The Morning Report 3/26/24

Good morning, kids. Breaking news this morning is that a cargo ship slammed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge which crosses Baltimore harbor, resulting in a total collapse of the structure. Absolutely horrific:

A mass casualty event has been declared after a bridge in Baltimore, Md., was struck by a container ship Tuesday morning. Horror footage shows the moment the Francis Scott Key Bridge crumbled after a vessel crashed into the central part of the structure. The steel arches then instantly dismantled into the Patapsco River shortly before 1:30 a.m. Several vehicles fell into the water.

It was unclear how many vehicles were on the 1.6 mile-long span but the Baltimore City Fire Department confirmed to that “at least seven people” were in the river. Rescue workers are searching for about 20 people at this time, a Fire Department spokesperson told CNN. 

Baltimore City Fire Department’s communications chief Kevin Cartwright has called the incident a “developing mass casualty event”. “The dive and rescue team has arrived on scene to locate the individuals,” Cartwright said. Cartwright said emergency services are now “trying to rescue and recover” people believed to have fallen into the water. “This is a dire emergency,” he added.

. . . Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. said on X that, “Rescue efforts are underway. Please pray for those impacted.” The department said the surrounding body of water was filled with diesel.

The Singapore-flagged container ship, called Dali, had left Baltimore just after 1 a.m. and was heading to Colombo, Sri Lanka, according to the maritime data platform, MarineTraffic.All lanes were closed in both directions following the horror incident, the Maryland Transportation Authority said. 

. . . The bridge, which is part of I-695, was built in 1977 and crosses into Baltimore’s harbor.

The death toll will likely be high, yet were it not for Beau Biden – who after losing his life at Gettysburg, then at the Battle of the Bulge and then again in the Iraq war – lost it yet again, this time by singlehandedly holding up the bridge with his last ounce of strength, it could have been much higher. Karine Jean Pierre’s words, not mine.

Seriously, this might very well be just a massive mishap or even a series of mishaps that together resulted in a chain reaction which brought the bridge down. That said, given the state of the world today, both from a cultural, competency and global security standpoint, that presents a chain reaction of events of a completely different nature. That it happened at 1:30 in the morning certainly will mitigate the death toll, as traffic I assume would be light at that hour. In my mind I’m kind of leaning towards accident and not intentional. Meh, who the hell knows anymore. I’m sure Ace and the cobs will be updating this story throughout the day as more information becomes known.

Side note: The Key Bridge was built almost 50 years ago, in the pre-DEI era. Look who’s “graduating” from engineering schools these days. A slew of Claudine Gays. Boeing called to say “happy landings.” (Swalwell hears that as “happy endings.”)

Meanwhile, an unprecedented, and until very recently, unthinkable tragedy occurred at Turtle Bay. This one with absolute malice aforethought:

In the classic 1966 film A Man For All Seasons, Thomas More, the Chancellor of England and patron saint of the witty and apposite quip, finds himself besieged by ambitious young men hoping he will appoint them to a lucrative and prestigious position. One of them, Richard Rich, eventually betrays More and receives as his reward the position of attorney general for Wales. 

Soon afterward, More, on trial with Rich as one of his accusers, sees the emblem of his new office and says, “Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… but for Wales?” A nearly identical question can now be asked of Old Joe Biden: “Why Joe, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… but for Michigan?”

As Stephen Green noted Monday, “it’s official. Under Joe Biden, this country has taken sides against the country trying to defend itself from a genocidal organization that murdered 1,200 civilians — plus other little niceties like kidnapping children and raping women to death.” Old Joe did this by refraining from having the U.S. veto a UN resolution calling for a ceasefire in Israel. A ceasefire in Gaza would allow Hamas to survive. It would amount to a massive Israeli defeat and could lead to the ultimate demise of the Jewish state. . . 

