The Morning Report 3/25/24

Good morning, kids. Late on Friday, ISIS or an ISIS offshoot went on a sadistic rampage inside a suburban Moscow concert hall and slaughtered 137 people. Meh, screw the ISIS/ISIS offshoot descriptors and call them for who and what they are: MUSLIMS. And not extremists, either. The cold, hard truth is that those who slaughter “infidels” are doing what is written in the koran and hadith and preached every damned day, not in some isolated cave in Tora Bora, but in every mosque around the world. As has been done for the past 1,500-plus years.

To not recognize that is to be ignorant and in far too may cases willfully so. I’ve seen a link somewhere in one of the more trustworthy sites which no doubt is going to be a very convenient meme-du-jour that the propaganda house organs of the anti-Putin forces are sure to be pimping, in that Putin himself orchestrated the slaughter of his own citizens as a false flag operation in order to deflect whatever pressure is on him vis a vis Ukraine, thereby giving him cover to take off the gloves as it were, or more likely, to bamboozle us rubes to finally open our eyes and let us take Putin out. 

Is that possible? I suppose perhaps that it is. Is it likely? I very much doubt it. But given the players involved and the status of the RISK board, this article certainly caught my eye:

So who really committed the terrorist attack on a Russian theatre full of people last week, killing some 133 people? ISIS has claimed “credit” for the attack with its operatives, supposedly Tajik-speaking Central Asians. Whoever they are, they are small fry, well-trained in ISIS attack techniques, but obviously with someone bigger backing them.

There are plenty of others who may have been, not the least of whom is Vladimir Putin, who has been implicated in other terror attacks done for political purposes in his past. . . 

. . . Now a new name emerges, none other than pro-Ukraine warmongering Democrat State Department operative Victoria Nuland, who left office for greener, swampier pastures a few weeks ago.

According to Mark Wauck, writing on his Substack:

In the previous post I referenced Victoria Nuland’s recent claim that “Putin will face some nasty surprises on the battlefield”—that’s the actual direct quote. But she also refers in that exact context to “asymmetric warfare.” In the context of her remarks she’s clearly not referring to bombs and missiles and artillery shells. “Asymmetric” is a very specific word, a word intended to distinguish that type of warfare from “symmetric” warfare: shell for shell, bomb for bomb, missile for missile. The next tweet contains the 24 second clip of Nuland making that statement, in which she touts Ukraine’s “asymmetric warfare” capabilities. Yeah, I thought we just gave the Ukro-Nazis money and munitions? How does Nuland know about the Ukrainian “asymmetric warfare that has been most effective”?

. . . Maybe it’s all a coincidence, of course, that she bragged about “nasty things” and “asymmetric warfare.” Maybe she meant something else, some different “nasty things.” And yes, we should consider that possible because it’s natural for people like us to suspect her, given that she is so loathesome. As Eric Hoffer once noted, intense haters are the worst forecasters. Because, actually, there are a lot of potential perpetrators. Knowing which one really did it (or more important, who Putin thinks did it) tells us a lot about whether we can expect retaliation here in the states or not, as well as an escalation of the Ukraine war we are mired in. That’s why it’s important to know. . . 

. . . But the Nuland angle is interesting, too, as she’s fanatically pro-Ukraine and anti-Putin, and has engaged in warmongering, coups, and other stunning manipulations in the past, and often bragged about it, too.

We don’t know what she is doing now that she is out of office but it seems she’s unlikely to be suddenly uninterested in the topic now that she’s off the government payroll because for the swamp with all its consultant contracts, that could be irrelevant.

It’s worth watching what happens now, because it could draw the U.S. into a deeper conflict with Putin, which seems like the kind of thing she would like. That’s the main thing to watch for.

I editorialized on this disgusting Foggy Bottom bottom dweller last week on the occasion of her supposed “retirement” 

And as a reminder, besides the color revolution that brought down the legitimately elected and Putin-friendly Ukrainian government back in 2014, and lest we forget helped rig/sabotage the 2020 American election that most certainly would have re-elected Donald Trump, Nuland was up to her thick, lipid-engorged rhinoceros-diameter neck in the bloody attack on our embassy in Benghazi, which was a surreptitious Obama/Hilary/McCain operation to run guns to, wait for it, ISIS in Syria in an effort to help them depose Bashar Assad, who remains tied to the hip to, wait for it, Vladimir Putin.

But all that is crazy talk, right?! Look, I have no love for Vladimir Putin. He’s a thug who most certainly has his opponents in politics and the press taken out should he perceive them as a threat to his hold on power, and an ex-KGB agent who wept at the fall of the Berlin Wall. Ironically, Nuland and her ilk wept as hard if not harder since Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War grift. But now the current grift is to keep America and the west engaged in endless and pointless wars. Only this time, they’re insane enough to actually itch for going toe-to-toe with a nuclear armed opponent. The blathering from French president Macron should scare the shit out of you. 

It’s yet another example of Munchausen’s by Progressivism: create the problem in the first place by isolating, alienating and lying to Russia in particular vis a vis the expansion of NATO, force them (right or wrong) into creating another bloody chapter in an ongoing bloody history with its neighbor, cast the blame entirely on them and then agitate for military conflict that has zero strategic significance on our national security, yet becomes the perfect distraction for the domestic policy disasters at home during an election year. The painting of Donald Trump as somehow an ally and/or stooge of Putin is an added bonus, of course. 

