuesday on a resolution Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced aimed at conditioning US military assistance to Israel. It will be the first major test for Senate Democrats. . . A vote in favor of the Sanders resolution is a vote to delegitimize Israel’s inherent right to self-defense — or, perhaps more honestly, a vote in favor of Israel’s eventual annihilation. The White House had suggested it opposed the resolution — but its latest comments send mixed signals.” Pathetic: As Hamas Plays Sick Games with Hostages 100 Days In, Biden Whines He’s Losing Patience with Israel
  • “This planned walkout is just the latest effort to compel Biden to change his policy toward Israel. Earlier this month, a group of Biden campaign staffers published an open letter on Medium urging Joe Biden to establish a ‘permanent ceasefire’ between Israel and Hamas. They also demanded that he advocate for de-escalation, end unconditional military aid to Israel, investigate Israel for human rights violations, and ‘take concrete steps to end the conditions of apartheid, occupation, and ethnic cleansing that are the root causes of this conflict.'” Biden Junta Anti-Semites Plan Massive Walkout
  • “A milestone of free and open elections that puts the ‘Palestinian’ Authority, Hamas, and Israel’s neighbors to shame.” (Unfortunately, Israel’s out of control judiciary is the fly in the ointment – jjs) Honoring the 75th Anniversary of Israel’s First Free Elections

* * * * *


  • “Thousands of young, mostly white, British children were systematically groomed and often repeatedly raped by mostly Pakistani Muslim men in British towns from the early 2000s.” (If British men still had balls, they’d be cutting them off of the animals who raped their kids – jjs) Britain’s Muslim ‘Grooming Gangs’ Report Finds White Children ‘Left at the Mercy’ of Rapists, With at Least 96 Still at Large
  • “Wresting control of Muslim institutions from the Islamist radicals who control them is crucial.” (No. They must repudiate the central tenets of Islam itself; the annihilation of Jews and infidels in the quest for global conquest. That is a non-starter – jjs) American Muslims Must Repudiate Pro-Hamas Charities
  • The move to proscribe the group comes after pressure intensified on the government following a pro-Palestinian October rally in London organized by the Islamist group. London’s Metropolitan Police investigated the rally but claimed to find no evidence of terrorism, and even defended the group’s chants of “jihad.” Leaders of Hizb ut-Tahrir have previously made statements endorsing Hamas, whom they referred to as “heroes,” and promoted an end to the Western world order. The group is already banned in parts of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. UK FINALLY Moves to Ban Islamist “Hizb ut-Tahrir” Group After First Pledge in 2010


* * * * *






  • “45 percent of those surveyed agreed with the ‘poisoning the blood’ statement generally, and 47 percent agreed with the statement when attributed to the former president.  This is especially noteworthy as the survey included far more likely Democrat and Independent voters combined than likely Republican voters, with fewer than 800 of the 2,870 individuals surveyed identifying as likely Republican voters.” 82% of Republicans Agree With Trump That Illegals are “Poisoning the Blood” of America
  • “He should look to Mexico’s immigration laws for the standard and put some of those into his campaign platform.” (Or just go back to what we had before Teddy Kennedy slit our throats in ’65 with Hart-Celler – jjs) The Immigration Speech Donald Trump Needs to Deliver
  • “People can receive permits to skip curfews for work, school, legal, or medical reasons. It is the same policy as homeless shelters in the city. Residents around the camps have complained about panhandling, drug use, and crime.” NYC Mayor Eric Adams Will Implement Curfew at Some Migrant Shelters



