The Morning Report 3/13/24

Good morning, kids. As of yesterday, it’s official. Both Trump and Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants have clinched the requisite number of delegates to become the nominees for next November. It’s also beyond any doubt at all that whatever is left of any kind of sanity and reason went out the door long ago as the Democrat Left and its allies/enablers in and out of government are creating hell on earth. 

As Haiti devolves into a complete state of violent anarchy and chaos – yet again for the umpteenth time in more than a century – the inevitable tidal wave of refugees is the perfect crisis-that-should-not-be-allowed-to-go-to-waste opportunity for the Left to distract from the disaster of an erased southern border while at the same time throwing gasoline on the Dresden of that situation while insisting that who know how many thousands or even tens of thousands of Haitians must, MUST! be allowed to settle here because, reasons! 

In a moment of frustration, Trump exclaimed, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

[Then-President Trump] was unconvinced by a proposal to insulate immigrants from Haiti and a number of other countries from deportation; instead, according to the Washington Post, he suggested “that the United States should … bring more people from countries such as Norway” and “from Asian countries because he felt that they help the United States economically.” At the time, Trump’s colorful choice of words was “denounced across the globe,” Politico relayed gravely. But as it pertains to Haiti, at least, they may have been an understatement.

The U.S. State Department appears to have reached a similar conclusion: Last week, it urged Americans in Haiti to leave the country and directed U.S. military forces to evacuate American Embassy staff overnight.

The move couldn’t come soon enough. What is transpiring in Haiti is so post-apocalyptic — so unspeakably brutal — that it would be impossible to believe were it not for the steady stream of phone videos and first-person testimonials substantiating the media reports pouring out of the country. “Millions of Haitians Face Starvation as Gangs Aim for Total Takeover, Free 5,000 Prisoners,” reads one recent headline. “Haiti Gangs Launch Main Airport Seige, Massacring People ‘Indiscriminately’ Days After Massive Jail Break,” reports another. This weekend’s Washington Post report, titled “Haitians shot dead in the streets and there’s no one to take the corpses away,” paints a picture of the scene on the ground. . . 

. . . Spurred on in part by this persistent barbarism, the Dominican Republic, Haiti’s neighbor to the east, constructed a border wall separating the two nations in 2022. The following year, as the gang violence continued to worsen on the western side of the wall, the Dominicans initiated a complete border shutdown, deploying military patrols to secure the borderlands and carrying out mass deportations to repatriate more than 176,000 Haitian migrants. Haitians protested the indignity by burning tires at the Dominican border.

Here at home, the Biden [junta] has taken more or less the opposite approach. Since fall 2022, the White House has been running a special program allowing up to 30,000 people per month to legally immigrate to the U.S. from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. As of January 2024, the program has admitted more than 357,000 into the country, including 138,000 Haitians (far more than any of the other three nationalities). . . 

. . . For all the high-minded talk of “American values,” the simple and obvious truth is that when you import a large number of people from a foreign country in a short amount of time, your country begins to look more like the one those people came from. This is true in all places and in all times: Italian immigration, for example, radically altered the character of America; even now, with the Italian-American diaspora fully “assimilated,” the United States is markedly different than it would have been had they never arrived in the first place.

The same was true of Irish immigration and German immigration (a major source of concern for many of the Founding Fathers); it is true of Mexicans, and Poles, and Scots-Irish, and every other cohort that has come to America from another country in substantial numbers. To ignore that, or to refuse to examine the character of an immigrant’s home — to pretend that all nations of origin are created equal — is to embed a deep and dangerous naïveté into our immigration system. 

In every instance, America today is the way it is, in part, because of the character of its immigrants, one in turn formed as the result of the character of the place from which they came. That’s the double-edged sword of “assimilation”: The people become more like their adopted home, but their adopted home also becomes more like them. Americans should think long and hard about what it would mean to become more like Haiti. 

