The Morning Rant


Over the last 25 years, the American military has been thrust into almost every nasty little border war or terrorist resurgence or humanitarian crisis because of the insanity that we are the world’s policeman. Never mind that our military success has been steadily decreasing as we behave more and more like some dystopian simulacrum of the world-dominating armed force of 1945.

Sure…we have the military might, but our political masters have hobbled our military by trying to convert them into some sort of civilization-building nanny that is sent into war zones and is told not to fight!

So now we are injecting ourselves into one of the nastiest places on earth…filled with fanatical Islamists intent upon bringing down the West and replacing it with a worldwide Caliphate. Gaza is the proverbial 3rd-World Sh*thole with the bonus of a thoroughly militarized population that has been inculcated with anti-American attitudes from birth.

They also don’t care where their rockets go: their own civilians are perfectly acceptable targets for the bloodthirsty savages that make up Hamas. So our personnel will be targets. Whether intentional or accidental doesn’t really matter.

Diplomatic source to ‘Post’: Gaza maritime route was Netanyahu’s idea – exclusive

The plan for a maritime route to Gaza via Cyprus to provide humanitarian assistance for Palestinians was initiated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in collaboration with US President Joe Biden, a senior diplomatic source told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday night.

“Netanyahu took the initiative to establish maritime humanitarian aid for the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, in collaboration with the Biden administration,” the source stated.

According to the source, on October 22, two weeks following the war’s outbreak, Netanyahu discussed with President Biden the concept of “delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza via the sea, contingent on an Israeli inspection in Cyprus.”

Israel’s perspective is different than ours. They want Western involvement so that they can have independent verification that their humanitarian efforts are real. If America is overseeing some of those efforts with boots on the ground and ships off the coast, then it is a powerful message to the world.

But the current state of our military suggests that we will not respond in any sensible way to attacks, as evidenced by the hundreds of unanswered attacks on our armed forces in Iraq and Jordan. We simply will be a big fat Western target. And because of the density of Gaza (it is less than 150 square miles), two modern armies will be almost literally a stone’s throw from each other, with a bunch of heavily armed terrorists hidden within the civilian population.

That is a situation with tremendous potential for friendly fire incidents, and for Hamas-instigated firefights that seek to draw America into the fight. Israel’s military is experienced, but mistakes happen, intelligence can be incomplete, and the fog of war is a very real thing.

A far better plan would be to supply the aide from afar, keep our military out of it, and simply support Israel in its efforts to eradicate Hamas as a fighting entity.

But the Biden/Obama junta has no plan for anything. They are purely reactive, and seemingly driven by competing blocs that are vying for control over policy. Sadly, that policy is the creation of a Palestinian state, which would be catastrophic for Israel, and very possibly the rest of the world, as the fanatical Islamists intent upon our destruction will gain a base, conveniently funded by the West!

Remember what Obama said about Biden…”Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up.”