The Morning Report 2/1/24

Good morning, kids. February already? Time flies when you’re having Armageddon. As is almost always the case these days, with the erased border along with Israel and Iran the top stories, there are a number of others of similar import that I shall endeavor to get to, lest they get lost in the sauce. 

But the intentional flooding of America by millions of unvetted foreigners is what we’ll lead with. The House has advanced two articles of impeachment against DHS apparatchik Alejandro Mayorkas. Is it a useless gesture or a necessary political move? “Relax, kids. It’s both!”

“Political and policy disagreements aren’t impeachable offenses,” former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff argued in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. The Journal‘s own editorial board used that same line in its own subheader opposing impeachment, arguing that, “a policy dispute doesn’t qualify as a high crime and misdemeanor.”

STOP THE PRESSES – For those who are either too young or like Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants too demented to remember, Michael Chertoff was the Homeland Security director under George W. Busha Republican whose proclamation in the wake of 9/11 that Islam was a religion of peace and that we were not at war with it led to a flood of legal immigration from Muslim lands. It also gave us another out of control, inept bureaucracy, the TSA (now working on even more insidious ways to spy on us) as well as the ramping up of the Patriot Act used, not to protect us from the Islamic jihadists that Bush allowed in, but against anyone that was a threat to the globalist, Democrat-RINO agenda. People like Trump, and you and me. And how did that work out for us?

The Wall Street Journal. A Soviet-esque ass-wiper that irritates the perineum and lies worse than Pravda, which once ran the five word editorial “Thou shalt have open borders.” Illegally and catastrophically refusing to carry out the mission of protecting our first and most critical line of defense, the border, is merely “a policy dispute?” Someone needs to vaporize 22 Cortlandt Street (its address at least when I once briefly worked there) with a neutron bomb, so at least Century 21 next door can remain standing.

Back to the action:

The same Democrats protesting that impeaching Mayorkas is an abuse of power were responsible for sending Peter Navarro, a former Trump official, to prison for refusing to testify before their partisan committee. That was and is an extraordinary abuse of power. Mayorkas, unlike Navarro, is a sitting government official. Impeachment, as Alexander Hamilton wrote in the Federalist Papers, involves those “offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust.”

Impeachable offenses “relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself,” he wrote. It’s hard to think of a better example than allowing millions of illegal aliens to invade the country, and doing everything possible to wilfully impede the efforts of states trying to slow that invasion. As the internet meme goes, Homeland Security had one job. Is our homeland secure? . . .

. . . Nearly 7 million illegal alien invaders have shown up on Mayorkas’ and Biden’s watch. They include tens of thousands of gang members and criminals, hundreds of terrorists and enough fentanyl to kill every American ten times over… and those are just the ones that we caught. Is 7 million illegal invaders a policy dispute or a war? Biden, Mayorkas and other officials claim that they’re helpless to act and that they’re doing the best that they can, and that House Republicans can fix the problem with a “border deal.”

All of that is a lie. . . 

. . . The impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas is not a matter of personal misconduct. There is no evidence that he is stealing, conducting an affair, taking or soliciting bribes or corrupting the government for his own personal agendas. His only actual crime is following orders. And that’s the only argument against impeaching Mayorkas. He’s not acting on his own.

Enabling the mass invasion of the United States is not the action of one man, but of an administration, which has used every federal agency at its disposal, including the EPA, to enable that invasion, which has dispensed a fortune to the invaders to encourage them to invade, and another fortune to the refugee resettlers to make sure that they never leave. And it’s not just the policy of one man or one administration, but of a party that has spent decades conniving, scheming and maneuvering, since the Kennedy administration, to fundamentally transform immigration law in order to shift the national demographics and the political culture through laws, UN treaties, economic incentives and the neglect of existing laws. . . 

. . . If a political official willfully refusing to do his duty leading to an invasion of millions and the deaths of over a hundred people doesn’t justify impeachment, what possibly does?

Daniel Greenfield’s essay is an accurate, methodical, point by point indictment of Mayorkas and indeed the entire system and flagrantly malfeasant bureaucracies that are acting with malice aforethought to literally destroy this country from within, as absolutely and thoroughly in its net result as any invading army or even ICBM attack could accomplish. 

