The Morning Report 1/22/24

Good morning, kids. Well, Ron DeSantis has bowed out of the race gracefully and even endorsed Donald Trump. That leaves one little Indian, literally, left standing and we’ll get to her in a moment. It’s quite telling that DeSantis’ striking a conciliatory tone stands in stark contrast to his boosters:

It’s quite telling that his striking a conciliatory tone stands in stark contrasts to his boosters:

While much of the political world rejoiced in DeSantis’s decision to unify the party and back Trump in the primary race to focus on defeating [spurious fraud “president”] Biden in November, many of DeSantis’s online influencers are having a much more difficult time letting bygones be bygones.

“It’s ‘Governor Ron DeSantis’ now, is it?” Jenna Ellis sarcastically asked in reaction to a statement from the Trump campaign on DeSantis’s exit from the race and subsequent endorsement of Trump.

“No more Rob DeSanctimonious? We’re all just supposed to forget? They think so. I don’t. The audacity here to use the line, ‘It’s time to choose wisely,’” she said.

“Instead of trying genuinely to recruit DeSantis supporters, the Trump Camp takes a parting shot at @bobvanderplaats and evangelicals who wanted to be post-Trump,” she asserted. 

“It was all just a psyop. And you all still trust anything that Trump promises?!” she proclaimed in another post.

I thought in order to be considered an “influencer” you have to actually influence people in a positive manner. How’d that work out for you, Jenna Ellis? Pfft. If their results matched the hype, DeSantis would be the one with the massive double-digit lead going into New Hampshire after a double-digit win in Iowa. Look, I get it, and in all fairness, I was a Cruz booster eight short (long) years ago and absolutely hated the “Lyin’ Ted” swipe. It was what it was and it is what it is. I voted for Trump just to protect us from Hilary and then four years later I voted FOR Trump period. In any case, when you realize that these schmucks have zero influence on anyone, their puerile tantrums are micturating into the 600mph eye of Jupiter. 

I like and respect Ron DeSantis. More importantly I admire Ron DeSantis for his record as governor. He’s done more in his tenure to preserve and grow Florida as a sanctuary (pun intended) and a haven for freedom-loving Americans escaping the insanity of blue-state anti-America than arguably any other red state governor. That he won the statehouse by a very narrow margin and in doing so, prevented crack-addicted Marxist Andrew Gillum from completely wrecking the state earns my gratitude. In fact, Florida’s formerly heavily Democrat-influenced election machine gave us fits every election cycle and victory was never a sure thing. That seems to be a thing of the past, in no small part thanks to DeSantis’ presence in Tallahsee. Need I remind you of Al Gore and his hanging chakras, er, chads? DeSantis is going places and hopefully he’ll be the one in ’28. An unknown MAGA superstar on the horizon who captures the imagination, or the descent into total dictatorship after ’24 notwithstanding.

As for Trump, he is who he is, warts and all. If you don’t get that by now, you’re never going to get it. His “style” and his “personality” are irrelevant, and those who attempt to make that the issue are fools or disingenuous in their real opposition to him. That said, those who have issues with his missteps and fiascos based strictly on policy, most egregiously his hiring practices and his record on the lockdowns, should not be dismissed. And I count myself in that category, and was indeed wavering on my complete support of him as the candidate to be the standard bearer.

Most likely, the appeal of Trump centers on two things: the abject destruction that Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants has unleashed on the nation and his state-sanctioned persecutions via several kangaroo court trials with the cherry on the parfait of the attempts to remove him from state ballots. All of those things are interrelated and more and more people get it. For better or worse, Trump is seen as a martyr. With every new charge and accusation hurled at him came a significant rise in his polling. I don’t think Ron DeSantis or anyone ever had a chance against that. 

The fact of the matter is, Trump is indeed a political martyr and before long he will either be imprisoned or assassinated. And that will be the bitter end. Ditto if he manages to actually beat the odds and the Democrat cheat machine in the swing states and win re-re-election, because the Left, after equating him with “literally Hitler” who will take away our freedoms and throw people into concentration camps (like Merrick Garland has actually done, ironically) will unleash a wave of terror that will make the 2020 Summer of Floyd look like Disco Night at Comiskey Park (or Kaminski Field, pace Obama the Dog-Eating Boy).