The author makes an interesting point vis a vis “the double-edged sword of assimilation.” Yes it is true that the character of America is radically different from what it was in 1789 to what it became after the first mass wave of immigration between 1880 and 1920. But the key word here is “assimilation.” It changed yet it was made better and stronger and arguably even more “American” in a sense than what even the Founders imagined. In the early 20s, we shut our door for 40 years or so, in order that the millions who landed here could assimilate and become Americanized. Most importantly, so that their children who were to be born here could be that way the moment they arrived. 

Today, not only is there no assimilation and that word taboo, but what we are experiencing is no less than a deliberate effort to completely annihilate the character, culture, traditions and history of this nation as it was founded and what controlled immigration with mandatory assimilation had created – the greatest, freest, most prosperous society in history. Hand in hand with that, is the brainwashing of America’s native born children to reject their birthright and heritage as evil, and demand it be replaced with the kind of tyranny their forebears fled, naturally being indoctrinated into its moral superiority and rejecting anyone who dares question it.

It’s classic divide and conquer. Whatever evil can’t be spread from within, you import from elsewhere in the quest to gain permanent political dominance. The Haitians that I knew and went to school with 50 years ago in what was the then magical place called Brooklyn were fleeing the nightmare hellscape of the Duvaliers and for the most part, at least in my experience, became fully Americanized. In fact, it was to such an extent that they earned the enmity of native born black Americans who, by that time, had fully bought into the bullshit of Democrat-invented victimization culture, and all the rot that went with it. 

Bitterly ironic that black Americans have been destroyed to such an extent by the welfare state, abortion, family dissolution and the blood libel of “institutional white supremacy” that the Democrats now have to import millions of foreign indigents to take their place at the voting booth. Yet, that is the cold, hard and simple truth as to why we have an erased border, zero immigration controls, and of course nothing even approaching any kind of program of assimilation. The fact that we have had institutionalized and government-mandated programs of bilingualism and multilingualism for decades just underscores the point. 

Psaki-psircling back to Trump questioning, and rightly so, the sanity of flooding America with millions of people from “shithole countries,” it might sound cruel, but many times the truth is indeed cruel. Like everything else wrong with America which led him to running in the first place, the madness of allowing millions of people in who bring nothing but poverty, disease, destitution and the moral rot of “the old country” without any means or even the desire to ensure that they assimilate is something that he and we reacted to in a most natural way. For that, he got reamed. That is, for exposing the insane lie and hypocrisy of our immigration policy since 1965’s Ted Kennedy-led Hart-Celler Act, he had to be destroyed. 

Haiti, Mexico, and much of the world are indeed shithole countries. When you include the majority of Muslim countries, the mortal danger of terrorism on top of run of the mill murder, rape and robbery makes the situation that much worse. 

Haiti is a freaking basket case and has been for decades. In fact, things have been so bad and so corrupt for so long that off the top of my head, I can’t even tell you what the county’s top export is. Dysentery, scabies and, evidently, cannibalism don’t count. But the DC junta is bound to insist that millions of Haitians must be settled here. Along with a few million “Palestinians” from Gaza. And we’ll not only have to accept it, we’ll be forced to cheer it on!

Meanwhile, in DC, the Democrats complete buffoonery at the Robert Hur hearing was less a case of being laughable than it was terrifying insofar as exposing their insane totalitarian bent. It’s funny because Robert Hur pulled a James Comey in declaring Biden guilty yet pulling the “no reasonable prosecutor” schtick as a means to shield him. 

First, you have a backbench ankle-biter Dem from PA claiming that Hur insisting that Biden was not exonerated is merely “semantics.”

Then when Hur has a heated back and forth with this Jayapal mouth-breather insisting that he did not exonerate Biden, she claims he did, bangs the gavel and essentially silences him.

Of course, sub-literate racialist shit-whore Cori Bush used her time just to slime Trump as “the former white supremacist in chief.”

It’s a total farce, but flinging poo is all they have. Will Biden ever face any real consequences for the high crimes and misdemeanors he has committed over the course of decades? Crimes which Trump is being falsely accused and persecuted in a complete inversion of what the American criminal justice system is supposed to be? Of course not.

Whether the cheat machine is strong enough to overcome the mood of most of the nation in its desperation to get rid of Biden is the question. 

