The Morning Report 1/18/24

Good morning, kids. There are a number of things popping this morning that are each worthy of their own editorial. Alas, the Ace “quick hits” thing is not really my style, so I shall endeavor to hit upon a theme and attempt to weave the other stories in, hopefully in some sort of coherent fashion. Meh. Coherency is overrated, am I right? Here we go:

Right off the bat, while the world is looking at the tension on the Golan Heights between Israel and Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, which means Iran-controlled Lebanon, 2,000 miles to east apparently is where the action is. How many of you had an Iran vs Pakistan war on your bingo cards? Ho Lee Fook:

Pakistan announced early on Thursday morning local time that it had carried out military strikes inside of Iran after Iran killed innocent civilians inside Pakistan earlier this week during military strikes against a Pakistani militant group.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said that the strikes were “highly coordinated” and specifically targeted “terrorist hideouts” in Siestan-o-Baluchistan province of Iran. The operation, codenamed Operation Marg Bar Sarmachar, killed numerous terrorists inside Iran, the statement said.

“Over the last several years, in our engagements with Iran, Pakistan has consistently shared its serious concerns about the safe havens and sanctuaries enjoyed by Pakistani origin terrorists calling themselves *Sarmachars* on the ungoverned spaces inside Iran,” the statement said. “Pakistan also shared multiple dossiers with concrete evidence of the presence and activities of these terrorists.” Pakistan said that Iran did not take the information seriously, did not act, and thus those terrorists have killed innocent Pakistanis. . . 

. . . The statement took a swipe at Iran, saying that Pakistan “fully respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Earlier in the week, Pakistan condemned Iran for violating its sovereignty when Iran launched its strikes. The statement took a swipe at Iran, saying that Pakistan “fully respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Earlier in the week, Pakistan condemned Iran for violating its sovereignty when Iran launched its strikes.”

“As a responsible member of the international community, Pakistan upholds the principles and purposes of the UN Charter including territorial integrity and sovereignty of member states,” the statement said. “Guided by these principles, and in exercise of our legitimate rights within international law, Pakistan will never allow its sovereignty and territorial integrity to be challenged, under any pretext or circumstances.”

Funny, that’s what Israel said in the wake of 10/7. I’m sure the Pakistani delegation in Turtle Bay will rush to Israel’s defense there and at the World Court. If you believe that, I have a 2,000 mile long 30-foot high concrete reinforced steel wall between San Diego and Padre Island I can let you have, cheap (more on that issue in a moment)! As I always say, you can never know the future. The Iran-Pakistan dust-up comes completely out of the blue, and perhaps it’s just the distraction Israel needs to finish the job in Gaza and then perhaps roll north to roll over Hezbollah. Certainly removes or seriously hampers the threat from Iran. 

That said, it should be noted that Pakistan is a nuclear power. Should this incident roll on with ever-increasing tit for tat strikes resulting in full scale war . . . Oh boy. I’m waiting for Lindsey Graham and Nikki Haley to tell us how we must give aid to the Pakistanis and send our armed forces to fight over there. Which would be funny since no doubt Jake Sullivan and Tony Blinken would be advising us to fight alongside the Mullahs, even as Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants can’t decide if the Houthis are terrorists or not while simultaneously hurling cruise missiles at their empty tents. Empty because his underlings gave them advance warning.

What an abject clusterfuck of incompetence, ideology, ideologically-driven incompetence or just plain old having the intellect of the bastard child of Claudine Gay and Fetterman’s goiter. Apologies. John Fetterman may be a Leftist, but for whatever reason he has taken the 100% correct stand regarding the State of Israel.

Unlike Blinken and the Foggy Bottom bottom-dwellers. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week that Israel cannot defeat Hamas — that there is no “military solution,” and that Israel will have to accept a “Palestinian” state. Netanyahu reportedly rejected the idea. . . 

. . . Blinken faces two obstacles: one, that Israelis believe that they are, in fact, capable of winning the war, and that they are doing so; two, that Palestinians themselves do not want a state more than they want to destroy Israel, meaning a state is doomed to fail.

Many left-wing Israelis who once considered themselves “more ‘Palestinian’ than the ‘Palestinians’” now see all Palestinians as a potential threat.

According to Gallup, nearly two-thirds of Israelis now oppose a Palestinian state, given what Hamas did to them, and to Gaza — and given the pro-terror sympathies of the corrupt Palestinian Authority, which governs most Palestinians in the West Bank. That is a radical reversal from the position of most Israelis just a decade ago, when “twice as many Israeli adults supported an independent Palestinian state (61%) as opposed one (30%).” Hamas’s rocket and terror attacks are responsible for the change.

Blinken and [spurious fraud “president”] Joe Biden are committed to the old, failed model of Middle East peacemaking, in which the Palestinian issue must precede all others. President Donald Trump rejected that idea — and the result was the historic Abraham Accords. Now, Biden and Blinken are trying to make new peace agreements — such as a Saudi-Israeli peace deal — contingent on the creation of a “Palestinian” state. And Blinken is casting Israelis as if they are not ready for peace, in contrast to the Arab world.