  • “The losses would be even greater if the Fed included the decline in market value of its bond holdings. But because those are held to maturity, they are not recorded as operating losses.” Federal Reserve Payments to Banks Trigger Largest Ever Operating Loss
  • “The industrial policy favored by the Biden [junta] would slow American economic growth for decades to come.” A Path to National Shrinkage
  • “The Supreme Court declared the practice unconstitutional—now what?” How to End Home-Equity Theft
  • “We’ll be hearing more about Bidenomics from Trump than from Biden when the fall campaign season opens.” Whither the Economy, this Election Year?
  • “Of course it’s not just the economy: Anti-Biden voters also see the collapse of border enforcement  —  and are more likely to feel the impact of the illegal migrant surge than the nation’s elites. Voters also likely recall the disaster that was Biden’s bugout from Afghanistan (which he insists was a “success”)  —  and can’t help noticing the major wars in Europe and the Middle East that erupted after that brutal sign of beyond-weak American leadership. Leadership that looks even weaker every time the fast-aging prez does any public speaking that doesn’t involve a teleprompter (and sometimes even then).” It’s the Groceries, Stupid: Why Pundits are Puzzled by Biden’s Putrid Polls






  • “With 97% of the expected vote in, Trump had 51.1% support, followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (21.2%), former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (19.1%) and biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy (7.7%), who ended his campaign and gave Trump his support as the result became clear. The 77-year-old Trump recorded the biggest margin of victory in the modern history of the Iowa GOP caucus, dating back to 1976, and become the first Republican candidate to get more than 50% support in a contested caucus.” Trump Easily Wins Iowa in Historic Landslide, Urges Unity to “Straighten Out Death and Destruction”
  • “As I’ve said since the beginning, there are two America First candidates in this race. And earlier tonight I called Donald Trump to tell him that I — congratulate him on his victory, and now going forward, you will have my full endorsement for the presidency.” Ramaswamy Suspends 2024 bid, Endorses Trump
  • “Rubio, a former presidential rival of Trump in 2016, said that he chose Trump because of his record on foreign policy and that the former president would stand up to special interests and bureaucrats. Rubio’s announcement came one day before the Iowa caucus, the first presidential primary voting of the year.” Rubio Becomes Latest Senator To Endorse Trump For President Ahead Of Iowa Caucus
  • “So what happens if Democrats get their way and throw Trump in the slammer before the convention? That would depend on the delegates. Most Republican delegates are bound to vote for the nominee(s) chosen by their states on the first ballot at the convention, although there is some disagreement on whether or not that can be enforced. If bound delegates go rogue in the event that Trump is jailed, it’s anyone’s guess what the RNC would do.” (Just DeSantis. Nikki Haley is McCain/Romney/Bush with sagging tits – jjs) Why DeSantis and Haley Need to Stay in the Race
  • “I have said it before, I will say it again — President Trump is our Republican Nominee for 2024 & he will defeat Joe Biden this November to #SaveAmerica!” House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) posted on X. “Cue the journo and liberal meltdown.” Republicans React to Trump’s Massive Iowa Win: “Cue the Journo and Liberal Meltdown”
  • The poll also asked respondents if former President Donald Trump is fit for the presidency, even if convicted of a crime. Sixty-four percent said he was, while 34 percent said “no.”XiNN Iowa Entrance Poll: 68% Believe Joe Biden Didn’t Legitimately Win Election
  • “Indictments, lawfare, media propaganda, and phalanx-style opposition from the organs of conservatism have all been arrayed against Trump. Even so, his enemies have barely dented him.” A Pointless Republican Primary