All of that said, I still think Trump’s worst enemy is himself. Mercifully, the scuttlebutt of his supposedly courting Nikki Haley as his running mate have been exploded. Mostly by Trump himself who ripped her a new one the other day. But was there any substance to the initial rumors? His son Don Jr. a couple of weeks back supposedly told him to drop her like radioactive waste. If true, I hope this is an indicator that he and brother Eric are not of the same mindset as Jared and Ivanka and can effectively box them out this go round. 

The late great William F. Buckley once said “I’d rather be governed by the first 3,000 random people from the Boston phonebook than an equal number of Ivy League graduates.” Regardless of the fact that there are no more phonebooks or that most of Boston these days is solidly Democrat, the meaning of the quote still stands. In Trump’s case, it goes back to staffing. Will he or even can he find a chief of staff, the guy/gal in charge of all the hiring and cabinet nominations, that is outside the Deep State? If he indeed hires outsiders, will they even have a chance at being confirmed? And even if confirmed, will they have the power to overcome mass insubordination and mutiny at the agencies they supposedly head at the behest of a President Trump 47?

Meh. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself because there’s still this Non-Endearing Ghandi who refuses to read the tea leaves. 

Has Nikki Haley suddenly become the Republican frontrunner? In a certain sense, yes: she clearly represents the Mitch McConnell/Kevin McCarthy wing of the party, that is, the establishment Republicans who wish Trump had never come around and hope he’ll go away for good soon. Two of her mailings contain the same warning: “WE CAN’T RISK IT / With President Trump’s criminal trials and the Liberal media’s bias against him, our country can’t risk four more years of Joe Biden.”

While this may appeal to those who love Trump but are worried about his, and America’s, prospects, Haley also reaches out to those who hate him: “Donald Trump can’t defend his fiscal record, so he is lying about Nikki Haley’s,” says one mailing, which features headlines about how Trump increased spending and added to the national debt. The rest of the Haley mailings don’t mention Trump and try to present Haley as a fresh new alternative, although they’re larded with generic rhetoric that can be, and has been, said about every candidate under the sun: “Nikki Haley has a plan to make Washington work for you, not the other way around.” “She will be the new leader Washington so desperately needs.”

In contrast, all four Trump mailings spend as much or more time hitting Haley than they do actually touting Trump. “Nikki Haley & Joe Biden’s Open Borders Put America In Danger,” says one. Another asserts that “Nikki Haley’s Day One Checklist” will include “Cut Social Security & Medicare” and “Raise the Retirement Age to Receive Your Benefits.” Therefore, voters should “Reject Nikki Haley On Jan. 23rd.” Another says that Nikki Haley is “Too Weak and Too Liberal to Fix the Border!” In fact, “Tricky Nikki Is Too Close With COMMUNIST CHINA.”

From these mailings, one might get the impression that it was Haley who had a big lead in the polls, and Trump was trying to close the gap. Trump has plenty that he could run on from his tenure as president, but instead it seems as if his team has opted to demonize Haley front and center, and only secondarily to talk about what he has done and what he plans to do . . . 

. . . For the establishment, Haley represents a return to the comfortable days of John McCain and Mitt Romney, when Republicans knew their place in the workings of official Washington, and were happy playing second fiddle and giving Americans the appearance of a multiparty free republic. They didn’t rock the boat. 

Then Trump came along and upset everything. The people who want to make sure that he doesn’t get another chance to do so from the Oval Office are not all Democrats.

Tricky Nikki. I bet you that sticks. For one thing, it’s shorter, punchier and more memorable than Ron DeSanctimonious. And unlike that, it’s completely accurate. That segues quite nicely into our next item on the agenda which Robert Spencer touched upon in his essay. Last week we looked at the stupidity/co-conspiracy of the GOPe on the issue that will decide this election: the open borders. If that’s not enough, look what the Galling Old Potemkins are planning now:

This new energy tax was voted out of committee 14-5, with four Republicans — Senator Kevin Cramer (from North Dakota, an energy producing state), Senator John Boozman (Arkansas), Senator Graham (South Carolina), and, most inexplicably, Senator Cynthia Lummis (from Wyoming, another state that produces energy) — joining ten Democrats to create this new tax.

