The Morning Report 1/17/24

Good morning, kids. While the meat of today’s links is about the Iowa Caucuses and what they mean going forward, there’s a potential, heh, “Mexican standoff” brewing down in Texas between that state and the Junta in DC that has major ramifications for the nation, or whatever the nation will become going forward. Whatever one feels about Governor Greg Abbott and State AG Ken Paxton, their actions over the past year indicate that, to paraphrase George S. Patton, “Alinsky, you malignant bastard, I read your book!” That is, they’ve taken to heart Rule #4:

“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

Leftist governors and mayors made a huge deal out of declaring sanctuary status for illegal aliens, in that they are immune from federal laws regarding citizenship, legal status, deportation, etc. They completely bastardized the 9th and 10th Amendment in what is de facto nullification of legitimate federal law. Make no mistake; the Left hate the Constitution yet are quite adept at using/abusing it as both shield and cudgel whenever they feel it’s to their advantage.

So when Biden intentionally erased our borders and allowed several million foreigners to invade us in the past three years, Abbott (and DeSantis in FL) said, “Okay, be our guest!” At the outset, quite a few of us thought it was a stunt and it wouldn’t last. But as it turns out, it’s quite possibly one of, if not the most brilliant political moves in recent memory. Flooding blue cities with the illegal aliens has strained their budgets and city services to such an extent that the citizenry are in open revolt. It has the potential – the potential – to alienate them temporarily and perhaps permanently from the the Democrat Party going forward. Remember, as bad as this crisis is, it’s on top of a crashing national economy and worse the decriminalization of crime that has ravaged cities across the country. 

Eric Adams’ and Brandon Johnson’s attempts to blame Abbott are falling on deaf ears. Ditto their pleas for help from the source of the catastrophe: Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants. More money is not going to solve this. The only thing that will is sealing the border, cutting off illegals from Tio Azucarwhile deporting the millions already here. Including as many as we can going back to the abomination of the Hart-Celler Act and passing a law abolishing that. Of course, those are non-starters with the Dems and too many in the Grand Old Potemkin Party. 

That’s just the first blow in the one-two punch Abbott is hitting back with. He is attempting as best he can to physically seal off the Rio Grande from the invading hordes. Evidently, it’s working to the extent that the Junta in DC is trying to stop it. Cue the High Noon imagery.

A strongly worded letter from the Department of Homeland Security to the State of Texas demands access to the U.S.-Mexico border on land seized by the State in Eagle Pass. DHS officials ordered the State to cease and desist its efforts to block Border Patrol’s access in and around Shelby Park “and remove all barriers to access” by the end of the day on January 17.

Texas’s actions are clearly unconstitutional and are actively disrupting the federal government’s operations,” DHS General Counsel Jonathan E. Meyer wrote in a letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. “We demand that Texas cease and desist its efforts to block Border Patrol’s access in and around the Shelby Park area and remove all barriers to access in the Shelby Park area.” The counsel sets a deadline of the end of the day on January 17.

“The recent actions by the State of Texas have impeded (emphasis added) operations of the Border Patrol. Those actions conflict with the authority and duties of Border Patrol under federal law and are preempted under the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution,” Meyer stated.

The use of the word “impeded” by the DHS general counsel could imply a threat of criminal action against officers and agents of the State of Texas who are carrying out the orders of Governor Abbott to secure Shelby Park and prevent Border Patrol’s entry to the area.

Under federal law 18 U.S. Code § 111, it is a federal crime to “impede” or “interfere” with certain officers or employees of the federal government. . . 

. . . On the evening of January 11, the Texas Military Department seized Shelby Park in Eagle Pass and expelled Border Patrol agents, Breitbart Texas reported. Border Patrol officials told Breitbart Texas that Texas National Guard units quickly moved into Shelby Park in Eagle Pass on Thursday. The guardsmen erected barriers around the park and instructed Border Patrol agents to leave the area.

