The Morning Report 2/21/24

Good morning, kids. The political landscape is so utterly paradoxical, and yet it scares the living shit out of me. And Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants is just the perfect metaphor for it. On the one hand, this shambling bastard child of a Roomba-Dalek that blew a fuse can’t even climb two steps into Air Force 1 without tripping, and makes even the media-amplified pratt falls of Gerald Ford look like Fred Astaire at the height of his career in comparison. Of course, the real catastrophe is what he has done to our society, our national security, international stability, our economy and our birthright as free individuals vis a vis the Constitution of the United States of America.

Of course, when I say “he” I mean whatever combination of Obama, Jarrett, Rice, Axelrod, Soros, Power, Dr. Jill and whoever the hell else is changing his Depends and pumping him full of B-6, Aricept and prune juice on an hourly basis now. Yes, it’s an absolute disaster, and they are the ones that have driven everyone but the most mind-numbed true-believers of their base away to such an extent that they face a truly epic potential electoral wipeout come November. 

And yet, lest we forget, our government as it currently exists and functions is anything but the institution of checks and balances that ensures that our rights as laid out in that aforementioned Constitution are protected. It is a massive, centralized, feral bureaucracy whose mission is to hold on to and accrue as much power over the citizenry as possible at the expense of the latter’s rights and freedoms. The reason this is so is a complete inversion of morality and ethics in which those in power believe with absolute fervor Gott Mit Uns; that they are the defenders of “democracy” and us knuckle-dragging, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic white supremacist insurrectionists are to be eliminated “by any means necessary.” 

That is of course giving them far too much credit for merely being wrong. It’s a fair wager that most don’t necessarily believe that one bit but merely lust after power and its trappings. Sadly, the GOP – Grifting Oleaginous Parasites – are in the main part and parcel of the whole farce. 

Yet, even with their hands at the controls, which also includes the ability via whatever election integrity there might have existed before 2020 now mostly totally erased, and worse the complete lack of morality and ethics that prevents individuals who run those elections and of course adjudicate things in the courts from completely disregarding them in the name of political expediency, the sense of desperation is palpable and evident in their actions.

A prime example is how Israel’s just war to annihilate the cancer that is Hamas is translating into political calculus here at home:

Just days ago, I wrote that Joe Biden was “inching toward a full betrayal of Israel.” Forget the inching. He’s now sprinting toward the final act.  And he’s doing it at the United Nations, a forum that has been openly promoting antisemitism for decades.

Biden’s latest salvo against the Jewish state is a new plan to have the UN Security Council support his demand for a cease-fire in Gaza. The resolution’s text, now being circulated for reactions, reportedly does not put a deadline on a halt in the fighting and also calls for Hamas to release all the hostages it holds. Both features are appealing, but ultimately serve only to mask the real danger of Biden’s gambit. . . 

. . . Meanwhile, the [so-called quote-unquote “president’s”] plan to get the UN involved is not a symbolic gesture. A Security Council resolution carries binding power on all UN members, including Israel, which would be more isolated than ever if it didn’t comply. The nation and its leaders could face sanctions. All that would be terrible enough, but the worst is yet to come. Biden has made it clear that, as soon as this war ends, he aims to pave the way for the creation of a Palestinian state, one that would immediately join the UN. 

Crucial details are hazy or don’t exist.

He and Blinken haven’t signed off on any substantive positions on borders, governance, security, funding for rebuilding or scores of other fundamental ­questions. 

All they know is that they want to be able to say they delivered on the long discussed two-state solution — even though it won’t be a solution to anything.  Incredibly, they’ve been silent on Jerusalem.  Both Palestinians and Jews consider it their capital, and the US recognizes Israel’s claim, thanks to the Trump administration. It tried to negotiate with the Palestinians but got nowhere.

Biden now apparently intends to create a state despite rejection across Israeli society, and not even negotiate a unique ally’s security concerns. The sudden sense of urgency and the back-of-the-envelope approach reveals the president’s motivation. Because the birth of a Palestinian state would supposedly happen before the November election, it’s all about saving his political hide. . . 

. . . A premature cease-fire would guarantee another Hamas attack, and adding a new country would be one of the biggest and most dangerous appeasements by any American president. The net effect would be to spare many of the leaders who orchestrated the bestial slaughter of Oct. 7 and let them murder and rape again, this time under the cover of statehood.

If there is anything certain in the Mideast, it is that Hamas will not stop trying to kill Jews until either it or Israel is eliminated. As one of its leaders said on Lebanese television of the October invasion, “We will do this again and again.” 

