The Morning Report 1/25/24

Good morning, kids. We’ll start of with the most laughable comment/emetic of the day and it comes from the filthy sewer of one of the worst individuals of this nation, Malig-Nancy Pelosi. Get this:

“First of all, [Donald Trump] has a cognitive disorder. It wasn’t that he just had a slip of the tongue of using a name one time for another. Anybody can do that. But he was making a case. But really more dangerous than than getting us mixed up, more dangerous was his charge that we were not accepting his troops. We begged him for hours and hours. Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, to send the National Guard and he wouldn’t do it. His his underlings, the Secretary of the Army and the Acting Secretary of the Defense wouldn’t do it.”

If you can stand the bile rising in your throat and BP exploding, listen to anything she has ever said and you come to realize that she does not speak in rational, well thought out sentences. She’s a minimally competent automaton who can barely string pre-digested talking points, insults and platitudes together in a sort of protracted babble. Like the quote above. She just wants to get it all out at once which she is able to do only because she has hack propagandists willing and eager to just let her go off, unchallenged. 

The incredibly chutzpocritial comment about Trump having a cognitive disability is a howler. Not only considering that Joe Biden shuffles around like the bastard child of a Roomba and a Dalek searching out a pre-pubescent girl to fondle but that she herself as an advanced octogenarian has “issues.” Worst of all is in the rest of the story, that I did not post, she has the fucking gall to outright lie about her intentionally leaving the Capitol unprotected on 1/6. It was Trump and his colleagues that begged her to beef up security and refused. Not vice versa. 

Anyway, far too much real estate but I think what it illustrates is their complete desperation. After everything being flung at Trump, which has done nothing but make him even more popular and almost a martyr, all you have left is this bullshit about his cognitive ability? Watch this have the effect of putting Joey’s rapidly melting brain center stage. Well done, Pelosi!

In any case, things are heating up along the Rio Grande. Greg Abbott has in essence told the asshole contingent at SCOTUS, no doubt acting at the behest of the Kalorama Klown Komintern, to go piss up a rope. Whatever razor wire the Feds cut down will be replaced with all speed. This is now becoming a situation. Oh boy.

A Texas congressman has urged [fake spurious] President Biden to take the state’s National Guard under federal control if Republican Governor Greg Abbott defies a Supreme Court ruling allowing federal agents to remove razor wire from a section of the U.S.-Mexico border.

The call was made by Democratic Representative Joaquin Castro after Abbott posted on X, formerly Twitter, saying the Texas National Guard would continue to “hold the line in Eagle’s Pass,” a popular migrant crossing point, stating: “Texas will not back down from our efforts to secure the border in Biden’s absence.”

Castro re-shared Abbott’s post on his own X account, adding: “Governor Greg Abbott is using the Texas National Guard to obstruct and create chaos at the border.

As of this writing, there has been no action on this by the Biden [junta]. This idea by Rep. Castro raises some interesting questions:

1 – Were the President to activate the Texas National Guard under Title 10, what would their orders be? To assist federal officers in throwing open the gates?
2 – What happens if members of the Texas National Guard refuse activation and instead continue to follow the orders of TX-ANG officers and Governor Abbott?
3 – What if the Texas Guard splits, and former comrades end up facing each other across that red line?
4 – If the Pentagon sends federal troops, how willing are they going to be to confront other Americans to allow the continued invasion of the country?
5 – Is there any possibility that there may be open conflict between Texas and federal officials?

I’m no wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, but this is the kind of thing that civil wars start over.

Meanwhile, Senator and possible No-Labels Presidential candidate Joe Manchin (D-WV) is advising another course, in advising [fake spurious] President Biden to declare a national emergency over the illegal immigration crisis. . . 

. . . It’s unlikely in the extreme that the Biden [junta] is going to declare a national emergency on the illegal invasion of the southern border; this [junta] has spent three years denying that there is any such emergency. Add to that the fact that neither side here looks like they are considering backing down.

First, Joaquin Castro is an insidious, rabid racialist and Marxist who has a hate on for America as founded. See his full rap sheet here via the invaluable Discover the Networks. He’s a huge fan of what is known as la Reconquista, the reconquest of much of the western United States he feels stolen by the Yanquis from Mexico. Much of that crap comes from a pseudo political and totally racist hate group known as “La Raza,” “The Race” in English, which his mother was/is intimately involved in. Don’t bother looking it up as a group being monitored by the SPLC or the DOJ. And yet “replacement theory” is crazy talk, right? Funny, La Raza rhymes with Gaza. But I digress.