The fact that Joey decided to make “vroom vroom” noises in the middle of the proceedings probably won’t help his cause. Meh, given the mental acuity of much of the Democrat base, I might have to revise that prediction.


  • Although artificially creating life in a lab may sound interesting, it could also raise new ethical questions concerning synthetic lifeforms. The discovery is one of a growing list of scientific advancements that just a few years ago would have been the preserve of science fiction. Earlier this month, it was reported that scientists are closer to being able to clone the wooly mammoth. Last week, a leading expert in the field predicted that the so-called ‘singularity‘ could be achieved by 2027. PLAYING GOD? Scientists Move Closer Towards Creating Artificial ‘Life’ in Lab
  • “Carbon trading and natural asset companies create collateral by inflating existing real assets by creating scarcity and inventing new asset categories that have nothing to do with actual productivity.” The Financialization of Nature
  • “The problem is that our culture surrounding family has drastically shifted to where we allow the adults to act like impulsive children and we expect the children to respond like adults. Where we once shamed the parent who neglected their children and ridiculed the parent who drove away the other, we now shrug our shoulders and mutter about how we accept that relationships sometimes fail.” Downfall of America’s Children Starts with the Selfishness of Parents
  • Christopher Rufo: “Raising children in an era of ideological capture.” A World in Miniature
  • “How is justice served by hiding the scary criminal past of a guy who practices law today, who now enjoys a veneer of legitimacy due to the actions of the entire legal community, all the way up to the governor — the people we are supposed to trust with our safety? They elevated a weirdo with a fetish over the safety of mothers and daughters and called it justice.” Five Florida Circuit Judges Defend Pervert Lawyer in Weird Cover-Up
  • “The diminutive former Clinton crony carries out a televised attack on rape victim Nancy Mace.” The Amorality of ABC’s George Stephanopoulos


  • Hur, who described Biden in his report as “an elderly man with a poor memory,” testified that he could not charge the president with “willfully retaining” classified documents due to “insufficient evidence.” For example, during Biden’s interview with Hur, he could not remember when his son Beau Biden died or when he was vice president, according to a transcript of Hur’s interview obtained by Breitbart News. Special Counsel Robert Hur Confirms Joe Biden’s Classified Documents Were Found in 7 Places 
  • “The [so-called quote-unquote “president”] began to respond substantively but quickly spiraled into a bizarre and unhinged tangent comparable to the iconic Simpsons scene where Homer Simpson’s father indulges himself in a winding story that ends up nowhere.Read it for yourself . . . ” READ: Biden Indulged in 10 Minute Rant About Country Clubs and Burnt Penises During Special Counsel Testimony
  • Michael Goodwin: “It’s the stuff of banana republics, but that hasn’t stopped Dems from declaring that Trump is the one who is a threat to democracy. What they lack in facts they more than make up for with chutzpah. Tuesday’s hearing produced no evidence or claims that dispelled suspicions about the clashing classified document cases. If anything, the questions, answers and statements added support to the belief that different standards are what produced different outcomes.” The Probes of Donald Trump and Joe Biden Show the Emboldened Bias Among the Left
  • David Harsanyi: “Also, the [so-called quote-unquote “president”] was not ‘exonerated.’”Turns Out Biden Lied About Hur, Beau, And Why He Pilfered Classified Documents
  • “What you are suggesting is that I needed to provide a different version of my report that would be fit for public release. That is nowhere in the rules. I was to prepare a confidential report that was comprehensive and thorough,” Hur said. Accusations Fly as Hur Clashes With Schiff-for-Brains on Biden Docs Report
  • “Because it drove me crazy; I wanted to drive it,” Biden continued. Krickbaum responded, “Got it. That makes sense. A beautiful car.” According to the transcript, Biden then proceeded to talk about his car, and make car noises. “And the worst part was, they said I couldn’t drive it outside the driveway. It’s a long driveway. So I’d get to the bottom of the driveway, tack it up to about four grand (indiscernible) (makes car sound) (indiscernible) (laughter),” it quoted Biden. DOJ Interview Transcript: Joe Biden Made Car Noises, Often Meandered Off-Topic
  • “Hur’s report detailing the [so-called quote-unquote “president’s”] handling of classified documents made several notes about Biden’s memory, including that he forgot the date of his son’s death and when his vice presidency began and ended. Biden held an unexpected press conference a few hours after the release of the report, criticizing Hur for questioning his late son’s death. The [so-called quote-unquote “president”], however, was the one who raised the date of his son’s death, according to the transcript the Daily Caller obtained.”Biden Lied About Beau Exchange With Robert Hur During Angry Press Conference, Transcript Confirms
  • So in the same exchange, Joe Biden not only brought up his son Beau — contradicting what he claimed last month — but he couldn’t remember the year Beau died and didn’t even know the year that Donald Trump was elected president. Ouch.” Things Just Got a Lot Worse for Joe Biden
  • “Both Biden and Trump — along with Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence and busloads of other politicians as yet unnamed — have been caught in a bureaucratic tar pit created to enable Washington to blindfold Americans. The best case outcome of both the Biden and Trump classification controversies would be a radical rollback of pointless federal secrecy.” (Biden knowingly broke the law over a period of years in selling out the nation. Ditto Hilary. Can’t speak for Pence but no way Trump is guilty of anything remotely what he is accused of. The system itself for sure is fair game – jjs) Dems Turn Biden-Documents Hearing Into 3 Stooges Theater