In a way, what’s going on is worse because at least we theoretically would have pockets of individuals who shared a common history, heritage, language and national identity. What is happening now will ultimately destroy it. The moral equivalent of a neutron bomb, except while people remain standing, their collective memory is wiped clean via being subsumed in an ocean of foreign, alien and hostile cultures. 

And considering the vast influx of not just an army of illiterate Latin-American peasant lettuce-pickers, but Islamic males of military age with jihad, baby-roasting and gang-raping on their mind, an actual neutron bomb or Jose Padilla dirty bomb is a real possibility

So, while Greenfield’s essay is as usual well-written and accurate, it misses a crucial factor. Getting rid of Mayorkas is the equivalent of getting rid of Eichmann, while Himmler, Hitler and the entire SS remain in place. There is no doubt that Mayorkas is a twisted, ideologically driven dangerous parasite. But getting rid of him is pissing-in-the-wind-symbolism, because behind him are hundreds of other poison-Ivy League anti-American automatons as bad or even perhaps worse than he is. 

Even more worserer, Biden and his puppet master Obama/Jarrett/Rice/Power-Sunstein will remain in place. And if God-willing Trump wins, the entire unelected bureaucracy is still there, which will be equally treasonous in its insubordination. Ditto every other agency, office and bureaucracy in DC.

What possibly could happen as November looms like the anvil above Wile E. Coyote as he plunges 1,000 feet to the canyon floor, is that Mayorkas becomes the fall guy and then the Dems can claim “Problem solved!” while directing the mass Greek chorus of the propaganda machine, led by minimally talented Pop Tart Taylor Strumpet, to shriek “Roe, Roe, Roe the vote!” from now until well after the last 18-wheeler of ballots is unpacked and run through the tabulators a few hundred times to get to the required winning number.

So, the GOP-led House has brought up articles of impeachment against Mayorkas for his criminality in the catastrophe at the border. At the same time, the same GOP-led House is doing this:

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is rushing through a tax bill unveiled days ago over significant policy objections from both conservative and centrist factions of the Republican Party.

Conservatives have spoken out against provisions in the bill they see as handouts to illegal immigrants, particularly an expansion of the Child Tax Credit without language requiring the parent to have a Social Security number. They argue the expansion would serve as an additional powerful migration pull, even as migrant encounters at the border reach record highs under [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden. . . 

. . . Despite the criticism within his party, Johnson has touted the bill, calling it “important bipartisan legislation to revive conservative pro-growth tax reform.”

Yet significant conservative opposition to the bill exists. Richard Stern, Director of the Heritage Foundation’s Herman Center for the Federal Budget and a former budget staffer to Johnson, told Breitbart News the bill is “a Trojan horse to expand welfare programs, including those that go to illegal aliens.”

Yay! Bipartisanship! But wait. There’s more!

[So-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden’s Department of Alcohol, Tabacco, and Firearms is working with the Department of Justice to regulate private gun sales into oblivion by mandating background checks for personal firearm exchanges, according to whistleblower group Empower Oversight.

Federal law currently requires background checks for any gun buyers who purchase their new weapons through a licensed federal firearms dealer (FFL). Two sources in communication with Empower Oversight confirmed the ATF is prepared to move forward with a rule that would classify a closed-door gun sale between friends or family members the same as firearm purchases made from FFLs.

The rule, proposed by the DOJ and ATF at the behest of Biden’s gun control wish list issued in March 2023, seeks to change the definition of “who is engaged in the business of dealing in firearms” to increase the number of Americans required to become FFLs, a lengthy and far from “easy” process, that must conduct background checks to sell their guns. The ATF and DOJ credits Democrats’ 2022 gun control bill, which passed because more than a dozen Republican senators agreed to betray their base.

Did your eyes just fly out of their sockets like champagne corks? 

The GOP — Grifting Oleaginous Parasites. * * * * *

Other things of note at press time:

James O’Keefe skunked a Biden junta apparatchik, and oh boy.

What about the rumors of replacing Joe Biden with Michelle Obama? Well, interestingly enough, Kraiger told O’Keefe that he had a meeting with Michelle Obama and someone asked her if she’d run for office. According to Kraiger, she said no. “Empathically.” 

“She was like, ‘I’ve seen all this s–t my husband has had to go through and that does not interest me.’”

. . . Ahh, but there’s more. Kraiger also spilled the beans about the incredible dysfunction in the vice president’s office. According to Kraiger, Kamala Harris  “hemorrhages black staff. She can’t keep black staff. They quit on her en masse.” But, that’s not even the juiciest part.

