The Morning Report 3/22/24

Good morning, kids. On the heels of Schemer Schumer and Schiff-for-Brains stapling their foreskins on inside out, Dick “Turdbin” Durbin – who (along with Bernie Sandersnista) has yet to be called to account for his close association with James Hodgkinson, a near mass-assassin who almost wiped out a group of unarmed GOP congressman at a softball field – says, “Hold my can of Easy Off!”

Host Boris Sanchez asked, “One final topic I wanted to get your thoughts on, Senator, the war in Gaza. Israel submitted a letter to the U.S. assuring it that it uses American-provided weapons in line with international law. Do you believe that’s true? And if it’s found not to be, should the U.S. stop sending weapons to Israel?”

Durbin responded, “The law requires that these assertions by people receiving our military aid be credible and reliable. The humanitarian disaster taking place in Gaza and the deaths of so many innocent people, including many women and children, belie this assertion by the Israelis. I think we need to challenge them and — to be more specific in the evidence that they’re presenting.”

Their internal polling must show them losing Michigan and possibly even Minnesota next November, even with the massive fake ballots, multiple ballots, ballots cast by the dead and fake multiple dead ballots. That said, to just throw out and reinforce yet another vicious blood-libel about a country and people that as of this moment are about as close to the absolute moral authority in the entire world is just so utterly beyond the pale as to defy description. 

To crave power, and as has been provably demonstrated with the Democrat Party and its Marxist-Leninist members and supporters, to have shredded any and all gossamer thin pretensions of ethics and morality to obtain absolute permanent power while inciting violence and perhaps genocide not just in Israel but here at home against Jews and those of our Gentile brothers and sisters who both support Israel as well as the attempt to restore some semblance of our republic as founded, is just pure, unvarnished EVIL. Period, full stop. 

Dick Durbin deserves to burn in Hell, as does every one of his colleagues who descends to this level and those of his colleagues who keep their mouths shut. 

And sensing Israel might actually wipe Hamas out as an effective fighting force and thereby achieve a fairly significant victory, Barack Obama and his puppet, President Kohlrabi McKiddydiddler Biden are now moving to Plan B (as in Zyklon): threatening to cut off arms shipments to Israel. Which is funny since they are doing all they can to send billions of dollars to Iran even as it’s on the verge of a nuclear breakout.

Even if they do, I sense that behind the scenes, Saudi Arabia, the UAE with the rest of the GCC and other nations will be picking up the slack should Biden in fact order an arms embargo. First, Arab culture gravitates towards what it perceives as “the strong horse,” which in this case is Israel. Hamas is on the ropes despite the entire world doing what it can to prevent that, and secondly, the existential threat posed by a weakened Israel and a strengthened Iran via allowing Hamas to win is first and foremost in the minds of the Saudis, Emiratis and other Sunni nations. 

Meanwhile, on this side of pond, I ask the question, when is a “bloodbath” not a bloodbath? Answer: when it’s an “invasion!” And it for sure is:

[So-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden faced backlash Thursday afternoon after video went viral online showing hundreds of military-aged males pushing Texas National Guard soldiers and storming the U.S. southern border.

The New York Post, which recorded video of the incident, reported that the illegal aliens broke through razor wire and fencing and then pushed straight through the soldiers.Governor Greg Abbott gave a brief update about the incident in El Paso a few hours after video of the incident garnered millions of views online. “The TX National Guard & Dept. of Public Safety quickly regained control & are redoubling the razor wire barriers,” Abbott said. “DPS is instructed to arrest every illegal immigrant involved for criminal trespass & destruction of property.”

. . . Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin said that Texas law enforcement officials told him that the group consisted of “several hundred illegal aliens, mostly single adult men who rushed the soldiers, and one has been arrested so far for assaulting a soldier” . . .

. . . “@POTUS and @SecMayorkas won’t say this is a crisis, they’ll only say it’s a ‘challenge,’” said Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI). “No, Mr. President, this is an invasion, and you’re doing nothing to protect America.”

It sure as hell is an invasion, despite the fact that on the heels of Google completely editing and bowdlerizing the definition of “bloodbath” I fully expect them to do the same with that word, for obvious reasons. I guess you can add “anti-semantic” to “anti-semitic.” Either way, bloodbaths happen. And it will redound on us one way or another. Be it Laken Riley, or this poor man:

PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona rancher goes on trial Friday in the fatal shooting of a migrant on his property near Mexico as the national debate over border security heats up ahead of this year’s presidential election.