. . . And it’s not just Hamas that wants to destroy Israel. Iran, Hezbollah, the Houthis — the list is long, and all would be encouraged by Biden fathering a new state from which to carry out attacks.  Perhaps most troubling, most Palestinian civilians back the October massacre.

The indoctrination of hate begins early, and numerous online and social-media videos over the years show Palestinian children expressing the hope of growing up to be an Islamic martyr and killing Jews. It is an example of why Netanyahu has insisted on, among other things, a credible plan to deradicalize Palestinian society. The education system, carried out mostly by United Nations personnel, is rife with antisemitism and praise of violence. 

And now Joe Biden wants to turn this swamp into a nation. Just to win an election. 

Michael Goodwin nails the crux of the biscuit right there. But, putting aside the mere naked Jew-hatred that is without any doubt the exclusive hallmark of the Democrat Party and anti-American Leftist movement to the exclusion of any other, do they really have to fear, for example Michigan flipping red this coming November, even if the residents of Dearbornistan just stay home (no, they’re not going to all vote Trump)? Perhaps the fear is not so much losing the election but not necessarily having enough of a turnout to make whatever cheat you know is going to happen have the veneer of reality.

Meanwhile, in the Democrat People’s Republic of Kalifornia, this just fills all of our hearts with girlish glee:

In San Francisco, California’s Democrat officials are too busy gifting foreign nationals the ability to run the city’s elections to worry about their citizens floundering in crap, crime, and homelessness.

On Wednesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to appoint Kelly Wong, a foreign national from Hong Kong, to the city’s Elections Commission. According to KQED, a local outlet, the commission is a “seven-member civilian body that oversees and creates policy for the city’s Department of Elections.”

“There are always voices inside my head. Like, ‘You can’t do it. You’re not competent. You’re an immigrant. This is not your country.’ That’s not true,” Wong, a so-called “immigrant rights advocate,” said. “If I can do it, [other foreign nationals] can do it.”

While ineligible to vote in elections, Wong told KQED that she aims to use her new position, as the outlet described, to “increase engagement among the city’s immigrant and non-English speaking communities” and “ensure that voter materials are translated in a way that people can understand.” To illustrate the latter, Wong noted how there’s currently no Cantonese or Mandarin equivalent to English terms such as “reparations.”

According to Just the News, in 2020 San Francisco axed a citizenship requirement for serving on city boards and commissions. . . 

. . . San Francisco is not the only jurisdiction where Democrats have granted foreign nationals voting privileges. While federal law stipulates that only U.S. citizens can vote in federal elections, Democrat-led cities in states such as Maryland and California have adopted measures in recent years permitting noncitizen voting in their municipal elections. 

Despite their state constitution forbidding such a practice, Rhode Island Democrats introduced legislation during last year’s legislative session aimed at granting such privileges to their noncitizen population. The bill never made it out of committee. Meanwhile, Washington, D.C. passed legislation in 2022 granting foreign nationals the ability to vote in the district’s local elections. House Republicans’ legislative efforts to revoke the law have been blocked by Senate Democrats.

Of course, California historically has been on the cutting edge of trends that eventually become national. Meanwhile, as the corrupted justice system twists the rule of a just and stable law to persecute and destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump, with each new false charge and insane writ-of-attainder-like decision hurled against him, he continues to climb in the polls. 

We’re at the point where both the powers that be cannot let Trump run, win or even serve while at the same time allow an obviously inept, mentally and physically incapacitated vegetable to do the same. 

The junta are cornered rats. And considering the near absolute power they wield, it makes them even more dangerous and unpredictable than ever.


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  • Wong’s appointment to San Francisco’s Elections Commission isn’t all that surprising given the city’s willingness to grant privileges exclusively intended for U.S. citizens to illegal immigrants. In 2016, for instance, city voters passed Proposition N, which authorized foreign nationals who are parents or guardians of children in San Francisco’s school system to vote in local school board elections. While the measure was only temporary and set to expire in 2022, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted in October 2021 to make the change permanent. Foreign Nationals Aren’t Just Voting in San Francisco Elections, They’re Running Them Too


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  • “Such activists can’t bring themselves to concede that a man who was convicted of harming women/girls ought not to be incarcerated with the demographic to whom he is a proven danger, because if they do, all their stock arguments (‘no sexual predator would bother to pretend to be trans’, ‘no trans woman has ever harmed a woman in a women’s only space’, ‘there is no danger in making all single sex spaces unisex’) are exposed as the lies they are,” she said. ‘You Are Not Kind. You Are Not Righteous’: JK Rowling Unloads On Trans Activists
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