The Morning Report 2/7/24

Good morning, kids. Boy oh boy the shit is hitting the fan today. First, the GOP once again proves its bona fides as the Grifting Oleaginous Parasites. 

The House of Representatives let Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas off the hook for the border crisis created under his watch in a historic 216-214 vote against impeachment.

Reps. Ken Buck (R-CO) and Tom McClintock (R-CA) announced before the vote they would vote against impeachment. They were joined by Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) in voting with unified Democrats. After the vote was decided, Rep. Blake Moore (R-UT) voted nay, but only for procedural reasons so that the House may vote on the measure again at some point. . . 

Buck, who announced last year this would be his final term and has openly expressed a desire to work for [MSNSDAP] or [XiNN], and McClintock, who last year told Breitbart News Daily he believes the impeachment is unconstitutional, were seen as immovable. . . 

. . . The defeat is the latest for Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), who inherited a slim majority that has been decimated further by the ejection of Rep. George Santos (R-NY), early retirement of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and, temporarily, the absence of Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA), who is recovering from cancer. Johnson may bring the impeachment resolution to the floor again as soon as tomorrow but has not announced his plans.

Meanwhile, as the GOP tries to figure out more ways to try, and mostly fail, to fool us into believing they’re a principled opposition party, the Democrats literally wheel in sub-moron Eddie Munster Woof-Woof doppelgänger Al Green, straight from an operating room, barefoot and dressed in a hospital gown to vote “no.” Unreal, as in all too real.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not ripping the GOP for not doing the same with Steve Scalise. The point is the Dems will stop at nothing to win, legally if possible, or the other 99.99% of the time, amorally, unethically and criminally. Our side will not. And I don’t mean breaking the law or rules to do so but merely fighting as passionately as the scumbag Lefties do, and coming back again and again and again. They don’t and won’t mostly because they can’t. The GOP is controlled by an equally amoral, venal element that cares about one thing: wetting their beak off of, and in service to the Democrat-Leftists’ and now corporatists’ quest for absolute power via the destruction of the republic. 

With that said, while Mike Johnson is turning into a bitter disappointment, what I just stated is likely a huge reason for his failures. In that light, it’s kind of a miracle that his controlling of the gavel makes the sham emergency border security bill DOA. About the only positive spin I can put on this is regardless of the propaganda that the GOP and Trump are to blame for the disaster at the border and the refusal to pass this alleged cure for the problem, a very large portion of the public can see right through that. 

The case in point is the situation where wet meets back on the Rio Grande, where the potential for shit to get real just got cranked up a few notches. Or has it?

The left has been urging [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden to federalize National Guard troops to reopen Texas’s border where illegal immigrants have been overrunning the state. It appears Biden has begun the process of doing that by ordering the Alaska National Guard to get ready to deploy to the border in support of the federal government, not the security of the border.  

Texas has been securing the border with layers of concertina wire on top of stacks of shipping containers — a wall, in other words. Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott calls the program “Operation Lone Star.” The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in January that the federal government could take down Abbott’s razor wire while Texas’s rights to prevent an invasion are appealed. 

The announcement of the National Guard deployment plan is a brushback pitch by the Biden Administration to Texas and a signal to his leftist base that he heard them. 

The Anchorage Daily News reports that the deployment of the troops is scheduled for 2025 — after the election.

[T]he Alaska National Guard on Friday said that a memorandum from the federal government had been issued, directing Alaska forces to prepare two LUH-72 Lakota helicopters and 20 guardsmen to potentially be deployed in early 2025. The units would help provide aviation support to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said Alaska National Guard spokesperson Alan Brown. Maj. Ryan Wierzbicki, a spokesman for the U.S. Army’s Joint Task Force North, said in a phone interview that Alaska guard members could be sent to any of four states along the border, including Texas and Arizona. 