The following night, a Mexican migrant woman and two small children drowned in the Rio Grande near Shelby Park. Mexican officials rescued other migrants in distress and recovered the bodies of the three drowned migrants. Biden [junta] officials and U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) blamed the drownings on Governor Abbott’s decision to keep Border Patrol agents from accessing the park. Abbott responded, calling the claims “wholly inaccurate.”

. . .In an apparent response to the DHS letter, Governor Abbott posted on X, “Biden is doing everything possible to eliminate strategies that actually prevent illegal immigrants from entering our country. Texas will continue to use every tool possible to block illegal immigration.”

A couple of things. First, the Junta is – surprise! – lying about the timeline of events that led to the drowning. The victims were already dead by the time CBP got there and it was the Mexican authorities that pulled them from the water. The notion that CBP was prevented by Texas from rescuing them is a blood libel. Second, if people are stupid enough to attempt to cross a dangerous body of water and die in the process, the responsibility is both theirs and the Biden Junta itself for encouraging them to do so in the first place. 

More crucially, we now have a standoff between the Federal government and a sovereign state, in this case Texas. Funny how when blue states “nullify” Federal law, it’s totes kosher, but when a red state does it, it’s tantamount to, wait for it, “insurrection.” In this case we had Texas law enforcement preventing CBP and DHS from accessing the border. It should be noted that the latter have been regularly going down to the river to cut the razor wire that Abbott’s men have erected to keep the invaders out. 

Something’s got to give and so far Abbott and Paxton to their credit are standing (no pun) their ground.

The increasing heat between state governments and the feds may be reaching a virtual boiling point, as the Biden Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Friday added a supplemental filing to the Administration’s days-old request for the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to “reinstate” federal control over the southern Texas border with Mexico. . . 

. . . some very important, very fundamental, questions arise when reading or hearing terms such as “Border Patrol” and “DHS.” Those are heavy and powerful constitutional questions that, likely, the Supreme Court majority – however it is composed when the Justices make a decision – will not address. . . it is absolutely essential that Americans understand that the word “immigration” is not in the US Constitution, and that any federal politician or bureaucrat who claims power to control the Texas border, or even to get access to its southern border, is breaching the rules in that founding document.

Many Americans conflate the power in Article One, Section Eight, granting the Congress ability to create a rule of naturalization, with the power to create a rule over immigration. Naturalization is, of course, how visitors become American citizens, not whether visitors can be on the soil of any U.S. state. . . 

. . . The Founders understood that immigration was not a federal power. Thomas Jefferson said so himself in his 1798 Kentucky Resolution Number Four, which was a slap at the Alien Act pushed by then-President, John Adams . . . 

. . . Left hanging is the matter of whether the US Constitution authorizes the feds to be involved, or if the matter of the lost migrants is one left to Texas during a time when no War has been declared. Clearly, the Founders left the matter in the hands of the state and the Texas Bureau of Immigration.

Like everything else these days I have very little faith in what the Supreme Court will rule. Roberts is a stooge and even the Trump picks have been spotty at best. If Abbott and Paxton are willing to tell Biden to piss up a rope, is it fair to assume that a ruling from SCOTUS that upholds the Junta will elicit the same response? 

This is both a crucial test and a potential flashpoint of the dissolution and breakup of the United States. Because if Abbott stands his ground, it would give other red state governors a reason to stand their ground against the Junta on this and other issues from EPA land seizures to thwart oil exploration, imposition of DEI regimes in the schools and on and on. What Abbott and Paxton are doing is a direct threat to the authority of the Federal government. In this case, an illegitimate and abusive one that is abusing the citizenry of Texas and indeed the entire nation.

As we all know, whenever a tyrant is threatened, he/she ultimately will resort to the use of force to crush that opposition. In this case, the only option for DC if Abbott and Paxton continue to block DHS and CBP from the Rio Grande is to use force to impose its will on them. That means potentially arresting them both and perhaps the Republican members of the TX legislature and taking over the running of the state. Sound crazy? Would they go that far? 

