The Morning Report 3/4/24

Good morning, kids. Congratulations to Tricky Haley for winning the GOP DC primary. Finally, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the nation is saved. Unfortunately, the nation that she and her backers are on a quest to save is not the United States of America, but a mirror universe zombified undead version of what it once was. Actually, can there be any more stark contrast between our nation and its capital, in terms of populace as well as purpose?

A vast, centralized, virtually unaccountable, unelected bureaucracy that issues diktats whenever the kabuki/bukkake theater of a legislative branch can’t pass wildly unpopular, society-changing laws, or when a Democrat administration (legitimate or otherwise as with the Biden junta) issues blatantly unconstitutional executive orders, or the even rarer occasions that a mostly corrupt and unpredictable Supreme Court cannot (and mostly will not) rein any or all of them in when they ignore the document they swore on a Bible (or perhaps in the not too distant future a soiled copy of Mandate) to uphold.

It’s no coincidence that the majority of the wealthiest counties in America surround the District of Columbia. Ditto much of the kangaroo court activity being hurled at Donald Trump. DC is not so much a swamp as it is a multi-tentacled hydra. But it is the epicenter of the cancer that has put whatever is left of this nation, institutions, heritage and culture on life support. For his daring to openly – and effectively – attack it, he must be destroyed. 

This explains Tricky Haley’s “victory” in DC.

Haley, 52, was declared the winner by the Associated Press after taking all 19 delegates at stake in a GOP primary that took place in one of the most heavily Democratic jurisdictions in the country. 

DC counts just 23,000 registered Republicans. . . Haley’s spokesperson noted that her victory makes her the first woman to win a Republican presidential primary contest in US history.

Oh wow. Our first official uterus. Pfft.

Meanwhile, Trump, 77, seemed unbothered by his very first loss. He sarcastically congratulated the former South Carolina governor on being named “Queen of the Swamp by the lobbyists and DC insiders that want to protect the failed status quo” in a statement Sunday night.

Indeed. Tomorrow is Super Tuesday where Trump is expected to sweep the 15 contests with ease. And yet, like radioactive crotch-rot, Haley still persists. 

Former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy both famously and infamously declared Nikki Haley to be “Dick Cheney in three-inch heels.” But Ramaswamy dropped out of the nomination race while former U.N. ambassador and mouthpiece for the Military Industrial Complex Haley is still in their pitching. 

But her game is not about winning but about making victory for former President Donald Trump as agonizing, painful and embarrassing as possible. 

Dick Cheney? Hell, Haley is another LIz Cheney – a RINO obsessed with taking down Trump and advancing the gilded but bloodied racket of the defense contractors who are committed to committing you and the United States to any foreign war anytime as long as they provide the munitions. The problem remains that ultimately, Americans will be providing their children, their husbands, their sons, their mothers and daughters to those foreign wars and they will be coming back in body bags or as wounded warriors who become homeless veterans. . .

. . . As she prepares for another shellacking on Super Tuesday and having just lost the financial backing of the Koch Network, it is more than appropriate to wonder just why she is continuing to stay in a race that she cannot win and one in which her very presence guarantees her continued alienation from the Republican base.

The answer is quite simple: she is not working for the Republican base but for the Deep State establishment that wants the United States to get back into the fight – any fight. She is laboring for a position and a voice in any potential Democratic administration that would more accurately reflect her views and opinions than any Trump administration would. She is fighting for her defense contractors who are scared as hell that Trump is going to win re-election and shut down this foreign war charade that continues to generate their billions and trillions of dollars in revenue. Haley is the last, best hope in the Republican Party for these amoral, uncaring monsters. 

Trump’s greatest failing as president was not that he was vindictive – though he certainly can be that in his personal life – but because he did not effectively assess the danger and insidious power of the intelligence, judicial and defense structures that immediately sought to remove Trump from power. He, much like President John F. Kennedy did, really thought the elected officials were in control and that the bureaucracy would actually listen when the commander-in-chief gave an order.

That bureaucracy, like a massive barnacle on American democracy, did pay attention, but it did not obey. And when Trump declared that foreign wars were a terrible distraction for America, they decided it was time for him to go.