Five Republicans, led by Senator Capito from West Virginia, voted against the new energy tax.

Like all energy taxes, this one will fall hardest on the poor, the elderly, those on fixed incomes, and local institutions that have limited budgets, like schools and hospitals.

The legislation sponsors, which include Senator Cramer, have tried to disguise the actual intention of the legislation — which is to increase the price of energy and everything grown, made, or transported with energy in an attempt to address global warming — with propaganda about being tough on our trade competitors, including China.

That charade is so embarrassingly thin that even Politico ignored it and declared in a headline: “Senate Committee OKs Carbon Tariff.”

The legislation directs the Team Biden over at the Department of Energy to set up the infrastructure that would be needed to tax imported goods based on their carbon dioxide content.  These taxes, which are called tariffs when imposed on imported goods, could be imposed by the executive branch, without any Congressional votes.

The sponsors have tried to argue that those selling these goods into the United States will pay the tax. That’s nonsense. . . Those who drafted and those who voted for this legislation know that it is a way to create a domestic tax on carbon dioxide without requiring Congress to vote and get on the record one way or the other.  They know that this energy tax will hurt the poor, the elderly, those on fixed incomes, and local institutions the most.

When we asked about this particular tax, voters opposed it by almost a 2-1 margin. This new carbon dioxide tax is intensely unpopular; that’s why its sponsors have shrouded it in a verbal smokescreen about communist China.

These fucking Quislings are selling us down the river. A Pinochet/Patton administration for the next 100 years couldn’t do jack shit against this. Not if they play by the rules.



  • “. . . the Biden [junta], Qatar, and Egypt have proposed a three-stage deal in which Israel would release Palestinian terror convicts and withdraw completely from Gaza in exchange for the gradual release of Israeli captives. Effectively, that would amount to defeat for Israel, whose stated goals for the war are the complete destruction of Hamas’s military capabilities, the return of the hostages, and the restoration of security to Israel’s border communities (north and south).” Netanyahu Rejects Biden Surrender Plan
  • IDF spokesman: Soldiers “located prison cells with toilets and a mattress, and they were closed with bars, where 20 hostages were held at different times in harsh conditions without daylight in dense air with little oxygen and terrible humidity that makes it difficult to breathe.” IDF Uncovers Underground Hostage Jail Cells in Hamas Stronghold of Khan Yunis
  • “The airstrike was carried out by the Israeli air force while flying over the Golan Heights. The strike leveled a building in Mazzeh, a heavily guarded neighborhood in western Damascus, the Associated Press (AP) reported.” Israeli Airstrike Kills Five Iranian Military Advisers
  • “If it’s either the Israelis or the Palestinians who win in Gaza, it ought to be Israel.” Is the West Allowed to Win?
  • “Tel Aviv Diarist.” Israel’s Fight
  • “Whom should we believe — the IDF or Hamas?” The Hostages: Killed by IDF Airstrikes or Murdered?

* * * * *

  • “On October 8th, one day after Hamas killed 1,200 Israelis and took 240 hostages, Santos begged Islamists to come ‘all out for “Palestine”’ and terrorize Americans. He issued the following statement; ‘We are supporting the ‘”Palestinian” people who are resisting an illegal occupation and apartheid imposed by the Israeli government. We are demanding that the US end all aid to the state of Israel.’  Goldman Sachs, you finance this. Goldman isn’t alone.”Goldman Sachs Needs to Explain Why it’s Donating to Terrorist Sympathizers
  • “They can refuse to sign the checks – but they choose not to.” (Time for stockholders to raise hell at the next meeting. Unless of course they back this crap – jjs) Goldman Sachs Funds Pro-Hamas Rallies
  • “The situation appears to be a case of an organization that blindly seeks utopia and professes support of the  working class clashing with reality — forcing it to have to balance a budget like the rest of America and even contemplate layoffs hated by labor unions.” (Maybe Bernie Sanders should sell a couple of his mansions to alleviate the suffering. Pfft! – jjs) Comedy Gold! Democratic-Socialists Face Seven-Figure “Crisis” Amid “Palestinian” Support That May Force Dreaded Layoffs of Staff









