The Morning Report 1/19/24

Good morning, kids. My moods and gut instincts about next November are for sure ephemeral but one thing is for sure. It’s going to be lit. 11 months is both an eternity and just around the corner in electoral politics. But as of this moment, Biden or no Biden, and I think Trump or no Trump, there is no way the Democrats are going to win given the situation on the ground. When I say Trump or no Trump, the second part of that means his imprisonment or otherwise punishment via process of multiple kangaroo courts.

The past three years have been so utterly catastrophic in terms of our economy, foreign policy, degeneracy via social/cultural issues, explosion of raw Democrat-centered Jew-hatred, and most of all, the straw that breaks the camel’s back the intentional erasure of our border and how that has exacerbated all of the aforementioned.

Let us count the ways. First, this nugget:

As the press and its political allies dismiss opposition to open borders and its inherent ‘replacement theory’ as little more than ‘white supremacy,’ something different is happening out in America’s inner cities.

Charlamagne Tha G0d (the name he goes by) hosts the nation’s top radio program with black audiences, and far from hearing white supremacy talk regarding the border issue, is hearing black voices that have had it up to here with open borders.

“Like, I honestly have never spoken to as many people who are concerned about the migrant issue as I have, you know, over the past year. And, I mean, I’ve heard everything from, you know, the gang MS13 overrunning neighborhoods . . . what we saw just happened in New York City, where the migrants—they took 2,000 migrants and put them in the school and made the school stay home—made the students stay home and do school via Zoom. And that was a big issue. Like, I mean, people were calling the radio station—that was just this week, you know, really, really, really complaining about that. So I’ve never seen working-class people who I interact with every day until this past year really, really, really expressed their frustration for the migrants,” he continued.

And this, regarding the standing narrative that only Republicans oppose illegal immigration and it was for racist reasons. The radio host referred to the “stunt” of border state governors transferring illegal migrants to sanctuary cities as their mayors and governors screamed, which, he noted, was an “effective” tactic:

“Clearly it was effective because it made a lot of those Democrats start singing a different tune. And, I mean, the voters see that. The voters see that,” Charlamagne said. “So what does that look like to the voter? Just on the surface, just on the surface, it looks like Republicans were right about the issue and Democrats got it wrong. And now a lot of Democrats are starting to sound like the Republicans sounded. So it makes a lot of people say, ‘Well, damn, Republicans were actually right on that issue.’ Just on the surface, just plain on the surface, that’s how it looks, you know, to the average voter.”

The hard reality is that migrants with little education and few skills are most likely to move into neighborhoods of the poorest people, who are black, and bring crime and gangs with them. They also displace black citizens from jobs, by being willing to work for less, making the lot of black people that much harder. The black people see this from the sharp end much more so than the Martha’s Vineyard crowd, and as Charlamagne reports, they want something done about it.

The cynic in me would think that the only reason blacks are up in arms is that they see a threat to their governmental welfare state gravy train being taken from them and given to the illegals. Yet, even someone like this Charlamagne character is objecting along lines that are much more in line with middle class attitudes, at least from these snippets. 

From the Democrat-Leftist perspective, they are indeed replacing blacks as their new majority bloc because their polices since LBJ have decimated their ranks via abortion and the effects of family dissolution (imprisonment and an early grave) that is leading to their ultimate extinction. To be brutally honest, the Democrats have committed a slow motion genocide against American blacks. Maybe one day soon, Charlamagne Tha G0d and those of his ilk will connect the dots, but by then it might be too late.

Then there’s this aspect:

The protest was a display of the failures of the Obama/Biden administration’s immigration policies — policies that have opened our doors to virulently antisemitic immigrants from the Islamic world who have no intention of embracing our freedoms, but instead insist that Americans embrace Islam.

On the March for Gaza website was a list of endorsing organizations, including the Israel/Palestine Network of the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), along with a litany of radical Marxist and Islamic Organizations.  In less than an hour, I saw protesters screaming for the annihilation of Israel, other protesters calling for revolution to overthrow the Israeli government for defending their people.  Yet in the midst of all that hatred, not once did I hear anyone say “free the hostages, or “overthrow Hamas.”  The question that lingered in my mind was, “Why would a mainline Christian denomination actively support Marxist and antisemitic organizations that call for genocide and the destruction of our capitalist society?”  The red-green alliance between Western Leftists and Middle Eastern Islamists is alive and well.  

