Support For Hamas And Gaza Is A Mile Wide And An Inch Deep

It’s easy to see the world as a miasma of gleeful Jew-hate, unsubtly couched in terms of anti-Israel sentiment. The media gullibly repeat the hysterical reports of “genocide” emanating from the Gaza health authorities, yet examines every bit of information from the Israeli government with a microscope, parsing and doubting and fact-checking to massage it into an attack on the legitimacy of all information coming from Israel.

Night after night we see video of often violent pro-Gaza protests, complete with unchallenged statements condoning the wholesale slaughter of every Israeli Jew. Many governments around the world are de facto apologists for Hamas, suggesting that the root cause of their fanatical Jew-hate, murder, torture, and rape is Israel’s defense of its people and borders.

That is offensive to all civilized people, yet according to our leftist-compliant media it seems to be the tone of the country.

But it isn’t. I truly believe that America is foresquare in support of Israel’s efforts to destroy Hamas. I believe that America is solidly behind the concept of a secure Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people. I believe that America is supportive of Israel’s place among the world of nations as the tip of the spear in the fight against Islam and its depredations, its desire for world domination, and its glee in the murder of innocents all over the world.

Support for Israel is stronger than we think

The extremists using Judaism as their shield blocking access to Grand Central Terminal in New York or chaining themselves to the White House do not represent American Jews nor the American people writ large.

An overwhelming majority of Americans say Hamas bears the responsibility for this war, including the majority of Republicans and Democrats, and the vast majority of American Jews support Israel in its war aims of bringing the hostages home and removing Hamas from power.

Purple-haired layabouts, Arab immigrants, professional students, and pierced freaks wearing keffiyehs and chanting “Death To The Jews” may seem like mainstream America, but leave the blue cities and you will discover that most Americans are disgusted by those supporters of wholesale murder and rape, and would just as soon see the Arab world be sublimated into Judeo-Christian society, rather than the other way around.

Americans are slow to anger, slow to condemnation, and would rather just be left alone. But Islam and its leftist supporters have given Americans no choice in the matter, and the differences between their demands and the American ethos are stark. Outside of the blue shitholes and college campuses there is no support for their demands, their anti-social behavior, and their support for genocidal savagery.

Don’t let the compliant media convince us of anything else.

That is not to say that complacency is acceptable. We must fight against it…constantly…purposefully…and with the confidence that they represent a small minority whose ulterior motives are evil and destructive. But we are in the majority, even though the media want us to believe otherwise.