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  • Robert Spencer: “A reflection on the full horrific symbolism.” Foes of Israel Wore Red Hand Pins at Oscars
  • Columbia suspended the university’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) chapters in November for the fall term. The NYCLU alleges that the school violated “its own policies and procedures” when suspending the organizations, according to the lawsuit. Elite University Sued Over Suspension of Two Pro-“Palestinian” Student Groups
  • “What you should care about is that UC Berkeley, despite its response, was the spawning ground for these protestors, and it is likely that nothing substantive will come from its investigation, although I hope I am wrong. You should also care that, barring any substantive changes, given the trajectory of the nation, these people will likely be in charge of banks, corporations, courts, and governments in the next few years.” Berkeley Brownshirts: Pro-“Palestine” Protestors Resort to Choking People
  • “It depends on the context.” Tolerating the Intolerable: Anti-Semitism at MIT
  • “Penn Faculty for Justice in Palestine files legal complaint hoping to stop federal investigation into campus anti-Semitism.” Penn Professor Who Cheered on Hamas Attack Sues University To Thwart Congressional Investigation
  • Ben Shapiro: “In reality, Glazer is the villain of his own film. In Zone of Interest, there are no Jews: all we can hear of them is their screams from beyond the wall. Otherwise, they are nameless, faceless victims. And those are precisely the kinds of Jews Glazer likes. He’s happy to use their corpses to win Oscars, even as he attacks the live Jews defending themselves from the ideological descendants of the Nazis, Hamas. All of which makes sense. After all, as author Dara Horn has pointed out, people love dead Jews. It’s the live ones who are so problematic for people like Jonathan Glazer. The live ones have the unfortunate habit of fighting back and making life uncomfortable for doctrinaire left-wingers who want to be accepted in their morally benighted social circles.” Jonathan Glazer’s Evil Oscars Display






  • “This is Biden’s true legacy. And if he’s allowed to dig the hole any deeper, we might never be able to climb out.” Biden’s Budget Proves What An Epic Disaster He’s Been 
  • “The numbers indicate inflation could again become a significant issue for the Joe Biden regime. Despite poor polling on the economy, the 81-year-old Democrat has built much of his pitch to the American public ahead of the November elections on inflation having begun to decrease from a peak of 9.1 percent earlier in his [spurious] presidency.” Inflation Jumps to 3.2%
  • “They [DraftKings and FanDuel] are conveniently arguing that their competitors’ (and onlytheir competitors) fantasy games are games of chance, not games of skill, and thus must cease and desist operations as they do not have the correct licensing requirements. In addition to Wyoming, similar restrictions were imposed last year in other states such as Michigan and New York.” Big Gambling is trying to rig the sports betting market
  • “America’s greenback miles of debt are our road to destruction.” The Greenback Mile



