The Moral Equivalence Of The Left Is Structural, And Evil

Morality is a living, breathing, changing thing, and can be manipulated to accommodate the needs and desires of humanity. In fact, a moral imperative from one era can be flipped on its head as political needs change.

Sounds nuts, because it is.

Morality is a fixed point in our world, and to treat it as a malleable political or philosophical tool is to reject the very point of it. Whether one accepts the source of that morality as God, or one simply accepts its existence, morality provides a powerful structure with which to navigate the world, and the assumption of a flexible moral structure leads to boundless evil.

The Enlightenment may have accelerated our scientific inquiry and provided a structure for religious and intellectual freedom, but it also gave us a platform for moral relativism that perversely allows some to reject those freedoms in favor of a rigid orthodoxy of personal pleasure and the rejection of anything even remotely noble or edifying about the human condition.

By rejecting the concept of God or religion as the source of a moral code, and replaced it with the historically shaky idea that man is perfectible by his own devices, we are confronted with things like abortion as practically a sacrament of the new-age religion of personal entitlement and pleasure. The idea of a good greater than oneself is relegated to some quaint and naive view of man that has no place in a modern world. Thus the idea of love of country, of respect for tradition, for honor, for care for one’s fellow man is an anachronism.

Just make sure that government is taking care of our access to personal pleasure, and it doesn’t matter what else they do! 400 channels and endless entertainment on demand! So what if people who think differently are languishing in jail? So what if our country (what’s that if not a cute and passé idea) is being overrun by looters and murderers intent upon taking what we have built? We can still get great Thai noodles delivered at 3:00am while we smoke high-quality legal marijuana! And that pesky fetus will be gone in a few days so we can get back to what feels good.

Just make sure that those horrible religious people who believe in antiquated ideas like human life is precious stay out of our neighborhoods! Arrest them! We need to get to the next protest against Israel…you know, that tiny country borne out of the ashes of the Holocaust that simply wants to live in peace! They are occupiers or colonists or genocidal…or whatever…our Middle Eastern Studies instructor told us that!

And let those illegals (what a mean word!) across the border. Give them food and clothing and money and plane tickets to everywhere. Well, except here. We don’t really like them, so keep them in those horrid flyover states that don’t even know how to make pour-over coffee! That silly talk about American Exceptionalism is so boring!

Sure, I am making fun of the silliness of the intellectually flaccid soft left. But they are the useful idiots of the committed left that has been working assiduously for 100 years to undermine the foundations of America, and they are doing a great job.

Maybe it’s time to return to those supposedly dated concepts of Duty, Honor, Country. They worked for a very long time, and while our technological society is amazingly advanced, have we not regressed in other, more important things?