George Alan Kelly, 75, has been charged with second-degree murder in the killing of a man he encountered on his property outside Nogales, Arizona. The trial in Santa Cruz County Superior Court is expected to last up to a month.

Kelly had earlier rejected a plea deal that would have reduced the charge to one count of negligent homicide if he pleaded guilty. Kelly shot at a group of unarmed migrants who were walking through his nearly 170-acre (69-hectare) cattle ranch in the Kino Springs area, and Cuen-Buitimea was among them, authorities said.

Prosecutors have said Kelly recklessly fired an AK-47 rifle toward the migrants, who were about 100 yards (90 meters) away from him.

Kelly’s lawyer has said her client shot into the air above the migrants and he feared for his safety and that of his wife and the property.

The other migrants weren’t injured and managed to escape back to Mexico.

Cuen-Buitimea also entered the U.S. illegally several times and was convicted and deported, most recently in 2016, court records show. The case is being watched closely by the Mexican consulate in Nogales, Arizona, which has been in contact with the victim’s family.

The shooting sparked strong political feelings about border security issues less than six months after a prison warden and his brother were arrested in a West Texas shooting that killed one migrant and wounded another. Twin brothers Michael and Mark Sheppard, both 60, were charged with manslaughter in the September 2022 shooting in El Paso County.

Public Service Announcement for our friends at Breitbart: Stop cutting and pasting stories from the AP without someone on your staff editing the damned things first! In any case, the cromulent point here is this is an invasion, it is primarily military aged males from some of the worst and most dangerous places on earth and they are leaving a trail of death and mayhem, along with potential mass terrorism in their wake. 

And for the heinous crime of defending his property while this intentional chaos from an illegitimate junta in DC is sweeping the nation like a plague, George Alan Kelly is the one who’s about to get crucified. And yet, shit like this gets hardly a peep, if at all:

An immigrant reportedly from Yemen or an area near Yemen appeared in North Carolina’s rural northwest Gates County and began firing a rifle outside a Carolina Quick Stop store in the small town of Eure, then attacked responding Gates County Sheriff’s deputies and barricaded himself in a four-hour standoff with them. After the eventual arrest on assault and weapons charges, Sheriff Ray Campbell reported that Awet Hagos was on the FBI’s terrorism watch list and that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) wanted him on an arrest warrant “detainer.”

Only after all this did ICE run fingerprints and find that Hagos was on the terror watch list and had somehow made his way to Haiti and, from there, the United States. He’d been living in the area for six months, the sheriff later told local news, apparently sponsored by the Quick Stop store owner.

I have been unable to independently confirm that Hagos is watch-listed, and the name Hagos is commonly associated with nationals in Eritrea and Ethiopia, although populations of both countries do also reside in Yemen. This entire circumstance demands a public inquiry and far more national attention. . . 

. . . Nonpartisan homeland security experts say the threat of infiltration by anyone associated with terrorism ideologies through our vulnerable border management infrastructure is severe. The Biden administration’s own 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment warns on page 12 that “terrorists may exploit the elevated flow and increasingly complex security environment to enter the United States. . . Since the border crisis began on Inauguration Day 2021, Border Patrol has logged the apprehensions of 340 watch-listed immigrant terror suspects who illegally crossed the southern border, while a record-breaking 2 million so-called “got-aways” escaped apprehension to live inside the country, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website reports. . . 

. . . But even more alarming than that a record number of known watch-listed aliens were caught is the growing list of watch-listed terror suspects mistakenly released or lost due to federal agencies being overwhelmed. . . This case also raises the question [NC Lt. Gov. Mark] Robinson asks, from either side of the aisle: How did Hagos get from Haiti to the United States? Did the administration authorize him to fly from Haiti directly into the United States as part of its secretive humanitarian parole “flights” program, the same one that allowed a now-accused Haitian child rapist to fly into New York’s JFK airport?

The American public can only hope the Biden [junta’s] interest in good national security governance outweighs its concern about any political damage the answers may bring.

That last line, comedy-fucking-gold, Jerry!!! If I had my tinfoil hat on, I’d say it’s as if they actually want a terrorist attack on our soil so they could blame Trump, Jews, white supremacists and anyone even a red pubic hair’s breadth to the right of Che Guevara so they could cancel elections – forever – and just take control.