  • “Providing a safe environment for team members and customers is the priority at Taco Bell restaurants The franchise owner and operator has informed us that they are consistently evaluating and working to ensure a safe environment by implementing procedures, such as closing dining rooms, and hiring security guards, and they have taken extra measures to meet with local law enforcement,” the statement reads. REPORT: Several Taco Bell Locations In Oakland Shut Down Indoor Dining Due To Surging Crime
  • “Few businesses want to open and operate a store where their employees and customers regularly would experience theft, property damage, bodily harm, or threats thereof,” the company said in a March 8 response to an MTA lawsuit demanding the company stay on as managers. “As the safety and security of Fulton Transit Center continued to degrade, it became nearly impossible to attract ‘high quality’ subtenants, existing ones declined to renew their leases and some surrendered their leases early, and the remaining existing subtenants have begged Westfield for help,” it continued. (Hello, Alvin Bragg, Soros, Hochul, Beelzebub? – jjs) Retail Giant Wants Out of MTA Transit Center Lease, Blames NUC Crime for Scaring Away Tenants


  • “Coercing or forcing people to take a vaccine can have negative consequences from a biological, sociological, psychological, economical, and ethical standpoint and is not worth the cost even if the vaccine is 100% safe,” Memoli, director of the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases clinical studies unit at the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), wrote to Fauci and others. Fauci Deputy Warned Him Against Vaccine Mandates, Shows Unearthed Email



  • This isn’t the first time the pro-aborts have expressed their concerns that Biden isn’t down with the struggle. In late 2021, after the oral arguments in the Dobbs case, Associated Press writers were up in arms because the president didn’t emphasize abortion at a Christmas party fundraiser for the Democrats. Back then, the AP worried that he didn’t use the word “abortion” enough. The Left Traps Joe Biden in Its Abortion Word Games



  • “It is my great honor to be representing the Republican Party as its Presidential Nominee. Our Party is UNITED and STRONG, and fully understands that we are running against the Worst, Most Incompetent, Corrupt, and Destructive President in the History of the United States. Millions of people are invading our Country, many from prisons and mental institutions of other Countries,” the former president said on Truth Social. Trump Wins Delegates Needed to Become GOP’s Presumptive Nominee for Third Straight Election
  • It’s official. Joe Biden is officially the Democrat nominee. With a win in Tuesday’s Georgia primary, Biden has garnered 1,972 delegates to the Democratic National Convention, just over the required 1,968.  Make no mistake, this is very bad news for Democrats, even though a majority of them lined up to vote for him. They are now stuck with Biden, even though his approval rating sits at a disastrous 39.8%, according to the RealClear Politics average; 56% disapprove of the job he’s doing. In addition, a whopping 66.9% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track.” Trump, Biden Clinch Respective Party Nominations
  • “Republicans will hold a five-seat majority of 218-213 once Buck is gone. His looming resignation is accompanied by several other Republican departures in the 118th Congress, including those of McCarthy and expelled Rep. George Santos (R-NY).” Colorado RINO Scumbag Ken Buck Resigning from Congress at End of Next Week in Blow to GOP Majority
  • “The best spin Team Biden can put on this poll is to seek comfort in the margin of error and say the State of the Union address changed nothing. But that wasn’t the goal, nor is it what Biden needed. He needed that speech to be a big win, to change public perception, and launch him into the coming presidential campaign. And all the movement in that poll benefited Trump. That benefit might only be a point or two against Biden, but it was all in Trump’s direction.” Post-SOTU Poll — Biden’s Approval Rating Drops, Trump’s Lead Grows
  • “Despite what he said on [MSNSDAP], he wants one thing from you: your vote this fall.” To Black America, Courtesy of Joe Biden: Watch Your Back
  • “The group Republican Voters Against Trump, led by Never Trumper Sarah Longwell, is spending $50 million to air ads featuring former Trump backers who explain in a series of videos why they will not support Trump in this election.” Never Trump Republicans to Spend Millions on Ads in Effort to Turn Voters Against Trump



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