The Morning Report 3/14/24

Good morning, kids. The ideologically-driven abject incompetence of Foggy Bottom combined with the dementia-fueled incontinence of Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants are flailing about, desperately trying to put out multiple global conflagrations – all of which they either started or played a major role in exacerbating – with gasoline. If only they could have successfully abolished rhetorical fossil fuels before they seized power three years ago and replaced it with rhetorical green energy perhaps the world would’ve been much less rhetorically combustible, rhetorical EV batteries notwithstanding.

The first hot spot is right here in our own backyard. Haiti, where the president for life for this week, Ariel Henry is gone, replaced by one Jimmy “Barbeque” Cherizier, a former police officer who is accused of mass murder, arson, rape and even cannibalism who, along with roving gangs of armed thugs is now running the show. That is, if mass murder, arson, rape and cannibalism is a form of governance. Meh, who am I to judge, n’est ce pas?

Meddling in Haiti is hardly a new idea for Foggy Bottom. After our two-decade 20th-century occupation ended in 1934, the U.S. treated Haiti like other Caribbean countries during the Cold War, strategically controlling their politics to prevent Soviet influence from expanding within striking distance. Now, of course, to even the most cold-blooded realist, Haiti’s close proximity remains relevant.

This is what almost nobody admits about the current unrest. According to his own former special envoy to Haiti, [spurious] President Biden’s “chief reason” for backing Ariel Henry was the new president’s “malleability and the fact that he agreed that he would take all the deportees that they wanted to send.” This was reported in September of 2022 by Todd Bensman in the New York Post, though Biden faced little scrutiny over the blockbuster revelation as Henry’s Haiti descended deeper and deeper into the depths of suffering. . . 

. . . Fearful of backlash from the left, Biden is routing more and more migrants with dubious asylum claims through legal pathways of entry, incentivizing millions of economic migrants to pay cartel smuggling fees for access. (Make no mistake, every migrant pays.) This is destabilizing countries from Chile to Mexico, clouding pathways for people fleeing violence with legitimate asylum claims, and boosting cartel control of Latin America. Honduras and the Dominican Republic, for example, have been coping with an influx of migrants immediately fleeing Haiti.

Counterproductive is truly the best descriptor for a policy that encourages migrants to empower cartels that destabilize the region, in turn, sending more people to our own border. Biden’s short-term priority, though, is not to stabilize the region. It’s to secure his own political power, which Democrats believe will be harmed by enacting serious reforms to the asylum process. (If he actually implemented Remain in Mexico tomorrow, his base would be furious, but migration would gradually slow cartels’ human smuggling to a relative trickle.)

Lest we forget the over $5 billion dollars in American “relief” money that has been mindlessly dumped into Haiti since an earthquake struck – over 14 years ago! Much of it wound up in the pockets of the elite thugs like ex-president Henry and his multiple predecessors, current “President” Barbeque and mostly into the back accounts of everyone’s favorite kleptocrat global citizens, Hilary and Bill Clinton. And the money continues to flow despite Haitian happy meals of two “Barbeque’d” thighs, a breast and a hush puppy (for Obama) consumed con gusto. I’d say, you want fries with that, but “fries” is implied. Literally.

And while American boots are supposedly on the ground to evacuate embassy personnel, Biden had this message of hope for ordinary citizens stuck in the carnage:

American missionaries trapped in Haiti pleaded for rescue on Tuesday, reporting constant gunfire around their hideaway and corpses rotting in the streets. The group’s leader said the only assistance they have received from the Biden [junta] was advice to “be safe.”

“Okay, well, that’s not really helpful,” Jill Dolan of the group Love A Neighbor said of the response she received from the U.S. Embassy when she asked for help getting her family out of Haiti. . . 

. . . The other missionaries also spoke of being abandoned by the Biden [junta], which seemed able to do little beyond evacuating staffers from the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince.

“Nobody’s reached out to us or anything. And then, of course, when we saw the non-essential workers get picked up, we were thinking, ‘Well, maybe they’re going to come back and start evacuating Port-au-Prince and then have a plane for everyone else,’” said Miriam Cinotti, who came to Haiti on a mission to rescue young women from gang violence.

“We’re worried because we’re in a country where we don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s unpredictable what’s going on; we don’t know,” said a missionary who used only her first name, Lynn. . . 

. . . Congressional Republicans are increasingly critical of Biden’s paralysis in the face of the Haitian disaster, especially since people outside of the multi-trillion-dollar administration are, once more, stepping up to arrange rescue missions, as they did following Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

*Robert Plant voice*: “Does anyone remember Afghanistan?!” Or for that matter, considering Hilary Clinton, Benghazi?