But the Guard won’t go to help Texas stanch the onslaught of humanity; rather, it will do the federal government’s bidding.  “Brown said there are currently no plans for Alaska National Guard soldiers to be deployed in support of [Abbott’s] Operation Lone Star,” the Daily News reported. 

Abbott claims the new Ukraine funding bill, which claims to be a border bill, removes his and other states’ rights to sue the federal government within their own states. The bill requires that all lawsuits against the federal government be heard in the overwhelmingly leftist District of Columbia.

Emphasis mine. The Kalorama Klown Komintern understand that the massive invasion of foreigners they intentionally set in motion is the #1 issue with voters. Whatever bullshit agit-prop is being spewed on the usual State-aligned house organs stands in sharp contrast with the optics that reflect the facts on the ground. That is, Governor Greg Abbott by erecting barriers and deploying his state’s law enforcement units to interdict the invasion is actually solving the problem. At least the ground invasion route that runs through Texas. 

Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants? After denying for months on end that there was no border crisis and then suddenly, with the election looming, shrieking there is one and it’s Trump’s and Abbott’s fault, we need to pass a bill! 370 pages long. With no time to review it. And some of the leaked pages showing (as Abbott notes above) it actually empowers the invasion to continue unimpeded, pays lip service at best to “security,” greases the skids for mass amnesty, and sends the overwhelming lion’s share of money to Ukraine, Gaza and Israel. 

Remember first and foremost that it’s Abbott’s shipping all those allegedly mythical illegal alien invaders to blue shit hole sanctuary cities that is arguably one of the most effective political moves in decades insofar as making the Democrats eat their words about their sanctuary policies, on top of their defund the police movement that has made the national crime wave 100 times worse and most crucially pissed off an ever increasing percentage of their once rock hard, reliable base.

Thank you, Governor Abbott. Your action negates the bullshit from the junta. That’s why they won’t deploy forces now to confront you. Yet while Obama seems to be shitting Joey’s Depends by delaying the move until after the election, if Biden or Big Mikey Forearms or Kamala “Jaws (Teeth & Tongue)” come out on top of Trump (as in 2020, the word “win” will not be applicable) you better believe they are indeed going to move on Texas. I would not put it past them to even arrest Abbott, Ken Paxton and perhaps the entire Republican side of the state legislature. 

It looks as if rank and file CBP agents, at least anecdotally, are up in arms over this bill and by extension their overlords in DC who so far have failed to ram it through. But what of the National Guardsmen or should it come to it actual US military personnel? I believe there are strong proscriptions against their deployment within our borders against the citizenry. But we are dealing with tyrants who have long since abrogated their oaths and sold their souls to Satan. After everything we’ve been through these past three years, nothing is going to stand in their way. So my question stands.

Before I get into my analysis, I want to make it clear I believe that anyone who wants a civil war to happen in the U.S. is dangerously naïve, insane, or working for one of America’s enemies.  Imagine a Russia-Ukraine-type conflict in the U.S.

Thanks to Hollywood, most Americans believe that rebellions can be started and won by small ragtag groups of patriots, freedom fighters, insurrectionists, or everyday common folk.  All you need are pistols, assault weapons, bows and arrows, and maybe a few Molotov cocktails.  Blow up the Death Star, and the problem is solved.

But that is not how it usually works.  Revolutions require armaments, soldiers, money, something worth fighting for, and popular support.  Unless lives are at stake, few people are angry or committed enough to leave jobs or families to risk going to jail or dying needlessly. . .

The author cites a number of examples of rebellions and the Revolution and Civil War itself. Continuing . . .

. . . You might notice a pattern here. First, important issues divide our country, like independence versus obedience to the king or slavery versus freedom.  Then, either a military skirmish occurs before sides get chosen or sides get chosen before the military gets involved.  Both the Revolution and the Civil War were started by state military organizations, not by groups of armed radicals. 