The next morning, I read that, the night before, White House staff had to be moved after pro-Palestinian rioters damaged anti-scale fencing and hurled objects at the police.  This comes just two months after rioters vandalized the White House fence and spraypainted graffiti reading, “Death to Israel” and “Glory to our martyrs” on buildings near the Israeli Embassy.  Yet never once has anyone in the administration said a word about “insurrection.”

While malignancies such as Dearborn and Minneapolis are evident, myriad smaller towns and burgs all over the US are, if not stopped, going to turn at first into no-go zones that are controlled by Sharia police and then sooner or later capture the nation. More or less without firing a shot. By the way, much of the problem didn’t begin with Biden. It began with George W. Bush who, after 9/11/01 opened the floodgates for the mass infection of Muslim immigration. Biden just exacerbated it by erasing our borders so that untold hundreds or even thousands of military age males from Islamic countries have entered. Multiply the Boston Marathon bombing by that number and you’ve got yourself a situation.

But don’t worry, sez Democrat Congress-stooge Lou Correa:

Well, think about what’s going on around the world right now. We have two wars. We have fentanyl [on] our doorstep everywhere on Main Street across the country. We have challenges of fentanyl, sad, tragic deaths, parents mourning. And then, of course, we have a worldwide refugee challenge. So, naturally, we want to find out why this is happening. But Alejandro Mayorkas is not the reason. Alejandro’s doing his job. If you think about those two world wars going on in the Middle East and in Europe…what you’re not talking about is the fact that we haven’t had a terrorist attack, thank God, on our soil, the fact that we’ve essentially minimized any attack — cyberattacks on our society. So, Mayorkas is doing a good job.”

Thanks for that reassurance that we haven’t had a terrorist attack – YET. I’m sure this planarian will crawl under a rock never to be seen when a dirty bomb goes off somewhere, or a Queer for “Palestine” goes really really queer in the head and shoots up a synagogue, or blows up a car bomb in Times Square. Meh, he’ll be the first in front of the camera’s to blame America, Trump and the culture of Islamophobia. Or the Mossad. 

Speaking of Queer Terrorists, we dodged another bullet. Let’s see how long it takes for the FBI to turn this creature into a MAGA white supremacist. I guess we should cut them some slack for refusing to cooperate on yet another laptop, Seth Rich’s. But I digress.

In a not unrelated incident, in the desperate attempt to shield Mayorkas, Biden and the entire Democrat Party from their treasonous action of destroying our borders (I unequivocally and absolutely mean that word and its ramifications in no uncertain terms), Dan Goldman, scumbag supreme literally berated a woman who’s daughter died from a fentanyl overdose for daring to blame Alejandro Mayorkas, essentially equating her to a Republican shill. Blood is boiling now.

Josephine Dunn lost her daughter Ashley to fentanyl at the age of 26 and testified before Congress at a hearing titled “Voices for the Victims: The Heartbreaking Reality of the Mayorkas Border Crisis.” Goldman told her that she was being “used” and was not qualified to be a witness before going back and forth about the border.

“I want to apologize in some ways to you that you are here, really to share your story, but being used as a fact witness for an impeachment investigation,” Goldman told Dunn and another mother who lost her daughter to border-related issues. “And obviously given what your experience has been, you don’t have the background to understand what a high crime and misdemeanor is and how it relates to this. So I hope that you’re handling that okay.”

“You would agree, would you not, that it would help to stop the fentanyl trade and fentanyl trafficking from coming into this country if we had more law enforcement officers at the border and more resources and technology to stop the fentanyl from coming in?” he asked Dunn. “Do you agree with that?”

“I disagree with that, because border patrol is now being used to make sandwiches and to screen people and let them into our country, so I disagree with you,” Dunn responded. “I would like the border patrol to be able to do the job that they were hired to do. Every border patrol officer that I have spoken to has told me that their hands are tied by this administration and mister Mayorkas. I’ve been to the border, sir, have you?”

Goldman did not answer the question.