But that’s crazy talk, right? And while citizens like the aforementioned George Alan Kelly await their pre-determined public execution at the Judge Engoron-Erdogon-Enron-Gorgon du jour that the junta will put on the bench, that will set a precedent that the concept of private property goes right out the window, along with free speech.

A TikToker went viral for telling illegal migrants how to use squatters’ rights to steal Americans’ homes.

Leonel Moreno, known by his social media handle Leitooficial, posted a video of himself telling illegal migrants to take advantage of squatters’ rights laws and “invade” empty properties in the United States, the Post Millennial reported.“

I have thought about invading a house in the United States. I found out that there is a law that says that if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it. Guys here in United States also applies the of land invasion and I think that will be my next business, invading abandoned houses,” Mereno said in Spanish, which was translated to English through text placed in front of the video.

“Since I have looked for some codes with my friends, Africans, and they told me that they have already taken about seven houses. As the saying goes, ‘Daddy, you have to look for the return and the return right now to invade house since we are not in a street situation and in the only way we have to live in the street and not be a public burden,” he continued. “The Law says that the abandoned house deteriorated and that is in bad condition we can get. And repair and live in it and if we can sell it, even ask for credits with it. What do you say?”

Moreno’s video came after a homeowner in Queens was reportedly detained by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) for allegedly trying to kick squatters out of her own home. Footage from ABC 7’s Eyewitness News showed Adele Andaloro confronting squatters after hiring a locksmith to change back the locks squatters changed on her property, which she inherited from her deceased parents and was attempting to sell.

Well, if the Democrats want to intentionally turn America into a third world shit-hole and rule over it forever, just remember that a prime feature of third world shit-holes is insurgent death squads. And they won’t make the same mistake as poor George Alan Kelly. 

They’ll deal with scumbags like this Leonel Moreno in the dead of night. With no one looking. And he’ll look cute wearing his Colombian necktie.

Have a good weekend.


  • Of the record request, Benz said that “this really gets into the heart of darkness of the deep power structures within the US government and what Trump was really up against all along.” He explained that the TIP was comprised of “about 60 to 70 apex predators for the national security state, the foreign policy establishment, the blob, and their political opportunists on both sides of the aisle, representing the donors and drafters as well on the outside.” The Investigation into the Transition Integrity Project Reveals the “Darkness of the Deep Power Structures Within the US Government”
  • “Only after Awet Hagos was arrested on assault and weapons charges in North Carolina did ICE run fingerprints and find that he was on the terror watch list.” How Did a Migrant on the FBI’s Terrorist Watch List Get to North Carolina? (Practice, practice, practice [wrong punchline] – jjs) 
  • Ann Coulter: So there’s loads of “evidence” that affirmative action kills, despite the best efforts of our universities, medical system and media to hide it. Of course, if you mention the evidence, you’ll be called a “white supremacist.” See? No evidence. Too Dumb for Harvard? Lemon’s Too Dumb for Twitter
  • “Can we avoid relying on China for future meals consisting of cricket smoothies and bird spit soup? The good news: Congress has tossed about several bills involving curtailing China’s hunger for American farmland. The bad news: Chinese communists have funneled millions of dollars into the coffers of Joe Biden and his family of sleazeballs. They own him. He isn’t likely to cross Daddy Xi.” Hungry an Hour Later? Wait Until China Controls Our Food Supply


* * * * *

  • “It seems that if a woman is raped, it’s terrible—unless she’s Jewish,” Kreiman added, alluding to the muted international response to the atrocities of Oct. 7, which sparked the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. “Jewish people have been extremely active over the last many years in efforts to fight for other minorities, and now it’s our turn, and some of these other minorities are even attacking Jewish people.” Harvard Professors on Israel Visit Describe ‘Existential Crisis’ for Jews Back Home–And Loss of Faith in DEI
  • “National Review adds that Within Our Lifetime has tried to shut down JFK, blocked the Holland Tunnel, and the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg Bridges. The group also crashed the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Plaza and was part of the charming mass of people who participated in a march in which patients at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, including children, were terrorized. So if past performance is in any way indicative of future results, New York will have its hands full.” Protests and Wheatpasting: ‘Intifada’ Planned for NYC