We are at a similar junction in history right now.  Politics has divided the country, and the pivotal issue is unlimited illegal immigration.  Few wanted it.  No one expected it when he voted for Biden.  And now almost no one is willing to pay the price socially or financially to support it.

The White House may have believed that its open border policy would get someone, anyone, to pick up a gun to stop the madness.  It would give Biden an excuse to impose martial law, ban assault weapons or handguns, or both.  But the horde of right-wing extremists the far-left fantasizes about does not exist.

It seems the [junta[ may have gone too far too fast.  The whole country is aware of this issue, and opposition is rising, leading the states to get directly involved. 

The Texas National Guard has been sent to the border to stop the flow of migrants.  Roughly half of the states have declared their support for Texas. If Democrats want to continue unlimited illegal immigration, Biden could nationalize the Texas National Guard, take control, and send it home. 

But what happens if Texas says no?  Would Biden order the armed forces to disarm or attack the Texas Guard?  Would the use of the armed forces be legal?  Do Democrats care?

No. They don’t. They are banking on both the power of the media and technology to control narratives and keep people silent and obedient, if not happy. They think it can trump (heh) the fact that the majority of the citizenry are armed to the teeth, gambling that we’d never use it. What it would take are an economic crash and civil unrest that directly touches their lives – and with the economy on the brink and 8 million invaders in our midst, on top of the 40 million already here, plus an anarcho-terroristic crime wave going strong it’s going to do just that. But, it will take a public figure or figures for the citizenry to rally around when indeed all bets are well and truly off. 

We’re not there yet. God help us if we ever do get to that point but I fear there’s no way to stop it, especially if 2024 goes the way of 2020. And with that in mind, here’s a little story that caught my eye this morning. See if you can see what this portends vis a vis the current situation at the border:

Squatters are ruining entire neighborhoods in Atlanta and police response to evict is so slow, some homeowners have resorted to paying nuisances to leave.

Brazen squatters even opened an illegal strip club on a property they had taken over — one of the 1,200 homes which has been squatted in the city according to the National Rental Home Council (NRHC) trade group. “I’d be terrified in Atlanta to lease out one of my properties,” Matt Urbanski, who manages a local home-cleaning company, told Bloomberg. Urbanski’s company cleans out homes for corporate landlords, and in some cases has to remove squatter’s posessions. Recently one of his employees was shot after attempting to remove intruders from a property.

Simon Frost, CEO of large-scale landlord Tiber Capital Group, said there have been incidents of unlawful occupants brandishing weapons and threatening neighbors which affects the safety of neighborhoods and other residents, according to Bloomberg. Evicting squatters in Atlanta is tough, involving negotiating court backlogs and strained police resources. Meanwhile, online listings and virtual real estate agents make it easy for squatters to identify vacant properties to break into.

In October, an Atlanta neighborhood found itself at the center of a scandal involving squatters who transformed a home into an illegal strip club, complete with weekend parties and even live horses on the property. 

The drama unfolded at in the South Fulton area when, where four individuals — DeAnthony Maddox, Jeremy Wheat, Kelvin Hall, and Tarahsjay Forde — took up residence without permission. Little did the neighbors know, the 4,000 square foot, five-bedroom home with three bathrooms would become a den of illicit activity. The squatters ran the clandestine strip club, held noisy parties and even organized car races in the street, ruining the neighborhood for others, according to local reports.

“They would get live horses. One day they had live horses,” one neighbor told Atlanta station WSB-TV TV2. Eventually a SWAT team had to clear out the house and recovered two stolen cars, a stolen weapon and stolen credit cards from the property, according to the local report.

One neighbor told The Post they are afraid to even go on vacation because if squatters find out the home is vacant they just move right in. “Is this even America anymore? We are homeowners and we can’t even do anything about trespassers?” The neighbor said in frustration.

Atlanta. Georgia. Reminds me of Fani “Gotta-Be-Da-Butt-Bob” Willis. She’s otherwise engaged and is also a squatter. Mostly squatting on Darius Wade’s penosterous between trying to railroad Donald Trump. Too busy to fight actual crime. Meh, this kind of activity is allowed because of the decriminalization of crime in the name of “social justice.”

