The Morning Rant: The Pro-Terror Biden Junta Does It Again!


The United States government is currently pushing a deeply dishonest narrative, backed up by obscenely twisted and sometimes blatantly false data, that Israelis are rampaging through Arab areas of the West Bank and attacking innocents. The Biden junta has gone so far as to sanction Israelis they accuse of this behavior.

The Fraudulent Case Against ‘Violent Settlers’

The problem is that it is a blatantly political effort to cast Israel in an unflattering light and ultimately return to the disgusting paradigm that there is violence on both sides, therefore Israel does not have any moral authority to act against the Arabs who perpetrated the worst pogrom since World War II. This is the virulent Jew-hating Obama contingent in the Biden administration trying to regain the initiative in the Middle East and return to their grand plan of an ascendant Iran and a weakened Israel.

Much of the information that these lawmakers were citing came from a single, ostensibly impartial source whose words carry weight in Washington in part because of his rank: Lieutenant General Michael R. Fenzel, a three-star general who currently serves as the U.S. Security Coordinator to Israel and the Palestinian Authority[…]

According to sources in and out of the U.S. government familiar with Fenzel’s reports and advocacy, nearly every claim presented by the USSC as fact seems to have been lifted directly, sometimes verbatim, from the websites of highly partisan pro-Palestinian organizations, including the United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OCHA) and the far-left Israeli NGO B’Tselem, which accuses Israel of apartheid and receives vast support from European governments and from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Say it ain’t so! George Soros…Jew-hater and Nazi collaborator is involved?

The reality on the ground is far different than what the hard-left NGOs and the Iranophiles in our government want us to believe.

In the past 12 months, 13 Israelis were murdered by Palestinians in Jerusalem and 17 in the West Bank—not counting those slaughtered on October 7, 2023—while doing nothing more provocative than driving home or stopping for gas. The number of Palestinian civilians who have been killed by Israelis under such conditions over the same time period is zero.

But the story the administration has been telling anyone who will listen is very different. By scrubbing any mention of the daily violence directed by Palestinian terror operatives against Jewish civilians living in the West Bank from his reports, Fenzel has eliminated the clear retaliatory motive for the vast majority of attacks by Israelis against West Bank Palestinians. Thinly laundered reports from expressly anti-Israel organizations, designed to support an illusion of innocent Palestinians being violently attacked by bloodthirsty Israelis, paint a picture of an Israeli equivalent to the Palestinian atrocities of Oct. 7, lending itself an easy “both-sides” posture meant to ease the way to creating a new Palestinian state in both the West Bank and Gaza. With an executive order now in place, the Biden administration has all the tools it needs to crack down on any form of Jewish life in Judea and Samaria, and on anyone, in Israel or stateside, who supports it.

1,200 Israelis were brutally murdered in ways that are redolent of the worst excesses of the Einsatzgruppen in Eastern Europe and Russia in 1943. That there aren’t wholesale massacres of Arabs in the West Bank and calls for ejection of the entire population is a testament to the grounding of the people of Israel in a firm and just morality.

For the Biden junta, led by a drooling, pedophilic imbecile, to single out Israelis while conspicuously ignoring the vast majority of the violence is indicative of a deeply disturbed view of the issues, and a clear indicator of where their allegiances lay. Just the existence of a United States Army general who has official contact with the Palestinian Authority, which is the political arm of a terrorist group directly linked to the murder of thousands, including American citizens, is a clear signal that our current government is ambivalent about the use of terror to achieve political goals.

They support the marginalization of Israel, the strengthening of Iran, the creation of a “Palestinian” state in the midst of Israel, all for their ultimate goal which is nothing other than the ultimate destruction of the Jewish state.

Never mind that Israel is a lone outpost of democracy, pluralism, Western culture, Western morality and political philosophy. Never mind that Israel has been the tip of the spear of the West against the encroachment of militant Islam and its inexorable march toward a worldwide caliphate and the subjugation or murder of all non-Muslims.