That is a total inversion of the truth, according to opinion polls, which suggest that the vast majority of Palestinians support Hamas’s terror attack of October 7. Arab public opinion is similar, though the Abraham Accords have remained intact so far. NBC News also reports that Blinken is pushing a deal in which Saudi Arabia would agree to normalized relations with Israel in return for a “Palestinian” state. Ironically, Saudi Arabia was on the verge of a deal without a “Palestinian” state before October 7.

It was the Biden [junta]. according to one report, that actually stalled that deal by insisting on additional concessions to the “Palestinians” — concessions that the Saudis did not demand and for which the “Palestinians” did not agree to any compromises.”

The old adage that “The process is the punishment” applies when it comes to the never-ending Middle East “Peace Process.” A two-state solution will result in another Final Solution for Israel. What all this garbage boils down to is that Blinken via Biden via Obama is doing is demanding Israel surrender. And surrender now sooner or later will result in Israel being attacked again as badly or likely worse than on 10/7. Perhaps by an Iranian nuke. 

If I were Bibi, in no uncertain terms I’d tell Blinken to relay the message to Obama via Biden to go piss up a rope. Then tell him he has one hour to get his filthy self-gassing cadaver the fuck out of the Holy Land or risk arrest as an enemy agent. Enough. Dayaynu. Genucht. And a hearty  vayr ge hargit, paskudnyak momzer, for good measure.

Psaki-psircling back to the border, the gravamen of yesterday’s disquisition centered on the standoff between Texas and the DC junta. Evidently, Abbott and Paxton are not flinching.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Army National Guard soldiers remain posted at temporary gates erected at the entrance to a city-owned park along the Rio Grande. The park was seized by order of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and closed off to Border Patrol agents unless their entrance into the area is first coordinated with state law enforcement and the Texas Military Department.

The state appears to be standing firm as a Biden [junta] deadline of “the end of the day” for the state to remove the gates and allow unimpeded access to the Border Patrol approaches. General Counsel Jonathan Meyer, on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security, communicated it to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in a letter on January 10. . . 

. . . In response to the demands made by the Department of Homeland Security in Counsel Meyer’s demand to grant unimpeded access to the Border Patrol, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton responded in a letter on Wednesday. In his response to DHS, Paxton disputed the arguments made in their cease and desist letter, saying:

Texas allows prompt entry into Shelby Park by any U.S. Border Patrol personnel responding to a medical emergency, and this access is not “limited to use of the boat ramp,” as you say. TMD has ordered its Guardsmen not to impede lifesaving care for aliens who illegally cross the Rio Grande. To that end, TMD has erected gates that allow for rapid admission when federal personnel communicate the existence of some medical exigency.

Paxton went on to say:

[Fake spurious “president”] Biden has been warned in a series of letters, one of them hand-delivered to him in El Paso, that his sustained dereliction of duty in securing the border is illegal. By instructing your agency and others to ignore federal immigration laws, he has breached the guarantee, found in Article IV, § 4 of the U.S. Constitution, that the federal government “shall protect each of [the States] against Invasion.”

. . . Although tensions continue to build between the State of Texas and the Biden [junta] over the use and access of the park by the Border Patrol, the tensions appear to be much less visible at the park itself. Migrant crossings had reduced to a near trickle in the area compared to December when a record-breaking 71,000 migrants crossed the Rio Grande into the Del Rio Border Patrol Sector — most choosing to cross in Eagle Pass.

That means Governor Abbott’s defiance and direct action to protect the citizens of Texas, and by extension the real, legal citizens of what’s left of the United States, is working. And the Junta cannot abide by that. Funny how scumbags like Brandon Johnson, Eric Adams, Kathy Hochul and every other filthy Democrat bitching about how their sanctuary policies are eating them alive are ripping Abbott for doing what will actually solve their problems: that is sealing the fucking border

As I stated yesterday and discussed with CBD on the latest episode of the podcast (click here or look in the sidebar). This is arguably not only the winning issue for the GOP and Trump for 2024, but it can be among the issues that can drive a grassroots across the board political sea change that can halt the driving of America off the cliff. With that said, here’s something to kick us in the nuts and then stomp on our heads:

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) has locked arms with President Joe Biden in calling for a deal to surrender to unlimited migration that would include tens of billions in foreign aid to Ukraine.

The retreat would hand the White House a key election year win and surrender the best leverage Republicans have had in decades to make substantive changes in border policies that could alleviate one of the American people’s greatest concerns potentially for generations.

Senate negotiators have led efforts for months to pair some sort of border security package with billions of supplemental funding, primarily to advance Ukraine’s floundering war efforts against Russia. The war has been deadlocked for almost a year, with untold hundreds of billions spent and countless lives lost.