This garbage with individuals of a melanin content not to be discussed is horrible enough. But that’s not what sparked my Spidey-sense to start tingling. Recall a number of blue shit hole governors and mayors offering to pay people to house illegal alien migrant invaders which resulted in a less than enthusiastic response from the citizenry. Bupkis. Less than bupkis. It was bupkis-lite. It was less than the lint bupkis has in its pockets.

So when a sleazy criminal tyrant like for instance Maura “Heal Thyself” Healy doesn’t have volunteers, she’ll just pick some.

You think the Dems won’t just declare some sort of emergency and seize unoccupied homes to “temporarily” house illegal aliens? 

Quartering of soldiers? Pfft! The Supreme Court is going to rule on whether unrealized income can be taxed. 

What all of this boils down to is this: 

Joe Biden, his handlers and anyone who aids and abets the erasure of our border, is a state-sponsor of terrorism and engaging in treason.

Based on what his intentional erasing of our border and of all sane immigration controls has wrought on this nation and its citizenry, I defy anyone to tell me I’m wrong. 



* * * * *

  • David Harsanyi: “. . . lest anyone think I’m some kind of hardline closed-border type, I’m fine with more asylum-seekers and more immigration and more work visas. High walls and wide gates, etc. Like many Americans, though, I’m just not a fan of policies that perpetuate anarchy.  (Harsanyi in fantasy land, but not wrong about anarchy – jjs) Nothing About the Rigged Senate Border Bill is In the “National Interest”
  • “If the House doesn’t concede to the Senate’s horrible border bill, Democrat media simply blame Republicans for Biden’s border crisis.” Senate Border Bill is Nothing But a Democrat Propaganda Op
  • “The border only makes up 17% of the funds this bill allocates. By contrast, Ukraine gets a little over half the funding, roughly three times the money that’s going to the U.S. border. Regardless of how you feel about Ukraine funding, the idea of throwing another $60 billion to Volodymyr Zelenskyy with no accountability is a bad idea. . . There’s a saying that applies to many situations but seems to ring true here. It goes something like, ‘You can tell someone’s priorities by what they spend the most money on.’ Witness this bill and its funding.” Now We Know
  • “He claimed that Trump thinks the bill is “bad for him politically,” and, therefore, it is being opposed by Republicans in the House and Senate. He also put all the blame on Trump for the record levels of illegal immigrants streaming through the border, not his own policies and lack of enforcement of the law.” Joe Biden Blames Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans” for Broken Border System
  • “Will GOP governors go full Rahmbo and move from border defiance to dissolution?” Never Let a Serious Border (And Constitutional) Crisis Go to Waste
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* * * * *

