The Morning Report 2/22/24

Good morning, kids. There’s a line from Apocalypse Now where Martin Sheen reacts, about being given the assignment to take out Col. Kurtz for murder, “Charging someone here for murder is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indianapolis 500.” Even a cursory examination of the dystopian landscape that our society, culture and government have utterly degenerated into, would likely yield an equal number of examples of corruption. Obviously, as the saying goes, the fish stinks from the head. But that doesn’t preclude any number of places within and of the body politic that aren’t equally rotten. 

In fact, if you want to understand how it is that we’ve been laid so low, it starts with average people in our own neighborhoods, towns and cities. After nearly 60 or more years of brainwashing primarily in our schools and the parallel shunning of personal responsibility, ethics and morals in exchange for the selling of our souls to the devil, we have produced several generations of citizens who have neither an inkling of what American citizenship means and in point of fact view it as something to be scorned and despised. 

What are the hallmarks of a banana republic? If you said a cult of personality, rampant political corruption and the wielding of the instrumentalities of office to silence one’s critics, it’s not just in Washington DC these days. It’s almost everywhere and, as I suggest, it’s how DC got to be that way:

The FBI is probing self-described “super mayor” Tiffany Henyard over mounting accusations of misconduct and misuse of office — as the Illinois Attorney General shut down her charity Tuesday, The Post has learned. The eccentric mayor — whose face is plastered across billboards in tiny Dolton, Ill. —  is accused of spending taxpayer money on lavish and unnecessary trips and forking over one million dollars on a police detail then using them to retaliate against her percieved enemies. 

Lawrence Gardner, 57, said he visited an FBI office after Henyard shuttered his trucking business because he refused to renew a $3,500 political contribution. “The FBI came out and went to talk to me and I gave them all the paperwork that I had,” Gardner told The Post. “They took photo copies … their division is public corruption.”

The business owner said he made an initial donation to Henyard, but she demanded more. “I made the payment,” he said. “Then every year, she started coming and required the same thing, and we had a problem about that.” When he refused to give her campaign more money, officials claimed he was illegally selling alcohol out of his business and pulled his license, according to Gardner, who said the allegations against him were false.  The FBI told Gardner they received scores of complaints against Henyard “but they were just starting an investigation,” he recalled. . . 

. . . The FBI investigation, first reported by Fox 32, is also using electronic surveillance, the station reported.  Sherry Britton, a vocal Dolton resident, said the FBI paid her a visit last week, but she is remaining tight lipped on their advice. “I want to see her stopped,” Britton told The Post Wednesday. “This has to come to an end. This has to stop, it’s ridiculous.”

A spokesperson for Henyard told The Post they are unaware of any investigation, saying: “Mayor Tiffany Henyard and the Village of Dolton have not received any subpoenas and have not been contacted by the FBI or any other law enforcement agency.”

Meanwhile, Henyard’s charity “Tiffany Henyard Cares” was ordered to stop seeking contributions, Fox 32 reported. The charity did not register with the Attorney General’s Office or detail how much money they have raised, according to the station.  An investigation by Fox 32 uncovered Henyard using a $10,000 Thornton Township donation for the charity.

They also reported on her using taxpayer money and public employees to support the troubled charity.  

Dolton, a small village of about 20,000 residents, is now swimming in around $5 million of debt.

So, shakedown the taxpayers, loot the treasury, plaster your portrait all over place, leave the citizenry to suffer, and threaten anyone who might stand in your way. Doesn’t that have a familiar ring to it? And sadly, tragically, the first name that comes to mind isn’t necessarily Papa Doc Duvalier and Haiti. 

Speaking of third world banana republic shit hole failed states Dolton is, if I’m not mistaken a bedroom community of . . . Chicago.

The lawsuit seeks “relief in the form of compensatory and loss-of-use damages, penalties and fines for statutory violations… as well as associated fees, interest, and other relief as deemed appropriate by the jury at trial.”

In other words, the Windy City is seeking billions of dollars from fossil-fuel companies based on the ridiculous assertion that they peddled products for decades that are now causing basements to flood on the West Side of the city.

I can’t help but wonder if this is a desperate money grab seeing as how Chicago is facing a $540 million budget shortfall in 2024. I also wonder if the recent influx of migrants to Chicago, which is costing the city millions of dollars per week, played a role in the lawsuit. After all, Mayor Johnson has been out and about hat in hand begging for funds from Cook County, the state of Illinois, and even the federal government to cover the cost of the migrant situation.

Of course, Johnson and his administration are also playing the race card on this issue. Angela Tavor, chief sustainability officer and commissioner of the Chicago Department of Environment, argues that “the lived experience of our residents tell us that [the] climate crisis disproportionately impacts under-resourced communities and exacerbates racial inequities.”

. . . If the six companies in the lawsuit decide to close shop in the Windy City, how would that impact the millions of Chicagoans who rely on the oil and natural gas delivered by those very companies on a daily basis? Would it improve their living conditions? Would it lift them from poverty? Would it even make any difference in the worldwide weather patterns that inevitably affect Chicago? In a word, no.

Ironically, this idiotic and baseless lawsuit will most likely result in Johnson’s constituents having less access to the affordable, abundant, and reliable energy that they crave.