“Excuse me, I’m asking the questions,” he retorted.

There really isn’t a flaming sack of horse manure large, putrid and scorching enough to shove down this bastard’s throat. Crime, terrorism, the waste of hundreds of billons of dollars, societal dissolution and every other problem down the line intersects, at least in some way, with the fact the we have no borders and no immigration control. And that has been completely intentional as I have stated over and over again. 

We see it, and now so many others see it across perhaps the broadest spectrum of the political, ethnic and socio-economic landscape of the nation. A nation disappearing by the day. As I stated at the top, this above all else is going to destroy the Democrats come November, election rigging or not. Oh, they will be trying to steal it yet again for sure. But this time around, it will have to be so massive and in your face a cheat that everyone will see it. And those who voted, or whose ballots went to Biden one way or another four years ago, are going to be pissed because this time around, it’s their election, either in voting Trump or staying home in protest of Biden, that will have been stolen.

The only thing they have left to run on is abortion. And I don’t think even this go-round, it’s going to trump – heh – the disaster of the open border and Bidenomics. After that, all they can hope for is to trump Trump. Prepare for what’s left of your head after Goldman to explode:

[Eric the “Red”] Holder said, “Even with this Supreme Court, with this ultra conservative super majority, there’s not a basis for finding in favor of the assertions he is making. You know, the court’s legitimacy is at stake here in a way that I think really goes to the way in which it will be viewed, that body will be viewed by the American people.”

“To rule for the Trump camp, to say there’s any basis to those five assertions that he has made really puts at risk how the court will be viewed by the American public. There is again no constitutional basis for it, no historical precedent for it. That is not the way in which our nation has been formed or for which the American Revolution was actually conducted. I think that anybody who lines up in support of that really puts at risk our democracy and really puts at risk the notion that we are one person, one vote, that the people decide things, that no one is above the law. puts at risk the whole notion of the rule of law.”

I cannot predict what will happen if Donald Trump is indeed railroaded at least off the ballots and at most imprisoned in the Garland Archipelago. As bad as things are, ordinary, decent real Americans still do not face enough of an existential threat in their daily lives to actually revolt, peacefully or otherwise. At least not yet.

If SCOTUS actually does the right thing and throw these insane charges out, for sure the BLM/Antifa cadres – now “fortified” with hundreds or thousands of military age Muslim males! – are going to react, either at the behest of or independently from Holder’s buddies in Kalorama and elsewhere.

See you tomorrow on the hobby thread. Have a good weekend.

PS: My latest essay is now over at Taki Mag. Have a read and comment.



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  • “You did not dispute any of the facts I said about the organization, that he was an advisor of, he was a donor of, he raised money for,” the Texas senator said. “The Democrats don’t want to defend the substance, so now they’re screaming Islamophobia, and I understand, playing the race card when anyone disagrees with the Democrats, they scream racist.” (Durbin still has not been held accountable for his relationship with near mass assassin James Hodgkinson – jjs) “Is That Seriously What You Said?!”: Ted Cruz Explodes on Democrat Senator


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  • “To rule for the Trump camp, to say there’s any basis to those five assertions that he has made really puts at risk how the court will be viewed by the American public. There is again no constitutional basis for it, no historical precedent for it. That is not the way in which our nation has been formed or for which the American Revolution was actually conducted. I think that anybody who lines up in support of that really puts at risk our democracy and really puts at risk the notion that we are one person, one vote, that the people decide things, that no one is above the law. puts at risk the whole notion of the rule of law.” (The gall of this despicable traitor to spout this is beyond my capacity for words, and effectiveness of my BP meds – jjs) Fish-Faced Thug-in-a-Three-Piece Holder: SCOTUS “Legitimacy Is at Stake” in Trump Rulings









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FINALLY . . . 

  • “The victim was John Ballantine Niven from Oyster Bay, New York, the press release said. He has been recognized as the 1,650th individual to be positively identified by the OCME, thanks to cutting-edge DNA analysis of the remains discovered in the aftermath of the attack that claimed 2,753 lives, the release stated.” (RIP – jjs) 9/11 Victim’s Remains Identified, NYC Mayor Adams and Medical Examiner Announce

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