. . . Now Old Joe can rest easy. He has allowed the UN to demand that Israel essentially surrender since that is what the effect of a ceasefire would be. Now Biden can count on Tlaib, Awad, and their friends, and that’s all that matters. For Michigan, he has betrayed a friend of the United States and once again given aid and comfort to the enemies of this nation, as well as to those of Israel. . . 

. . . The end result of the Biden regime’s betrayal of Israel on Monday could turn out to be not only the demise of Israel but of the United States itself. In their madness to keep control of the goose that lays the golden eggs, Biden regime apparatchiks are busy killing the goose itself, and appear neither to have noticed or cared that such an outcome could result from their self-serving recklessness.

Robert Spencer, yet again, nails it. That said, will this move at the UN really be enough to guarantee the voters in Dearbornistan and Mogadishappolis and wherever the hell else they exist come to the polls and pull the lever (at least 10 times etc, including their dead relatives and their 72 virgins as is SOP for Democrats)? That remains to be seen because in the interim, this sends the signal to Bibi Netanyahu and the entire Israeli populace that the United States of America is at best, an ally no longer and, quite probably at worst an active enemy. It also gives them the green light to go all the way into Rafah to wipe out whatever is left of Hamas AND retain control of Gaza’s government in any post-war environment. 

At that point, Bro-Fo, Rancida Taliban and the Titty-Caca Ocasio-Cortez Jew haters that not only control but now comprise virtually the entirety of the Democrat Party will demand the US military literally declare war on the IDF. Sounds crazy, no? I believe it is a distinct possibility.

In a sane world, that would not happen, but as we all know and has been thoroughly demonstrated by the Kalorama Klown Komintern that are pulling Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants’ strings, we are no longer in a sane world. Adding to the fact that they sabotaged and likely stole one national election in 2020, created a phony Reichstag Fire event on 1/6/21 resulting in the imprisonment of scores of innocent people, including Donald J. Trump, kneecapped our burgeoning fossil fuel industry and sent our economy into the shitter, unleashed a massive crime wave via the defund the police movement, intentionally erased our borders and allowed an 8 million-strong with a few million more to follow invasion of our nation – including along with indigent third world peasants thousands of military age males and even terrorists – and on and on and on, I would not put it past Obama to actually order air strikes on Israeli military targets, not just in forward positions in Gaza but within territorial Israel itself.

As sick as this would be to imagine this is just about holding onto political power just for one election cycle, this is about gaining absolute power forever. Look at who we are dealing with. Not just Joe Biden but the entire Democrat Party. Most especially its Jews by birth, i.e. Chuck Schumer. And he’s been in government about as long as Biden, going back to an era when allegedly the Democrat Party and America itself were allied with almost total support for the State of Israel. Biden for sure is going to Hell but Schumer and his ilk are going to roast like nobody’s business for what they’ve done and are doing today. 

I’ve said it before, but let me break it out here to be absolutely clear: The State of Israel is the world’s absolute moral authority. Considering what it faces and has faced for the past 75 years and most especially since the coming of Obama and for sure since last October 7th, there is no doubt in my mind about it. And America, which once was, has now absolutely cemented its newfound position as, in the words of a French Israel-hater, just another “shitty little country.” 

But to also be absolutely clear, I reserve that condemnation for our political leaders, bureaucrats, the media, academia and those who consider themselves our betters. We shall overcome them, as will Israel overcome them and the rest of the amoral, degenerate world. The segment made that way by godless post-World War One postmodernism and that other segment made that way in Mecca 1,500 years ago.

There will be blood. Sadly, much of it ours. But HIS will be done.


