The Morning Rant: The Junta’s Contempt For Everything American


This a perfect microcosm of the destruction that the Obama/Biden junta is wreaking on America. It is a malign combination of fecklessness, incompetence, catastrophic geopolitical miscalculation, and contempt for America and its armed forces.

Terror Groups Evacuate Their Positions After Biden Admin Tips Them Off To Their Plans

The Iranian-backed terrorists responsible for murdering three U.S. soldiers, and injuring dozens more, in an attack over the weekend have started to evacuate their bases after President Joe Biden’s administration leaked to the media this week that they are gearing up to respond by carrying out a sustained bombing campaign. The news comes after NBC News reported on Wednesday that the U.S. retaliatory strikes would be a “campaign” that lasts “weeks,” according to U.S. officials. The officials went as far as to say that the U.S. would target “Iranian targets outside Iran, and the campaign will involve both strikes and cyber operations,” the report added.

The traditional and appropriate function of the armed forces is to destroy things and kill people. That’s how countries win battles and wars. Warning one’s enemies that an attack is coming is rarely sound military doctrine, but our current military is an extension of an insane woke culture that predominates in the halls of power. Every decision is carefully calibrated to do the least harm (at least to our enemies) while sending a “message.” Death and destruction is the only message that is appropriate in response to a deadly attack on our bases, yet the junta has gone out of its way to prevent that. So in the weeks to come empty warehouses and barracks will be destroyed with what remains of our high-tech weaponry, but the men and their arms will be safe!

This is in obvious service to the geopolitical aims of the rabid anti-Israel faction in the White House and the State Department…strengthen Iran as a foil against Israeli dominance of the region. That has been the goal since 2009 and the ascendance of Barack Obama’s political philosophy: hatred of the West, hatred of Israel, hatred of traditional America. The 180 degree turn away from insanity during the Trump administration galvanized the entire Middle East against its common enemy in Tehran…the mad Mullahs who are hellbent on the destruction of Israel, and then America. But the Obama worldview returned with a vengeance with the decrepit, drooling imbecile in 2021!

Perhaps the worst message to emerge from this unfolding fiasco is the contempt for America and Americans that oozes from every orifice in Washington. Those three soldiers were sacrificed on the altar of political expediency, and instead of a swift and terrible response, we get a titrated reaction that is designed to protect the Iranian regime that killed our servicemen.

And the junta isn’t even trying to hide it. They simply don’t care. They see our armed forces as an extension of their political muscle…a group to be used and discarded…like Antifa or BLM or a pro-abortion protest or a mostly peaceful riot in support of Hamas and another pogrom.

But those soldiers are Americans; their lives are important, and not to be used cavalierly. The proper response would have been a massive and swift campaign that demonstrated the power of the United States military. Anything less than the total destruction of every Islamic Resistance in Iraq facility in Iraq and Syria and the killing of all of its members on those bases will send the unequivocal message that American servicemen are easy targets.

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  1. They’ve always hated the military as the last bastion of Americanism. Now that they’ve essentially destroyed it, yes, they’ll serve whatever purpose they desire as lots of dead GIs have and will continue to attest.

    And I believe someone somewhere at the NSC, CIA, DoD or wherever actually tipped off the Iranians not just that we were going to strike but with what assets, and at what time and place.

    Yet another treasonous act that will go unpunished if not somehow rewarded!

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