Second, the gall of this puta madre to claim Abbott is responsible for the chaos on the border is off the charts. But, that’s a hallmark of Leftists. Projection. And Joe Manchin is a clueless douchebag. Biden and his handlers have intentionally erased our borders and fomented an invasion of the numerical equivalent of one of the largest armies in the world. The chaos, dislocation, criminal violence and potentially terrorist violence, individually or as one or more mass events, that is being unleashed and soon to be unleashed is the greatest national security threat the American people have ever faced. 

Not too fine a point but I believe this is an act of treason on the part of Biden, Mayorkas and anyone who aids, abets and supports this, both in and outside of government.

Right now, Greg Abbott is a patriot for holding the line. And for the moment he is in the wheeled catbird seat for one big reason: the 2024 election. The Biden/Democrat-created crisis via the complete erasure of our border and anything remotely resembling normal, rational immigration control is the issue that will decide the election. Even staunch Democrat blocs, especially American blacks, are being directly impacted by this and they are going from pissed off to being full on enraged.

Their last desperate wunderwaffe (I can’t think of something funny with V-2 and vagina), a.k.a. abortion is not going to help them. The situation at the border mirrors the junta’s fiasco with Israel. Biden is caught between his desire to help destroy Israel that his crazy Muslim-Leftist base wants, and the outrage from most quarters about the attack and simultaneous eruption of anti-semitism that he’s been forced to address. Now, he’ll either have to admit there is a crisis – again one that is intentional and of his making – and reverse course, which will no doubt piss off the hardcore Marxists (and the Gas Chamber of Commerce), or do nothing and let Greg Abbott become a national hero.

Or, most dangerously, he can send armed Federal troops down to Texas and ignite a full blown incident which could have untold repercussions. And remember, this is an election year when everyone’s eyes are on him. Especially the eyes of Texas which are now the eyes of all of us as honorary Texans.

Like everything else over the past three or more years, freedom itself is at stake. And here’s another one of those lost-in-the-sauce items that has major ramifications for everyone:

The pro-life activists are accused of violating the FACE Act and civil rights conspiracy for a protest that took place in a hallway outside of a Mount Juliet abortion provider on March 5, 2021. On that day, a group of demonstrators gathered on the second floor of an office building in the hallway outside the Carafem Health Center Clinic. The group prayed, sang hymns, and urged women showing up to the clinic to not get abortions. 

Eleven of the protesters were arrested for trespassing at the time after local police arrived and dispersed the crowd. In October 2022, the 11 pro-lifers were indicted by a federal grand jury after the Justice Department pursued charges against them arguing that there was conspiracy by the group to stop the women from accessing so-called “reproductive health care” and violating federal law ensuring access to abortion facilities. If convicted, the pro-lifers could face up to 11 years in prison and $250,000 worth of fines. . . 

. . . During the opening statement, the federal government accused the pro-lifers of plotting to “block doors to a health care clinic” and saying that the demonstrators planned on being arrested. The DOJ also said that the demonstration was not a protest, but a violation of federal law.

Each of the lawyers for the defendants then had an opportunity to give an opening statement. Jodie Bell, Gallagher’s lawyer, said that the pro-lifers were peaceful and were only trying to convince pregnant women not to abort their unborn children. The other lawyers also said that their clients never injured, threatened, or assaulted anyone during the protest. Steve Crampton, with the Thomas More Society, said that his client, Vaughn, was an innocent man, and the protest was a “nonviolent, peaceful exercise.”

. . . Vaughn has previously spoken about how the FBI raided his home with guns out in front of his wife and 11 children. He told the Daily Signal that federal agents came to his home “guns pointed at the door, banging on the house, yelling and screaming.” 

“I had kids in the yard walking out to get in the car to go to school, I was about to take them to school, and other kids in the house,” he said. “So seeing that the easiest path to de-escalation was me in handcuffs, I stepped outside and put an end to the ranting and the banging and the yelling.”

The trial is taking place in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee at the Fred D. Thompson courthouse. Overseeing the case is Judge Aleta Trauger, appointed to the court in 1998 by then-President Bill Clinton.

Funny how none of the useful idiot Einsatz-groupies cheering on the slaughter of Jews who blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, the 405 Freeway and even the Capitol are given wrist slaps. If that. This is not about abortion. It’s about not even a two-tiered justice system but a completely politicized and corrupt system that uses the law to persecute, punish and ultimately destroy anyone who stands in the way of the Leftist Counter-American Revolution of the past 100 or so years.

Go Greg Abbott. Let’s roll!