* * * * *

  • David Solway: “If this bill passes, one could be jailed for life for sharing opinions and beliefs that oppose the radical Left’s politically correct narratives. Even if the Bill is defeated, it would still be something of a pyrrhic victory if the Bill’s sponsor Justin Trudeau, the single worst prime minister in the entire history of Confederation bar none, is not defeated as well in the approaching election. For Justin Trudeau and Bill C-63 are one and the same — the Bill is the man.” Kill Bill (C-63)
  • “Derek Chauvin and his colleagues did not murder George Floyd.” George Floyd Revisited: Derek Chauvin Was Wrongfully Convicted
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  • “On the face of it, spikes in oil and gas costs in the U.S. would spell doom for Biden’s reelection.” Another Reason Why Stakes are Sky-high this Autumn
  • Robert Spencer: ” . . . this is not a call to die. It is a call to live, to recognize what is coming, to assess our situation realistically, and to plan accordingly. For too long, Americans have been passively trusting in our institutions, secure in the knowledge that the police, and the military, and our elected officials were on the job and had our best interests at heart. Those days are over. Nevertheless, the jihadis have not won. The left has not won. The socialist internationalist tide that has swept away so much of what we used to take for granted as Americans could still be turned back. But that is up to us.” Are You Ready for a Major Jihad Attack in the U.S.? Because It’s Coming.


  • “So it’s official. Under Joe Biden, this country has taken sides against the country trying to defend itself from a genocidal organization that murdered 1,200 civilians — plus other little niceties like kidnapping children and raping women to death. I’ll repeat what I wrote this morning: ‘The [junta] has made no demands on Hamas. None.’ They’re doing whatever they do in place of popping champagne in Tehran right now. . . I would say that this is the most shameful act of the three years we’ve endured of the Biden [junta] but, really, it’s only the most recent.” Joe Biden Just Made Us a Terror-Sponsoring Nation
  • Robert Spencer: “The end result of the Biden regime’s betrayal of Israel on Monday could turn out to be not only the demise of Israel but of the United States itself. In their madness to keep control of the goose that lays the golden eggs, Biden regime apparatchiks are busy killing the goose itself, and appear neither to have noticed or cared that such an outcome could result from their self-serving recklessness.” But for Michigan, Joe?
  • “The resolution did not require that Israeli hostages be released as a condition of a ceasefire — a requirement that the U.S. had made in previous proposals. Instead, the resolution simply mentioned the release of the remaining hostages. Hamas saw that as a victory — as did nations like South Africa, which is currently pursuing a case against Israel at the International Court of Justice at The Hague, claiming that Israel is committing “genocide” in its war against Hamas.” Hamas Digs In on Hostages After Biden Betrays Israel at UN
  • “Anti-Semitism has so captured the American left and the Democrat party that they are mindlessly willing to sow the seeds of another Holocaust as well as the next world war while feverishly transforming the United States.” The Democrats Have Crossed the Bridge into Unabashed Nazism
  • “National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said abstaining from the vote does not mean the U.S. changed its policy.” Israeli PM Netanyahu Cancels Senior Aides’ D.C. Trip After U.S. Abstains From U.N. Gaza Resolution
  • “The failure to veto the UN Security Council call for ceasefire by Israel — & instead abstain — is unconscionable,” wrote Sen. Chip Roy (R-TX). “Why did the @HouseGOP just vote to fund the UN & Biden? Dunno – ask the @wsj… I’m sure they can explain it…,” he added. (Right there! – jjs) GOP Blasts Biden’s ‘Unconscionable’ U.N. Vote Abstention on Gaza
  • Dennis Prager: “When you’re a ‘pariah’ because you’re morally right.” Israel as “A Pariah” Among the Nations
  • “The U.S. demands that Israel abide by rules of war that it itself has never abided by and will never abide by.” Double Standards in the Eighth Circle of Dante’s Inferno