  • “The whistleblower informed Oversight chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Judiciary chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) that two DOJ officials were summoned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. — and told Morris ‘could not be a witness for their investigation into Hunter Biden,’” the NY Post reported. Report: CIA Blocked Federal Investigators from Interviewing Hunter Biden’s ‘Sugar Brother’ Kevin Morris
  • Scott McKay: “They no longer believe in anything but the hatred and subjugation of their fellow man.” Behold, the Villains: Biden Family Defenders Make the Case for a Hero
  • “Look, I’m a capitalist,” Biden said. “If you want to make millions of bucks, that’s great. Just pay your fair share in taxes.” You first, Mr. [so-called quote-unquote “president”].  Joe Biden Proves He’s a Hypocrite as Money Keeps Pouring In (Calling a Dem-Lefty a hypocrite is like calling water wet – jjs)
  • “After championing E. Jean Carol’s lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and praising her bravery for coming forward, Democrats questioned the credibility of Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner, Tony Bobulinski. . . Democrats have a ‘takedown Trump by any means necessary policy,’ even if that means accepting the credibility of a woman like Carroll. With Bobulinski, they follow a familiar playbook. Anytime one of their own is being hit with allegations that would politically ruin them or possibly send them to jail, they circle the wagons and attack the witness.” Dems Suddenly Decide To Care About Witness Credibility




* * * * *

  • The DOJ alleges Apple adopted tactics such as hindering the diffusion of “SuperApps,” which ease transitions between smartphone platforms, and intentionally downgraded cross-platform messaging quality. It also accuses Apple of thwarting the creation of cloud streaming apps and associated services, which the DOJ says would allow customers to access high-quality games and other apps without necessitating Apple hardware. (What did Apple do to piss off their Kaloraman overlords? – jjs) Biden Sues Apple
  • “Jonathan Haidt’s new book, The Anxious Generation, offers context and depth to the oft-discussed issue of how smartphones and social media caused the teen mental health crisis.”How To Rescue ‘The Anxious Generation’ From The Smartphones Ruining Their Lives


  • Though Democrats have sought to mischaracterize Trump’s “bloodbath” remark to mean political violence, several running for reelection in 2024 in swing states admit they agree with the former president’s economic nationalist agenda. “I really, really, really, really, really am going to be intense about ensuring that automobiles made by China aren’t going to get any benefit from trade agreements that we’ve got,” Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) told Politico. (Some bloodbaths are more equal than others – jjs) Swing State Democrats Agree with Donald Trump: U.S. Needs Aggressive Tariffs on China-Made Cars


  • “The EPA is rolling out stringent tailpipe rules correctly described as an ‘electrical vehicle mandate in disguise.’” Biden’s New EV Mandate is a “Bloodbath” for Consumers, Carmakers, and the “Climate”
  • “. . . since the whole E.V. economic model, and the government mandates, are built on the assumption of a total, or near-total, transition over the next decade or so, even 30 percent of the market would be an absolute disaster that would most likely bring the entire E.V. edifice crumbling down. With all the money that’s been pumped into keeping them afloat, that’s somewhat hard to imagine. But, with his track record thus far, at this point it’d be foolish to bet against Akio Toyoda.” Toyota Unbowed as EV Sales Crater
  • “The post office has gone into full CIA mode and insists on redacting basic information about its EV purchases.” (CIA an apropos gaffe for CYA – jjs) U.S. Postal Service Stonewalls FOIA Requests
  • “The promise to reduce reliance on Chinese manufacturing and technology has rung hollow with the QCells facility in Georgia. Likewise, the Biden government’s promise that tax credits meant to promote a domestic electric vehicle industry has largely benefitted battery and auto-part manufacturing in Canada and Mexico.” REVEALED: Biden’s New Solar Supply Chain Relies on Chinese Tech
  • “John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and the other titans who built our country didn’t do so with windmills or solar panels. If fact, you can’t even build windmills and solar panels with windmills and solar panels. They are all manufactured with fossil fuels in plants that run on fossil fuels. Yes, the same eco-left playing the ‘net zero’ shell game will tell you it’s bad to use fossil fuels to make electricity — but China polluting air, land and water to manufacture wind and solar that Biden buys with our tax dollars and are shipped across the ocean, burning millions of gallons of diesel, and installed on our beautiful landscapes, turning purple mountain majesty into wildlife killing fields while making the grid unstable and costing ratepayers more money is ‘green.’ What a racket.” Even Lefties Now Admit Closing the Indian Point Nuclear Plant Harmed the Planet