Of course, I am merely attempting to play out one possible scenario. Abbott and Paxton could also conceivably collapse like a wet taco. But given the gravity of the crisis and their raising the ante in physically blocking federal agents, I can’t imagine them backing down now. Not with a likely majority of Texans and the rest of real America behind them.

The ball is in the Junta’s court. Whether they know it or not, and I believe they do, the stakes are enormous. They cannot back down because to do so is both a massive, embarrassing failure as well as tacit admission that opening the border (despite the bullshit lies that they’re not to blame) was a mistake. They are actively seeking to replace what’s left of the American citizenry with a majority of third world peasants who will eagerly keep them in permanent power in return for whatever’s left in the US Treasury. 

That scenario is playing out not only here but all over the world, and with the resurgence of Trump as well as the election of “populist” (that is no longer a dirty word) leaders in Europe, the Davos-Brussels-Beijing Axis is getting antsy. What to do to stop it? Yup, once more with feeling!

Of course, ensuring people get diets full of protein and other immune-system-enhancing nutrients doesn’t allow Big Pharma to prosper, nor bureaucrats to mandate policies on the global scale (which they themselves will ignore).

Well, it turns out that Disease X is on the agenda at Davos.

It comes after warnings from experts that a hypothetical new pandemic could kill 20 times more people than the recent coronavirus outbreak. It is hoped that with the correct research framework in place and enough knowledge in place on a global level, a future pandemic could be eliminated in just 100 days.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned of a potential Disease X since 2017, a term indicating an unknown pathogen that could cause a serious international epidemic. Speaking to the WEF on its Radio Davos podcast last year, author Kate Kelland said that extensive research into already-known families of viruses would help humanity prepare and create a vaccine quickly for the the next outbreak.

She said: “Because scientists were working for decades or more on Sars vaccines and also on Mers vaccine, they found out some very key pieces of information about coronaviruses. If we do that kind of homework on every one of the 25 or so viral families that we already know have the potential to cause disease in humans … then we can actually gain a lot of knowledge ahead of time about something that doesn’t exist yet.”

I predict the attendees at Davos will remain oblivious to how their policies will be received.

They may be oblivious, but they don’t really give a shit, do they? And this Disease X that doesn’t exist yet? Umm, who had the Andromeda Strain on their Bingo cards?

In a Wuhan-esque study, Chinese scientists are experimenting with a mutant COVID-19 strain that has a 100% kill streak in “humanized” mice. The deadly virus — known as GX_P2V — attacked the brains of mice that were engineered to reflect similar genetic makeup to people, according to a study shared last week out of Beijing.

“This underscores a spillover risk of GX_P2V into humans and provides a unique model for understanding the pathogenic mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2-related viruses,” the authors wrote.

The deadly virus is a mutated version of GX/2017, a coronavirus cousin that was reportedly discovered in Malaysian pangolins in 2017 — three years before the pandemic. All the mice that were infected with the virus died within just eight days, which researchers noted was a “surprisingly” rapid death rate.

GX_P2V had infected the lungs, bones, eyes, tracheas, and brains of the dead mice, the last of which was severe enough to ultimately cause the death of the animals. In the days before their deaths, the mice had quickly lost weight, exhibited a hunched posture, and moved extremely sluggishly. Most eerie of all, their eyes turned completely white the day before they died.

Although terrifying, the study is the first of its kind to report a 100% mortality rate in mice infected by the COVID-19-related virus — far surpassing previously reported results from another study, the researchers wrote. More importantly, the results of the study do not indicate how it would impact human beings. Francois Balloux, an epidemiology expert at the University College London’s Genetics Institute, slammed the research as “terrible” and “scientifically totally pointless.

“I can see nothing of vague interest that could be learned from force-infecting a weird breed of humanized mice with a random virus. Conversely, I could see how much stuff might go wrong,” the professor wrote on X. “The preprint does not specify the biosafety level and biosafety precautions used for the research,” he continued. “The absence of this information raises the concerning possibility that part or all of this research, like the research in Wuhan in 2016-2019 that likely caused the Covid-19 pandemic, recklessly was performed without the minimal biosafety containment and practices essential for research with potential pandemic pathogens.

Professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Ruger’s University Richard H. Ebright backed up Balloux’s concerns with a simple: “concur.” Dr. Gennadi Glinsky, a retired professor of medicine at Stanford, wrote: “This madness must be stopped before too late.”

The end of this article is to laugh, after your head explodes: 

The 2024 study does not appear to have any ties to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was the center of lab leak theories surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. US intelligence agencies over the summer found no direct evidence that the lab leaked the coronavirus, though did not rule out the possibility that the virus came from a different one.

It’s the NY Post, which is rapidly degenerating in quality and veracity now that the Murdoch spawn are in charge. 

That said, at least Klassik KOVID was essentially treatable with readily available and cheap anti-virals, until Big Pharma pimped vaccines that were dangerous, untested and lethal. From what this virus can do to “humanized mice” – what the Feminists have turned men into, by the way – the Luddites and Malthusians will be able to get to net zero in record time.

Not net zero carbon emission but net zero global population

Old and Busted – “You will have nothing and like it.”
New Hotness – “You will be nothing.”









  • Why did the Democrats have such a fit when House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) authorized the release of Capitol CCTV from Jan. 6, 2021? It’s obvious by now, isn’t it? The footage has disproven the narrative that Democrats have pushed for years. For example, according to the Democrats, the Capitol riot was a violent insurrection. But footage released in November contradicted that narrative because it showed protestors calmly marching in the Capitol with security looking on without even the slightest concern.  Bombshell J6 Footage Exposes Malig-Nancy Pelosi’s Security Guard’s Lies
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  • “Tonight, at the Timberline Caucus, as I spoke on behalf of President Trump an enraged man attempted to stop my speech. He shouted Trump was ‘racist.’ You know, the same tired trope we’ve heard over and over again,” Hunt said on Twitter. “But on this day, of all days, Martin Luther King Day, the people of Iowa, just like President Trump judge me not by the color of my skin but by the content of my character. The anti-Trump movement is in full blown meltdown.” GOP Rep. Wesley Hunt Fires Back at Heckler Calling Him “Racist” for Supporting Trump


  • Texas’ actions are clearly unconstitutional and are actively disrupting the federal government’s operations,” DHS General Counsel Jonathan E. Meyer wrote in a letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. “We demand that Texas cease and desist its efforts to block Border Patrol’s access in and around the Shelby Park area and remove all barriers to access in the Shelby Park area.” The counsel sets a deadline of the end of the day on January 17. (Flounder voice: “Oh boy, this is gonna be great!!!” – jjs) BORDER SHOWDOWN: Texas Must Give Feds Access by Jan. 18, or Else, Says Biden Junta
  • “In the face of federal opposition and local Republican indifference, Texas citizens demand that we secure our borders.” Combating the Federal Government’s Determination to Allow a Border Invasion
  • “The increasing heat between state governments and the feds may be reaching a virtual boiling point, as the Biden Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Friday added a supplemental filing to the Administration’s days-old request for the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to ‘reinstate’ federal control over the southern Texas border with Mexico.” Biden Takes Texas To SCOTUS Over Border Dispute
  • “. . . the [junta’s] own accounting of the incident by the DOJ makes clear that the allegations against Texas authorities were false. The DOJ states that at 9:00 p.m. on January 12, the Mexican government informed Border Patrol that three migrants, two children and one woman, had drowned at 8:00 p.m. Border Patrol informed the Texas Military Department of the drowning over an hour after it had occurred.” White House Fact-Checked by Own Officials on Migrant Drowning
  • Authorities have not disclosed on which airline the infected individual was traveling. Doctors have warned that the ongoing border crisis poses a significant health concern as migrants threaten to spread diseases once rare in the U.S.” DC Health Officials Warn of Measles Exposure at Dulles, Reagan Airports
  • “Here’s an idea. If you’re too cold, just do what you did to get to this country and enter it illegally — move. Or, you can go back to your more comfortable climate.” Illegal Aliens IN CHICAGO Are Whining About the Cold Weather