“She will be the vice president nominee,” Kraiger noted. “There was a debate about removing her from the ticket, but sadly they didn’t, she’s not popular, but you can’t remove the first black lady to be vice president from the Goddamn presidential ticket. Like what kind of message are you going to send to like African-American voters.…People would be like, ‘What the f**k?’ Like she’s a woman and she’s multiracial.”

I’ve postulated that Big Mikey Forearms is too lazy and too comfortable to be the candidate, especially if it meant being her gay-boy husband’s puppet. And voila! Things could change but I doubt it.

Aside from the comedic yet frightening dysfunction at the top, there’s this disgusting story:

Reports that the Biden [junta] is considering recognizing a Palestinian state—upending decades of U.S. policy—are generating intense criticism from Republican lawmakers who say the timing of these leaks marks a stunning betrayal of Israel as it fights to eradicate Hamas terrorists.”

As Joe Biden signals that the clock on his support for Israel is running out—a White House endorsement of a two-state solution would be the worst betrayal of our strongest ally in the Middle East, a reversal on decades-long U.S. policy, and a reward to Hamas terrorists who committed the most barbaric attacks against the Jewish community since the Holocaust,” Rep. Tom Emmer (R., Minn.), the House majority whip, told the Washington Free Beacon, echoing comments from other GOP offices.

“I will personally use every ounce of leverage at my disposal to ensure the Biden administration does not go through with this absurd idea,” Emmer told the Free Beacon, hinting at a looming showdown between the White House and pro-Israel leaders in Congress.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the creation of a Palestinian state would implant “an enclave for global terrorism” in Israel’s backyard, setting the stage for future conflicts with Israel.
“A Palestinian state would not only be an enclave for global terrorism and an existential threat to Israel, it would legitimize the aims of the attack on October 7, effectively rewarding Hamas,” Cotton told the Free Beacon. “It’s clear the Biden administration simply wants to appease the pro-Hamas wing of the Democratic Party. It’s shameful this is even a topic of discussion.”

The Biden [junta] has been under pressure from the Democratic Party’s left wing to push for a ceasefire that would end the nearly four-month-long conflict. Anti-Israel lawmakers like Reps. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) have also floated proposals to cut off U.S. arms sales to Israel and end military aid to the Jewish state.

While the massive pogrom launched on Israel revealed the extant yet shocking levels of Jew-hatred in the Democrat party and its base, still more people have been repulsed by it and I think (read: I pray) they outnumber the Einsatz-groupies by a wide margin. 

Groundhog Day! Will DeBolshevik drop another one on its head?


  • Lloyd Billingsley: “The leftist-woke-Islamophilia axis in action.” Charting the CIA Jihad Against Trump
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  • Miranda Devine: “It’s a frightening feeling when the world feels out of control and you can’t trust the people in charge. A reader this week put his finger on this central truth of politics. ‘I don’t think the average voter comprehends that some politicians will sacrifice peoples’ lives and risk national destruction for personal political gain,’ he said.” Joe Biden’s Dangerous, Cynical Iran Concessions Prove His Concern is 2024 [rigged] Re-Election – Not America’s Safety
  • “He said that Jan. 6 prisoners understand that standing ‘up and fight[ing] against tyranny’ brings the full force of leftist officials who, he argues, ‘want to destroy you and your family’ . . . Unfortunately, Lang and dozens of other Jan. 6 prisoners are incarcerated in D.C., where Lang argues that it is impossible to have an unbiased jury. He supported that claim with recently published poll data.” J6 Prisoner Details Abusive Prison Conditions