  • “While nearly all of the suspects were acquitted by juries years previously, Jimmerson remained locked up without trial and without an attorney, the outlet reported. Andrew Fleischman reportedly took up Jimmerson’s case pro bono after hearing about the case through an investigation by Atlanta News First back in 2023.” (Now do the J-6 political prisoners – jjs) REPORT: Authorities Release Man Never Convicted Of Crime After Waiting In Jail For Over 10 Years
  • “As child overdose deaths rise, anti-law-enforcement groups are advising doctors not to report drug-exposed infants to child protective services.” Narcan Babies
  • In the last several years, Chinese-backed marijuana operations have cropped up across the United States, including major drug busts in New Mexico and Maine. In Maine alone, Border Patrol has reportedly identified at least 270 illegal marijuana grow operations throughout the state that are worth billions of dollars. . . “Illicit Chinese-operated marijuana farms have been found across the country and pose significant risks to our nation’s security,” the lawmakers wrote. “In addition, Chinese investors have financed some of these illegal operations, and these investments include cash payment for large swaths of land to conduct these operations.” ‘Worrying’: Top Lawmakers Receive Classified Briefing on Spread of Chinese-Backed Marijuana Farms in United States
  • One man, who was arrested for trying to sell a random woman meth (no, I’m not kidding), had his face censored with a queasy-looking emoji. Two men who stole nearly $2,000 worth of merchandise from a store had their faces replaced with Shrek and Donkey, as one was wearing a Shrek shirt. One man arrested for breaking and entering was caught climbing in through a window in a position that resembled the Grinch sneaking into Cindy Lou Who’s house, so his face was replaced with the Grinch’s face. California Cops Censor Criminals’ Faces With Emojis to Comply With New Law
  • “The criticism of the 1994 Crime Bill is not fact-based.” Debunking the Stupid, Yet Passionately Held, Myths About the 1994 Crime Bill


  • “I am willing to wait and hear all of the facts about this tragic event before making further judgment, but I will ask you this: If you were this girl’s family, would you not do the same for her? If you were Gain’s family, would you not want to make sure your girl is conscious again before wanting to see justice served?” An Update on the Disturbing Missouri High School Fight Video
  • “With student test scores plummeting further every year, is cursive writing really that important? Absolutely!” The Case for Cursive in a Digital World





  • “Trump’s chosen candidates are winning from top to bottom of the ballot.” Thus Far, Trump Has Huge Coattails. The Best Coattails.
  • “Biden’s campaign account reported that it brought in $21 million during February, setting the reelection bid up with $71 million cash on hand, according to Politico. Combined with the DNC, the Biden campaign has $97.5 million cash on hand as of February 2024 while Trump and the RNC have $44.8 million, Politico reported.” New Fundraising Haul Takes Biden War Chest Over Double Trump, RNC’s
  • “They don’t feel safe with this lunatic,” Trump said. “He’s a terrible president. He’s the worst president in history. He’s the most incompetent and most corrupt president we’ve ever had,” Trump continued. “He’s willing to weaponize the Justice Department to go after his opponent. Nobody ever thought that was ever going to be happening in our country. It happens in a lot of countries in the third world, banana republics. But nobody ever thought they’d see that. But above all, I believe they want security.” DATA: Trump Surging With Women and Minorities. Here’s Why . . . (Democrats hardest hit? – jjs)
  • “Trump’s mastery of language and its turns of phrase is part of his growing appeal.” Trump Towers in His Mastery of Words to Rally Voters





  • “The more-than-1,000-page, $1.2 trillion minibus dropped just before 3 a.m. Thursday morning. Will anyone finish reading it before Congress votes on it?” What Can $1.2 Trillion Buy In Washington? Nothing Good.
  • Khan’s aggressive pursuit of anti-trust action against corporate consolidation in tech and other industries has drawn the ire of neo-liberal and globalist organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page, the Jeff Yass-funded Club for Growth, and the network groups funded by Charles Koch. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has also been a vocal critic of Khan’s FTC tenure. According to Cruz, Khan is “extreme and radical.” However, most of the Texas Republican’s criticism has been regarding her management style — rather than the substance of her policy and legal actions against Big Tech and other industries controlled by business cartels and monopolies. Gaetz & Vance Heap Praise on Biden Appointee!? Here’s Why . . .


  • “Big Pharma serves as a cash cow for the left and pushes woke ideas on its employees and the country. This may explain why Democrats, who act like they hate Big Pharma, serve the industry’s interests.” Big Pharma Is More Woke Than You Imagine




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