Naturally, Icky Nikki is refusing to endorse/back Trump when he eventually wins the nomination. Look, to be fair, Trump back in 2016 refused to say he’d endorse anyone had he not come out on top but the venom and nastiness dripping from Haley’s maw is reflective of our current situation which is radically different from even eight years ago. Trump was and still is running against the DC swamp. Why should he ever endorse any creature who might be a part of it, to whatever degree he/she is? Then again, too many of his own endorsements and staffing boners with RINO frauds and saboteurs played and likely will continue to play a major role in his eventual undoing. He better wise up to that, like yesterday. 

Of course, if he should overcome whatever cheat is coming our way next November, on top of the Stalinist show trials being hurled at him, the specter of organized and/or nod-and-a-wink approved massive street violence up to and including an attempt on Trump’s life or even the military making a move against him – remember, the Junta, bureaucracy and its propaganda house organs have declared Trump and anyone who supports him to be literally Hitler and a threat to “our precious democracy” – looms large.

Now, seemingly out of nowhere, the phrase “white Christian nationalist” is being flung from every network and in every newsroom that still pumps out electrons, picas and pixels. You laugh at the hyperbole at your own risk. I take these bastards now at their word because the 100-year grift parading around as American politics as usual has been exposed and is threatened by the MAGA movement. They’ll stop at nothing to destroy him and us.

The real fear of the “white rural rage” Chicken Littles is not that rural Americans are a threat to “democracy” but rather that they provide an immovable bulwark against the Deep State’s “master plan” for a totalitarian super-State.  All over the West, politicians and pundits continue to extol authoritarianism as “democratic” and denigrate self-government as “populist.”  It’s absurdly Orwellian, of course, but since we live in the age of censorship, propaganda, and linguistic chicanery, these word games will continue.  Somewhere in the pits of Hell, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and Mao are eager to remind Klaus Schwab and all the other Western globalists how “democratic” their “rules-based international orders” are, too.  

The globalist authoritarians have instructed the commoners to stop eating meat.  Rural Americans have said, “Nah, we’re good.  We like steak.”  The “new world order” folks have insisted that a great deal of speech must be censored in order to protect fragile adults from experiencing outbreaks of unapproved “hate.”  Rural Americans have responded, “Suck it up, Buttercup.  Maybe try listening to an opposing point of view sometime.  It might just vaccinate you from the plague of groupthink.”  The globo-Marxists have demanded that consumers hand over their keys to any car with an internal combustion engine.  Rural Americans have laughingly replied, “Not only are we keeping every truck and tractor from the last century in a barn out back but also we can’t wait to buy some new all-terrain vehicles to ride through the backcountry.”  Officials who betray their oaths to the Constitution have told law-abiding Americans that they have no right to own a gun.  Rural Americans have calmly loaded their weapons in preparation for self-defense and whispered back, “Come and take it.”  In disposition and beliefs, rural Americans are the natural “Minutemen” guarding American liberty.

Ultimately, attacks against rural Americans — like the left’s attacks against Christians — are a wretched form of bigotry designed to spread the insidious idea that people who live outside city limits are subhuman.  Because rural America is filled with resilient people who adamantly defend the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, it represents an antidote to the cancerous form of Marxist globalism killing cities across the country.  Because rural America is filled with faithful people who are obedient to God’s will — and not D.C.’s — it remains a natural refuge for those immune from institutional brainwashing.  Because rural America is blessed with an abundance of self-sufficient families, hard workers, and freethinkers, it provides a welcoming home for human liberty.  For these reasons, aspiring totalitarians must destroy rural America if they are to have any chance at erecting a new system founded on censorship, surveillance, oppression, and tyranny.  The problem for the Deep State is that rural Americans know what to do when the SHTF and, in fact, have been preparing all their lives.      

Mass psychological programs that dehumanize groups of people always precede State-engineered genocides.  It is how cognitive warfare specialists pepper society with a preemptive rationale for why some people must be loaded onto boxcars and sent away for “re-education.”  Newt Gingrich is certainly right: any nuclear war would be catastrophic.  If we’re being honest, though, Americans must also worry about how the totalitarian left is following in the footsteps of Hitler’s Germany.  Prepare your mind accordingly.