While all that is happening, as similar foreign policy insanity helped touch off the bloodiest mass slaughter of Jews since the Second World War, Victoria Nuland and her ilk are abandoning Israel, one of our staunchest allies and arguably the nation that as of right now is the absolute moral authority in the world (America rapidly becoming a banana republic/kleptocracy if not one already) because Jews won’t deliver Michigan’s and Minnesota’s electoral college votes on a silver platter. 

That brings us to two other stories involving the preternaturally stupid Kamala Harris. How dumb is Harris?

After delivering remarks in the territory’s capital of San Juan, Harris stopped by the neighborhood of Santurce to tour the Goyoco community center and hear from community leaders, Fox News reports. 

A group of protesters holding signs with messages, including “Kamala Harris war criminal,” and calling the United States “genocidal” met the [spurious] vice president outside of the community center, along with a band playing music. Video captured the hilarious moment when Harris went from smiling and clapping along to dropping her hands when a staffer next to her reportedly translated the Spanish lyrics.

“We want to know, Kamala, what did you come here for? We want to know what you think of the colony,” an activist sang, accompanied by percussion instruments. The song also included the lyrics “Long live Free Palestine and Haiti too,” according to Puerto Rican journalist Istra Pacheco.

You can think of it two ways: 

Either “Please clap!”

Or, as I do: “Please. Clap.

Syphilis is a hell of a drug, I guess. In any case, you’d think she’d be the first to tell them that she’s doing everything she can to help slaughter every Jew in Israel and America. Well, she is:

In a wide-ranging new interview with ABC News, [fake] Vice President Kamala Harris suggested there could be “consequences” for Israel if it moves ahead with a planned invasion of Rafah in its pursuit of Hamas fighters.… [Senior congressional correspondent Rachel] Scott followed up: “Are you ruling out that there would be consequences from the United States?” “I am ruling out nothing,” Harris replied.

The IDF is literally on the verge of destroying or at least seriously neutralizing Hamas, and doing so contra the blood libels with the most incredible (and frankly unwarranted) concern for supposedly “innocent” civilians, who in the main are neither. And yet, the DC junta is demanding they stop. What possible “consequences” is this fool threatening? American troops firing on the IDF in Gaza? Bitch, please. Your red lines are worthless. Then again, red lines against our actual enemies is one thing. Against our allies? Yikes.

Meanwhile, speaking of the good guys, Harris is firing up the base over here. I assume she thinks it’s her base but this garbage ought to fire up ours big time:

The bad news is that the Biden [junta] is ramping up its gun confiscation agenda in the form of a whopping $750 million dedicated to establishing so-called “red flag laws” in every state in the Union. The good news is that epically incompetent Vice President Kamala Harris seems to have been put in charge of the push. . . .

Red flag laws are simply designed to allow communities a vehicle through which they can share, and have somewhere to share it, information about the concern about the potential danger or the crying out for help of an individual and then let’s give it to them before tragedy occurs.

Red flag laws sound reasonable, don’t they, considering how often gun violence is preceded by the perpetrators dropping blatant warning signs of murderous intent (signs which the FBI and DHS then ignore)? But make no mistake – red flag laws, which enable authorities to disarm someone who has been deemed a potential gun violence threat by family members or others in close contact with the “suspect,” will be used to target political enemies of the Biden administration. Under the guise (as usual) of keeping Americans safe, the government will exploit these laws in totalitarian ways.

Own a MAGA hat or a Gadsden flag? The Biden administration sees you as a potential danger. Complain about woke schoolroom indoctrination at school board meetings? The FBI already considers you a domestic terrorist. Post support on social media for the J6 political prisoners? You’re a threat to American “democracy” (i.e. Democrat one-party hegemony). Does anyone doubt that the government will use red flag laws to neuter such “threats”?

Kamala’s second proposal urges state legislatures not only to enact red flag laws but to use federal funding to enforce existing laws to disarm those who might harm themselves or others. The Biden administration says 21 states have enacted red flag laws, but only six have obtained federal funding to implement them. The [junta] wants all 50 states to enact these laws and take advantage of federal funding.

Remember when then-candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke said the quiet part out loud during a 2019 presidential debate? “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” he declared, accidentally giving away the left’s game. The usual dismissive response from the left to conservative concerns about endangered gun rights is some variation of, “We’re not coming for your precious guns, you right-wing conspiracy nuts!”

. . . The woke Left’s fever dream is to ditch the Second Amendment and then move to disarm these law-abiding citizens altogether – or failing that, to make gun ownership so financially, legally, and socially onerous for the average American that patriotic gun owners who believe in the right and the necessity of bearing arms to resist tyranny become a diminished minority and a de-fanged threat to government control.

This is not conspiracy-mongering; this is commonsense realism. . . 

. . . Indeed. On the hopeful side, Kamala botches every crisis she is tasked with managing by puppet President Joe Biden, from the border crisis to protecting abortion rights and now to leading the first-ever federal office of gun violence prevention. She is out of her depth on every single political issue; with luck – and with line-in-the-sand resistance from American patriots – her new mission to clamp down on law-abiding gun owners will come to the same dead end as the others.

One hopes that that’s not wish-casting. When it comes to America’s enemies, the Democrat-Leftists are incompetent and/or in league with them. When it comes to their enemies, they are all too good at stomping their jackboot on our collective throats.

By the way, I have no idea what Russia’s laws are vis a vis citizens possessing firearms, concealed carry etc. But if at least one or more Russians were carrying, perhaps the slaughter might have been mitigated or not have happened at all. 

Happy Purim. Eat a hamantaschen.



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