If I were a hard-bitten cynic, I’d say the Junta could care fuck-all about these people, especially since they are religious Christians. Then again, it’s rank incompetence that is fueled by cold political calculus as is laid bare in the first pull quote vis a vis immigration policy. One would think actually rescuing Americans would be good optics for Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants, especially since by all indications he is headed for a massive electoral wipeout come November (Dao-Min Yen and the traitors at CIA/DOJ notwithstanding). But no. let the Bible-thumping Jesus freaks fend for themselves, lest we piss off homosexuals, pedophiles, transexuals, Muslims and homo-pedo-tranny-jihadis which comprise the core of the Democrat Party base these days.

Yup, no Marines coming to the rescue of American citizens trapped in a bloody civil war, but at least they’re on the way to come to the rescue of . . . Hamas terrorists! 

Six Americans are still being held hostage by Hamas, and Biden has sent no troops to help them, but at the State of the Union address, he promised to send troops to build a pier for Gaza.

The estimated over 1,000 troops will spend as long as 2 months laboring to build a floating pier in a war zone under potential attack to help transfer aid to the Hamas supporters living in Gaza. Nothing about this plan makes sense.

The media has taken to falsely claiming that the Arab Muslims occupying parts of Gaza are starving. Vice President Kamala Harris attacked Israel, claiming that she had “seen reports of families eating leaves or animal feed.” Social media videos however show the locals gorging themselves on shawarma and other foods in preparation for the Islamic period of Ramadan. 

But if the Biden [junta] really believed that Gazans were starving right now, what would be the purpose of spending two months building a pier to deliver aid? A program with a two month lead time will not help people who are starving right now. It would be a grim joke. And the pier plan only gets stranger from there. . . 

. . . the Biden [junta] does not actually believe that the Arab Muslim occupiers in Gaza are starving, let alone starving to death, otherwise it would be doing more than air dropping 11,000 meals and promising to have meal delivery running in 60 days. The temporary pier setup is about bypassing Israel to provide long term access to Gaza.

While [junta] officials describe the pier as “temporary”, a senior official also admitted that “we look forward to the port transitioning to a commercially operated facility over time.” That means it’s not actually meant to be temporary, but a permanent port for the terrorists. . . 

. . . So what we know about the temporary pier to safely deliver supplies into Gaza is that it’s not temporary and the administration is taking no responsibility for the safety of the aid deliveries. So what is the permanent pier actually for? . . .

. . . The Biden [junta] is creating a gateway to Gaza that Israel isn’t supposed to control. The Trojan pier is not only about bypassing Israel, but also Egypt. The administration’s vision is that the new arrangement will allow it to directly move materials into Gaza without having to get permission from either Israel or Egypt. And that’s a major victory for the terrorists. . . 

. . . The United States spent American lives bailing out Iraqi Shiites and Syrian Sunnis only to have them kill Americans. Obama’s Arab Spring toppled Yemen’s government and turned the Red Sea into a terror zone for international shipping. The Iran Deal gave the terror regime in Tehran billions of dollars that it used to wage war across the region. And the Biden [junta] helped negotiate the deals to appease Hamas that led directly to the Oct 7 atrocities. After all that, the Biden [junta] wants to open up Gaza to the rest of the world.

By “opening up Gaza to the rest of the world,” it opens up the rest of the world to Iranian-backed Islamic terrorism. The immediate goal is to try and secure what the junta perceives as its domestic base abandoning them this coming November for their, in fact, spurious support of Israel. The anti-Bibi rhetoric and the attempt to foment a color revolution via Foggy Bottom and perhaps the CIA is probably not going to work. Contra the propaganda that Israelis are angry about Netanyahu and his handling of the situation, the opposite is true. Israelis have rallied behind him in a big way. So trying to bring him down before November is not going to happen.

There is also the long-term goal of helping Iran and its puppets the PLO, Hamas and Hezbollah destroy the state of Israel, and thereby enable Foggy Bottom’s wet dream of supplanting Israel with Iran as the main regional power of the entire Middle East. The body count in Israel, and indeed the rest of the Middle East and here in America will be orders of magnitude greater than what happened on 10/7 and indeed since Foggy Bottom and Jimmy Carter abandoned the Shah of Iran and helped the Mullahs hijack Iran 45 years ago. 

On a somewhat positive note, the Iranian citizenry’s massive boycotting of recent obviously rigged elections is causing much wetting of burqas and panic amongst the mullahocracy. 

On a negative note, the Mullahs seem to have all the components ready to assemble not just one but several nuclear bombs. That is a red line that, unlike Obama, Biden and Blinken, the Israelis for sure will not allow to be crossed. And given this US pier in Gaza is tantamount to giving major aid and comfort to its existential enemy, will the IDF allow that to become operational?



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