  • “Behind the casually venomous expression ‘Christian nationalism’ lies more than two centuries of ideological war between God-given liberty and state-controlled privileges.”Christian Nationalism: The American Revolution Versus the French Revolution
  • Victor Davis Hanson: “If he can praise those he defeats, call for unity, and campaign in 50 states in non-Republican strongholds, then he can win—even despite the hatred of the left, the corruption of the media, the weaponization of the bureaucracy, and the eroding trust in the way we vote.” Gearing Up for ‘Biden’ Versus Trump: Not If, But When and How to Replace Biden
  • Daniel Greenfield: “Democrats have become more fanatical about abortion even as it becomes less relevant in a country without marriages, children or even intimacy. The real threat to abortion isn’t coming from Republicans or the Supreme Court, but a society with no more babies to abort.” Abortion is Running Out of Babies


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  • “Americans should have been able to see the Biden family unctuousness at work, to judge for themselves how much the word of a Biden means.” The Public Disservice of the Hunter Biden Testimony
  • On Friday, House Oversight Chairman James Comer and Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan sent the letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray to request documents related to Special Counsel David Weiss’s indictment of CHS Alexander Smirnov. Smirnov was charged two weeks ago for allegedly making false statements about President Joe Biden’s involvement in a criminal bribery scheme with a Ukrainian oligarch. Republican lawmakers, however, are left with questions about the FBI’s sudden about-face on the source they once highly regarded.Exclusive: House Republicans Probe FBI’s Sudden About-Face On Confidential Source
  • Miranda Devine: “’Patrick says he paid him, and that Hunter never did anything for him,’ a friend of Ho’s told The Post, ‘and that according to the contract the money should be reimbursed.’ The $1 million legal retainer was wired from CEFC in China to CEFC’s Hong Kong HSBC account, and then, on November 2, 2017, to the American bank account of Hudson West III (HWIII) the firm Hunter co-owned with CEFC, and then to Hunter’s private firm, Owasco, according to his California tax indictment.  Hunter Biden’s Chinese Legal “Client” Threatens to Sue Unless First Son Pays Back $1 Million (Hunter as bagman for a guy named “Ho.” Fitting, n’est pas? – jjs)





  • “The law as written in 1971 suggests that weather modification could be done by the government in secret.” U.S. Government Legalized Weather Modification Activities in 1971
  • “Governments are fixated on the idea that climate change should be mitigated through planning. The problem is that planning is less efficient and effective at processing information than markets.” Decades Later, Hayek’s Warning on Planning Echoes Louder than Ever
  • “Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law in August 2022, promising that the law’s allotment of $369 billion for green energy-related subsidies would make the American economy cleaner while spurring a resurgence in American manufacturing driven by mass-production of products like solar panels and EVs. Many of the bill’s critics pointed out that China’s dominance of supply chains for the raw materials needed to manufacture these products could lead to Chinese entities capturing the value of taxpayer-funded green energy subsidies or otherwise benefiting from the legislation.” Chinese Critical Mineral Investment Has Exploded Since Biden Signed Landmark Climate Bill
  • Seeing their 2024 election year polls lagging, they now move to the even more alarming “climate breakdown.” Can a “climate catastrophe” or, even better, a “climate collapse” be far behind? Should the elections not go their way this year, we can be sure one term or the other will be rolled out by Kerry or perhaps his successor at the White House, venerable, long-time alarmist  John Podesta, around this time next year.  John Kerry Tries Out a New Climate Catchphrase to Ratchet Up the Fear
  • “Greta Thunberg, famously, was traumatized by a David Attenborough documentary about declining polar bear populations. The GWPF should send her a copy of the State of the Polar Bear Report. It might help her get over her eco-anxiety, so that she can get back to school and stop annoying us all. It’s worth a shot.” The Bears Are All Right
  • “We take such vandalism very seriously and we will insist that the perpetrators be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Climate Change Protesters Who Threw Red Powder on U.S. Constitution Display in the National Archives Rotunda Charged With a Felony
  • “. . . rather than disengaging in climate activism, and refocusing on maximizing shareholder value, these asset-management firms continue pandering to activists, offering symbolism over substance to their investors and hoping those holding them to account won’t notice.”ESG Exodus or Shifty Shell Game?