* * * * *

  • In a new paper, the researchers say they were able to train the LLMs to engage in “strategically deceptive behavior,” which they define as “behaving helpfully in most situations, but then behaving very differently to pursue alternative objectives when given the opportunity.” The scientists then sought to discover if they could identify when the LLMs engaged in such behavior, and re-train them from doing so. The answer was no.Researchers Who Developed “Evil” AI Report They Can’t “Untrain” It (Evil AI is a redundancy, like radical Islam – jjs)





  • After engaging in what many viewed as an embarrassing display of hubris in her attempt last fall to issue “Executive Orders” attacking the right to keep and bear arms and ammunition, New Mexico’s Democrat governor backed off the orders – but her hubris seems to remain, as last week she fought for the EO move in the New Mexico Supreme Court and engaged in another bold attack. NM Governor Pushes “Legislative Session” to Pass Gun Grabs After “Exec Orders” Fall Flat
  • “Florida’s constitutional carry law may not be the sole reason for those numbers, but this is the exact opposite of what Democrats claimed would happen after the law passed. Indeed, it’s fair to suspect respecting citizens’ constitutional right to self-defense played a role in the crime decline. Good guys with guns can deter, prevent, and even stop crime. The legal use of firearms helps thwart an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year.” After Media-Brutalized Gun Freedom Law, Violent Crime Drops In Florida




  • “A Clark County spokesperson told Fox 5 Vegas News last week that Farzaneh-Simmons “is still employed by the county.” The question is, will she still be employed by the county once she’s convicted of, or pleads guilty to, her two misdemeanor charges? Will she face at least some kind of disciplinary action?” (She will win a dream date with Dana Nessel! – jjs) Vegas DA: “I’m Not That Drunk,” Before Falling Back Into Car


* * * * *

  • “The biggest takeaway isn’t about former President Donald Trump, but the Trump voter.”Trump Dominates in Iowa: What We Learned 
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  • “If you think 2016-23 was bad, this year the Democrats are desperate for many reasons.” Get Ready for the NeverTrump Follies on Steroids
  • “A deeper dive into the poll results sheds some light on why. As the border crisis rages on, only 18 percent of respondents support Biden’s handling of immigration — the lowest number on record since ABC began polling the issue in 2004. Biden is also facing high disapproval numbers due to his mishandling of the economy. Seventy-one percent of those polled said the economy was bad, with nearly half saying they are worse off now economically than when Donald Trump was president. Overall, 56 percent of people disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy.” Biden Presidential Approval Rating Drops to Near 20-Year Low
  • “Manchin would “seriously” consider launching a third-party ticket campaign against Biden if he does not compromise and change his far-left policies, Manchin said, noting that Trump’s Republican nomination would inspire his potential run.” Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin Threatens Joe Biden with Third-Party Ticket Run
  • “The MAGA position is founded on a solid intellectual and moral foundation, aspiring to the optimal well-being of all Americans and ultimately to the benefit of everyone else in the world as well.” The Intellectual Foundations of MAGA



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  • “After carefully removing organic impurities through a controlled process, samples were thoroughly examined under a microscope. In addition to the four forms of microplastics, researchers also identified four types of polymers: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, and polyester — all of which have potential implications for human health.” (Meh, like Joe Jackson sang, “Everything gives you cancer” – jjs) Humans Consume Over 1,000 Microplastics Annually Through Table Salt


  • “Texas law prohibits prescribing puberty blockers and hormones to children. While the Texas Children’s Hospital has reportedly said it would not provide such procedures to minors, Dr. Haim came forward as a whistleblower  and gave documents to journalist Christopher Rufo that allegedly expose the hospital for behaving otherwise. The documents claim the children’s hospital has never abided by the Texas law. In one instance, a doctor allegedly surgically inserted a drug-delivery implant in an 11-year-old patient.” (De-frock and imprison every friggin’ cannibal witch doctor in that hell hole – jjs) Surgeon Whistleblower Alleges Texas Children’s Hospital Ignores Law Protecting Children from Transgender Procedures


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