  • “. . . he word — and the concept — are at the heart of what’s happening in Texas, as Gov. Greg Abbott stands up to the Biden [junta] and its open border policies. He rightly contends that according to the U.S. Constitution, Texas does not merely have the Constitutional power to defend itself — it has a constitutional and moral responsibility to do so.” The Border Crisis is the Definition of a Foreign “Invasion”
  • Parra’s operation was allegedly a well-oiled machine, with the ringleader blasting out texts on WhatsApp describing what kind of phone he was looking for, then telling his henchmen to ‘go get’em’ . . . The robbery ring — and others like it — worry law enforcement specifically because the migrants often have multiple aliases and swap identities and birthdays, turning them into so-called “ghost perps” who become very hard to track, sources said.” (This is what Biden has intentionally unleashed on us. He is a state-sponsor of terrorism – jjs) Illegal Alien Moped Gang Hired Hacker to Breach Banking Apps as NYPD Reveals New Details About “Sophisticated” High-Tech Crime Ring
  • Daniel Greenfield: “10% of Biden’s ‘job growth’ came from providing social welfare to illegal alien invaders.” 1 Out of 5 “New Jobs” in Biden’s Booming Economy are Government Jobs
  • Deroy Murdock: “He literally is denying local students food they savor so that he can feed illegal aliens.” Mayor Eric Adams: The $53 Million Man
  • “Failure to stop the flow of illegal immigrants condemns millions to poverty.” The Moral Hazard of an Open Border
  • “‘You are seeing an influx of migrants all over the country.’ . . “When Al Sharpton says, we have a problem on our southern border with an ‘invasion of migrants,’ you know things have really gotten serious,” former Trump advisor Roger Stone posted on X. (And significantly, he neither defended Biden nor blamed Trump – jjs) WATCH: Al Sharpton Calls Migrant Crisis “Invasion”
  • “How about we not release those who beat cops, especially the one who has two open cases, without bail. Also, don’t elect soft-on-crime district attorneys.” (How about one-way tickets south on Aerolineas Pinochet? – jjs) Report: ICE in Phoenix Arrest Illegal Immigrants Accused of Beating NYPD Cops
  • “Critics warned that Florida’s crackdown on illegal immigrants would crater the state’s economy. They were wrong.” Trust E-Verify


* * * * *



  • “The most practical impact of this appeal was indeed the delay that it caused. It was very important for the Trump team to try to push this trial back. They succeeded in doing that, as you mentioned. Now, the next stage here is that they can ask for review of the entire court — what’s called an en-banc petition. That has to be reviewed and voted on even if they reject it. And that will take some time. And then they will no doubt appeal to the Supreme Court, which is — now has a considerable stack on the desks of these justices, including election-related cases.” Turley Lays Out How Appeals Ruling Was Actually a Win for Trump’s Legal Team
  • “CREW and the banal-sounding Free Speech for People are leading the campaign to take Trump down with a bogus reading of the 14th Amendment’s ‘insurrection clause.’” Meet the Two Groups Behind Plot to Kick Trump Off the Ballot (And He Isn’t the Only Target)




  • “Two years into a world that’s reshaping the entire world, most Americans are not informed,” Carlson said. “They have no real idea what’s happening in this region, here in Russia or 600 miles away in Ukraine. But they should know, they’re paying for much of it in ways that they might not yet fully perceive.” Tucker Carlson Explains Why He Interviewed Vladimir Putin
  • “Carlson has repeatedly criticized both Republicans and the Biden government for continuing to fund the Ukrainian war effort, perpetuating the conflict, which has seen an estimated 500,000 people killed since Russia launched its invasion in 2022. The lack of knowledge among Americans regarding the ongoing human cost of the war was a key factor in his decision to move forward with the interview with Putin.” Tucker Says He’s Also Asked to Interview Zelensky, Hasn’t Yet Heard Back.
  • Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe and Effective Is Dr. Vernon Coleman. . . Once again, we have a classic example of the left accusing the right of doing things the left is actually doing.” We Now Know Which Book the Biden Junta Tried to Get Amazon to Ban
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  • Gaetz sparred with Norman Eisen, a former Obama-era ambassador and senior fellow at the Brooking Institution, about the National Science Foundation (NSF) spending millions of dollars on grants to utilize technology in order to combat mis- and disinformation. One grant given to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) allegedly states that individuals in rural communities, part of a military family and view the Bible and Constitution as sacred are said to be susceptible because they do not rely on “the expert class” in Washington, D.C. “May I Answer?”: Censorship Hearing Flies Off the Rails as Matt Gaetz Squabbles With Democrat Norman Eisen
  • “If CNN had started with the facts — or at least ended with the facts, or maybe just stuck some facts in the middle there where people might sometimes accidentally come across one or two — then they wouldn’t be playing yet another game of Titanic Deck Chair Arrangement.” XiNN Tied Its Fortunes to Jim Acosta, and Now They’re Both Sinking