  • “Joe Biden has publicly expressed support for defunding the police in the past. During an interview with activist Ady Barkan in 2020, Biden said, ‘Yes, absolutely,’ when asked if they both could agree that “we can redirect some of the [police] funding.’ He has since tried to distance himself from the movement.” Another City “At the Brink of Disaster” After Defunding Police


  • “The way that Brennan conducted the interview made it clear that the segment was intended to be pro-gun control propaganda as she stood with her arms crossed expressing disgust and promoting the false narrative that the Second Amendment was created for ‘hunting.’ The Second Amendment was created for the purposes of self-defense and a check against government tyranny.” ATF Director Displays Ignorance About Basic Firearm Topics During Pro Gun Control Segment


  • The Florida Board of Governors passed regulation 9.016, which bans DEI spending after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 266 in May 2023. The bill “prohibits a university or university direct-sport organization from expending state or federal funds, regardless of source, to promote, support, or maintain any programs or campus activities that… Advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, or promote or engage in political or social activism, as defined by rules of the State Board of Education and regulations of the Board of Governors.”University of Florida Lays Off All DEI Staff. 
  • “Too many teachers and students aren’t safe in the classroom.” Classroom Warfare
  • “If people are surprised at students screaming ‘heil Hitler’ in the faces of Jewish teachers, they shouldn’t be.” The Long, Horrifying Collapse of Discipline in NYC Public Schools
  • “Yes, the fundraising was for a good cause — and yes, the district raised almost $153,000. I guess that’s the going rate for the self-respect and dignity of high school students entrusted to this district’s care.” Shocking Video Shows Teens Licking and Sucking Toes at School Event
  • One lesson centers around “Building a Collectivist Society” and challenges students to apply “indigenous ways of knowledge to individualist concepts like the American Dream.” The lesson additionally claims that individualist ideas such as this can produce “loneliness” and “selfishness.” The lesson plan separates the modern West and “individualist” world from other countries globally. Denver ethnic studies curriculum teaches high schoolers to ‘dismantle systems of power’
  • “It’s not enough to write about it or talk about it. We’ve got to start pressing Republicans. Perhaps at the state level, but also at the federal level, politicians, educators, and bureaucrats who had a hand in these criminally negligent actions need to be called out and prevented from holding positions of power in the future.” Holding Those Accountable for the Damaged Lives of Kids Robbed of Their Education by COVID Tyrants


  • [So-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden called the companies’ announcements an “important milestone” in ensuring access to abortion. He encouraged other pharmacies to seek certification to offer the drug. The decision by CVS and Walgreens comes over a year after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded the availability of abortion pills to include large pharmacy chains and mail-order companies. CVS, Walgreens to Dispense Abortion Pill Mifepristone


  • “Arizona has some of the strongest laws on the books to protect against noncitizens voting in elections, which is why the Biden Justice Department and left-wing activist groups filed eight lawsuits challenging them,” McGavick said. “The federal court’s decision in these cases yesterday and in September striking many of these provisions down undermines election integrity and voter confidence in elections.” Court Affirms Arizona’s Need To Keep Noncitizens Off Voter Rolls, But Makes It Harder To Do So



