The Morning Rant: Ohio Constitutional Carry


I don’t care whether “gun violence” increases or decreases when the United State Constitution’s Second Amendment is honored rather than eviscerated. In fact, I reject the term “gun violence” as a hyper-emotional misdirection. Guns are inanimate objects and do not operate independently of their users. Violence is violence, and it doesn’t really matter what tool the criminal uses, because he is responsible for the violence, and blaming the tool removes agency from the criminal and allows a leftist-dominated law enforcement and judiciary to treat murderers and armed robbers as if they littered or rolled through a stop sign.

What is important is that our natural, God-given rights to self defense and defense against tyranny have been (belatedly) honored. Our founders intended the People to be independent of and superior to the government, and that means responsible for their own defense. But the current incarnation of the police state wants us to be helpless and utterly dependent on them. That is why cops and the growing security establishment want us disarmed. THEY want the power. THEY want the guns.

New study claims permitless carry didn’t increase Ohio gun violence, but police argue against it

“It’s hard to say if the fact that crime dropped since the permitless carry bill has been enacted,” Sexton responded. “I do know that we can say that it didn’t make things worse.”

The study results didn’t come as a surprise to Dean Rieck, also with Buckeye Firearms.

“Those who oppose gun rights believe anyone with a gun is a potential murderer,” Rieck said. “But that’s phobia, not fact. The facts show that the vast majority of violent crime is consistently committed by a tiny fraction of the population. Most ordinary people will never commit a crime of any kind.”

That’s the kicker! Most ordinary people are not criminals. But here is the mouthpiece for the police state that would make the Stasi proud jabbering non sequiturs and selecting incomplete data to make his point.

But the data doesn’t tell the full story, the Fraternal Order of Police’s Brian Steel said.

“We also had an all-time homicide rate — Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati combined,” Steel said.

Researchers only analyzed data from June 2021 to June 2023.

Pandemic gun violence was unique and peaked like never before, so it is natural for a decrease, Steel explained.

“If crime went down a little bit, I do not classify it as significant,” he said. “I think we have to expand the study a little more, and then see what happens.”

I wonder what the data would show if the “gun violence” were separated into two classes…one in which the shooter had prior arrests or convictions for felonies, and one in which he didn’t?

I’ll bet there would be a stark and obvious difference. As the state gun organization representative pointed out, most violent crime is perpetrated by a tiny proportion of society.

But…my natural right to self defense against all evil is not dependent on the whims of statistical analysis of violent crime. It is not dependent on government permission. It is not dependent on anything other than my existence as a human being. So any restriction on that right by government is an affront to my humanity, and an intolerable use of government power.