Whose Side Are We On? Israel…Or Hamas?

The paradigm of Israeli security changed on October 7th, and the Israeli body politic seems united in its rejection of any accommodation with the bloodthirsty savages of Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, and by extension…Iran.

Israel spent 75 years making concession after concession to these 7th century animals, and nothing worked. Even the acceptance of a certain low level of terrorist activity — an insane policy to begin with — wasn’t enough.

It seems Israel has had its fill with the brutal murderers on their borders and is now willing to buck the world and destroy them. Except…America has decided that the destruction of Hamas is too much to bear, because Israel’s unbelievable efforts to minimize civilian casualties isn’t enough. Apparently, any civilian casualties are too much now!

Netanyahu Tells Blinken That Israel Will Launch Rafah Offensive ‘Alone’ If US Opposes

Mr. Blinken met with the Israeli leader in Tel Aviv on March 22 and urged Israel not to invade Rafah, saying that such an action “risks wreaking greater havoc.”

“As we’ve said, though, a major military ground operation in Rafah is not the way to do it,” Mr. Blinken said at a press conference in Tel Aviv.

“It risks killing more civilians, it risks wreaking greater havoc with the provision of humanitarian assistance, it risks further isolating Israel around the world and jeopardizing its long-term security and standing.”

Yes; civilians die in wars. That is the nature of conflicts, and it is impossible to prevent. But the extent to which Israel has gone to minimize casualties is almost unbelievable…suffering many more deaths and casualties simply to conduct the most humane campaign against Hamas. But that is unacceptable to the Biden/Obama junta, whose goal seems to be to hamstring Israel and force a ceasefire and eventually a “two state solution,” an idea that is laughable in light of recent events.

Even worse, America has partnered with Qatar to manage and finance the absolutely ridiculous pier being built in Gaza. Yup…the same Qatar that has financed Hamas, and is therefore responsible for the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust.

For better or worse, Israel is the tip of the Western spear in the fight against Islamism’s expansionism. To limit Israel’s fight against it is to threaten the safety and security of the West. But it seems as though the Biden/Obama junta is not interested in protecting the West (and America), but rather its goal seems to be to embolden Iran and its terrorist proxies. How else can one interpret its actions?