  • “These latest surveys bode very well for the former president’s chances of succeeding: He leads in every single one of them, and when drilling down into cross tabs and issue questions Biden performs even worse among key demographics he would need to stick with him to hold the White House.” Slate of Polls Show Trump Opening Firm Lead over Biden as General Election Begins
  • “[Trump] sarcastically congratulated the former South Carolina governor on being named “Queen of the Swamp by the lobbyists and DC insiders that want to protect the failed status quo” in a statement Sunday night.” Tricky Haley Wins the District of Columbia’s Republican Primary, Gets Her First 2024 Victory
  • “The overwhelming majority of respondents — 62% of men and 68% of women — said that the U.S. was headed in the ‘wrong direction’ under Biden. If the 2024 presidential election were held today, 48% said that they would vote for former President Donald Trump while only 43% said that they would vote for Biden; 48% said that they believe that Trump will win while only 39% said that they believe Biden will win.” NYT Poll Spells Problems for Biden
  • Roger Kimball: “The election is eight months away. The Democrats will not be sitting by idly.  They have a country to ruin and power to maintain, and they are not going to let up on Trump.” Election Countdown: Trump Surges in Swing States Amid Legal Turmoil
  • “. . . Harris is the only candidate in waiting. But she’s polling worse than Biden, and that’s before Republicans start redefining her. Besides, she’s even more of a gaffe machine than Biden. So Democrats are stuck with Joe Biden. Admittedly, it’s not much to hang their hat on. But with no realistic alternative, they’re going to prop Biden up and trot him out for a few events a week and hope for the best.” Biden Campaign Tells Democrats Who Want Someone Else: Ain’t Gonna Happen
  • Larry Elder: “. . . black voters — particularly black female voters — would resent a ploy to cast Harris aside, but there is one caveat: The substitute would have to be a popular black female. Only two fit the bill: Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. Winfrey does not want the gig and, despite the hopeful speculation, neither does Obama. She hates politics. So, Harris it is.” Why Kamala Harris is the Grim Future of the Democrat Party
  • “Just look at where he has already been.” Biden Would Go Further Left
  • “He may have an insurmountable base of dedicated supporters as the de facto incumbent and a growing cohort of people sick of Biden and at least willing to hold their noses and vote for him, but the real challenge for Donald Trump in 2024 is ensuring the election will be clean and without interference once November comes. After all, this bears repeating: If you believe 2020 was stolen, what prevents them from stealing 2024?” Will Trump’s Momentum Overcome Potential Fraud in November?
  • “. . . if you talk about an endorsement, you’re talking about a loss. I don’t think like that. When you’re in a race, you don’t think about losing. You think about continuing to go forward. What I can tell you is, I don’t think Donald Trump or Joe Biden should be president. I don’t think we need two candidates in their 80s.” Tricky Nikki Haley: I’m No Longer Bound by Pledge to Support Trump — RNC is “Not the Same”
  • “Nikki Haley, stubbornly clinging to life ahead of Super Tuesday, has been more aggressive with Trump as he gains momentum.” Tricky Haley: Nominating Trump Means “Suicide for Our Country”
  • “Her game is not about winning but about making victory for former President Donald Trump as agonizing, painful and embarrassing as possible.” Nikki Haley is the new Liz-ard Cheney
  • “The Romney/Cox wing of the Utah Republican Party is the beginning of the end of the once-great state of Utah.” RINOs Sighted in Utah


  • “Iran-backed militia attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria largely died down following the sweeping Feb. 2 airstrikes against more than 85 targets across Iraq and Syria, conducted in retribution for the deaths of three U.S. Army reservists. U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) forces have struck even more Houthi targets in Yemen, but the Iran-backed militants’ attacks on commercial shipping and naval vessels have not abated because the administration has so far held back striking the actual wellspring of Houthi attacks, experts told the DCNF.” Iran-Backed Attacks on US Troops in Iraq, Syria Faded Since Massive Retaliation. Why are the Houthis Still Attacking?
  • “Iran has long seen Latin America’s leftist regimes as fertile soil for its own anti-West agenda.” Iran Makes Inroads in Latin America
  • “The former ruling party is having difficulty navigating parliamentary isolation as cultural revolution comes to Poland.” Polish Conservatives Under Siege
  • “Can Claudia Sheinbaum do something about Mexico’s ‘inseguridad?” Ready for La Presidenta?
  • “Australia’s Labor Party has sought “stabilization” with China, which might not be such a bad thing.” Is Australia Going Soft on China?




  • “American private enterprise now leads the entire world combined 23 to 19 in successful launches, while SpaceX now leads the rest of the world, excluding American companies 20 to 19.” SpaceX successfully launches four NASA astronauts to ISS
  • “The capsule had been launched in June 2023, carrying equipment to manufacture HIV drugs in space and then return them to Earth for sale. Even though the company had begun negotiations with the FAA and the Air Force two years prior for landing that capsule in the Air Force’s test range in Utah, those agencies blocked its planned return in the September of 2023, and was only able to do it last month. This mission is demo flight, with three others now scheduled.” Watch video from Varda’s return capsule as its comes back to Earth



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