The Morning Report 3/27/24

Good morning, kids. Could there possibly be a more appropriate metaphor for the state of this nation than what happened yesterday morning in Baltimore? And of course, the cherry on the parfait of flaming horse dung – a sack of which evidently was deposited on the doorstep of Jake Sullivan and is being investigated by the FBI as a potential act of terrorism – is vegetable-in-chief Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants’ comments:

“It’s my intention that federal government will pay for the entire cost of reconstructing that bridge,” he said, “and I expect to — the Congress to support my effort.” It seems a bit premature to be talking about rebuilding the bridge and discussing how it will be paid for while people are still missing, but that’s Joe Biden for you.

But what gets me is the way he tried to connect himself to the tragedy, by claiming that he took the train over the bridge many, many times. “At about 1:30, a container ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which I’ve been over many, many times commuting from the state of Delaware either on a train or by car,” he said. “I’ve been to Baltimore Harbor many times. And the bridge collapsed, sending several people and vehicles into the water — into the river.”I

t’s a cute story, but the Francis Scott Key Bridge doesn’t have any tracks on it — just two lanes for car traffic in each direction. So despite what he claims, Biden never once took the train over that bridge. So the big question is, why would he say that? Biden’s commuting habits have long been a part of his political mythology, as he reportedly commuted from his home in Delaware to Washington, D.C. via Amtrak daily during his years in the U.S. Senate. . . Yada, yada, yada. 

In truth, I wouldn’t doubt that he probably crossed the bridge more than once in his life, but his desperate need to insert himself into the tragedy caused him to once again embellish his life story with falsehoods.

Joe Biden doesn’t merely insert himself into a tragedy because of mere egomania and to assuage deep-seated feelings of inadequacy. Dementia aside, the volume and ferocity of his lashing out at his enemies is in inverse proportion to his accomplishments, scruples and value as a human being. He puts himself in the middle of events both for personal and political gain. Like every other uni-testicular/shrill barren spinster Leftist, despot and tyrant (but I repeat myself) has done since time immemorial. 

Huge tip of the hat to the genius who coined the phrase “Munchausen’s by Progressivism.” It’s at the heart of my political philosophy. To wit: every problem, tragedy, and disaster that has befallen the American people is either the fault of or exacerbated by orders of magnitude by Leftists, socialists, progressivism and their main entity, the Democrat Party. Any other discussion about retail politics, candidates, personalities and such is irrelevant. My assertion above is the only factor in weighing who and what to vote for and for sure, against.

Back to the initial gravamen of my discourse vis a vis the bridge, as well as the ideologically-driven incompetence that has seriously rotted out the infrastructure of our society, the nagging suspicion that this couldn’t have been merely an accident is gnawing at me. The reason? The FBI is immediately ruling out what happened as deliberate:

Special agent Bill DelBagno of the FBI’s Baltimore field office agreed, saying, “The FBI on very first looking at and assessing this matter from an investigative standpoint, I want to be clear there is no specific or credible information to suggest there are ties to terrorism in this incident.”

“The FBI has been part of this response from the beginning… we will bring whatever resources that the FBI has to bear. We’ve already brought our crisis response, our victim services, and just recently our underwater search evidence recovery teams are on site,” DelBagno added.

“As the investigation goes on we will take it to its logical conclusion along with our partners. To the people of Baltimore, I ask you to be patient as we go through this and as information becomes available to us.”

This is the same FBI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the DOJ which in and of itself is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the anti-American Left and Democrat Party that along with the CIA and the media fabricated the so-called Steele Dossier as proof that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election. That fabricated an “insurrection” narrative of the events of January 6th, 2021 to destroy not only Trump but any average citizen who was in DC that day merely exercising their First Amendment right to protest (our latest episode of the podcast with CBD and legal eagle “Vox Clamantis” is a must-listen on this subject, linked here and in the sidebar). The same FBI that is burying the “investigation” into the pipe bombs at RNC and DNC headquarters that no doubt they likely planted. The same FBI that has failed in preventing at least a dozen terrorist attacks since and of course including 9/11/01 yet is hell bent for leather to declare statistically non-existent “white supremacists” as well as climate change our greatest threat to national security. That actively targets parents at school board meetings and peaceful protesters in front of abortion mills as the real terrorists. And on and on and on.

The more I think about it, the more this thing stinks to high heaven. With a statement like that from this DelBagno flunky, there is no way in hell the FBI and by extension the Junta will ever backtrack. As time goes on, I suspect a cover-up will be in full effect, especially as November looms ever closer:

Steve Bannon noted Tuesday that the official explanation of what happened “doesn’t make sense.” He asked “how the ship turned directly into that [pylon] and the pilot didn’t drop the anchor? Dropping the anchor might’ve ripped the front of the ship apart, but it wouldn’t have taken out the bridge.”