Even worse, if the fossil-fuel industry were to declare Chicago a no-go zone in the future due to their concerns of potential litigation, the city would cease to function. Life in Chicago as we know it would grind to a halt.

This is of course madness. And it’s a madness that feeds upon itself until at some point it has to consume itself. When Stalin’s numerous 5-Year Plans ultimately and inevitably failed, whatever the firing squads couldn’t deal with were shipped off to the gulags. Of course none of “the usual suspects” were to blame for counter-revolutionary subversion and sabotage when as we all know it was the policies and those who pimped them that were at fault. 

They unleashed the criminals by decriminalizing crime and when businesses close up shop rather than being robbed and looted with impunity, it’s the business owners that are accused of being “racist” since getting robbed is quite obviously seen as some sort of reparations for slavery or someting. Meh, tell that to the true believer who sees everything through the warped prism of Leftist anti-American, anti-Western dogma.

Even black Americans, after suffering the depredations of the anarcho-terrorist crimewave unleashed by their elected representatives and exacerbated by a wide open border have had enough of this crap. Another hallmark of banana republics and failed states are vigilantism and death squads. 

Look what the hell is happening in this one Pennsylvania town. At some point, when law enforcement cannot and worse will not enforce the laws to protect the citizenry, there will be a reaction. In a sane world, there would be.

Meanwhile in another part of the forest, kangaroo courts, show trials and clearly anti-Constitutional verdicts are being hurled at Donald Trump for one reason and one reason only: his continued threat to the past nearly 80 years of the Ponzi scheme that was postwar America which he exposed and is now crashing in on itself.

There are eerie commonalities in all these five court cases involving plaintiff E. Jean Carroll, Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg, New York Attorney General Letitia James, federal special counsel Jack Smith, and Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis.

One, they are either unapologetically left-wing or associated with liberal causes. They filed their legal writs in big-city, left-wing America—Atlanta, New York, Washington—where liberal judges and jury pools predominate in a manner not characteristic of the country at large. 

Two, they are overtly political. Bragg, James, and Willis have either campaigned for office or raised campaign funds by promising to get or even destroy Donald Trump. Carroll’s suit was funded by left-wing billionaire Reid Hoffman. Smith sued to rush his court schedule in hopes of putting Trump on trial before the November election.

Three, there would not be any of these cases had Donald Trump not run for the presidency or not been a conservative. . . Four, in all these cases, the charges could have been equally applicable to fellow left-wing public figures and officials. . . 

. . . We are entering a dangerous era in America.

Ideology and party affiliations increasingly determine guilt and punishment. Opponents are first targeted, and then laws are twisted and redefined to convict them.

The left is waging lawfare with the implicit message to political opponents: either keep quiet or suffer the consequences.

And now Letitia James, the Fani Willis of Dolton IL mayors is threatening to literally seize Trump Tower because, obviously, she can!

Of course, with everything collapsing in on the junta and unfortunately on top of us, what does the Kalorama Klown Komintern think will save the day?

Well, wipe Israel off the map, naturally!

It appears President Biden is moving to sell out Israel, with a possible UN Security Council resolution calling for a “temporary” cease-fire (which would surely become permanent) and opposition to an Israeli attack on Rafah, the last major Hamas stronghold.

But then Tuesday the United States vetoed a Security Council resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire, which our garbage media are shamefully describing as “widely supported” without reporting that within the UN “diplomatic community,” antisemitism is “widely supported.”

What the hell is going on?

A closer look at the Biden resolution draft reveals equivocations, calling for a cease-fire “as soon as practicable” and linking it to hostage releases, which “would help to create the conditions for a sustainable cessation of hostilities.” Clearly Biden wants to have it both ways, posturing as someone who supports Israel while working for a “diplomatic” solution. Do Biden’s people, let alone the rest of the world, really think this mealymouthed resolution would be taken seriously? . . 

. . . Older Democrats mostly support Israel, but younger Democrats, many of them hopped up by the antisemitic ideologies of college-campus hothouses, support an unconditional cease-fire, when they are not actually pro-Hamas. The irresolute Biden, facing a tough re-election and paralyzed by progressive kryptonite, is trying to have both ways. Biden has never been a stout supporter of Israel.

His clashes with Israeli leaders date back to the 1980s at least, when he sparred publicly and privately with then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that relations between Biden and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are at “the breaking point”: “Biden abruptly ended their Christmas-week call following a tense exchange about civilian casualties,” it said.

“Biden, who was so angry that he was almost shouting in the Dec. 28 call, according to officials, declared the conversation ‘over’ and hung up.” The final piece of evidence of Biden’s bad faith is the persistent talk of creating a Palestinian state — the mythical “two-state” solution — to help end the war against Hamas. . . 

. . . If a Palestinian state is the ultimate outcome of the current conflict, it will mean Israel was defeated by the Oct. 7 attack, even if Israel kills every Hamas fighter. Even in his present debilitated state, President Biden surely knows this, but his political self-interest, as always, will determine his decisions.

As disastrous as this would be, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Just as Latino- and Black Americans are disgusted with Biden, so are a growing segment of a previously divided lsraeli society.

Meh. Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants becomes the great unifier he was pimped as. 



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