  • “This new energy tax was voted out of committee 14-5, with four Republicans — Senator Kevin Cramer (from North Dakota, an energy producing state), Senator John Boozman (Arkansas), Senator Graham (South Carolina), and, most inexplicably, Senator Cynthia Lummis (from Wyoming, another state that produces energy) — joining ten Democrats to create this new tax.” Shocker — RINO Republicans are Backing a Carbon Tax
  • “Joe Biden’s war on American energy started on day one.” Unhappy Anniversary: Biden Killed Keystone Pipeline 3 Years Ago
  • “This is a central planning snarl-up. The subsidies exceed the scale of market demand. States complain of inflexible requirements regarding how far apart charging stations must be, how many charge ports must be built per station, and how many must be located in disadvantaged communities. In addition, central planning and politics are joined at the hip, so workforces must be certified by unions, and materials such as iron and steel must be sourced from American companies.” Here’s Why the Biden Junta’s Multi-Billion Dollar EV Charging Program Has Short-Circuited
  • “As C. Northcote Parkinson in legislative mood might say (and as Milton Friedman did say): If a program is launched to regulate an industry, its strongest supporters will be that industry’s lobbyists. Meanwhile, the Climate Change Navy is neither shrinking nor sinking, Instead, it is sailing calmly on a sea of oil.” Parkinson’s Law in the Persian Gulf
  • “The venue question is fatal to their campaign. These cases are dead-letters in the federal courts, and the only chance they have is by keeping it in the family, so to speak.” Inside the Left’s Spurious Legal Strategy to Take Down Oil and Gas Producers
  • So, again, the judges are being fed ideology before everything in their “education.” As for who funds this lefty legal project, the Environmental Law Institute reported $8.6 million in revenue last year, mostly from “progressive” non-profits, like the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, the Alfred Sloan Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The MacArthur Foundation gave ELI $500,000 in 2020, expressly for the Climate Judiciary Project. The foundation stated, clearly, in its bequest that, “This will lead to better informed decisions and ultimately build a body of law supporting climate action.” Indoctrinating Judges on “Climate Change”
  • “Extreme cold is exposing a fatal flaw in EVs.” “Climate Change” Puts Biden’s EV Mandate on Thin Ice
  • “Hollowing out the economy is not benefiting the German people, nor is it helping climate change. It is not reducing emissions, because manufacturing is being shifted to other nations, like China and India, that use dirtier energy. The German economy is going down, and their people do not have the jobs and economic opportunities that they used to.” Germany Went All In on the Green Transition. Now, Its Economy is Crumbling.


  • “You know the argument: Certain demographic cohorts go to prison out of proportion to their presence in the population — and this, all by itself, is certain proof of an inequitable criminal-justice system. This also is the rationale for the criminal-justice “reforms” Cuomo approved in 2019 and now fueling so much of the chaos plaguing New York. But Eddie Byrne was gunned down at age 22 — and his killers are now in their 50s and 60s. Is this equitable?” (The animals who slaughtered Eddie Byrne should’ve been given a seat in Old Sparky – jjs)Progressives Forget Lesson from NYPD Cop’s Slay: There’s Nothing Just in Freeing a Killer 













  • “The final mass of material will be determined once it is removed and weighed, though the team has already recovered more than 70 grams that had clung to the outside the capsule, which in itself exceeded the mission’s targeted goal.” Scientists finally look at prime samples captured by OSIRIS-REx of the asteroid Bennu
  • Robert Zimmerman: “Based on the information released (or lack thereof) from the previous flight, the 71st, it is my sense that the situation is not as dire as these reports suggest, and that the situation might simply be related to issues of communications. Let me explain why I have come to this conclusion.” Ingenuity’s status uncertain but likely healthy



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