Yet hesitancy for more foreign aid and demands for a truly substantive border package from Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) Republican House led to the search for a compromise on the two issues. Leaked details of the deal, which essentially amount to a surrender at the border, have received widespread condemnation, with Johnson indicating he will not move that bill through the House.

On Wednesday, Biden is hosting Congressional leaders at the White House to flex his muscles and pressure Johnson to surrender. Thune’s latest position appears supportive of Biden’s tactics, insisting that the leaked deal is worth supporting. . . 

. . . within days, Thune apparently had reversed his position, saying “there isn’t anything that has been settled” when it comes to the idea of tying Ukraine assistance to specific border benchmarks. “There is a concern — and a valid one — that anything we pass won’t be enforced by this administration,” he said. “And if you don’t have some appropriate metrics and consequences, you can put all the best policy out there but they’ll just ignore it.”

Those comments contradict Thune’s latest position, echoing his ally, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), that progress on the border in a future Trump administration would be impossible.

If anyone insists on labeling the GOP the stupid party please leave the room. They are not stupid. They are complicit in our destruction. Thune is likely McYertle’s successor. He won’t let go of the reins until he’s embalmed, but that’s another sordid tale emblematic of the corrupt whorehouse that is our government. 

Bargaining for wasting blood and treasure to preserve the most corrupt kleptocracy on the planet and continue to piss off nuclear-armed Putin in exchange for the Wimpy Tuesday hamburger promise of “just the tip” in Gang of 8 Amnesty Rape 2: Simpson-Mazzoli Psyche! Boogaloo, is insane. 

To hell with Ukrainian territorial integrity when we have erased our own and allowed an invasion of millions who will one day soon completely subsume what’s left of our culture and heritage in exchange for being Democrat-Leftist serfs. The only thing that our leaders, that is if we really had any, should say is No. Hell no. And we demand a sealed border and the immediate ramping up deportations of everyone here illegally. As for Thune, I’d like to rip McConnell’s arms from their sockets and beat Thune to death with them. Rhetorically speaking, of course.

About the only person on our side who even comes close to taking this stand (that last sentence notwithstanding) is, you guessed it, Donald J.Trump. In fairness to DeSantis, he has also sent the illegals up north as has Abbott. Nikki Haley is John Thune with a slightly less sagging ass. 

That said, (singing) “Mister we could use a man like Javier Millei again!. . . ” Actually, in perpetuity.

“I am here today to tell you that the West is in danger. It is in danger because those who are supposed to uphold the values of the West find themselves co-opted by a worldview that inexorably leads to socialism, and consequently, to poverty,” Milei said in the opening of his speech. 

The Argentine president lamented that world leaders have abandoned the ideas of freedom, embracing instead several versions of leftism which he categorized as being versions of the same ideology of “collectivism.”

. . . “We are here to tell you that collectivist experiments are never the solution to the problems that afflict the citizens of the world but, on the contrary, they are their cause,” Milei said. “Believe me, there is no one better than us Argentines to bear witness to these two issues.” Milei continued by recounting how Argentina, after having become a world power in 1860, had seen itself become impoverished over the past 100 years by embracing collectivist ideas. 

“They say that capitalism is bad because it is individualistic and that collectivism is good because it is altruistic, and consequently they strive for ‘social justice.’ Milei said. “But this concept, which in the first world has become fashionable in the last decade, has been a constant in my country’s political discourse for more than 80 years.” . . . The problem is that social justice is not only not fair, but also does not contribute to the general welfare. On the contrary, it is an intrinsically unjust idea, because it is violent. It is unjust because the state is financed by taxes and taxes are levied coercively — or can any of us choose not to pay taxes? Which means that the state is financed through coercion, and the greater the tax burden, the greater the coercion.”

. . . The essential problem of the West today is that we must not only confront those who, even after the fall of the [Berlin] wall and the overwhelming empirical evidence, continue to strive for impoverishing socialism, but also our own leaders, thinkers and academics who, under a mistaken theoretical framework, undermine the foundations of the system that has given us the greatest expansion of wealth and prosperity in our history. . . 

. . . “Do not let yourselves be intimidated, do not surrender to a political class that only wants to remain in power,” Milei said. “You are social benefactors, you are heroes, you are the creators of the most extraordinary period of prosperity that we have ever experienced. Let no one tell you that your ambition is immoral.”

Milei concluded his speech with his now widely famous catchphrase: “¡Viva la libertad, carajo!” which roughly translates to “Long live liberty, damn it!”

Abso-fucking-lutely goddam right.



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  • Sen. John Thune (R-SD) has locked arms with [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden in calling for a deal to surrender to unlimited migration that would include tens of billions in foreign aid to Ukraine. The retreat would hand the White House a key election year win and surrender the best leverage Republicans have had in decades to make substantive changes in border policies that could alleviate one of the American people’s greatest concerns potentially for generations.” (Thune is McYertle’s likely successor. And he’s as much a globalist open border backstabbing cocksucking fraud as Mitch – jjs) McConnell Ally John Thune Pushes Senate Open Borders Deal: “Unique Moment in Time”
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