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  • “The new bond amount of $175 million is far less than the nearly half Judge Arthur Engoron’s order required Trump to post. The five-panel New York appeals court ruled Trump could post a bond “in the amount of $175 million” to cover the judgment. The court also delayed enforcement of the $464 million judgment by ten days. The order also means Trump can still operate a business in New York and obtain loans from New York financial institutions, CNN reported.” Donald Trump: “It Will Be My Honor to Post” $175 Million Bond
  • Jonathan Turley: “With every new indictment, Trump’s popularity has increased. The lawfare just is not reaching the guy. The reduction of the bond could prove to be a case of the courts protecting Democrats from themselves.” Dem Lawfare Puts Trump Through Hell, But He Hardly Breaks a Sweat
  • The judge also gave Trump’s team a chance “to file a motion seeking to delay the trial based on pre-trial publicity concerns.” New York Judge Sets Trump’s ‘Hush Money’ Trial to Start on April 15
  • “The problem with the original trial decision is really twofold. One is, ‘Did he engage in fraud?’ You know, the real estate market is rather infamous for undervaluing and overvaluing assets when it comes to loans and taxes. This is the ubiquitous problem in the area. Well let’s assume that there was over- or undervaluations that occurred here, the question then becomes the penalty, which adds a new problem because the judge showed no restraint at all and just imposed a figure that most of us believe is absurd. When you drill down on that figure, there’s nothing there Turley Says Judge’s Ruling in Trump Civil Fraud Case is “Absurd,” “Quite Grotesque”
  • “Residents in the far-left capital, meanwhile, remain eager to convict the former president. A 2023 Emerson College survey found that 64 percent of D.C. residents said they would vote in favor of conviction compared to 28 percent who were undecided. Just 8 percent said they would support Trump’s innocence.” Democrats’ Campaign Strategy of Anti-Trump Lawfare Makes a Mockery of the Justice System





  • “Joe Biden and his EPA’s push for electric heat pumps will be an even bigger fail than their push for electric vehicles.” Biden’s Green Policies Will Leave People Freezing This Winter
  • “It’s almost painful watching the fresh-faced young man being the mole in Kennedy’s successful game of whack-a-mole, but it’ll still make you laugh.” VIDEO: Enjoy Sen. Kennedy Exposing a Young Climate Changista’s Ignorance
  • Mars-caused changes in Earth’s orbit impacts ocean currents and temperatures every 2.4 million years and is known as an “astronomical grand cycle.” Interactions Between Orbits of Mars and Earth Drive Climate Change Patterns
  • “. . . when politicians, mostly the most wretched of people, coalesce, as they did with Covid, watch out. Effectively, it opens the gates for wild-eyed crusaders, such as Chris Bowen, Australia’s federal minister for climate change and energy. He’s intent on putting the nation on the road to perdition by make believing that living off the back of GHGs can be replaced by Australia becoming a renewable-energy super power. S.O.S.” Three Lies On the Road to Perdition
  • “This analysis, conducted on behalf of the Clean Freight Coalition, projects a $620 billion investment for the construction of new charging stations, chargers, and site infrastructure, in addition to increased utility service fees. An estimated $496 billion is predicted to be needed for on-site charging stations alone. Heavy-duty truck chargers could cost as much as $145,000 per vehicle, with medium-duty models coming in at $54,000.” Electrifying U.S. Trucking Could Cost YOU Over $1 Trillion




  • The Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act of 2024 – introduced by Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), and reviewed by The National Pulse – creates new federal criminal and civil penalties for armed citizen groups that “publicly patrol, drill, or engage in techniques capable of causing bodily injury or death.” Additionally, the legislation criminalizes groups that “assume the functions of a law enforcement officer, peace officer, or public official, whether or not acting under color of law.” SHALL BE INFRINGED: New Gun Grab Law Criminalizes Shooting Ranges, Private Security