  • “No one paying $4.50 for a dozen eggs, or who speeds off alone after dropping $16 at the Taco Bell drive-thru, believes anything is ‘healthy’ about this economy. . . Someone famously said that Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose, but that’s not it. The ultimate freedom comes from not wanting or needing anything. If you’re buried in debt, be it credit card or student loan debt, you’re a slave. That debt owns you, which means you need to pay it off, and that compromises every part of your life — what kind of job you might have to work, how much you can save to buy a house, and your overall standard of living.” Record-High Credit Card Debt Brutalizes Middle Class in Biden’s America
  • “The potential for a U.S. Treasury funding catastrophe is being created.” Is a Great American Bankruptcy Coming?
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  • ” Minimum wage jobs are meant to be starter jobs for teens and young adults. If adults are working at fast food restaurants, I do not fault them for desiring a ‘livable wage.’ However, mandating unreasonable wages is not the solution. If the government wants to step in, it should focus its energy on providing training and opportunities to get those adults into jobs where the market dictates a livable wage.” California’s $20 Minimum Wage Will Gut Jobs AND Make Fast Food Unaffordable
  • “It’s time for a law capping the size of the federal debt at 100 percent of potential GDP.”Replace the Debt Limit


  • The group wired $5.4 million to 12 state governments between 2020 and 2022, with grants often being vaguely earmarked for “UN strengthening.” United Nations Foundation Funding Climate Activism in 12 State Governments
  • “War is real. The climate hoax is not. And yet our leaders are leading a constant assault on liberties to reduce emissions ‘for the greater good,’ while actively pursuing policies which provoke or prolong foreign wars which kill real live humans, and destabilize regions the world over. It’s absolute madness, but unfortunately it’s likely to continue for the foreseeable future.” Existential Madness
  • “Can humanity eventually overcome its reliance on fossil fuel? The answer to that is certainly yes in the very long run, but an emphatic no in the next 25 years.” The Delusions of Davos and Dubai – Part Three: Alternatives to Wind & Solar Energy


  • “What’s happening in this beautiful city and surrounding area is alarming and unacceptable,” Newsom said in a statement. (Eichmann Complains About Holocaust. Film at 11 – jjs)Newsom Sends 120 State Law Enforcement Officers to Oakland Amid Crime Surge
  • “She becomes the first parent in U.S. history to be convicted of crimes related to a mass school shooting carried out by her child. . . Prosecutors argued throughout the trial that the parents failed to give their troubled son the mental health help he needed. His father also bought his son, who was 15 at the time, a 9mm handgun that he used in the deadly shooting just four days later. The shooter’s father, who is also charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter, faces a separate trial in March.” Mother of Michigan School Shooter Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter
  • “[This] boy had been shoplifting first. The guardian angels spotted him, stopped him — he resisted. Let’s just say we gave him a little pain compliance. His mother back in Venezuela felt the vibrations. He is sucking concrete. The cops dragged him off the asphalt. He’s on his way to jail, but they’ll cut him loose,” Sliwa stated.  Guardian Angels Perform Citizen’s Arrest Live On Air as Curtis Sliwa Blasts Eric Adams for “Destroying” NYC (Don’t forget his predecessor, the Grim Groundhog Reaper – jjs)






  • “Trump’s campaign and honest elections public interest and citizens groups need to work overtime in battleground states.” Damn the Polls
  • PILF Prexy J. Christian Adams: “This is monumental victory for transparency in elections. The use restrictions would have prohibited basic voter roll research and limited PILF’s ability to share its findings with the public. PILF was prohibited from comparing Maine’s and New York’s voter rolls to spot duplicate registrations under the law. Other states should think twice before passing laws that restrict the public from accessing the voter file and speaking about any errors.” First Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Voter Rolls Are a Matter of Public Record
  • Naomi Wolf: “Just in time for 2024.” A Dream Clean Elections Model Bill