  • “Republican state Sen. Colton Moore, who is the vice chairman of the Georgia Freedom Caucus, took the video Tuesday night and told the DCNF that he learned of the hidden room full of migrants through a ‘whistleblower’ at Atlanta’s airport, who noticed an influx of illegal migrants coming through the facility in recent months. In the video, there appears to be a uniformed soldier guarding a room full of migrants and volunteers with a group called Team Libertad, which boasts of helping migrants travel on its social media accounts.” Video Appears To Show Migrants Tucked Away In Hidden Room Under Military Guard At Major US Airport
  • Daniel Greenfield: “Secretary Mayorkas willfully allowing millions to invade the country is not just a ‘policy dispute.’” (Getting rid of Eichmann, while Himmler, Hitler and the entire SS remain in place is pissing-in-the-wind-symbolism. Worse, the Dems will claim “problem solved!” and yell “abortion!” until November – jjs) The Most Justified Impeachment in American History
  • A House floor debate and vote to impeach Mayorkas is expected to happen as early as next week. If successful, it would be the first time a Cabinet secretary has been impeached since 1876. But the GOP majority is contending with a tight margin and some doubts among the rank-and-file. The effort also faces long odds of achieving a conviction in the Democrat-controlled Senate. (Don’t forget it’s an election year and Democrats are shitting bricks about the border. Mayorkas is a convenient fall guy – jjs) House Committee Advances Two Articles Of Impeachment Against Mayorkas
  • “You can tell what a good idea it is to impeach Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, just by all the screeching leftists who oppose the idea.” Impeach the Bum!
  • “Why these propositions?” López Obrador said during a Monday press conference. “Because there are elections! Once the elections pass, there’s another agenda. But we, the Mexicans, need to recognize this background. Politically it’s time. We are in a special time, in Mexico and the United States.” Mexican President Calls BS on Biden’s Promise to “Shut Down” the Border
  • “He is, in fact, unable to take effective measures to tackle the border crisis.” Stop the Press! Joe Biden Didn’t Lie.

* * * * *




  • “Dwayne Booth in one sketch drew Nazi flag with Star of David shown in place of swastika.” (Won’t a group of concerned Jews have a “chat” with this guy? At midnight. When no one’s looking – jjs) Penn Lecturer is Behind Grotesque Anti-Semitic Cartoons
  • “It’s not a myth, but it’s been exaggerated,” Penslar, a professor of Jewish history, told the Boston Globe in an interview before his appointment. He said that while some Jewish students had been “shunned” from “progressive political communities” on campus, that did not amount to “vicious antisemitism.”  Hey, no campus gas chambers yet! Harvard’s Embattled Anti-Semitism Chairman Goes Mute (That job title has two very different meanings – jjs)

* * * * *

  • “Michael Cassidy was initially charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief on December 15, but the Polk County Attorney’s Office indicated that the Mississippi man’s admission that he ‘destroyed the property because of the victim’s [the Satanic Temple] religion’ prompted the charges to be upgraded to ‘third-degree criminal mischief in violation of individual rights, a class D felony.’” Hate Crime: Christian Navy Veteran Charged for Tearing Down Satan Statue in Iowa Capital


  • “I would like nothing better right now than to be left alone by Joe Biden, and I’m not even a 12-year-old girl with nice hair. Thankfully, Twitter/X had as much fun with Biden’s banality as they did with Elmo’s. . . . ‘One puppet endorsing another puppet,’ quipped Tim Young. Another said, ‘Like 4 wars going on and this dude quote tweeting Elmo.'” Joe Biden Just Entered the Presidential Quotes Hall of Fame. Really.
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  • “Biden’s intended empathy toward the parents of the dead troops did not connect because his son Beau did not die in combat, as Joe Biden often implies. Until his battle with brain cancer.” Joe Biden and Sons


  • “Just when you thought 2024 couldn’t possibly get any weirder — yes, I know it’s still only January — a secret Barack Obama memo could prove the undoing of special counsel Jack Smith’s case against Donald Trump. . . If America First’s analysis is correct, Trump is on sound legal footing on possession of whatever documents he kept at Mar-A-Lago, and whatever he may have destroyed could have been just copies of what is still on the PITC systems authorized by none other than Barack Obama. Somewhere in an 8,500-square-foot home in Washington’s tony Kalorama neighborhood, a former president must be seething.”Did Obama Just Get Trump Off the Hook?
  • “Terrence Bradley, Wade’s former partner, and Christopher Campbell, his current partner, have collectively contributed more than $5,000 to Willis’ campaign, contribution disclosure reports show. Moreover, both men have each raked in tens of thousands of dollars from contracts with the district attorney’s office, according to county records.” Quim Pro Whoa!: Business Partners of Fani Willis’ Alleged Lover Bankrolled Her Campaign. She Gave Them Lucrative Contracts.