* * * * *

  • “The intervention came after Vivek was heard trying to pull away Trump caucus voters by telling them he would be prohibited from becoming President again, and that the only way to ‘save Trump’ was to vote for Vivek, a talking point confirmed to The National Pulse on Saturday evening.” (He’s not wrong about what the Deep State will or might pull off, but this was a self-inflicted wound – jjs) Trump Aide Jason Miller: “Pretty Safe to Say [VP] Won’t Be Vivek”
  • “The disparity between Trump’s and Biden’s campaigns is heightened when considering inflation. A dollar is worth 20% less now than it was in January 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index calculator. Polling has suggested that Americans are not satisfied with the [so-called quote-unquote “president’s”] handling of inflation.” Biden Campaign Announces Massive Fundraising Haul — There’s Just One Problem
  • “The article really tries to paint Harris in a positive light, but it’s really hard to get past the fact that Harris is literally hiding out at her Los Angeles home to avoid being mocked by Republicans and Democrats alike. Is that really all that dissimilar from Joe Biden hiding from the public for 40% of his presidency? He’s trying to hide his advanced age and cognitive problems, and she’s just trying not to be an extra liability to the campaign.” LOL! Kamala Runs Away From D.C. to Escape Bipartisan Mockery
  • Robert Zimmerman: “The shift in the black vote is completely irrelevant, unless those new black Republicans show up as election judges to prevent election tampering in these formerly 100% Democratic Party districts. If they don’t, these new black votes for Trump will not be counted, or will be overwhelmed by however many fake votes can be manufactured, by the Democrat election judges who presently run those districts.” Can the Shift in Black Vote to Trump Overcome the Democrat Party’s Vote Tampering?
  • “The ever increasing number of young conservatives in America creates an opportunity for Republican leaders to activate them, empower them to create change in their local communities, and further spread the America First conservative message to others in their age group.” Young Conservatives Want Trump in 2024
  • The final Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom poll before the Iowa Republican Caucus shows 40 percent of Republican voters identifying as MAGA, while 38 percent say they’re neutral on the question, with 17 percent bizarrely calling themselves anti-MAGA. Amongst the pro-MAGA contingent, 18 percent consider themselves “ultra MAGA,” while 22 percent say they’re just “regular MAGA.” DATA: Most Haley and DeSantis Iowa Backers ‘Against’ or ‘Neutral’ on Making America Great Again
  • “For all the Left’s shrill rhetoric about thwarted popular majorities, the Electoral College and contingent House votes substantiate a foundational constitutional tenet—federalism.”Centenary Lessons for 2024


* * * * *

  • “Drug gangs had been holding around 130 guards and staff hostage in response to President Daniel Noboa declaring a state of emergency following the escape of Aldofo Macias. Macias was set to be transferred to a higher security prison which angered him and incited the initial aggression seen from gangs. On the day of his transfer, the gang boss disappeared from his cell.” Ecuador Tries to Restore Order After Hostage Crisis with Prison Crackdown






  • “From the army to the movies, the Left’s hatred of white men is so intense, they’ll destroy every institution begun by them.” Reality Bites the Left
  • “Madison Marsh, 22, won the title of Miss America Sunday night. Marsh is from Arkansas and is an active duty member of the United States Air Force. Her win is not only a win for our troops but a win for real women all across the nation.” SHOCKER: Miss America Is a Real Woman and In the Military



  • “A giant stone disk, about the size of an average car tire, featuring what appears to be a celestial map, was discovered in northeastern Italy some years ago, according to a study published in the journal Astronomical Notes. The disks were found at the entrances to graveyards near two Protohistoric hill forts, believed to have been settled between 1800 and 1650 B.C.” Archaeologists Unearth History-Changing Map, Can’t Agree On 3,000-Year-Old Discovery’s Purpose
  • “The quarterback made the Pro Bowl with Washington in 1961 and 1962 but was traded to the Eagles for future Hall of Fame quarterback Sonny Jurgensen. He would make the Pro Bowl again in 1965 but struggled in the latter part of the decade and was traded to the Vikings for the 1971 season.” (RIP – jjs) Norm Snead, Former Giants Pro Bowl Quarterback, Dead at 84
  • “Dealing with any form of government is akin to ‘the house always wins.’” The State and I

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  1. Since the DNC are smashing the notion of a democrat primary (and are denying Bobby Secret Service), it’s easy to guess that the dems are voting Nikki or DeSantis. Some people are even speculating that those paid for pols will join forces and that Ron will accept a VP spot. They’re probably right as both have hitched their wagon to the uniparty star.

    The idea that the “right” are canceling MLK is just adorable. It’s the dems that have written the eulogy for his “content of their character” ideal.

    And, as usual, I’d like to see my fellow Jews stop their blind support for increased migration. There is no Holocaust in Mexico, Central America, or anywhere really. There is no equivalence at all yet, so many of us make the claim that there is. Sorry, but borders are not a “sin”.

  2. But I was told over and over by grifters that the commies really wanted Trump to win the primary because he’s easily beaten?!
    Their scheduling seems to indicate the opposite.

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