  • “. . . a firm whose cofounder once led a company labeled the worst landlord in New York City. . . Former Rep. Tom Suozzi (D., N.Y.) holds a combined stake of up to $500,000 in two commercial properties with the investment firm HREA NJ NY LLC, according to his latest financial disclosure. The firm shares an address with the similarly named Hildreth Real Estate Advisors, a firm owned by real estate investor David Shorenstein. Shorenstein also cofounded and led Silvershore Properties, which in 2017 racked up a staggering 1,090 housing violations across 19 of its properties in New York City.” (I see those Wife-Beater Warnock real estate seminars really paid off! – jjs) Dem Running for Santos Seat Appears To Invest With Notorious NYC Slumlord


  • “Trump, 77, is expected to back North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley as McDaniel’s replacement after the Palmetto State’s Feb. 24 primary, sources told the Associated Press Tuesday.” (NC commenters please weigh in with intel on this guy – jjs) RNC Chairwoman Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel Tells Trump She’s Resigning After South Carolina Primary: Report
  • “The endorsement comes as Americans see crime as a top issue early on in this election year, according to a TIPP Insights poll published Sunday. The survey asked respondents to share their perspectives on the top three “issues facing the country.” While 20 different issues were mentioned in responses, the top three were the economy (38 percent), immigration and border security (36 percent), and crime (19 percent).” Trump Scores Endorsement from International Union of Police Associations
  • “Haley was the only major GOP candidate that signed up for the Nevada primary, which has no delegates at stake, over the state GOP-run caucus, which will be held Thursday and has 26 delegates up for grabs. Facing virtually no competition, Haley only amassed 33.2% of the vote in a contest marked by low turnout.” Joe Biden Shuffles to Victory, Tricky Haley Upended by “None of These Candidates” in Thinly-Contested Nevada Primary
  • “. . . we invite earnest DeSantis supporters to join the MAGA faithful as we deepen the cracks and widen the divides within our politics. A new day of conservatism has dawned, a rough-and-tumble strain that would have made Bill Buckley wince but is necessary for our troubled age. DeSantis’ loss was a crushing blow to some. But it should be humbling and a reassessment.” Good Faith DeSantis Backers Are Welcome Back in Magadonia!
  • “The undoubtedly coordinated attempt in the MSM to make her seem large and in charge would indicate that, if they’re preparing for anything, it’s for her to take over the top spot. That’s not what anyone on the Right — including yours truly — wants to hear, but it is what the tea leaves seem to be saying.” (And the rumblings about Big Mikey Forearms? – jjs)Democrats Aren’t Preparing to Throw Kamala Harris Under Any Buses Just Yet


* * * * *


  • “Ford has come under intense scrutiny for months over its partnership with Chinese electric vehicle battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL). The scrutiny comes as Ford has lost billions of dollars on trying to produce electric vehicles and recently had to announce that they were cutting back the employees manufacturing the electric vehicles because the demand for them is so low that Ford is cutting their production in half.” Ford Contracting Technology from Chinese Firms That Work for China’s Military, North Korea
  • “There has been a corruption of the stated purpose of military awards driven by political considerations.” On Combat Awards: Keep the Politics Out


  • “But whether you buy into any of the conspiracy theories or not, there is zero doubt that Washington’s priorities are completely out of whack . . . Honestly, some days I’d rather believe that space lasers set Hawaii on fire than the things our government actually does.”What the Hell Is Going on in Maui After That Devastating Wildfire?


  • “The slow-moving storm that parked itself over the region on Monday, dumping record amount of rain on parts of Los Angeles, could linger into Wednesday, the National Weather Service said. Scattered showers and some possible thunderstorms would bring light to moderate rain, but there was still the threat that many places could see brief, fierce downpours dumping a half-inch to an inch ( 1.3 to 3 centimeters) of rain in an hour.”PHOTOS: Historic Southern California Storm Brings Record Flooding and Dangerous Landslides





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