* * * * *

  • Sens. John Kennedy (R-LA) and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) introduced legislation to ban the TSA from using facial recognition technology this past November. “It’s astonishing that the TSA is expanding its invasive facial recognition program in the face of congressional concern,” Sen. Kennedy said, addressing the expanded use of the CAT-2 scanners. TSA Plans Expansion of Facial Recognition to Over 400 Airports




  • Michael Luhm, a former Toy Story and Simpsons animator who ran the store with his father, warned before Christmas that the business was doomed unless the Democrat-controlled city changed course. “We’re putting our money in, we’re putting our hard work in, and we’re putting our love into it. But, in the relationship we have with the city, that’s not being returned,” Luhn lamented. Toy Story Origin Store in San Fran Closes After 86 Years Citing “Perils and Violence”


  • The rule, proposed by the DOJ and ATF at the behest of Biden’s gun control wish list issued in March 2023, seeks to change the definition of “who is engaged in the business of dealing in firearms” to increase the number of Americans required to become FFLs, a lengthy and far from “easy” process, that must conduct background checks to sell their guns. The ATF and DOJ credits Democrats’ 2022 gun control bill, which passed because more than a dozen Republican senators agreed to betray their base.” (Destroy the GOPe! – jjs) DOJ, ATF Pressed Over Secret Plans for Unconstitutional Regulation of Private Gun Sales







  • “The Iranian-backed terrorists responsible for murdering three U.S. soldiers, and injuring dozens more, in an attack over the weekend have started to evacuate their bases after [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden’s [junta] leaked to the media this week that they are gearing up to respond by carrying out a sustained bombing campaign.” (They intentionally tipped them off. Treason . . . yet again – jjs) Terror Groups Evacuate Their Positions After Biden Junta Tips Them Off to Their Plans
  • “The incident comes after three U.S. soldiers were murdered, and nearly three dozen more were injured, in a suicide drone attack on a U.S. Military base in Jordan on Sunday. Biden has said that he intends to respond to the deadly attacks over the weekend but no military response has happened yet.” Houthi Terrorist Missile Came Within Few Seconds Of Hitting U.S. Warship: Report
  • “This is the purpose: protection of the ships,” Borrell told reporters in Brussels. “Intercepting of the attacks against the ships. Not participating in any kind of action against the Houthis. Only blocking the attacks of the Houthis.” European Union To Launch Full Naval Mission To Red Sea

* * * * *





  • “The U.S. faces a crisis of ingenuity—but some straightforward policy changes can help turn things around.” (Like abolishing the EPA immediately and then OSHA, the FTC, the FDA, and every other bureaucracy shortly thereafter – jjs) Restore American Innovation
  • “SpaceX now has deals to launch two different space stations using Starship.” Voyager signs SpaceX’s Starship to launch its Starlab space station
  • “The supposed test-to-tank failure of a rocket tank being tested by the Chinese pseudo-company Landspace on January 29, 2024 apparently injured three workers, though officials also claimed everything worked as planned.” Tank explosion in Shanghai injured three



  • “Elmo is just checking in! How is everybody doing?” Elmo asked in a Monday X/Twitter post. The Sesame Street Muppet received thousands of replies from distressed social media users, many of whom lamented over the economy and inflation in Joe Biden’s America. Elmo’s Viral Wellness Check Uncovers Mass Dread and Despair Among Americans, and Many Blame Biden
  • “Score one more for Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) in the legal skirmishes against Disney. U.S. District Judge Allen Winsor issued an order on Wednesday dismissing Disney’s federal suit against DeSantis, Florida’s Secretary of Commerce J. Alex Kelly, and the members of the board of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD), which replaced the Disney-run Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID).” Judge Rules on Disney’s Federal Suit Against DeSantis
  • The Holdfast Collective’s funneling money to Democratic political causes appears at odds with Chouinard’s pledge to use company profits for environmental causes. “I personally fail to see the connection between spending money on abortion and climate change,” Sutherland noted. (Overpriced crap and repulsively leftist for years. And they’ve probably been using slave labor – jjs) Patagonia Is Spending MILLIONS of Firm Profits on Far-Left Causes
  • “Given the level of destruction, I doubt it was an act of vandalism or a prank. This raises the question of why someone would be motivated to do such a thing. And when did so many people decide to go nuts, and why?” (If only they targeted Spike Lee in his Dodgers attire – jjs) Jackie Robinson Statue Found Destroyed and Burned
  • “The latest Biden strategy?” Watson Video: The Unholy Taylor Swift-Democrat Alliance


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