All right, that’s a telling point, but there is no need to rush headlong down the rabbit hole. Maybe the pilot panicked. Maybe he had a terrible lapse in judgment. There is, however, much more. The courageous investigative journalist Lara Logan revealed that according to “multiple intel sources,” the destruction of the bridge was an “‘absolutely brilliant strategic attack’ on US critical infrastructure – most likely cyber – & our intel agencies know it.”

. . . Logan listed some of the ways in which the collapse of the bridge would hurt the nation, and thus aid our enemies: “Second busiest strategic roadway in the nation for hazardous material now down for 4-5 years – which is how long they say it will take to recover. Bridge was built specifically to move hazardous material – fuel, diesel, propane gas, nitrogen, highly flammable materials, chemicals and oversized cargo that cannot fit in the tunnels – that supply chain now crippled.” She also pointed out that the ship hit one of “two load-bearing pylons on each end” of the bridge; these are “the anchor points,” and Logan said that the attackers “knew that hitting either one one of them would be a fatal wound to the integrity of the bridge.” The attack, she added, was “perfectly targeted.”

. . . General Michael Flynn seemed to agree with Logan that the takedown of the bridge was intentional, or at very least was the result of incompetence in key positions. Flynn said: “This is a BLACK SWAN event. Black swans normally come out of the world of finance (not military). The standard operating procedures for all U.S. ports, harbors, and bays that transit commerce and military activities are supposed to maintain an incredible level of discipline, rigor and awareness for these very type events to not occur (ever!), yet here we are. There are harbor masters for every single one of these transit points in America that are in charge of assuring the safety of navigation…start there.” A black swan event is an unforeseen incident that has massive repercussions. . . 

. . . Yes, it has come to this: our government, intelligence and law enforcement officials are so untrustworthy that if they say an incident is not terrorism, it very likely is. The collision of the ship with the Francis Scott Key Bridge could end up being a testimony to the fecklessness and incompetence of local officials and the others involved, which is born of far too much time and money being squandered on Critical Race Theory, gender madness and the like, instead of on training competent personnel. Whether or not the destruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge really was a terror attack, it will certainly weaken the nation, and in that it benefits the enemies of the United States.

The estimable Robert Spencer is dead right about that. But his statement introduces a very frightening possibility that cannot be ignored; That those who now control our government, the criminal justice system, the media and who are now the sole arbiters of right and wrong, and really good and evil are themselves the greatest enemy of the United States. Far more than even Islam, the ChiComs and the globalists. Probably because to one extent or another, they share the same goal: the destruction of America and nearly 2,000 years of societal and civilizational advancement from tyranny to individual liberty. 

That is what the definition of “American exceptionalism” is. Not a boast of superiority vis a vis ubermenschen, but that our government and society as it was founded and intended was the exception to all others that came before it. One that was based on the notion of putting the individual at the top of the heap and a government that was limited in its scope and power, to guarantee and safeguard the rights and liberties of the individual citizen. 

We sure as hell aren’t that now. Probably haven’t been that way for many years or even decades. And now because of a combination of factors, the illusion “that our flag was still there” has been completely exploded. The actions of the junta against we the people of We The People are undeniable. We are still enough of a threat to them, electoral and judicial shenanigans notwithstanding, by our mere presence that they have no compunction whatsoever in preventing us from even trying to reverse course “by any means necessary.” 

For those wholly unaware, due to 12 or more years of brainwashing via American academia, “that our flag was still there” is a line from the National Anthem. Not the Black National Anthem but the real one. The one that overpaid pituitary cases, wife-beaters and lowlives like Colin Kaepernick take a knee for. It’s based on a poem written by Francis Scott Key, for whom the ruins of the smashed and shattered bridge was named after.

I assume that when, or even if it is ever rebuilt, it will be named “The Beau Biden/Big Guy Helluva Thing.” That or whatever anti-American communist, Islamic, transexual pervert du jour they can come up with. And the 10% they can come up with for said Big Guy to make it happen.

I’m betting it’ll be the “Allahu Akbar Kill the Yids Bridge to Paradise.” No doubt designed by a graduate from the Claudine Gay School of Engineering. Maybe even Ahmed Mohammed, the 9th-grader from Dallas who built a clock for his science project!

Of course, if it actually gets built and not become another California High Speed Rail or Alaskan bridge to nowhere boondoggle, it will explode and collapse on a Jewish holiday, or a future 9/11 anniversary so they can blame the Mossad.


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