Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Biden/Obama

One civilian death is too many! Israel is targeting civilian aid workers! Israel is murdering children! Israel must do more to protect innocents! Israel is risking Western support by being so brutal!

Israel Kills 37 Civilians At Wedding Party

Israel admits drone strike killed civilians

Except…those were American strikes that mistakenly killed civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is an unavoidable consequence of military action that civilians will be killed. The numbers are all over the place for both Afghanistan and Iraq, but the civilian to military/insurgent ratios seem to be 4-5 to 1. Of course the usual suspects accused America of purposefully targeting civilians, but no rational analysis of the conflicts will find any concerted effort to kill civilians, and in fact the rules of engagement for American forces were frankly insane. American soldiers died needlessly because of those rules.

The same can be said of Israel. The care with which its military fights — to prevent civilian deaths — risks its soldier’s lives.

But that inconvenient fact is lost in the frothing Jew-hate across the world, as America’s and the UK’s leadership has faltered amidst a surging Arab population in both countries that is hellbent on delegitimizing Israel and creating the conditions necessary for its destruction. Their relationship of convenience with a myriad of left-wing NGOs that are traditionally anti-Semitic has created a perfect storm of institutionalized Jew-hate that gleefully manipulates the narrative to depict Israel as an apartheid state that is viciously attacking an innocent population on its border.

Here is Melanie Phillips with her usual brilliance, calling out the hypocrisy of the West…

The global onslaught against Israel: Britain and America are making the Jewish state their scapegoat

Although an IDF inquiry has yet to explain what happened, the Israelis have acknowledged a terrible mistake caused by “misidentification”. Bad things happen in war and this was a dreadful tragedy.

But the malice of the response is astonishing. Israel is being accused of having deliberately targeted the aid convoy, which allegedly proves that Israel has no concerns about civilian deaths, no heart and no conscience.

WCK’s response has gone far beyond justifiable anger and horror, defaming Israel with baseless and incendiary charges.

The organisation’s chief executive, Erin Gore, accused Israel of a “targeted attack” designed to deter aid agencies working in Gaza and of using food “as a weapon of war”. WCK’s founder, José Andrés, accused Israel of targeting his workers “systematically, car by car”.

Erin Gore and José Andrés are slandering the the IDF and its incredible efforts to minimize civilian casualties. They are not perfect, but they are the best in the world at that task, and there is no reason other than virulent anti-Israel sentiment to explain it.

Even granting the laughable reasons that these leftist celebrities spout, Israel could simply stop the flow of aid at the border. But they don’t, and in fact the aid organizations are incapable of handling the large volume of supplies that Israel checks for arms and then allows into Gaza.

That America and the UK are not steadfast in their support of Israel — the country that does much of the fighting for the West against Islam — is a political calculation intended to bolster the current governments. The Biden/Obama junta is concerned about the vital electoral votes of Michigan, with its huge Arab population, and waning support from the hard left, which is virulently anti-Semitic. The UK is in an even more precarious situation, with its Muslim population approaching 10%.

In addition, the lunacy of America’s Iran policy, which seems to be designed to allow the Mullahs to build a nuclear arsenal as quickly as possible, looms large. The Obama faction in the Biden administration has always been anti-Israel, and their goal is a strong Iran to counter Israel’s power in the Middle East. Never mind that there may be a nuclear exchange because of their policy!

Israel is a pluralistic society that embraces the Judeo-Christian concepts of freedom, individual dignity, and respect for the rule of law. It should be axiomatic that it is supported by the rest of the West in its struggles with Islam. But the difference of course is that Israel is a Jewish state…the ONLY Jewish state, and the traditional antipathy of the left toward Jews and Judaism has coalesced around Israel’s response to the butchery of the October 7th Pogrom.

So far Israel has resisted the calls for it to stand down before the perpetrators of that monstrosity have been destroyed. And the unintended consequence of that horrendous event has been to unify Israel to a great extent. The country is steadfast in its focus on the destruction of Hamas and the other forces arrayed on its borders.

But the West, led by America and the UK are busily undermining Israel for political considerations that may fracture the relationship and push Israel away from its historical allies, and into a more friendly relationship with China, India, and even Russia.