  • “If daring to tell the truth about King and the evil he is accused of perpetrating means the old pieties have to perish then so be it, they probably weren’t worth having anyway.” Time to Finally End the “Noble Lie” of MLK Jr.
  • “Democrats’ control of the administrative state is a DEFCON 1-level crisis for our system of government and, by extension, our way of life.” Sacking Unaccountable Bureaucrats Should Be the Next GOP President’s No. 1 Priority
  • “California is rife with children who can barely read, but now all students have to learn “media literacy.’” (Anything that is conservative or just gives equal time to conservatives is deemed to be lying – jjs) Sub-Literate Readers and Media Literacy
  • “The pro-life activists are accused of violating the FACE Act and civil rights conspiracy for a protest that took place in a hallway outside of a Mount Juliet abortion provider on March 5, 2021. On that day, a group of demonstrators gathered on the second floor of an office building in the hallway outside the Carafem Health Center Clinic. The group prayed, sang hymns, and urged women showing up to the clinic to not get abortions.” (Funny how the Jew-hating Einsatz-groupies who block traffic and even kill innocent people barely get a slap on the wrist. This trial is not only about abortion – jjs) Trial Begins For Six Pro-Lifers Targeted By Biden Junta Over Peaceful Protest



* * * * *



  • “For nearly two years, Defendants have blocked CEF from hosting its elementary school Good News Clubs in certain District facilities that are open to other, similarly situated non-religious organizations. Defendants’ policies of unequal access, pretextual denials, and hostility to CEF’s religious message violate the Constitution and have denied some Hawaii elementary school students access to free, positive, and character-building Good News Clubs that enrich countless students’ lives in other Hawaii schools and throughout the country.” Christian Club Sues Hawaii Department Of Education After Allegedly Being Barred From School Grounds



  • “Senator Graham never spoke with the authors and what they are selling is pretty much total and complete BS,” wrote Kevin Bishop, a spokesperson for Graham. “At the end of the day, this is all just trash for left wing cash. Senator Graham has no problem with his testimony being made public and he is not scheduled to be a witness in the trial.” (So, fake but accurate – jjs) “I Feel So Much Better”: Lindsey Graham Reportedly Hugged Fani Willis After Georgia Trump Testimony
  • In a unanimous decision, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court dismissed Bellows’ appeal of the order requiring her to await the US Supreme Court decision before withdrawing, modifying or upholding her decision to keep Trump off the primary ballot on Super Tuesday. Maine’s Top Court Rejects Maoist Sec. of State’s Appeal of Trump Ballot Status Decision
  • Steve Garvey – a Dodgers baseball legend and Republican Senate candidate — attacked Schiff during Monday night’s California Senate debate for his censure for perpetuating the Russia hoax. The California Democrat said he was standing up to a “corrupt president.” “I think you’ve been censured for lying,” Garvey said, leveling the accusation at the California Democrat Congressman. “I was censured for standing up to a corrupt president,” Schiff responded. The exchange gave the impression Schiff believed it reasonable to lie to the American people simply because he disliked Trump. Adam Schiff-for-Brains Says Standing Up To Trump Justified Russia Hoax Lies




  • “Farewell to a dumb idea.” E.V., Phone Home: You’re Lost
  • “Where an action would have a disparate impact, a decision-maker is often compelled to act intentionally on the basis of racial considerations to avoid the disparate impact … thus disparate impact regulations require decision makers ‘to evaluate the racial outcomes of their policies, and to make decisions based on (because of) those racial outcomes,’” U.S. District Court Judge James Cain, Jr., a Trump appointee, wrote. Judge Blocks Biden EPA From Applying Race-Based Metrics To Fighting Air Pollution


  • “Mangi’s affiliation with the left-wing group, which has not been previously reported, could create additional headwinds to his confirmation. Mangi, whom Democrats have touted as the first Muslim nominee for a federal appellate court, squeaked through the Senate Judiciary Committee on a party-line vote earlier this month, suggesting he may struggle to win the votes of red- and purple-state Democrats up for reelection this year.” Embattled Biden Judicial Nominee Helped Lead Anti-Police Nonprofit


  • This comes despite a petition signed by over 156,000 Britons calling for the government “to commit to not signing any international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness established by the W.H.O., unless this is approved through a public referendum.” British Government Confirms Commitment to W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty






* * * * *

  • “Despite the donor class spending more than $167 million in Iowa and New Hampshire against Trump, pro-Haley backers failed to bring their candidate within single digits of Trump’s massive victory. While pro-Trump spending only amounted to 34.1 million in Iowa and New Hampshire, pro-Haley money wasted $31 million in New Hampshire alone to finish second.”NYT Takeaway: Trump’s Win Renders Republican Donor Class “A Desperate Group of Bystanders”
  • “The funding pause represents the first Haley donor to cut his support after Tuesday. Haley was the establishment’s favorite to attack former President Donald Trump, the de facto GOP nominee.” Report: Democrat Billionaire Donor Reid Hoffman Cancels Further Haley Donations
  • Victor Davis Hanson: “In the short term, Haley will cede to Trump the Nevada caucuses and focus on her home state of South Carolina. But then what?” (She’s there to drain his resources and then ingratiate herself with the globalists. She’s already loathsome but if she does not bow out after a probable loss in SC, she’ll be a completely despicable duplicitous whore for the anti-Americans – jjs) Nikki Haley’s Strategies?
  • “With every possible advantage imaginable—an open primary, favorable voter demographics, a full year of campaigning, millions of dollars spent, an endorsement from the state’s popular governor, and active Democratic support—Nikki Haley could not come within ten points of the former president. Nevertheless, Haley is still running. To where, no one knows. From what, one dares not ask.” Haley Looks to Press On After Trump Victory in New Hampshire 
  • “Despite two rock-solid thwackings, Haley refuses to give up the ghost.It’s no secret that many conservatives consider Haley a deep-state plant. Why won’t she cave and just endorse Trump? More importantly, why are her donors still chipping in mad stacks to keep her afloat? Has Haley been told that something is coming that will change the course of the election? Are the swamp slimers planning to send Trump to prison — or do something far more sinister — that will catapult her to the Republican ticket in November?” (Bloated lipid mass Reid Hoffmann just cut her off, and he’s one of her biggest donors – jjs) Five New Hampshire Takeaways the Media Hopes You Won’t Read About
  • “After New Hampshire, two constants remain for Republicans: Donald Trump’s dominance, and the unresolved question of how to build a winning coalition in November.” (Winning GOP coalition is the moral equivalent of the Two State Solution – jjs) Granite State Realities
  • “She likens her campaign to Trump’s.” Marianne Williamson, Self-Proclaimed ‘Homeopathic Remedy,’ Wins 5 % of the Vote in New Hampshire
  • “Trump will have to defeat an entire global media war.” A Nation Adrift Must Become Great Again


  • “Now, as Iran wages a regional war, the Biden administration’s responses in Iraq and Yemen have been limited to the appendages of the Iranian hydra. To stem this conflict and prevent it from growing further, we must attack it straight on.” (Not with the incompetent fools in the Oval Office/Kalorama and Pentagon. They have to go first – jjs) The Regional War the Biden Junta Sought To Avoid Is Here

* * * * *



  • “The U.S. food manufacturing industry does a decent job of providing ingredient information so that their customers can make wise choices for their health.  The U.S. drug manufacturing industry puts forth no effort to deal with allergies.” Russian Roulette with Medicine


  • Robert Zimmerman: “This new arrangement essentialy means that Europe has adopted the recommendations I made in my 2017 policy paper, Capitalism in Space, available here [pdf]. Rather than design, build, and own its rockets, Europe will instead become a customer like anyone else, buying products developed and owned by private and competing European rocket companies.” Europe signs up four rocket startups to provide it launch services
  • “The full-scale unit in this test reached 77 psi before it burst, which well exceeds (+27%) NASA’s recommended level of 60.8 psi (maximum operating pressure of 15.2 psi multiplied by a safety factor of four).” Sierra Space confirms burst test of its fullscale inflatable module was successful
  • “On Earth such thin flakes like these are generally only seen inside caves, where there is almost no life to disturb their development and the natural conditions are as benign as well. On Mars, the only thing that can disturb this rock is the wind, and though over time it can erode things the thin atmosphere allows such flakes to form, aided by the gravity about 39% that of Earth’s.” Saw-toothed razor rocks on Mars




  • “The Tory’s 1974 ouster would have befallen anyone in the same position.” The Fall of Ted Heath, Reconsidered
  • Melanie’s first pop hit was “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain),” a gospel-flavored collaboration with the Edwin Hawkins Singers that reached No. 6 on the Hot 100 in 1970. It was followed in 1971 by “Brand New Key,” an inescapable hit that was taken as a sort of children’s tune by some and full of sexual innuendo by others. It reached No. 1, and was her only other top 10 hit in the U.S. In the UK, she also reached the top 10 with a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Ruby Tuesday.”(RIP – jjs) Melanie, Singer Who Performed at Woodstock and Topped Charts With Brand New Key, Dies at 76

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