  • “As RFK Jr. gears up to announce his running mate in the race for the White House, the [so-called quote-unquote “president’s”] reelection campaign and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) have dedicated a coalition of staffers whose purpose is to attempt to undermine Kennedy, according to Axios. Kennedy, who has garnered attention since entering the race, is polling better than any independent candidate since 1992, Axios reported.”Team Biden Reportedly Building Mass Operation To Take Down 3rd Party Candidate They Fear Could Cost Him Election
  • Robert Spencer: “He’s coming to save us from Trump.” No, It’s Not an Elephant Stampede. It’s Chris “Crisco” Christie
  • “Black and Latino voters have been hit hard by inflation and they aren’t buying Biden’s happy talk.” Why Biden Is Bleeding Non-White Voters
  • “The overwhelming results of Tuesday’s primary not only spur optimism for Republicans in being able to replace Sherrod Brown with Bernie Moreno in the November general election, but they affirm the support Ohio Republicans hold for Trump’s America First political agenda and those who adhere to it.” Trump’s blowout win in Ohio is a great sign
  • Though [longtime GOP adviser Scott] Jennings said Republicans are certainly benefitting from Biden’s low approval rating, he added that he thought it was too early to confidently predict a red wave. “But the conditions are right. I guess it’s the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. Tornado warning means a tornado has been spotted,” Jennings said. “A tornado watch is the conditions are right. And I think the conditions are right. So I’d say that’d put us in watch territory.” Could Joe Biden Deliver aA MAGA Tidal Wave 8 Years in the Making?


  • “Because of the grievances and hubris of the neoconservatives, we have voluntarily undertaken a two-front war against both Islamic extremists and Russia, with a predictable lack of success.” Two-Front Disaster
  • The Russian government has not agreed publicly with the Islamic State claim. Russian strongman Vladimir Putin said in an address to the nation on Saturday that the men arrested for executing the attack were allegedly “travelling towards Ukraine, where, according to preliminary data, a window was prepared for them on the Ukrainian side to cross the state border.” Russia: Biden ‘Bailing Out’ Ukraine by Blaming ISIS for Concert Massacre
  • “[So-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden on Saturday signed off on Congress’ $1.2 trillion 2024 spending bill which included roughly $300 million for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), as Kyiv has not received funding from Congress in over a year. The $300 million had already been spent by the Department of Defense (DOD) in November because it was obligated under a continuing resolution at the time, according to Politico.”Pentagon Spent Every Last Penny of Latest Ukraine Package Before Congress Even Approved It
  • “The narrative of ‘Western unity’ on Ukraine was always a mirage.” Why Europe Sacrificed Ukraine



  • “The hasty withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan allowed the IS-K to quickly take advantage of the fluctuating regional security situation, reoccupying active space and becoming a major security threat in South Asia, Central Asia, and Russia,” it observed. “The extremist organization represented by the so-called Islamic State (IS) is a product of the failure of Western intervention in the Middle East,” the Chinese outlet concluded. (Meanwhile, the filth degenerate mongoloid Commies are parlaying with Hamas – jjs)China: Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster Made Russia Terror Attack Possible


  • “These allegations pull back the curtain on China’s vast illegal hacking operation that targeted sensitive data from U.S. elected and government officials, journalists and academics; valuable information from American companies; and political dissidents in America and abroad. Their sinister scheme victimized thousands of people and entities across the world, and lasted for well over a decade,” said U.S. Attorney Breon Peace. Chinese Nationals Charged With Hacking Senior Staffers For 2020 Presidential Campaign





  • “A video was shared by Gays Against Groomers bashing the event and explaining how pride is ‘not for kids.’ In it, numerous disturbing sites from the event were displayed.” Fla. ‘All-Ages’ Pride Event: Rainbow Penises, Bare Butts & Bouncing Boobies
  • “Gender policies in the city’s public schools have stacked the deck against female athletes.”Will New York Stand Up for Girls?
  • “. . . ironically, there is an overlap between people celebrating the expansion of surrogacy for gay couples and screaming in horror at restrictions on abortion calling it the realization of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, when paying women to bear children for gay men is basically the same dystopia they’re talking about, albeit a secular progressive version instead of a traditionalist one. If you need me, I am going to crawl into a hole.” Another Reason to Say ‘No’ to Commercial Surrogacy



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